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Chapter 37: Giant Polar Bear

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

It had to be said that, as a former legend, a certain veterinarian old man had ‘predicted the future’.

When he put on a cold expression while using the most ancient method – taking one’s pulse – to check JinYu’s situation, not only the Big Boss Qi standing next to him, but also the temporarily thin and weak Giant Polar Bear lying next to him all had a (- o -) expression.

The Giant Polar Bear looked at its stiff master and then it bent its head and continue to bitterly eat liquid food. Its digestive system could not digest the delicious Ice Carp now. But what liquid food… How could it grow fatter with this?!

The feelings of Qi QingLin and Long ChangXiao were more complex at this time. It was just like suddenly seeing a beast talking, or seeing a lifestyle beast blasting a combat beast away with a slap. This old fellow in front of them was a veterinarian right? ! Do veterinarians nowadays still need to ‘count the pulse’ when they were seeing a patient? ! In fact, they would like to ask, could you really count anything when grabbing a beast’s hoof or claw? !

Perhaps the expression in Qi QingLin and Long ChangXiao’s eyes were too blatant and the ambiance of doubt was too obvious. Old Man Jin, who was measuring JinYu’s pulse, sneered before throwing a gaze filled with disdain and ridicule at them, “Looked until you’ve turned stupid? This old fellow here has cured at least hundreds of beasts in this manner, and determined the pregnancy pulse of thousands of beasts!!”

Long ChangXiao felt that he was unable to resist petrification soon while Big Boss Qi looked up and opened his mouth after a long time of profound thinking, “Does my family’s Xiao Yu have a pregnancy pulse?”

Thus it was Old Man Jin’s turn to turn rigid while Long ChangXiao had completely turned into stone.

“Pregnancy pulse, your head!! This youngster is a man!! Do you understand? If you don’t understand, he’s a male, a guy! Even if what the ancients imagined like a magnetic car, a spacecraft, a laser sword and so on have become a reality, but men still cannot conceive and give birth to babies!!” Old Man Jin furiously roared after he stiffened. He deeply felt that this kid from the Qilin family might be too sexually frustrated, otherwise he would not be dreaming in the daytime.

After roaring, Old Man Jin pressed on JinYu’s hand before he paused. In the next moment, this leading scholar in the study of medicine hurled the fins of a certain goldfish away gracelessly before standing up and storming away, slamming the door on the way out.

As he was leaving, Old Man Jin howled, “Fuck your mother!! This kid actually pretended to sleep in front of Lao Zi!!”

JinYu stared at a certain Boss standing by his bedside with a black face. He dryly coughed and rubbed against the head of the bed.

Actually, he really didn’t want to pretend to be asleep. He really woke up only after Old Man Jin touched his wrist. It was just that he couldn’t find the right time to open his eyes because the dialog was too fierce. When he decided to just keep pretending to have fainted, his secret was exposed by Old Fellow Jin.

So, he really didn’t mean to make a certain someone worry so much.

JinYu felt that the situation was not very good after looking at Qi QingLin’s face.

“I just woke up. It’s true.”

Qi QingLin shot a cold look at a certain fish and nodded after sitting by the bed. “I just started getting angry too, it’s true.”


“But considering that you are still a patient, I can postpone the consequences of my anger for a week. This is also true.”

Thus, JinYu felt that his days would be very bleak in a week.

However, JinYu was definitely not the kind of fellow who would give up those in his welfare because of his bleak future. So after being depressed for a short time, he ganged up on the Giant Polar Bear that was sitting beside him and staring at JinYu with apprehension and excitement.

“Oh my. Hey, how are you? Haven’t you seen for half a day, right? Tch tch tch tch, you finally look like you’re not going to die!”

Roar~~ [Thank you for saving my life. I’ll do my utmost to repay you.]

“Look at your stupid face! Even if you want to do your utmost to repay me, your master should be the one doing it! How are you going to repay me? By working in my shop? That’s a good idea, but how many days of vacation do you have in a year?” JinYu laughed and rubbed the head of the Giant Polar Bear while thinking to himself, its fur was not smooth, shiny, soft and fine enough. Sure enough, it had just climbed over the line of life or death and had to be restored!

Roar? Roar… [I-I don’t seem to have any holidays. Then can I give you all the energy crystals that my master gave me?]

“Well, that won’t do! Even if it’s your treasure and you gave it to me, it’ll probably end up in the stomachs of those good-for-nothing fools in our house.” JinYu was feeling all kinds of gleefulness while looking at the distressed Giant Polar Bear that was scratching its head with its paw as it tried to think of how it could ‘do its utmost to repay’ JinYu. This fella was much more upstanding than his family’s beasts, but it was basically still a foolish and meng fella! Ahahahahaha, if he said to devote its life to him, would this Big White Bear be so confused that it would smash its head against the wall?

Fortunately, Boss Jin was just a little black-bellied and he was not seriously mistreating the beasts. While the Giant Polar Bear was still foolishly standing there, grabbing its ears and shaking its head, JinYu glanced at Long ChangXiao who was standing beside him. Then he gave a rather amiable smile.

“Boss Long.”

It was merely two words, yet it made a special grade alarm ring in Long ChangXiao’s heart.

“I think we can be considered as friends after this matter. Brother Jin, thank you for saving my beast.” Long ChangXiao went up and bowed deeply.

“There’s no need for thanks. It’s what I should do… To tell you the truth, I also feel that our relationship had deepened through DaDaBai. It’s just that financial matters should be settled clearly even between brothers. Speaking of it, this time I have really made a tremendous loss… Sigh! Ah Qi, come over and let me lean against you. I’m feeling dizzy~!”

