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Chapter 27: The Real Beast Adoption Agreement

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Even if JinYu told those thirty plus beasts to amend the agreement once again using menacing words, cold eyes, and a dark face, these beasts would never be human. The key point resided in the fact that both sides had completely different viewpoints and attitudes towards certain things…

So after the beasts went through several versions of the agreement and had them all rejected, Big Boss Jin finally accepted his fate and decided to do it himself. The first customer who came knocking, a young man named Lan Zi, was dispatched by JinYu to go and happily foster affection with a little female wolf.

It went like this—

“Even though we’re a cute beast store, and we do our best to sell beasts or rent out beasts, no matter what, if you want to buy a beast from my place, the beast itself has to agree to go with you. Or else, I won’t sell them. So, you have an hour’s worth of time to create a connection with that little female wolf.”

As a result, young man Lan Zi eagerly trundled over, and then he and the little female wolf stared at each other with wide eyes.

JinYu saw the strange connection that Lan Zi and the little female wolf were making, so he let down his guard and called over LiXiao, Chengliang and his big boss to discuss the contents of the beast adoption agreement.

“There can’t be too many requirements, and they can’t be too long. Or else it will affect the effectiveness.” Chengliang suggested, very appropriately. He favored practicality more.

Jin Yu nodded in agreement.

“JinZi, you like beasts a lot, right? And dage can tell that you really do want to find a good home for them. In that case, your requests can’t be too low. People are always greedy, and they like easy promises.” Compared to Chengliang, LiXiao was likely to make the beasts themselves more satisfied.

“Relax, I already said it earlier. If they want to go, the other person has to be to their liking first. After all, before they came here, they were already injured once. I don’t want them to be hurt again.” JinYu turned to look at Qi Qinglin after he finished speaking. Chengliang and LiXiao had both spoken. No matter what, this boss also had to express his opinion, right?

Qi Qinglin met JinYu’s gaze, and without changing his expression, he said indifferently, “Think of what you want to put in the agreement yourself.” JinYu was about to get mad when he heard that, but then Boss Qi spoke again. “I’ll be in charge of helping you teach those who don’t abide by the agreement a lesson, regardless of who it is.”

As a result, the anger that was originally written all over JinYu’s face immediately disappeared and transformed into a smile. Those beaming peach blossom eyes blinded Boss Qi, and JinYu said, “This boss doesn’t need your help.”

The look in JinYu’s eyes made Boss Qi’s eyes darken abruptly, and even LiXiao and Chengliang were briefly stunned by the glance. However, in the next instant, those two transformed from being stunned directly into stone statues – Boss Qi immediately reached out and jerked a certain fish into his arms, gnawing ferociously for a while. When he finally let go, JinYu was red from his neck to his earlobes, and he elbowed the boss viciously.

“What are you doing?!” JinYu was angry. How could he do such a thing in front of his subordinates and his friends? At the very least, shouldn’t he wait until nobody was there?! … pah! He couldn’t do it when nobody was there either!!

Boss Qi was clearly in a good mood after chewing his tofu. He tossed a bland look at his subordinate behind him, who was watching the ceiling, and the two petrified people sitting at the side. Satisfied, he said, “Next time, don’t randomly seduce anyone, besides me.”

……My ass! You’re the one who’s randomly seducing people!! Your entire family seduces people ah!!

JinYu was so angry his stomach hurt. With an ashen face, he shouted, “Baozi! Baozi—!! If you don’t bite him today, I’ll lock you in the little dark room!!!”

Baozi trembled when it heard that. Hard-pressed, it looked up at the black Qilin big boss, who was currently looking back at it from the corner of his eyes. Then it buried its head in its stomach and continued to play dead. It was better to be locked in the little dark room than to be ripped to pieces by the boss. In any case, it would still have Dabai to come send it dinner.

“Don’t think that Dabai will come to send you dinner! You think I don’t know about your love affair?!” JinYu continued to howl when he didn’t see his family’s number one lackey respond to his calls. But with that roar, he nearly made Dabai bite down on its own tongue.

To be shot even while it was just lying down – he was talking about it, right, right?! How could it take a fancy to that stupid dunce!! Even if it was blind, it would find someone more reliable, okay?!

