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Chapter Three

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Xia Chuan was so angry that he stayed up all night. He was ready to kill someone in the morning. Both Luo Shuai and Dai Xiao Qiang were afraid of damaging the fish in the pond. They made excuses to slip away one after another, leaving Xia Chuan sulking alone.

Abhorrent! Abhorrent! Yesterday, he must have been possessed by the God of Lust. Only then would that happen one after another. Thinking of yesterday, Xia Chuan’s stomach almost exploded, once again affirming that Xu Ling was absolutely his nemesis!

What he worried most about now was that if Xu Ling publicizes all the things that happened yesterday, he would be better off dead. He would certainly become a laughing stock by dinner and he would not be able to get a foothold in XX University.

No way! He must try to grasp the boy’s handle, so that he dare not tell his own story. What should he do?

Yes! Xia Chuan’s eyes were bright, now the only feasible way was to find Xu Ling to continue last night’s ‘comparing guns,’ as long as he wins, not only could he threaten Xu Ling, but he could save face.

Determined, Xia Chuan immediately ran to Xu Ling’s bed and woke Xu Ling, who was still asleep. “Stinky boy, wake up quickly!”

“Why?” Xu Ling rubbed her sleepy eyes and asked coldly.

“Let’s compare guns!”

“No! Xu Ling was stunned and refused immediately.

“Do you dare say no?” Xia Chuan immediately stared at the tiger.

“No is no. Why are you so upset?” Xu Ling was impatient.

“You don’t have any face. You don’t dare to play any more! You won last time!” Xia Chuan angrily scolded.

Xu Ling laughed in a low voice and his words were full of mockery, “You’re sick. Looking for a man’s ‘gun’ so early in the morning, are you so hungry and thirsty?” 

“I don’t care. You have to compete with me!” Xia Chuan really wanted to beat down this disgusting ‘red bean face,’ but for his plan, he had to bite his teeth and hold back.

“But I have no strength at the moment, there is no way to help you do it.” Xu Yan flashed a smirk in his eyes.

“That’s all right. Just lie down and I’ll do it for you!” Xia Chuan immediately said. It didn’t matter if Xu Ling didn’t cause him to shoot, it was okay as long as he could make Xu Ling shoot.

“All right…” Xu Ling promised ‘reluctantly,’ “Really, I I just want to sleep.”

With complaints on his lips, Xu Ling died laughing in his heart. Alas! This pig was really cute. It was easy to get it on with him. He was so stupid! 

Xia Chuan, eager to win, turned a deaf ear to Xu Ling’s words and pulled down Xu Ling’s pants in a few clicks. Once again, Xia Chuan was frightened to see the long and thick purple iron rod looking like a turtle head and its tip as big as an egg, he thought Xu Ling’s not only looked like a monster, but truly was one.

“What do you want to do? Go for it. I have to sleep!”  Xu Ling stretched out his legs and laid idly in bed, urging impatiently.

“What hastiness!” Xia Chuan just returned to his mind, glared at him angrily, swallowed his saliva, lifted up the huge monster and rubbed it hard.

Xu Ling closed his eyes and was ready to enjoy Xia Chuan’s ‘service’ when suddenly there was a rushed knock on the door outside….

“Who is it?” Xia Chuan frowned and asked aloud. Damn, whichever rabbit it was needed to be dead! Who dared to disturb his deeds at this time!

“I’m Jiang Bing from next door. Is Xu Ling there?”

Someone was looking for him? Xu Ling doubtfully opened his eyes, pulled up his pajamas, pushed Xia Chuan aside, put on his mask and stood up to open the door.

“Xu Ling, I just met Jiang Qianqian from the Chinese Department at the door. She asked me to tell you that she is waiting for you outside.” Seeing Xu Ling, Jiang Bing explained his intention and left immediately. If it weren’t for the beauty, he wouldn’t have talked to the strange man! Because of Xia Chuan’s malicious rumors, everyone was very afraid of Xu Ling!

Hearing Jiang Qianqian’s name, Xia Chuan jumped out of bed and asked Xu Ling in some surprise, “How do you know Jiang Qianqian?” 