Long ChangXiao looked at JinYu, who was clearly pretending to be dizzy and weak, and Qi QingLin, who was seriously playing along even though he knew that JinYu was pretending to be dizzy. He felt his stomach began to twitch a little. Never before had he seen such a person that was being so naturally shameless and acting like he was entitled to it for the sake of his own benefit…

“This time, Brother Jin has really suffered. May I know how Brother Jin would like to be compensated? Rather than a business transaction, I still feel that gratitude and compensation is more appropriate.”

JinYu can not help raising his eyebrows upon hearing this. Even if Long ChangXiao was the type of person that people seldom had a good impression of, he had to highly praise this guy’s skill in responding. Yet, the more skilled someone was, the less pressure JinYu felt when defrauding them. Anyway, as long as he did not defraud them to death in one shot, they would always be able to make up for the loss with the resources they had.


“Cough, cough, I think that the Grand Dragon Gate Hotel… is rather to my liking.”

The corner of Long ChangXiao’s mouth twitched violently when he heard this. DaDaBai listened to its master’s ‘utmost best repayment’ with apprehensiveness after it stopped being confused. It immediately fell to the ground as if it had exhausted all its strength, while the barley visible tail on its butt trembled. It would not be able to afford that Grand Dragon Gate Hotel even if it was sold off… The hotel was worth ten of it…

“Although I would like to properly compensate Brother Jin, the Dragon Gate Hotel is the property of my paternal grandfather from the Long Family. Thus, it cannot be sold nor transferred to anyone.”

JinYu’s lips curled in sadness when he heard this. He had originally wanted to find a place where his shop’s good-for-nothing meng beasts could eat for free.

Seeing the sorrow on JinYu’s face, Qi QingLin who was beside him turned his head and coldly glared at Long ChangXiao.

“… I can transfer a restaurant that faces the Dark Street to Brother Jin’s name. At the same time, I can give Brother Jin a Purple Gold VIP card for the Grand Dragon Gate Hotel.” Long ChangXiao was the unreasonable party, so he had no intention to forcefully bargain about this.

“Oh, oh! What’s the name of the restaurant? What is the Purple Gold VIP Card? Is there any money in the card?” JinYu sat upright immediately after hearing the words of Long ChangXiao and then he slowly leaned back against Qi QingLin. However, his eyes were still shining as he looked at Long ChangXiao.

The look of expectation was quite lethal. At the very least, a certain Young Master Long was unable to withstand it anymore. So he upgraded the restaurant by one class and added a hundred thousand purpled gold coins to the card.

“The name of the restaurant is ‘The First Floor’. The Xiaolongbaos (灌汤包子) from the restaurant are very popular. As for Purple Gold VIP card, there is a hundred thousand purple gold coins in the card. As long as you hold the card, you can shop at any store that belongs to my Dragon Gate Financial Group and enjoy the privilege of purchasing at cost price. That is a fifty percent discount.”

JinYu felt that he was satisfied the instant he heard this. Then he firmly schooled his face to prevent his smile from being too obvious and nodded, “Deal! This compensation is really considerate!”

Long ChangXiao looked at JinYu who was so happy that he was unable to tell which way was North and nodded helplessly. There was a trace of indulgence and pampering in his gaze towards JinYu that he did not even notice.

This guy was truly… very straightforward, yet it was hard for people to dislike it.

JinYu and Long ChangXiao settled the problem of gratitude and compensation. The atmosphere in the ward became very harmonious. Even though Qi QingLin found that Long ChangXiao was becoming more and more unpleasant to the eye, he tolerated it for the sake of his family’s goldfish upon seeing how happy he was.

In this harmonious atmosphere where JinYu and the two were talking, the door of the ward suddenly slammed open with a bang! The noise was extremely loud and then a face that was supposed to be gentle and pleasing to the eye sinisterly appeared in front of the three men.

“Who do you think you are—?!! You actually dared to say bad things about me to the President and got me suspended!! I’m the most outstanding doctor that graduated from the First Veterinarian School. You dare to compare with me?! You, ahhh—!!”

Needless to say, the one who entered was that person who had a conflict with JinYu at the hospital entrance and was later described by JinYu as a black sheep who spoiled the whole pot of soup. That… what was it – oh ya, XuFeng. At this moment, XuFeng’s expression was malevolent and his eyes were filled with hatred. He had a weapon that resembled a laser gun in his hand. It looked like he was here to annihilate the hatred in his heart.

It was just that even though Xu Feng came in with great momentum and strong resentment, his strength was low, and his luck was bad. Therefore, when he rushed through the door and was intending to ‘shoot’ JinYu dead, he was knocked down by some fools that were tailing JinYu from the start and had arrived at the Beast Hospital at some point in time. XuFeng’s face came into intimate contact with the floor and he was also incidentally treated as a springing board as the beasts trampled on him in succession.

Howl—!! [Shit, you’re looking for death!! Dare to point a gun at my boss?! You retard, I’ll trample you to death!!]

Roar—! [BaoZi, don’t be so agitated. It’s not easy to justify ourselves if you trample him to death. Just crush his four limbs till they’re disabled.]

Meow ~ [That’s why I said that a fool is always a fool. Didn’t you see the boss staring at this fella’s face with an evil grin? Clawing this fella’s face to shreds is the way to go!!]

Thus, while these three excitedly ** a retard, the window of the ward was smashed by an ice awl. XiaoXue blocked the window as it lamented.

Chirp — [Fucking shit, this hospital doesn’t allow winged beasts to take elevators!! Insisting on this beast to fly up!!]

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