The rest of the beasts, who had all started to play dead the moment their boss began to eat his tofu, gave Dabai and Baozi a small look of sympathy, nearly out of tacit agreement. There was even a beast from the jackal clan who kept thinking: I don’t envy you two for appearing on screen more often anymore, really. Fellows who appear more often are more likely to get shot even when lying down. I’ll just be a proper Bystander Beast #1!

Even though JinYu was raging, Baozi still resolutely refused to move. When JinYu saw Qi Qinglin’s expression stay the same, just with an added smile, JinYu gritted his teeth and then chuckled coldly. Like I’ll let you get an inch so you can get a mile, do you really think I can’t do anything about you?!

As a result, in the next instant, all the people in the beast store – including Big Boss Qi – all felt a cool wind brush past. Qi Qinglin’s gaze immediately grew chilly. However, when facing JinYu’s peach blossom eyes, which were still smiling the same as ever, he immediately lost his imposing manner.

When YiWen saw his master’s behavior, he lamented bitterly in his heart before he looked up and met Dingbai’s eyes. The two good-for-nothing advisers were distressed together – they were afraid that later on, when the master’s desires went unfulfilled, it would cause the number of days where he lashed out in rage to increase infinitely. They definitely, definitely had to tuck their tails between their legs to pass those days!!

Even though JinYu had rejected the beast adoption contract numerous times during the past few days, in reality, it wasn’t that difficult to create such an agreement. All he had to do was to get rid of those clauses that made ‘people’ very speechless, and then it could pass. After adding some finishing touches, it was basically perfect.

So, less than an hour later, the ‘Real Beast Adoption Agreement’ that Jin – JinYu – Big Boss Jin handcrafted emerged fresh from the oven.



There was a box for the adopter’s name underneath the agreement, as well as the date and serial number. Now, the entire beast adoption agreement was considered complete.

JinYu showed the completed agreement to the beasts. They expressed their satisfaction – though of course there were some beasts muttering quietly that things like ‘three meals of meat every day’ should be added, which was completely ignored by boss Jin.

The connection-making process over there with Lan Zi and the little female wolf also seemed to be progressing smoothly. Lan Zi had already successfully gotten close to the little female wolf, and he had even picked up the little fellow in his arms. When he felt Jin Yu and the rest watching him, he revealed a big smile, and he walked quickly over to JinYu’s side before he lifted up the little female wolf. “Boss, look! It, it already accepted me!”

As if in agreement, the little female wolf gave a little howl at that moment, and rubbed its head against Lan Zi’s clothing, which made Baozi clench its teeth when it saw. JinYu also couldn’t resist laughing when he saw that.

Actually, just like that night when he was walking towards the trash heap and saw these beasts, he believed very strongly that people and beasts all had their own respective fates with each other. Perhaps you didn’t really like beasts yourself, but one day, at a certain place and a certain time, when you saw the little thing inside the little box, it would touch a certain nerve in you, and from that moment on there would be one more existence at your side.

It was very obvious that this Lan Zi could make the little female wolf stick to him like glue in such a short period of time. JinYu considered that a form of fate as well. Furthermore, no matter how you looked at this blue-haired young man, his personality was pretty good, so even if their little female wolf followed him away, it wouldn’t get the worst of it, right?

Just as JinYu was thinking that, and his heart was softening, a man’s slightly anxious voice suddenly came from outside the door, “Lan Zi! Lan Zi—!! Lan Zi ahhhhh!! Where are you ahhh!! Kuang Zi and I have come to find you—! We promise that we won’t fight ever again ahh!!”

And with a bang, JinYu saw a yellow-furred and red-furred suddenly come rushing into his shop, before they simultaneously crashed into his redwood front desk.

“… are you two okay?” JinYu looked at the two fellows, his mouth twitching.

“We’re fine, we’re fine! Little Lan Zi is here?! Thank the heavens!!” The yellow-furred one smiled extremely brilliantly after he saw Lan Zi.

“Hehe*, if you two are fine, please check and see if my desk is okay. This desk is very expensive, I’m afraid of something happening to it.” JinYu smiled, and the yellow-furred and red-furred stiffened at the same time.

(*he says 呵呵 which is a very mocking and sarcastic way of laughing in internet slang)


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