Jiang Qianqian was his ex-girlfriend!

“I don’t know her!” Xu Ling answered coldly. He had no idea who Jiang Qianqian was, or why she wanted to find him…

To find out what was going on, Xu Ling dressed up and went downstairs. Xia Chuan followed him and wanted to meet Jiang Qianqian with him. At first Xu Ling did not understand why Xia Chuan was going. When he saw Jiang Qianqian, he immediately understood. It turned out that Jiang Qianqian was the girl who sat next to him on the school bus last time.

Unexpectedly, Xia Chuan came with Xu Ling. Jiang Qianqian was surprised and smiled awkwardly, “Long time no see!” “

“Yeah.” Xia Chuan hummed coldly. He didn’t care about this ex-girlfriend, he was not very happy and only wanted to know why Jiang Qianqian sought Xu Ling.

Xia Chuan’s indifferent attitude deeply hurt Jiang Qianqian and made her understand Xia Chuan’s feelings again. She forced a smile as she turned to Xu Ling. “I want to talk to you about something. Can I talk to you alone?”

Xu Ling looked at Xia Chuan and lightly nodded his head.

Xia Chuan raised his eyebrows and became more doubtful. What was the relationship between Jiang Qianqian and Xu Ling? How did they know each other?

Under the suspicious sight of Xia Chuan, Xu Ling and Jiang Qianqian walked into the woods…

“I came to thank you for the last time I was on the school bus.” In the arbor of the grove, Jiang Qianqian explained her intention to Xu Ling. Because Xu Ling was ‘special,’ she was able to find him without great effort.

Xu Ling was silent. Last time he was bored so he decided to be a bit meddlesome. Unexpectedly, she came to thank him specially, if he had known he would never had been nosy!

“This one is yours. I washed it.” Jiang Qianqian returned Xu Ling’s handkerchief to him that he had given her last time.

Xu Ling coldly took over the handkerchief and turned away. He was really not interested in the nonsense of people he didn’t know.

“Wait a minute, please!” Seeing that he was leaving, Jiang Qianqian quickly retained him.

“You need something else?”

“That… How do you know Xia Chuan?” Jiang Qianqian asked her doubts.

“We are roommates in the dormitory. Xu Ling answered coldly.

Jiang Qianqian was obviously very surprised, but soon regained her composure, hesitated and asked, “Xia Chuan, he… Is he still in contact with Lin YaTing?” 

“Yeah.” Xu Ling nodded, but he would soon break them up.

Although she had already guessed the answer, Jiang Qianqian could not help feeling hurt and sad.

“May I go now?” The cold voice was a little impatient.

“Can you tell me about the current Xia Chuan? I… I haven’t been in contact with him.” Jiang Qianqian reluctantly pressed down her grief and pleaded. Although Xia Chuan had been with other women, she still couldn’t forget Xia Chuan and still cared about his life.

Xu Ling raised his eyebrows. What did this woman want to do? Why were there so many questions? He knew he shouldn’t have come with her! This was so annoying!

Xu Ling had no interest in their affairs. He just wanted to leave Jiang Qianqian there, but suddenly remembered it was about Xia Chuan. He immediately changed his mind.

“Why did you break up? Was it because of Lin YaTing?” Xu Ling asked intentionally and knowingly.

Jiang Qianqian nodded and told Xu Ling everything, “Yeah… Xia Chuan and I were classmates in high school. We were dating for half a year, but when the college entrance examination was approaching, Lin YaTing suddenly moved to the opposite side of Xia Chuan’s home. Xia Chuan immediately moved to another place and gave up studying abroad in order to come to XX University with her.” 

Jiang Qianqian couldn’t help laughing at being abandoned during that summer that day. She felt really silly, but she really believed Xia Chuan and gave him her everything. She knew that he had never really liked her and that he was just playing with her.

Xu Ling did not comfort her. Compared with Jiang Qianqian, who was pitifully dumped, he was more concerned about Xia Chuan’s giving up studying for Lin YaTing and coming to XX University. Did that mean that Lin YaTing’s position in Xia Chuan’s heart was very important? Thinking of this possibility, Xu Ling’s eyes flashed with a glimmer of gloom…

The suspicious Xia Chuan had been waiting for Xu Ling in the dormitory room. When Xu Ling came back, he rushed forward and asked curiously, “What did Jiang Qianqian say to you? Didn’t you say you didn’t know her?”

