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Chapter 38: Acting A-Rank Beasts

Translated by Rikko of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

It’s said that usually, lackeys and beauties would serve as a foil during the appearance of a big shot. However, for the few idiots of the Jin family’s pet store, cannon fodder, doors and windows were their foil instead. Still, in some certain aspects, such foils made them even more imposing and garnered even more impact for them. Just look at the beast hospital’s security guards who rushed from the corridor outside to the side of the doors; the anguish in their faces explained it all.

It was so difficult to be a beast hospital’s security guard nowadays. Those security guards in human hospitals could at least strictly drive away every single beast from entering. However, since it was a beast hospital, if they guarded against beasts and prevented them from getting in, the hospital might as well close down.

When the few beasts went past their security check just then, they were clearly crippled, blind, and tottering around, looking as though at the brink of death. Thus, the security guards assumed they were new patients. Plus, all of them followed collectively behind Dr. XuFeng, so anyone with their right minds would believe they were here to visit a doctor! Some might ask, where were their owners then? But just look at their rank! They were A-rank! A-rank, you know? Once, some stupid researcher had conducted research; the intelligence of the smartest A-rank beasts were fricking higher than human scientists, alright?! Couldn’t they visit the doctor themselves? Only an ignorant person would question that!

Hence, the guards let them in naturally. Nonetheless, they stopped the snow eagle when it was about to squeeze into the elevator. Every level of the hospital had a landing site specially made for winged beasts. Thus, as long as their wings weren’t crippled, they shouldn’t fight for the elevator with other beasts. This was the beast hospital’s rules; the guards did so with good intentions, alright? However, what did they get in the end?! After the A-rank snow eagle gave an indignant glare to the guards, neither were its legs crippled nor was it hunchbacked anymore. As if had just consumed a strength boosting pill, it fanned them away with its wings and flew up! Judging from how swift, fierce and dashing it fricking moved, it definitely wasn’t here to visit a doctor! That idiot was pretending to be crippled just then, wasn’t it?! Were beasts starting to diverge from their image of being pure, kind, pleasant and obedient these days?

The guards should actually be fine after snow eagle flew away; the three beasts left behind tottered into the elevator normally. However, a split second before the elevator door closed, a certain security guard leader caught a slightly horrifying glance at the double-tailed white night cat, which was initially twitching occasionally while lying on the white sand tiger’s back, standing up energetically and raising its paw to press the elevator button. Moreover, once it pressed the button, the double-tailed cat seemingly cast a mocking look at him… Still, when the dazed security guard leader came back to his senses, he murmured to himself in consolation to calm his fragile heart, “I must be seeing things… A-rank beasts won’t fake illnesses for no reason and intrude into the beast hospital.”

Nevertheless, in the end, before his heart could even calm down, one of the wards at the level 100 VIP floor had its window shattered by the snow eagle that faked being crippled just then! Fucking hell! That was made from bullet and laser proof glass! With its wings, it used an ice awl to fan the glass, shattering it! It really wasn’t a beast to be messed with….

While the security guard leader was rushing up with his team members, he received news from his subordinate, who was patrolling level 100. “Bad news, boss! A-rank beasts are breaking in! It’s Young Master Long’s beast ward!” At the very moment, the security guard leader felt that his career was about to be extinguished in utter despair by those paws of the A-rank beasts.

The scene in front of them when they arrived made them trembled even more in fear. Dr. XuFeng, who was distinguished, stunning, and captivating to women and men alike just a moment ago, couldn’t even be described with a mere ‘tragic’ now. It was devas-fucking-ly tragic… All of his limbs were fractured from being trampled. And his face was scratched to such an appalling degree… those beasts didn’t come here to infiltrate the beast hospital; they were probably here for revenge! Fuck! If they wanted revenge, why couldn’t they do so in a desolate path after Dr. XuFeng was off work? They could scratch, kill, rob, plunder or do whatever they like! Shit! Why did they take revenge in the hospital?! They were practically ruining their livelihood!  That’s just too cruel!

Just as the security guard leader and his subordinates looked speechlessly upon Dr. XuFeng, who appeared to be only breathing in without exhaling any bit of air, while letting their imaginations run wild, a clear yet slightly sinister voice with a hint of domineering tone rang out all of a sudden, “…Fuck! You bunch of idiots! Go wash your paws and rinse your mouths right now! XiaoXue! Freeze the glass back to its original state! What a troublesome bunch! How could you guys injure a doctor by accident out of excitement to meet your boss?! When we get back, all of you will be locked in a small room to reflect on your wrongdoings!”

Therefore, the mildly stupefied security guards stared at the three A-rank beasts, which pounced into the room a few moments ago, grievously lining up from the biggest to the smallest towards the washroom to wash their paws and rinse their mouths. On the other hand, the snow eagle that flew in rather majestically just then was currently glancing at the glass shards below its wings with a look of utter agony… What the hell! Boss, you are too much… don’t tell me I have to use my beak to place all of the glass shards back piece by piece…? This is too gruelling for me! Not only is it impossible to be done in a day, how many times do I have to bend my back to finish it?!

