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Chapter 42: Peng Clan

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

With a single command of owner JinYu, PengYu and Peng LiLi as well as others of the Jin Peng Clan saw, a transformation occur within the beasts in front of them. The shamelessly lazy White Sand Tiger and Flame Leopard, in an instant, changed dramatically. The feeling of fear and the ferocious nature of these beasts…they definitely been on the battlefield before!

At the same moment, from the sky came a piercing cry. Upon hearing that, the prideful Windstorm Vulture who stood in front of Peng Yu and Peng LiLi shivered. Without thinking twice, it turned around, ready to fly away. Shit, it just heard a terrifying sound. Isn’t it a bit unlucky to meet that battle crazed Eagle twice!?

But what really made the Jin Peng Clan’s expression change was that the Bald Eagle didn’t even get very far before getting pushed onto the ground by Xiao Xue. With Xiao Xue’s sharp talons pinning onto the Bald Eagle’s neck, a full out brawl ensued.

Howl!!! [Everyone’s mine! I’m gonna burn them all into bird steaks!]

Roar!! […Don’t burn them dead…bird steaks aren’t tasty at all. Hey three eyed black leopards, stay there and don’t move, I don’t want to bury you too.] Thus, BaoZi went in by himself, attacking the guards of Peng Yu and Peng LiLi. As for Da Bai, he was staring down the there eyed shadow leopard, who really didn’t dare move an inch.

“You-you! You guys are bullying the weak!” Peng LiLI yelled as she saw BaoZi sending all their guards flying. She was so angry she started shaking as she said tp JinYu, “Just you wait! I’ll have my cousin bring our thirty A rank beasts over and turn you into ashes, ah——!”

Before Peng LiLi could finish, out of thin air, three cat claw marks appeared on her face. XiaoBai was currently standing on top of a guard’s head as its eyes shone an eerie lighting purple. Then, it reached out it’s paws and licked…then spit it all out.

Meow—cough, cough, cough!! [What the hell! Why did you put so much powder on your face! Do you want to poison me with makeup?!] Other than DaBai who was watching the three eyed shadow leopard unmoving, XiaoXue, XiaoBai, BaoZi had already taken down all the Jin Peng Clan’s guards. They even buried them, all that’s left was a tombstone. On the other hand, Peng LiLi’s face was full of scratch marks and her hair as well as clothes had become like Old Long, strips flowing in the wind.

Only Peng Yu looked okay.

However, he just looked…okay.

“Big brother! Say something! Think of something! They’re running all over us! Quickly do something and kill all these beasts! I want the man alive! I’m going to torture him to death!!”

With a bang, Peng LiLi got smashed against Long family’s house and blacked out due to the pain. As for Peng Yu, who hadn’t said a word or made any movement since the beginning, went wide eyed once again shocked and absolute terror!

Something’s not right! There’s another person or beast here!! And it/him must have the power that rivals the top three successors of the Southern Ten Families! Peng Yu was already a level nine hunter and compare to a beast, that was an A+ rank. Thus, if he had interfered, BaoZi, XiaoXue, and XiaoBai wouldn’t have gone unchecked.

But just after the man with the cat eye talked, he felt as he was suppressed by thousands of metal chains! No matter how much he tried, he couldn’t move at all, nor break away from the chains! It wasn’t until Peng LiLi was sent flying did he finally realize what kind of a being they had encountered. He also completely understood that this trip to the Long Family was an utter waste and not only that, their losses was immense as well.

“We surrender!!!” The moment he felt the chains around his neck loosen, Peng Yu screamed out like he just saw a ghost.

When JinYu saw his pained, terrified, regretful expression, he turned around to look at the unwavering BOSS. What did you do? How did you scare him to that extent?

Seeing JinYu’s expression, Qi Boss didn’t say anything and just kept his stoic expression. Your boss here didn’t do anything. Maybe he just learned his ways? Or maybe he was scared shitless by DaBai and the other’s impressive feat?

Thus JinYu felt the corner of his mouth twitched wildly. Ya right, as if you believed it! But he didn’t say anything as the boss’s identity was probably something he couldn’t reveal easily. Well, the other side was already doomed, so he’ll just take the boss word for it and pretend it was the work of DaBai.

On the other side, Long ChangXiao felt chest pains looking at JinYu and Qi QingLin flirting around so he turned away to look at Peng Yu. Peng Yu was sweating profusely and his guards were already buried from the neck down. “You surrender?”

“Yes!” Peng Yu was biting his teeth in his heart but on the outside he looked sincere, “I didn’t think four rank A beasts would be here with you. There’s no point in fighting this battle anymore, we surrender!” Although what really made Peng Yu cautious wasn’t the four A rank beasts but if it wasn’t for them, the situation wouldn’t be nearly as bad…and the man who seemed to be the beasts’ master as well as the man behind him…The latter gave him a feeling of the deepest chasm. Peng Yu couldn’t help but think that it was he who surpassed him but what was his identity?

“Hehe. Since you guys voluntarily surrendered, we, the Long family, aren’t one to be unreasonable either.” At this point Old Long had recovered from the shock of the all out brawl. First he looked at the four beasts with praise and smiled at Peng Yu, but the moment he opened his mouth, that turned into coldness, “Even if we never been on to be unreasonable, we aren’t a place where you can just come and go as you please! Since you guys lost, then hand over half of your shops on the West Second Street! We won’t ask for the whole street like you guys, but the loser will receive punishment as they deserve. This is already going light on you.”

