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Chapter 28: Loving Each Other or Something

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Although Jinyu’s old cedar cabinet wasn’t bought just by him but he still spent a decent amount of purple coins on it. In addition, Manager Jin took spending money very seriously. So in those two people’s eyes it wasn’t that great.

When the yellow-furred and red-furred ones saw Jinyu’s gaze, they felt an abnormally cold sensation around their bodies. This strength definitely caused the disappearance of Lanzi. In addition, these two just fought viciously with some stranger and had to pay with all their money. So, after Jinyu finished speaking and directly climbed onto the cabinet and carefully finished inspecting every inch of it and determined it was okay did the two finally release the breath they had been holding.

Fucker, this time, a silver coin was like hero’s sweat!!

“No worries no worries! The cabinet has no issues!!” The yellow-furred and red-furred responded immediately. Jinyu heard them and nodded his head. Then he raised his eyebrows at the two beasts, “Where’s your friend, Lanzi? Who’s restraining it….”

The red-furred youth said arrogantly, “It’s obviously me. I’m Huo Kuang. You can call me the Kuangzi.”

….Hearing this Jinyu’s lips twitched. En, restrainer and the blue one were very compatible. From that aspect they were very compatible.

In that instant, the handsome yellow-furred youth also introduced himself, “Is this the beast store’s boss? You can call me Huang Liang, Xiao Huang, Huang Huang, A-Huang, A-Laing, or Liang Liang. Anyway my name matches my owner. No matter what you call me it’ll sound good.”

“En, your name really is good sounding.” Jinyu nodded in agreement. The yellow-furred was just feeling smug when he heard Jinyu’s next words, “This name made me think of a big yellow dog I once raised. He was really handsome.”

Consequently, a certain yellow-furred was shocked speechless.

Seeing how A-huang was shocked speechless and acting like a disaster, Kuangzi laughed. Kuangzi nodded at Jinyu and then faced Lanzi and walked towards Lanzi. However, when he walked over he didn’t actually see Lanzi was holding a small baby wolf against his chest. So, Lanzi, smiling and holding Little female wolf, turned around to introduce himself and the dumbass Kuangzi was also tragically shocked speechless.

“T-t-t-this, what is this?!” Kuangzi suddenly felt like all the hairs on his body were standing up. Shocked, he slowly backed away.

Not understanding the situation, Lanzi cocked his head. At the same time, Lanzi still held the little female wolf to his chest. These two cute dumbasses didn’t understand, when others saw them they loved them instantly yet their own friend (red-furred) didn’t like them?

Wrinkling his eyebrows, Lanzi turned to face Kuangzi, asking, “Do you…not like wolves?”

Red-furred Kuangzi saw Lanzi in pain and confused, tears welling in his eyes. Suddenly his whole body shock and he viciously took a bite!

“No! I like it a lot!” You!

Hearing this, Lanzi laughed as though a heavy burden were just released. “This, this is good. It’s not easy to find a suitable beast. If you didn’t like it, then I would feel very regretful.”

Seeing this smile, red-furred Kuangzi felt even more bitter. Forget it, he’d tolerate it! For the future’s happiness, was a small wolf equivalent to a god!!

At the moment, A-huang already recovered from Jinyu’s attacked. However, when he saw how Kuangzi was paralyzed when looking at the little female fox, face with an obviously fake smile, he ran to Lanzi’s side in the next moment. A-huang rubbed against the little female fox and praised how cute it was and then when Kuangzi bitterly grinded his death, violently shoving the little female fox into Kuangzi’s chest, successfully making Kuangzi petrified.

“Pah! Hahahaha!! I’ve finally found something that’s made a guy like you feel awkward!! If you ever try to fight over Lanzi with me again, I’ll know how to beat you!!” A-huang tilted his head up and laughed loudly. 

Lanzi already stealthily walked to Jinyu’s side to look at the beast adoption agreement. A-huang and A-kuang never saw eye-to-eye, en, he was already used to it. In school besides those two, there were a few others who never agreed with each other and always fought. Right now this was considered peaceful.

Jinyu saw how the other people treated those two dumbasses with calmness and composure. Naturally he also became more calm. Smiling, he picked up one of the stay-at-home beasts and carried it to his homemade coffee flavored water. The beast was really satisfied with the taste of this water, it was even better than cola water.

“Lanzi, do you want to sign the beast adoption form?” Jinyu asked.

Lanzi nodded. “En! Yes. But what about this follow-up survey? Are you going to follow us?”

Hearing this Jinyu laughed and shook his head. “This is just to check up on the beasts after their adoption. We won’t necessarily arrange a time to see them. They’ve already left our store so sometimes we miss them. You can think about it as a way of contacting them and allowing them to express their feelings. I’m certain that you’ll treat the pup very well so this follow-up survey shouldn’t be a huge issue for you.”

“If it’s like this, do you still need to ask us where we live?” Lanzi thought for a moment, then asked again, “Me, A-huang, and A-kuang are all third-year hunter students. We live in a dormitory so later on you can find us at the school.”

JinYu laughed. “Relax, hunter and explorer schools are my objective. I can have great customers there~ As for the pup, this guy was brought back by Baozi. We’ll definitely go and see it.”

Saying this, Jinyu let Xiao Bai bring over one silver-gray pencil engraved with the number 138 to Lanzi. Lanzi signed the agreement form with complete concentration.