“It’s none of your business!” Xu Ling answered coldly.

“Ah! If you’re not telling me… I know! it is definitely Jiang Qianqian’s unforgettable love for this young master and she must have asked you to help save my heart.” Xia Chuan guessed wildly and laughed narcissistically.

“You’re mentally retarded!” Xu Ling gave him a cold glance.

“You dare to scold Lao Tzu for being mentally retarded? You don’t want to live!” Xia Chuan jumped like a thunderstorm immediately.

Xu Ling ignored him, took off his coat and climbed into bed to continue to sleep.

Seeing the situation, Xia Chuan was even more angry, but thinking of his plan, he had to press down his anger and stick it up with a smile. “Let’s continue with what we jwe just doing.”

Hum! Son of a bitch, when Lao Tzu makes you shoot, see if you still have the face to be so arrogant…

“I’m going to sleep. I’m not interested!” Xu Ling did not look at him, but took off his mask and went to bed.

“No! Didn’t you promise me just now?” Xia Chuan immediately put on a good face. “I don’t care, you must let me do it!” Anyway, he must make Xu Ling shoot in his hand today.

Xu Ling turned his head and sneered, “Are you sick? Why do you want to play with men? You’re not gay.” Just as Xia Chuan was about to get angry, Xu Ling sat up and said, “If you want to shoot a pistol, you can go to the toilet and shoot yourself. Don’t bother me!”

“You… You…” Xia Chuan pointed at Xu Ling and could not speak.

Xu Ling ignored him and turned to the wall.

Xia Chuan was so angry that he kicked Xu Ling’s bed, then he almost shouted in pain. The beds in the dormitory were all iron and were very hard…

Damn it, why was his luck so bad! Xia Chuan sat on the chair beside his bed with his injured foot in his hands, looking at Xu Ling’s back, brows wrinkled tighter. What’s wrong with this kid? He looked very angry and he didn’t know who made him angry. His face was quicker to turn a page in a book. Just now, everything was all right. Now he was so strange…

Forget it, Xu Ling was angry, this ass. This bastard should just go die of gas…

Xia Chuan stared at Xu Ling, who was sleeping in bed and went out to look for Lin YaTing. He never thought that Xu Ling would suddenly get angry. Perhaps it had something to do with himself. Since then, Xu Ling regained his previous attitude towards Xia Chuan, turning a blind eye to Xia Chuan and turning a deaf ear to him. He regarded him completely as air.

The proud young master Xia could not bear his attitude. He deliberately sought Xu Ling’s ballast several times, but Xu Ling did not pay attention to him at all. He regarded him purely as a fly and was too lazy to look at him in the eye.

That day, Xia Chuan took advantage of the absence of Luo Shuai and Dai Xiao Qiang, pulled on Xu Ling, who was in bed reading and scolded, “Hey, what’s wrong with you? Why are you ignoring me?”

Xu Ling turned a deaf ear and glanced at him coldly. He went back to bed and continued to read.

Xia Chuan was so angry that he grabbed his book and scolded angrily, “Damn, if you have anything to say, don’t play cool with your mother!” He hated that Xu Ling’s was not taking him seriously, as if he were the lowest garbage, which was not worthy of his eyes at all.

Xu Ling remained silent, got up impatiently out of bed, intending to leave.

“Damn, who do you think you are? Dare to not show me face, fuck your mother!” Xia Chuan was completely burnt.

Hearing the words, Xu Ling immediately turned around and stared at Xia Chuan fiercely. The cold voice made chills run down Xia Chuan’s spine, “Say it again!”

“Say what?” Xia Chuan had never seen such a terrible expression before and swallowed with fear.

“What did you say just now?” Xu Ling approached him step by step, looking more terrible than the evil spirits in hell.Xia Chuan did not know that he had stepped on a mine, so he dared to scold, “I said fuck your mother, how about it? You wouldn’t dare to beat me…”

Before Xia Chuan finished his speech, he received a fierce punch in the abdomen and immediately fell to the ground in pain.

