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Chapter 41: Take turns to beat him!

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

As soon as the words of PengYu from the Jin Peng Clan was out, Old Long gave a cold snort as his expression saying ‘Just as I thought’.

“What’s so difficult about this?! We’ll win as long as we battle as usual!!” As long as Xiao-er’s Giant Polar Bear is present, this group of guys in front of them would never be able to overturn the result!

It’s just that Old Long’s words were obviously within PengYu’s expectations. At this time, he held out a piece of paper with a pleased look saying that his plan had succeeded and smiled,
“Old Long is wrong about this point. Although victory and defeat for all our competitions in business and strength were based off the words of the strongest force before, just a few days ago, the Ten Clans decided that, they naturally had to look at the overall since they were basing it off strength. I will put away the topic of how many experts there are in the family or force first. In the previous battles, the winner was decided by winning three out of five rounds to determine who was more powerful.”

Looking at Old Long’s sudden change in expression, PengYu’s lips rose higher and higher as he talked. Sure enough, they did not know about it since they had broke away from the Long Family. He had brought three Level A Beasts this time based off this point. Even if the Long Family was tormented to death, it would be impossible for them to find another Level A Beast.

Fortunately, he brought all the Level A Beasts from his clan. Otherwise, the sudden appearance of the two Level A Beasts would be a huge problem. Even if the other side had two more Level A beasts, it was clear that Long ChangXiao’s Level A+ beast was nearing death. Now that he had three Level A Beasts in his hands, they’d surely win be able to win three out of five rounds!!

Supposing that the other party searched high and low, it was impossible for them to find another Level A beast! This was not like some Napa Cabbage that could be found all over the streets.
Obviously, Old Long and Long ChangXiao was able to think of the same thing that PengYu had. Old Long’s expression became extremely ugly. Then he stared at DaBai and BaoZi with a gaze that made JinYu feel a sense of danger. It seemed that he wanted DaBai and BaoZi to participate in the competition. If they participated, their family would probably be able to get a draw.

Long ChangXiao did not want to worry Old Long, so he hid the issue of DaBai being on the verge of death and his own attempted assassination. Therefore, Old Long did not know that DaBai could not be counted as a fighting strength at all. Although Long ChangXiao knew the situation, his expression at this time had not changed much except for some distress showing. After all, XiaoBai had disdained DaBai’s ungraceful running form midway and freeloaded off XiaoXue’s back. At this moment, those two were in the sky, trampling the clouds and chasing the moon. What did best of five rounds count as with the addition of these two… Long ChangXiao looked at PengYu who was opposite him with pity in his eyes. If a person was out of luck, they would be really unlucky.

PengYu saw Long ChangXiao’s obviously unconcealed gaze and it immediately made him unhappy. Your family’s second most important commercial street will soon belong to us. You still dare you use this gaze to look at this Young Master? Looks like if I don’t teach you a lesson, you really don’t know what expression you should wear!

Two beasts suddenly popped up in front of PengYu and PengLiLi after PengYu clapped twice. One of the beasts looked like a vulture. Coincidentally, the other one was a three-eyed black leopard.

“Windstorm Vulture! Three-Eyed Phantasm Leopard!” Old Long’s eyes squinted as he called out the names and species of the two beasts. “Level A beasts. The former specializes in elemental attacks, while the latter specializes in physical attacks!”

PengYu looked pleased upon hearing this, “Old Long’s knowledge and experience is indeed remarkable! These two beasts and the White Simian Ape are the three beasts that our Jin Peng Clan is sending into the competition. Of course, there are also two Level B beasts. But, hehe, I don’t think we even need to send them out.”

Old Long snorted, “How do you know that your three beasts are able to defeat the three on our side?!”

The corner of JinYu’s mouth twitched when he heard this. All right, this guy was really not polite at all. Although he could expect Old Long to express his thanks with a gift after the beasts have fought, tch tch, could this be called the instinct of an unscrupulous businessman? ! How much Old Long would give after the fight was his own decision, wasn’t it? Fortunately, JinYu had already marked the price clearly.

Thinking of this JinYu looked at Long ChangXiao beside him. The latter showed a bitter smile as he nodded. DaBai cost a thousand purple gold coins. Although BaoZi, XiaoBai and XiaoXue came attached, at least eight hundred purple gold coins per day were needed if they were joining the competition. However, this loss could be overlooked when compared with the profit from the Third West Street.

