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Chapter 21: Wen Jin with Great Prestige

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“The other one is much uglier than this one.” Dewitt’s voice had just fallen, accompanied by a burst of sounds before the door opened. 

Cook came in with others and smiled at the three men inside. Finally, his eyes fell on Lin. “Professor Lin, I’ve come to take your previous speculative report, but today is the last day, after this time, don’t say anything about it. I don’t want to have to hear anything you’ve said for decades as an old researcher-“

“Cook!” Archie was uncomfortable. He could not help squeezing his fist. “Why are you even talking?”

Lin was over ninety years old and had devoted more than sixty years to scientific research institutes. Nowadays, many researchers, even front-line military doctors, used to be a student of Old Lin. As his student, Archie knew what Old Lin dis as a researcher who struggled in the front-lines of scientific research. Old Lin was unmarried and childless all his life. He had nurtured countless fruits in scientific research alone. Many breakthroughs in pathology of the Empire were his credit. It was normally impossible for one scientist to lead-related fields forward for decades or even centuries. But as far as ability was concerned, he may not be able to play with Cook’s finger. So Cook’s words made Archie wonder how many wrongs Old Lin suffered in the hands of people, who only had the ability in their minds when he was not here.

“Well, what do I say? I am afraid that Old Lin’s memory is not very good. I personally reminded him at the door. Isn’t it clearly good-intentioned?” Cook looked at Archie with a puzzled expression on his face. “Besides, you have to make sure that I gave Professor Lin the last two rooms. What’s your temper here?”

Archie was struck by his righteousness. “I -“

“Yes, don’t quarrel, this is not the place for you to quarrel,” Old Lin waved. “I’ve already written the report. I’ll send it to you later. If nothing happens, you can go back first.”

After saying this, Lin looked back with some concern. All of the beasts were laced with neurotoxins. They were extremely weak, and if they were affected even a tiny bit, they would probably react violently. If any of the wounds on their bodies were bumped, they could be knocked out.

Sure enough, Cook’s loud voice had made many Qi beasts agitated. Old Lin couldn’t help frowning. At this time, Cook kept talking in his ear. “Old Lin, how can I be alright? We all came to meet Marshal. How can you say such a thing after we have shared more than ten years of friendship? That’s not -“

Before Cook finished, he found that Dewitt’s expression was not right from the very beginning. Archie’s face, on the other side, became a little strange. He discovered that Cook’s voice was clearly lowered and old Lin, who had not stopped the restlessness of the beasts behind him, was stunned.

“Cook?” Old Lin turned his head and looked up and down in the middle of a group of people who came in with Cook. Finally, he returned to Cook. “Did you spray perfume?”

Wen Jin saw it with his own eyes. When Old Lin asked this, Cook’s face twisted immediately. He quickly buried his little hairy face in Dewitt’s arms and curled up his eyes secretly and laughed wickedly.

That little magic that he sprayed did not consume much of his reiki, but it could emit a very stinky smell. This trick was usually used to tease those who didn’t know how to play nicely, but do not underestimate the scent. Even after seven days, no even after half a month, the smell would not go down at all.

The fragrance of these Terranean people versus his people of Honghuan was relatively light. Wen Jin’s magic had always been successful. He did not think that the people in this world could mix such a strong fragrance, but what was the use? It wasn’t as bad as it smelled.

But it smelled like… it did seem a bit exciting.

Instead of using magic, Wen Jin, who was very frugal, buried his small nose deeply in the folds of Dewitt’s arms. With a little fragrance of the latter, he freed his nose and turned his eyes around, feeling some doubts.

From the very beginning, he felt chaotic reiki. The source was not in the room, but it was very close to here. What was it?

“The lab doesn’t allow any irritating odors. Get out.” Old Lin’s face was somewhat ugly, but Cook’s was more unpleasant than his. No one could keep a good face when everyone disliked the smell of his own body.

Besides, did he want to stink like that? As a person who had to be looked at under a microscope every morning when he goes out, appearing in public with this kind of smell was definitely not what he wanted. But the problem was that he didn’t know where the smell was coming from. Two, he was not willing to let go of such an excellent opportunity to get a clear understanding of Dewitt’s bottom line. What else could he do but ask someone to find some perfume to cover it first? Was he desperate when so many of his colleagues and subordinates were publicly disliked in front of their enemies, and the odor was so bad that he didn’t even know how to justify it?

“I have been walking for a long time.” After choking for half a day, Cook shrugged, “It’s not me, I don’t, I don’t think it smells so bad. I’ll go out, okay, just wait for me outside the door…”

He was not interested in the rooms anyway, and Dewitt’s inspection could not be done in this room. He just waited outside and then left to let Dewitt do his inspection. But before Cook’s planned words were finished, a loud bang came in the ears of several people.

A group of people in the room were blown up by the loud noise. Only Dewitt and Old Lin keenly looked at the same place.