Peng Yu, upon hearing Old Long’s words and his causal expression, almost spit himself in the face with his own blood. That was blatant theft! Theft! How was the old West Third Street even comparable to the new West Second Street! What do you mean you only want half?! Half is more than that whole street okay?!

But when Peng Yu saw his guards who were about to go crazy from the constant burning, freezing and lightning strikes, his heart went cold. Staring at his toes, he then looked up with a calm expression, “Yes Old Long you are right…this time, it was our discourtesy. The latter half of the West Second Street will now before Long Family’s. Now, can we leave?”

No matter how well Peng Yu hid it, by the end, he was starting to talk through his teeth. On the other hand, Old Long was very pleased by his expression and waved his hand, “Okay, okay, hurry up and go! This old man here still have guest to tend to! So stop being an eyesore here!”

With his words, the chains suppressing Peng Yu instantly disappeared. But even then, he didn’t dare move rashly. He was about to have his guards carry his sister away but all he saw was a bunch of redden faced, freezing, or hairs burnt black man.


I swear on my name I’ll get revenge!! Peng Yu roared in his mind as he turned towards JinYu, “Mister, we are sorry if we were offended you. Please don’t take it to heart.”

Hearing that, JinYu raised a brow and shook his head, “Don’t worry, I’m someone with a big heart, I won’t take it to heart, won’t take it to heart!” As JinYu was talking, he waved for DaBai and the others to come over. But BaoZi and XiaoXue didn’t move.

“BaoZi? XiaoXue?” If you don’t give your owner face, the consequences are a black room you know.

Roar~ [Owner, owner, weren’t you the one who said leave nothing behind? They have gold and purple crystal coins!!]

Chirp—! [Right, right! I’m watching BaoZi so he doesn’t hide some for himself!]

Thus, JinYu coughed and said to Peng Yu, “Um, although I’m not one to take things to heart, my beasts feel like they can’t work without pay, so they need some compensation. Don’t worry, it won’t take long!”

In an instant Peng Yu’s face went black, like a couldn’t be blacker kind of black. Being stripped down by beasts! Shame! Such shame!!

Thus, after fifteen minutes later, with BaoZi and XiaoXue, as well as XiaoBai’s help, they managed to savage five to six hundred gold coins and tens of purple crystal coins. As for the guards of the top three successors of the West End, they walked back with tattered clothing and ether blacked, reddened, or pale faces. In the end, Peng LiLI was carried back by Peng Yu. If someone saw someone else carrying her, she might not have any reputation left after tomorrow! After all, she was already engaged with the Mountain Wolf Clan’s second prince. Although he had no authoritative power, the Mountain Wolf Clan was number nine in the Ten West Families! This shame, he was sure to repay it back ten folds!

The Peng Yu siblings came with arrogance and pride but left completely beaten. The contrast brought much joy to Old Long and the Long Family servants. Some servants even recorded their beaten figure, preparing to post it on the Light Network when they got the chance. Hehehehehehehe…that’s for picking on our master and young master!!! I’ll show you what’s shame!!!

In contrast with Peng Yu, everyone from the Long Family became very welcoming of JinYu, Qi QingLin and their four beasts. Old Long smiled at JinYu for a long time before waving his hand, “Young man! You’re good! Very good! You don’t need to repay that one thousand purple crystal coins anymore! I’ll give you one fourth of West Second Street!”

Upon hearing Old Long’s words, JinYu shook from excitement. Even if he didn’t know how much the West Second Street was worth, it was 1/4 of it!!! How much purple crystal coins would that be worth?!!!

But in the end JinYu pinched Qi QingLin hard on the thighs, thus getting a cold stare from the Boss, in terms of calming himself down, “Old Long, that’s not needed. I owe you a favor from before, if it wasn’t for you giving me a place to rest in the beginning, I wouldn’t have made it this far. And if it wasn’t for the purple crystal coin you gave, not only me, probably DaBai and the others would’ve died from hunger too. Thus the shops are still yours.”

Hearing this, an expression of praise came about Old Long’s face but before he could say anything, JinYu continued, “Also, young master Long gave DaBai his reward already. Even though XiaoBai, XiaoXue, BaoZi also appeared, they were just tagging along for the fun. Even without money they would’ve rushed in. Thus, if you really want to help, and praise this youngster, then how about treating us to a meal? All of them are big eaters. Hehe, one meal would be equal the reward’s worth. Not only that…there’s restaurants and shops on the West Second Street right? So how about you give the beast a 90% off discount? I mean 100% off would be too shameless.”

Old Long, upon hearing this, couldn’t help but laugh. Pointing at JinYu he couldn’t help but shake his head, “Youngsters nowadays. You were just being a bit serious and now you true colors show through huh? Okay! If you don’t want the shops, then I’ll have the butter give you ten free meal passes. When you get the time, treat these big eaters to a meal! As for tonight, how about a feast for the kings huh?”

(满汉全席 a full, formal banquet, combining Manchurian and Chinese delicacies)

Instantly JinYu smiled shyly while BaoZi, XiaoXue, XiaoBai, DaBai’s eyes all shone like light-beams.


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