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Chapter 12: Kindly Grabbing the Fox’s Paw

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

It turned out that Dewitt was a trustworthy man. The next morning, just waking up from his sleep, Wen Jin saw a bag of Lingshi, all of them water energy.

“Chee!” Early in the morning, Wen Jin received a huge surprise. He was so happy that he jumped up and wanted to pounce his paws on the bag, which was more significant than his body.

In an instant, he jumped, Dewitt raised his hand slightly, and the little fox was flung into the air before falling on the bed carelessly. But Wen Jin didn’t mind. He got up quickly and wanted to take a second dive. This time, Dewitt simply reached out and picked up the whole fox. At the same time, he turned over and lay down in bed.

Wen Jin was somewhat shaky by such a big gesture. He was too small. Even though Dewitt stretched out his hand to hold his lower body, he subconsciously approached Dewitt’s body, lowered his center of gravity a little and shrank into a small ball.

After standing firm, he continued to reach out to pick the soul stone out of the bag. After being obstructed by the other party again, he was somewhat unhappy. “Chee.” What do you want, promised now and wished to repent it!

“So you like it?” Dewitt reached for the tip of Wen Jin’s nose.

Wen Jin’s nose was still very sensitive. He couldn’t help shaking when Dewitt touched it. He went cross-eyed as he stared at the finger touching his nose. The sound of the door being opened in the room made Wen Jin turn his head subconsciously, but he found that he seemed to have twisted in the wrong direction. There was no door where he could see.


No, Wen Jin opened his eyes wider, only to realize later that this was no longer the room where he slept last night.

Noticing the confusion in Wen Jin’s eyes, Dewitt touched his head and said, “Slow reaction.”

“Chee!” Wen Jin immediately turned his head and made a fierce look at him.

The man who came in was Archie. He was delighted. “You have a good relationship. You quarrel when you get up in the morning.”

… Who had a good relationship with him?

Wen Jin tried to jump off Dewitt while chirping and chittering, but was blocked by the latter’s hand, which smashed his grand ambitions of distinguishing dividing borders. 

 (划清 “a clear dividing line” 楚河汉界 lit. “the river that divided Chu and Han,” idiom meaning a line/border that divides rival territories)

Blocking Wen Jin, Dewitt gave Archie a light look, the latter shrugged his shoulders, “Yesterday… Hey, Dewitt, when are you going to name the kid?”

“Call it at will.” Dewitt pushed him gently, and Wen Jin fell on him, staring fiercely at him. The former squinted at him and reached out to touch his belly. Wen Jin’s fur shook instantly. He was comfortably lying on his back and turned into a boneless fox as he stretched out his claws satisfactorily and pulled the sack of spiritual stones in front of him.

“That’s very dull. It’s just a quarrel.” Archie joked, but after two days of experience, he felt no surprise. After watching the little white fox, he found a stool before sitting down. “Little bone, was it frightening yesterday?”

What strange names… Wen Jin thought to himself that it was impossible to expect people from different worlds to have any resonance with him. In fact, Dewitt or Archie, both names were strange, and neither of them sounded good to him!

So he turned over, pointed his butt at Archie, and wagged his tail as if he didn’t want to pay attention to him.

Archie didn’t really mind, either. He squinted and continued to laugh. “How about I let CaiCai play with you?”

After that, Wen Jin did not respond, Dewitt said, “Why doesn’t he get up until lunch?”

“There’s always something special with him.” As Archie’s voice fell, Dewitt heard a succession of hoarse birds chirps outside the door. Looking at it, he found that the door had not been closed when Archie came in. The next second, the purple bird appeared in panic at the door.

Archie smiled but did not move. “Close the door.”

Caicai, who was about to fly to Archie, chirped in the air then turned back and stepped on the key of the door with his claws. Then he ran into Archie’s arms and rubbed his hands with his head.

Wen Jin was curious. When he heard the chirp, he couldn’t help opening his eyes curiously and then secretly twisted his little head.

It turned out that Archie was holding the fake bird in his hand. Wasn’t that the ugly purple bird he saw yesterday? The purple bird with panicked eyes and the two pink fluffs flushing red on his face. Wen Jin realized later that the two pink fluffs were probably not fake. People’s natural beauty was just like that.

This made Wen Jin, who pretended to be very cold, suddenly laugh.

When Caicai got up in the morning and found his bird feathers stripped, he rushed out dimly to find his master. As soon as he looked around, he saw a little one nestled in a bed; a small fox with bright, ridiculing eyes.