“Okay. There are two copies so take one for yourself and we’ll take the other.” Jinyu gave Lanzi one of the agreement forms, and then thought for a moment before adding, “As the first sale of our Beast 138 Store, we’ll give you a discount. According to the market price, a B+ grade beast is worth 100 purple gold coins. I’ll give you a 50% discount. So you only need to pay 50 purple coins.”

Hearing this Lanzi relaxed and smiled, letting out a huge breath. He only had 100 purple coins on him right now but this was all his savings. If he really had to spend all his money to buy a beast, he would be super anxious for the next month.

Giving a bag of purple coins to Jinyu, Jinyu handed the bag off to Da Bai. Da Bai then put the purple coins in the safe behind his nest. Then, Jinyu turned around to see that A-huang and the red-furred Kuangzi were already at Lanzi’s side ready to leave.

Of course, at this time, Baozi stood up from the ground and used its nose to touch the wolf pup. The latter was originally happily nestled in Lanzi’s chest but at this moment suddenly started crying and running out of Lanzi’s arms. The sad and pitiful look it gave Lanzi made him at a loss and unsure as to how to deal with the situation. The yellow-furred one and red-furred one’s expressions both changed.


Baozi just gave the little wolf pup a slap.

Woof—[Be more energetic for us, what are you doing tossing about?! It isn’t like we won’t see each other again. There’s no big deal yet you’re causing pain for your old man!] Woof woof~

Woof. [And, even if you’re leaving our boss’ store, if you can’t achieve something, I’ll bite you to death. You have do something great!] Woof woof~

Seeing his own Little wolf pup answering honestly but unwilling to look himself, holding out its paw and rubbing the little guy’s head, he roared the last answer, [If there’s anyone outside who bullies you, let me know and I’ll remember their scent and face. Then I’ll get all your parents to beat up that guy!] 

Roar woof meow chirp chirp. The beasts all roared back.

Woof woof woof woof~ Little wolf pup barked back hysterically.

Baozi waved its paw, took a few steps, hurried up and left. Don’t make the boss give up money. Little wolf pup extended its two paws and bowed to the beasts and Jinyu then finally left with Lanzi.

Just when they were about to depart, the red-furred Kuangzi suddenly stopped and turned around to look at Jinyu. “It wasn’t easy for Lanzi to find a suitable beast. I’ll tell you a bit of information.” Hearing this, Jinyu’s eyebrows shot up. “After this half month, there will be some new students at our beast hunter school. At that time, some new students will sign on and find their own beasts. If you were interested, you can come and see. In reality, the new students at our hunter school all have some kind of background. This will only help your shop.”

Jinyu let out a small laugh seeing that red-furred one. He nodded then replied, “Then, I’ll see how Little wolf pup does and then go stir up some trouble. Whatever name or background, at my store they all have no use.”

“Tch, you can’t even recognize someone doing you a favor!” Kuangzi pouted and pulled Lanzi away. 

However, A-huang paused for a moment to stare at Jinyu. “In reality, during that day, a lot of beasts will be abandoned. You know, people like the new and hate the old. Freshmen don’t need to say that upperclassmen with greater strength always want better beasts. But freshmen’s powers are limited. So, you should understand this.”

Just when A-huang finished speaking, Jinyu was still wearing his smile. However, this smile was already not as carefree and mocking as it was before. If A-huang were to describe it, it’d be just like—just like he was angry.

Consequently, A-huang suddenly felt like he was in danger so did not say another word. He quickly exited, leaving Jinyu to stand in the store continuously raging.

“……Don’t be rash. At that time, let’s see who doesn’t agree and then let Baozi and Da Bai plow through them to the Nile River.” Qi Qinglin saw Jinyu’s icy expression and extended his arms, pulling JInyu into his chest. After a moment he added, “Or, do you think biting their butts would be better? They’re still young. It’d be inhumane to kill them directly.”

Hearing this, Jinyu couldn’t hold it in anymore and bitterly laughed aloud, rolling his eyes at Qi Qinglin. “How am I getting agitated? I’d bury them alive at most…Even if I’m clear on the beast situation, but…Pah, if beasts were to suddenly decrease in population or had a sudden increase in power, it’d only be more difficult to sign a contract. If there were less of them people would actually care about beasts. You need to know, if they continue on disregarding them like this there will always be a day where they can’t increase their cuteness and disappear one by one.”

Seeing all the injured beasts inside of his shop that were one by one dragged or picked up to the store, Jinyu’s face became more peaceful. At least he was one of the people who provided good shelter. And for these beasts, there was a mutual love between Jinyu and them.

At that moment, Xiao Bai’s mouth had a gold-yellow furred semi-invalid mouse.

Squeak squeak squeak squeak [Hurry up beasts! Hurry up beasts! Otherwise you’ll be swallowed by that cat!!] Meow woof~ [You can shout all you want but you’ll only hurt your throat and won’t get any beasts to save you. AHAHAHAHHA~~] ……

“Fuck! Xiao Bai, get me that gold mousel!!”

Next to Jinyu, Li Xiao and Cheng Liang watched Jinyu run all over the place in effort to get Xiao Bai. Their lips twitched on the side. They were very dear to each other. Qi Boss took a look at Xiao Bai and then turned to the other different beasts. Da Bai, as the representative image of the beasts ground its teeth. [It’s our duty to make our boss safe and happy. This will make sure our boss himself is happy when he sees us walking by. Xiao Bai has been losing weight these past few days. He’s on a vegetarian diet.]

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