“Chee.” Heh, you know, sure enough, Wen Jin wagged his tail. If he hadn’t guessed it correctly, there should be a room behind the metal wall. If it’s all small here, it’s all big there. There was a rioting beast in there, and the rest didn’t know what it was.

Wen Jin thought about this, reached for Dewitt’s clothes and said, “Chee!” Big fool, you can’t carry that messy reiki in your body. Don’t fool around. If you can listen to the words of your elders, you can live to be a hundred years old.

However, the two chitters from Wen Jin were drowned out by two loud noises coming from there again. Old Lin’s face changed, and he walked to the end of the room. Archie and Dewitt followed him immediately. Cook stood hesitantly, grinding his teeth for a while and went up, keeping his calculating eyes firmly on Dewitt.

With the metal door opened by Old Lin, the scene inside appeared in front of everyone. It was a research room larger than this space, but it was not a transparent isolation box, but a beast in a huge metal chain and collar. There were dozens of them in one room, all used to tie to a single body. The beast looked almost the same as a human being, but it was several times larger. Although the wounds on the beast weren’t as heavy as those on the outside, it was not dying.

On the contrary, its eyes were glowing with an unnatural red light. In that room, there were no medical personnel… Oh, wait, there’s one.

The eyes fell on the person who was obviously overturned and coughed weakly and fiercely in the corner. Wen Jin’s eyes flashed a little surprise and turned to look at the monster.

“Chen Xiong!” Old Lin suddenly cried out in a low voice. It was difficult for him to know how to keep his voice down at this time. However, before he could make a few steps to the room, he was stopped by the gesture of the man in the room.

“Professor Lin!” Archie also reacted quickly. His eyes fell on the giant contract beast, he saw the iron ring on its foot. Somehow it had broken off two of them. The remaining two were also cracking. Looking at it, it should be the biggest foot in the whole research room. The feet were as long as a man, the limbs strong and powerful. Although there were bloodstains and wounds everywhere, the red eyes instinctively frightened people.

“Chirp, chirp!” Caicai had been crouching on Archie’s shoulders suddenly flew up in a hurry. If it was bigger, no one at the scene would doubt that it dared to rush in and pick up Chen Xiong.

Archie swallowed his saliva and gave Old Lin to Cook, who looked at him in dismay. He looked at the other side and held Old Lin in amazement. Then he turned to the contract beast, which seemed to have stopped. There was a needle in Chen Xiong’s hand, that should be a tranquilizer, and he whispered in a small voice, “Old Lin…”

“I’ll come out myself, you all stay still. The tranquilizer has been administered. It will be alert when there are more people.” Chen Xiong’s weak voice came out. As he spoke, he stood up slowly from the ground. When he saw Caicai flying in disorder, he muttered in a low voice, “What’s the name? I don’t know, but I thought you were mourning me. I won’t come out for a minute.”

Archie was apparently a little uneasy. He moved forward carefully for two steps in an attempt to reach for Chen Xiong, whose leg had been injured. The man had to be careful not to make a sound when he limped and walked very slowly.

But it was too late.

Wen Jin glanced at the beast, caught the slight shaking of its throat, and stretched out his paws. He hesitated to save the beast, could transform. In this world, it should be very rare. He thought maybe he could ask it questions.

But soon, Wen Jin had no room to hesitate. In a moment, the huge monster suddenly gave out an angry roar and then suddenly broke off the last two chains completely. Wen Jin saw that he was about to run in the direction of Chen Xiong. Its giant mouth had been opened. Dewitt had been holding Wen Jin steadily, but the small fox jumped on to the ground and rushed out at speed almost beyond the reach of the naked eye.

I can stop it and save it in time, but the spirit of the monster is so chaotic that I will still have to use one claw!

Dewitt, who also rushed out at the speed of light, had pushed Old Lin and Archie out of the danger zone, turned back to pick up the chains on the ground and tried to chain the mad beast. The latter suddenly gave him a sharp cry.

It was not an angry roar, but it used the strength of Dantian to roar out all the violent energy in his body! With that sound, all the beasts in the two laboratories became agitated, and the roar almost toppled the roof of the entire research institute! Seeing Dewitt’s suddenly stiff body, Wen Jin scolded in his heart and rushed out like an arrow off the string. When a white light flashed, a strong barrier suddenly opened in front of the beast, separating its chaotic reiki from Dewitt and the little fox, which had been on the ground, had already stood on the top of the beast’s head.

“Chee —-!”

Compared with the roar just now, the tender and crisp cry seemed to hold a vast amount of energy, piercing into the eardrum of every beast. Even the few people not far away feeling as if they were deeply shocked by something. The originally restless scientific research room was silent momentarily.

Chen Xiong, who was supported by Archie, shook his eyes as if he had received a call. He turned his head to the little one standing on the top of the giant beast. There was a trace of longing in those exhausted eyes.


The author has something to say: 

Wen Jin proudly raised his chest: Handsome, handsome, handsome, you are not handsome!


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