“Chirp! Chirp!” I feel betrayed! Why do I look like I’m the only one who can see what’s really going on? The purple bird complained and went into Archie’s arms.

Wen Jin was in high spirits, stood up and clapped his paws violently on Dewitt’s abdominal muscles. He was fierce. “Chee!” Ugly bird!

“Very nice, quarrel as soon as you meet,” Dewitt said, stretching out his hand and rubbing the little fox on his lap.

“… Can’t they be friends?” Archie helplessly put his hand on the purple bird and stroked the feathers along the back of his neck. The bird finally calmed down. Yes, calm. The kid put on a killing face as if he had found his enemy. He did not drill into Archie’s arms but stood on his shoulder bravely and protectively then chirped warmly and provocatively at Wen Jin.

Wen Jin felt that the bird was boring besides his colorful plumage and didn’t want to talk to him. At the other end, Dewitt took out an energy stone; a tiny fire energy stone. At the moment he took it out, Archie’s face flashed with a trace of surprise.

“Well, do you like it?” Dewitt took Wen Jin’s claws off of the bag of water Lingshi, making him touch the fire Lingshi.

Wen Jin usually resisted Dewitt touching his paw, but this time, he did not, and his eyes fell firmly on the small stone.

Wen Jin’s black beady eyes, like bright stars, stared for a while, as he was thinking that this was a good item.

This stone, though much smaller than each of the spiritual stones in the big bag that Dewitt carried, was ten thousand times better than those in the bag. The stones in the big bag, including the spiritual stones he took from the doctor yesterday, were low quality. In other words, those stones were actually only saving stones. They can be used as a single absorption of the reiki. Once exhausted and used up, the stone was useless.

But this little stone was different.

This was not an ordinary spiritual stone. In the past, it would probably be a treasure for the race of people who are not good at absorbing the reiki of heaven and earth. It did not extinguish after it’s reiki was absorbed. It could revolve around and create reiki itself, causing a small spiritual cycle. The reiki absorbed by a single breath was horrible from what he saw in this world. If he had this spiritual stone, let it rest for a while, it would create new reiki by itself.

Wen Jin certainly would not even take a second look at it in his original world, but in this sparse spiritual world, such a gadget would be extremely useful.

If it was a water system, he would have everything he wanted. It was unfortunate, Wen Jin thought, pressing the stone with his paw and pushing it towards Dewitt.


“Chee.” No, it’s no use, maybe he can use a wood system, but the fire system was not really suitable for him. It was more ideal for Dewitt. The stone was surrounded by Dewitt’s aura, showing this guy wore it all year round. The moment he took it out, Archie’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Do you think it’s too small or it doesn’t like it?” Dewitt asked persistently.

Wen Jin narrowed his eyes and understood Dewitt’s temptation.

He didn’t want to be too smart. If Dewitt was a vicious man, it would be no good to be too smart before he recovered. In the past, he wasn’t a bad man. Besides, he was surrounded by a bright circle of reiki.

And suppose Dewitt knew his needs and got a lot of Lingshi, then his demon dan would recover quickly, which was imminent. It was no big deal afterward to give him some of his own medicine as a remuneration. Anyway, there were so many problems coming from this guy, and there’s the contract… Even if they didn’t do anything now, they couldn’t dissolve their contract unilaterally.

Letting the person in front of him get a large number of spiritual stones was obviously much faster, and if he relied on his own words… Wen Jin looked down at his little claws.

“Chee.” The decision was made in his mind. Wen Jin cried, then pushed the stone forward. After pushing it, he even clapped Dewitt’s hand with his claws. Then he clasped the bag of water Lingshi beside him and pulled it in his own direction.

Archie gave a sigh of surprise.

Dewitt did not respond and deliberately pushed the stone in Archie’s direction.

Wen Jin looked at him and smashed his mouth in disgust. He thought he was too big to understand, didn’t he? Was it really troublesome to be silly, or do you take such a treasure without knowing it? So he whined twice, clapped the small fire stone-hard, clapped Dewitt’s hand again and pulled Archie’s hand away with his paws.

Dewitt’s eyes moved, grabbed the little fox’s paw kindly and gently pinched it in the palm of his hand. “Give me this and give you that bag?”

“Chee!” That’s right, but can you keep your hands from touching?


The author has something to say: 

Wen Jin: From today on, this bipedal animal is mine. Did you hear it?

Dewitt: Hmm?

Wen Jin (approaching): I said! From today on, you are mine! Are you silly?

Dewitt: Yes.

# Grasp every opportunity to embrace?#

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