“Apologize at once!” Xu Ling looked down at him and his voice was frightening. He didn’t care how others scolded him but never insult his parents, especially his mother!

“I won’t!” Xia Chuan’s cow temper came up, struggling to get up from the ground, like a wounded beast lunging madly at Xu Ling. Why did this bastard beat him and despise him?

“Apologize!” Xu Ling grabbed his fist and kicked him with his foot.

“No!” He would never apologize to this bastard even if he died.

Xu Ling frowned and gave Xia Chuan several punches, Xia Chuan was also a master fighter, but in front of Xu Ling, he could barely even see. Xu Ling beat him on the ground and Xia Chian could not climb up after two or three punches, but he was still not afraid of death’s indiscriminate scolding…

“Damn you, are you jealous? I said fuck your mother! I fuck your mother! I fucked your mother…”

“Your mouth is so cheap. It seems you have to wash it out well.” The corner of Xu Ling’s mouth raised into a grim and horrible sneer. Xu Ling dragged Xia Chuan to the bathroom and pressed his head into the bathtub filled with water.

“Wuu… Ug-gluh…” Xia Chuan struggled painfully at once, but Xu Ling pressed him tightly and pulled him up when he was about to choke to death…

“Do you still not want to apologize?” Xu Ling asked again.

“Dream on! This isn’t even a fight… Just kill me.” Xia Chuan coughed a few times and looked up at him fiercely.

“Okay, I’ll play with you!” Xu Ling didn’t expect Xia Chuan to be so stubborn. He was really angry. Xu Ling suddenly stretched out his hand and tore Xia Chuan’s clothes off to reveal his bronze chest, which was covered with bruises but still attractive.

“What are you doing?” Suddenly, Xia Chuan felt an unprecedented fear and shrank back.

“You like fucking mothers so much so I’ll practice fucking you. I’m not sorry for you!” Xu Ling pressed him down and tore off his pants along with his underwear.

“No! Get away, dead pervert! Don’t touch me…” Realizing what Xu Ling was going to do, Xia Chuan fought desperately. Xu Ling ignored his shouting and scolding, took the bath towel hanging next to him and tied his hands together tightly to the door handle.

“It’s the first time using your behind. Rest assured, I will give you an unforgettable first night…” Xu Ling pressed Xia Chuan’s legs to his chest and looked at the pink flower hidden in his strong buttocks before revealing a horrible smile.

“Let go! You dare to touch Lao Tzu? Lao Tzu will kill your whole family!” Xia Chuan wanted to kick Xu Ling, but his legs could not move under Xu Ling’s pressure.

“Such a very hard mouth! Want to kill my family? I want to see if the mouth above you is powerful, or if the mouth below you is more powerful!” Without any lubrication, Xu Ling directly poked two big fingers into Xia Chuan’s uncultivated chrysanthemum.

“Ah!!” Bright red blood gushed out at once and Xia Chuan cried out in pain. He had never felt something so painful. It was even more painful than being beaten by Xu Ling just now.

“It’s tight, it’s hot and the feeling of insertion should be better than that of women!” Xu Ling satisfactorily pulled out his fingers, opened his pants and pulled out his frightening identity, approaching Xia Chuan’s chrysanthemum bud.

“Help! Damn bastard, dead pervert…” Seeing that he was about to be pushed into by Xu Ling, Xia Chuan could not help but be afraid, crying out desperately like a woman about to be raped. He didn’t want to be gay, he wasn’t gay.

When Xia Chuan thought that the chastity of his buttockx was not guaranteed, Xu Ling suddenly let go of him, put his monster back into his pants and untied the towel around Xia Chuan’s hands.

“Don’t be so cheap next time!” In fact, Xu Ling only intended to frighten Xia Chuan, but did not really intend to rape him.

Xu Ling wanted to clean Xia Chuan’s wounds, but Xia Chuan pushed him away. “Don’t touch me, you disgusting homosexual!” After what happened just now, Xia Chuan was terrified to death of Xu Ling. This kid was not a man at all. He was a devil!