However, at the moment, Boss Jin didn’t even care about those A-rank beasts. He simply leaned onto Qi QingLin’s back while explaining to the security guards with a frail look, “Erm, Mr. security guard leader, these beasts of mine came here just to visit me. Maybe they got a bit too agitated because I was away for too long, so they barged into the hospital. As for the doctor, I guess he is in a relatively bad mood, so he wanted to cut his life short, just that he entered the wrong room and was spotted by my beasts. Well, as you all know, beasts are protective of their owners. The doctor had a gun in his hands, which is why they accidentally injured the doctor. But luckily, the doctor isn’t dead. Erm, I will let those beasts of mine reflect on their mistakes. So, if there’s nothing else, could you please carry the doctor away? He needs treatment immediately…”

JinYu sounded completely sincere, but the security guard leader felt uncomfortable with his usage of words. Injuring by accident? Is ‘injuring by accident’ defined as severely wounded to the brink of death in your dictionary?! Besides, do you think I’m stupid? Dr. XuFeng contemplating suicide? If that guy has just a small cut on his arm was enough to let him have the urge to apply specially potent medicine and wrap eight to ten layers of bandage on it. Him contemplating suicide? Him getting crazy after failing to connect with influential people is more believable than that.

Although those thoughts ran across the security guard leader’s mind, his actions were contrary to that. He gave a straightforward and solemn nod to JinYu and his group of three before letting his underlings carry Dr. XuFeng away. They moved in a clean-cut manner. Tsk, tsk. As expected of an ex six-rank hunter.

As someone who had a deep understanding of the Thick Black Theory1, when he had to choose to side either the four A-rank beasts plus two men with the approximate power of ten-rank hunters plus Young Master Long from the Dragon Gate Financial Group or an insignificant doctor who only knew how to boss others around, even if he was an idiot, he wouldn’t pick the wrong side. Besides, he wasn’t a fool at all. Thus, the murder case committed by beasts was broken out in such an abrupt manner and ended in such a weird way. It could be assumed that even if the XuFeng recovered and woken up, he wouldn’t dare to bother JinYu anymore.

After the departure of all security guards who came over from the news, JinYu shot a look at Big Boss Qi. The latter closed the doors with a wave of his hand. Next, Big Boss Jin sat up straight at once, smiling with his dewy eyes at XiaoXue, which was still debating if he should pick up the glass shards or not, while beckoning DaBai, XiaoBai, and Baozi, which had all finished washing their paws and rinsing their mouths. “Oh my gosh you cuties! Why did you come to the hospital? Didn’t I tell you to tend the store? XiaoXue, you goof. What are you looking at the floor for? Since the glass is shattered, there’s no need to patch them back! Is there a rule forbidding beasts from damaging public property when landing? You only broke a glass pane; what’s there to mull over about? Come here; let me take a look at your wings. Did you tire them out?”


“BaoZi, well done! As expected of my number one underling! So thoughtful! You look so handsome when pouncing over and trampling! Come to your boss; let me pet you~”

…Woof? Woof~

“DaBai sure is sensible! It will be bad if that guy is trampled to death! There’s no such thing as ‘killing others by accident,’ only ‘injuring others by accident’, you know? As expected, I don’t have to worry when you are around!”


“Xiao Bai, have you washed your paws clean? Tsk, tsk! You’re always the smartest; you know I hate his face the most, don’t you? Come here, let me hug you! You didn’t hurt your paws, right?”

Meow… meow!

Noticing the 180-degree change in attitude of a certain two-faced goldfish, the four A-rank beasts, which were ready to reflect their mistakes earnestly after being reprimanded by their boss, were caught off guard.

JinYu couldn’t help but roll his eyes at their dazed expression, “You idiots! I was only fooling those security guards just now! Do you guys think you could still safely be here if I didn’t do that? They will definitely throw you all into the beast prison! You guys were great just then! Come on over and meet your new friend beside me. XiaoXue, this fellow is a pure ice type. It can form an ice mountain with just a slap! Come on over and greet your new friend!”

JinYu’s clarification sent a flash of misery and vexation across the four beasts’ eyes simultaneously. Didn’t they know what their boss’s personality was like since ages ago?! He was extremely two-faced and deceiving! And yet, they got frightened by him! What an utter disgrace they were to beasts! Their faking skills were still not up to par! As compared to their boss, them deceiving the security guards were nothing at all!

Moreover, they couldn’t ask for a better boss. Although he usually liked to enslave and tease them, he truly treated them well. Unless they did something wrong, their boss would never holler at them!

Thus, those idiotic beasts that was rather listless moments ago began howling in joy while throwing themselves towards JinYu, ready to strengthen their bonds with their boss, who wasn’t with them for a day. However, in the midst of being excited, those idiots forgot that since their boss was weak and Big Boss was also around, the only thing that would greet them after they pounce was the cold, hard floor. Hence, the four beasts that missed their target and slammed onto the floor together met the eyes of DaBai, which was also flat on the floor, before tilting their heads at the same time.

So, this is the newcomer? Should we pull a prank?


1According to Wiki, ‘Thick Black Theory’ describes the ruthless and hypocritical means men use to obtain and hold power: “thick faces” (shamelessness), “black heart” (ruthlessness), according to author’s view of history. More info:

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