“Whatever you want.” Xu Ling shrugged his shoulders and went out, leaving Xia Chuan alone in the bathroom.

Xia Chuan, who was wounded, lay on the bathroom for a long time. He crawled back to his bed with a little strength to find new clothes to put on. His original clothes had been torn into rags by Xu Ling. Xia Chuan put on his clothes and threw them on the bed. His whole body ached terribly. Especially the place between his legs seemed to crack. It was hot and painful.

“Chuan, what’s wrong with you?” When Luo Shuai and Dai Xiao Qiang came back from class, they saw Xia Chuan with a blue nose and a swollen face as soon as they entered the room.

“Chuan, which son of a bitch did it? Damn, we will kill him!” Luo Shuai was so angry that he was desperate to find out who did it.

“Yes! Chuan, tell us, who did it?” Dai Xiao Qiang had never seen Xia Chuan in such a tragic situation and his eyes were red.

“It’s none of your business. Don’t ask!” How could Xia Chuan tell them that he had a fight with Xu Ling and was almost violated by Xu Ling?

When Luo Shuai saw that he refused to say anything, he scolded, “Chuan! Have you ever treated us as brothers?” 

“If you’re my brother, don’t ask. Let me be alone for a while,” cried Xia Chuan.

Luo Shuai also wanted to say that, but was stopped by Dai Xiao Qiang, Dai Xiao Qiang whispered, “Don’t push him, careful to provoke him. When he wants to say it, he will tell us!”

Luo Shuai thought for a moment and thought that Dai Xiao Qiang had a point. He could only nod helplessly and say to Xia Chuan, “Chuan, we’ll take you to the hospital.”

“No!” Xia Chuan refused immediately. If people knew about the injuries there, he might as well die.

“How can you not? You must go to the hospital if you are so badly injured.” Dai Xiao Qiang couldn’t stand turning a blind eye.

“Just go and buy me some medicine!” Xia Chuan only thought of this method.


“Brothers, listen to me!” Xia Chuan roared impatiently.

Dai Xiao Qiang and Luo Shuai sighed, but still rushed out to buy medicine.

Late at night, when Luo Shuai and Dai Xiao Qiang had already entered the dreamland club, only Xia Chuan could not sleep due to the pain. The injuries were okay since he could bite his teeth and endure them, but the pain behind him was terrible. Especially when he went to the toilet, it was like a death sentence. Xu Ling’s brute force was so cruel that he cursed him as scum!

Speaking of the beast, he hadn’t seen him since he went out in the afternoon and hadn’t come back yet. He hoped he died. Looking at the empty bed opposite of his, Xia Chuan gritted his teeth with hate…

At this time, it rained heavily outside the window. Now it was the spring rain season and rained almost every night. Listening to the crashing rain, Xia Chuan’s mood calmed down a lot, he slowly fell asleep…

In the middle of the night, Xia Chuan heard strange sounds in his sleep. He opened his eyes and sat up. He saw Xu Ling opening the window and climbing in from outside. Xia Chuan was shocked. Although it was not high to their window, it was on the fourth floor. He climbed so high that he didn’t want to live. He wasn’t afraid to fall down and die!

Xu Ling apparently came back through the rain. His whole body was soaked through. All the places he passed there were small pools. He went to Xia Chuan’s bed, turned on the lamp and threw two bottles of medicine into Xia Chuan’s bag.

“The yellow bottle is for the bruises and the red bottle is for your behind…”

“I don’t want it. Get out of here! Don’t come near me, or I won’t be polite to you…” Xia Chuan did not accept his affection and picked up the medicine and threw it on the ground. Clearly, he beat him up like this and now came to deliver medicine, what a hypocrite!

Xu Ling frowned and bent down to pick up the medicine. Suddenly, he jumped on Xia Chuan and tied his hands to the bed.

“Bastard! You…” Xia Chuan was just about to curse, but Xu Ling blocked his mouth with a pillow.

“Be quiet!” Xu Ling nodded satisfactorily, pressed Xia Chuan’s kicking leg, took off his clothes, opened the yellow medicine bottle and began to rub medicine for him. Xu Ling was very careful as he rubbed medicine and blew air at the same time. He was afraid of hurting Xia Chuan further and his careful expression looked as if he was treating something precious.

Xia Chuan, who couldn’t move his hands and feet, was unwilling to stare at Xu Ling as he helped him apply medicine. His eyes were a bit astringent. Damn it, since he helped him apply the medicine, why did he beat him before? The cat who cried at the mice were hypocritical!

After Xu Ling rubbed Xia Chuan’s wounds well with the medicine, he began take off Xia Chuan’s trousers to help him apply the cream to the wounds behind him.

“No…” Xiar Chuan immediately remembered his daytime atrocities and resisted with fear.

“I’m not going to hurt you anymore. Don’t be afraid…” Xu Ling pressed down on him quickly, his voice was still so cold and hoarse, but Xia Chuan heard something different hidden in it, which made him stop his struggle.

Xu Ling took off his underwear and found that it was covered with blood. His eyes could not help fading. He lifted Xia Chuan’s leg gently and put it on his shoulder, but he still pulled at Xia Chuan’s wound, which made Xia Chuan cry a muffled groan with pain.

Looking at Xia Chuan’s chrysanthemum, Xu Ling’s eyebrows were wrinkled tightly. The original lovely pink place now looked like ripe rotten plum, red and swollen. It was a bit too much for him, but he didn’t expect Xia Chuan to be so delicate here…

But he was really angry in the daytime. He heard Jiang Qianqian say that Xia Chuan liked Lin YaTing enough to give up studying abroad, and he could not help feeling some jealousy. However, he did not know what to do.

“Hold on, I’ll be careful!” Xu Ling comforted Xia Chuan, opened another bottle of medicine and scooped up some white cream, gently reaching Xia Chuan’s chrysanthemum…

“Ugh…” Even though Xu Ling was very careful, Xia Chuan still shed tears of pain.

“Ah, don’t cry, it’ll be all right in a minute… I’ll buy you some ice cream after applying the medicine…” Xu Ling comforted him like a child clumsily. Apparently he seldom comforted people.

How old was this guy that he thought he could coax him with ice cream?

Seeing Xia Chuan was not happy, Xu Ling’s eyes flashed with a trace of doubt. Strange! Why was it useless? Before, when his mother cried, as long as his father said he’d buy ice cream, she would be happy…

Not understanding, Xu Ling began to gently turn his finger, put the ointment on the injured intestinal wall, and Xia Chuan immediately felt a cool, comfortable sensation from that hot place.

Xia Chuan’s expression let Xu Ling know that he had not hurt him, Xu Ling began to enter deeper, to the deep meaty wall also got medicine and he accidentally encountered a slightly convex point…

“Mnn…” Xia Chuan’s buttock moved involuntarily, but this time it was not because of pain, but because of an indescribable feeling.

Xu Ling’s eyes lit up, as if he understood what it was. He pressed that point with the tips of his fingers. A strange itching sensation suddenly arose in Xia Chuan.

Looking at Xia Chuan’s reddish face, Xu Ling’s eyes flashed a slight smile. His fingers were rhythmically thrusting, each time they poked into the heart of the flower.

“Ah, uh…mnn…” The pleasure he had never experienced captured Xia Chuan and made him hum. If his mouth hadn’t been blocked, Luo Shuai might have been woken up by him…

Under Xu Ling’s ‘care,’ something terrible happened. Xia Chuan’s length hardened itself without any touch.

“You’re so sensitive. You’ll harden if you just play behind you….”

The laughter of mockery in Xu Ling’s voice made Xia Chuan feel ashamed. He didn’t know what was wrong with him. He was so..

Xu Ling added another finger, two big fingers like snakes, flexibly shuttling, expanding and playing in the tightly suffocated flower wall and finally Xia Chuan had a climax under his play.

The white liquid rushed out of Xia Chuan’s body and shot on Xu Ling’s hand and Xia Chuan’s abdomen. Xia Chuan stared at it in astonishment. He could not believe that he shot it just after being played with by Xu Ling. He blushed with shame.

Xu Ling raised his mouth and pulled out a paper towel at Xia Chuan’s bedside to wipe off the masturbatory liquid on his hands. He untied Xia Chuan’s hands and threw the medicine to him. “Use these medicines once a day and in a few days your wounds will heal… “

“Who cares about your ghost medicine? Go away!” Xia Chuan took off the pillow from his mouth and threw the medicine on the ground, scolding furiously. He was so ashamed when he thought he had shot without touching his front.

Xu Ling was not angry. He stooped down to pick up the medicine and said calmly, “If you don’t want to apply it by yourself, I don’t mind helping you every day!”

“Dream on! I don’t want to touch me again! You livestock, I warn you, if you dare to touch me again, Lao Tzu will make it so that even your mother can’t recognize you…” How could Xia Chuan let Xu Ling rub medicine on him again? He would never feel that shame again.

“Then you put it on by yourself. Xu Ling threw the medicine to him again. “And you can rest assured that I won’t do anything to you, even if you kneel down and ask me to come to you, I’m not interested, because.. You. Are. Disgustingly. Dirty!”

“You… I beg your pardon?” Xia Chuan was so angry that he dared to say he was dirty? Shit, in that case, what was that just now? Did he deliberately tease him? Bastard!

Xu Ling no longer paid attention to him, turned around and went into the bathroom to take a bath, leaving Xia Chuan alone, fuming mad outside…

Xu Ling’s medicine worked very well. Xia Chuan could get out of bed and walk the next day. Although he was unwilling to accept Xu Ling’s alms, Xia Chuan was afraid that Xu Ling, as he said, would help him with medicine every day. So he decided to continue using Xu Ling’s medicine.

After turning off the lights, Xia Chuan decided that Xu Ling was asleep. He turned on the lamp and sneaked off his trousers. He knelt on the bed like a dog, raised his buttocks and stretched out a little medicine shamefully to the back.

When his finger touched the shame he had never touched, he took back his hand and asked himself why he was putting his hand into the place used for excretion. Xia Chuan had done half a day’s psychological construction for himself, only then reluctantly withstood the shame, but ground his teeth and put his finger into his buttocks. His fingers were thinner than Xu Ling’s, so he didn’t feel pain.

Thinking about how Xu Ling did it, he learned to gently turn his finger and apply the medicine on the hot intestinal wall. The intestinal wall was so sensitive that it held his finger tightly like a mouth. It reminded him of the feeling Xu Ling made him feel from it yesterday. His handsome face turned red in an instant. It felt really good, special and comfortable. It was better than entering a woman’s body. Especially when it comes to that point, the pleasure of suffocation was life-threatening…

Thinking about it, Xia Chuan’s fingers moved from memory, stretching deep to press on that exciting point…

“Mnn…” He already felt that familiar pleasure, immediately from his chrysanthemum.

Hearing his own moan, Xia Chuan woke up immediately. Damn, what was he doing? Was he crazy enough to play with his own ass? Fuck…

Xia Chuan quickly pulled out his finger. It must be that Xu Ling’s son of a bitch’s medicine. Yes! It was a drug problem. It had nothing to do with himself.

Xia Chuan threw all the medicine into the garbage can, quickly put on his clothes, looked around shamefully and confirmed that Xu Ling and others were all asleep, so he was relieved. If he had just been seen, he really had no face to live and could only commit suicide!Xia Chuan stared at Xu Ling fiercely. He was so stupid that he was fooled by this bastard again. This medicine must be another trick he played on him!

“Dead ugly man. Red-faced monster. Baby with no buttocks. Goes out and get hit by a car. Stand in the rain and get struck by lightning…” He dared not find Xu Ling to settle accounts. Xia Chuan could only breathe out with his mouth and curse Xu Ling in a low voice.

It was not until he was tired of scolding that Xia Chuan fell asleep. As soon as he closed his eyes, another pair of eyes opened. Originally, the bad luck ghost who had just been cursed by Xia Chuan had not fallen asleep. The scene of Xia Chuan rubbing medicine on himself was seen by Xu Ling.

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