JinYu’s tacit approval made Old Long nod unexpectedly and happily, and then he coldly glared at the man opposite him. But PengYu smiled even wider. PengLiLi laughed softly twice before he could speak, “Grandpa Long, didn’t the question of why Young Master Long brought back two Level A beasts at this time cross your mind? Young Master Long brought back two Level A beasts in one go without rhyme nor reason. Naturally, Level A beasts are rare and they seldom acknowledge a master… You still don’t know yet, do you? Someone was attacked by an assassin last month.”

PengLiLi’s words obviously had more impact on Old Lao than anything that PengYu uttered before. He turned around abruptly and saw that his grandson was still putting on a chilly expression, but his eyes carried considerable regret.

“… Sigh! This, this kid!!”

Old Lao saw the look in his grandson’s eyes and immediately understood why his grandson concealed this. Obviously, it was done with good intentions. It was just somewhat troublesome at this time.

“Xiao-er, BaiWei is dead?” Old Long directly asked. Could it be that they would have to fall in line with other people’s schemes this time? Sure enough, his eldest brother, who held the most authority in the Long Family, always had to do something that would make him indisposed every few days. But was he not afraid of retaliation?!

Long ChangXiao quickly shook his head upon hearing this, and DaDaBai who had been lying down in the carriage grunted as it climbed down from the carriage. Fortunately, it was thinner now. Otherwise if it was in its original shape… Well, this carriage would need to be larger.


BaiWei roared at Old Long, expressing that it was still strong and alive. Although its voice was weak, it was obvious that BaiWei should be able to recover if it could roar and walk, instead of being unable to be saved.

“Sigh… With BaiWei like this…” Although Old Long was very happy that BaiWei was alive, the current issue was not easy to resolve. Where could he find another Level A beast again? “There’s no pie falling out of the sky right… Huh?!”

As Old Long was about to sigh and accept this loss, a kitty fell from the sky before he finished his sigh.

Looking at his custom-made embroidered Tang suit being clawed to strips – that were dancing in the wind – from top to bottom, Old Long felt that he was about to erupt in anger. He must definitely burst into rage. Fucking shit, this was his favorite suit that cost a thousand purple gold coins!!!

But as Old Long was preparing to teach the culprit a lesson it would never forget, the two tails swaying against the wind, the solid colored fur and the careless yet threatening aura… Instantly, Old Long’s expression turned from rage to joy and he nearly smiled so hard that wrinkles bloomed on his face!

Fuck, there’s really such a thing as a pie dropping from the sky!! Wasn’t this a Level A Two-Tailed Midnight Sun Cat?! The beast fighting competition would take a turn for the better with this little fellow!!

So Old Long immediately squatted down with a kind and amiable expression on his face. But just as he was about to speak, the little fellow bounced vivaciously to the White Simian Ape that was buried up to its nose. The cat narrowed its eyes as it looked at this fella. The latter began to struggle fiercely. Fuck, this cat was harboring evil designs! It wanted to bully monkeys!!

At this time PengYu and PengLiLi uncertainly looked at XiaoBai who had suddenly scuttled to the side of the White Simian Ape. They could also see that it was a Level A beast and had assumed that it was a beast that had an affiliation with the Long Family. Yet, looking at the beast now, could it be that…this cat had taken a fancy to the monkey?

PengLiLi didn’t want to think so much, so she shouted, “That white cat! As long as you are willing to be my beast, this ape will be yours!!”

Instantly, the atmosphere became somewhat cold. DaBai’s tiger mouth twitched as he silently looked away, while BaoZi let out a howl and rolled on the ground with laughter. Hahahaha, that damn cat would take a fancy to a monkey?! This was the funniest joke it had heard today!!

BaoZi’s reaction was somewhat incomprehensible to everyone, but to XiaoBai, it was just plain fucking mockery!! Immediately, it swiped its paw at the extremely unfortunate White Simian Ape in front of it. A flash of lightning suddenly appeared on the top of the White Simian Ape’s head and directly stuck this fella’s head.


You’re the one who took a fancy to this monkey! Your whole family took a fancy to this monkey!!

It arched its body and hissed at PengLiLi in a display of force. XiaoBai’s two tails flicked. Then it strode slowly towards JinYu before jumping onto his shoulder. It rubbed its head against JinYu’s chin to express that XiaoBai was the most obedient.

Therefore, JinYu also scratched XiaoBai’s chin with his hand under the shocked gazes of Old Long and the Jin Peng Family.

“Hehehe, didn’t you want to engage in beast fights? These are the beasts participating in the competition for the Long Family. Although there’s also a reserve, en, I don’t think it’s really necessary for it to appear.”

It was almost the same thing as what just PengYu said, just that when JinYu said it, how should it be put? There was an overbearing and imposing feeling. It made people feel that victory was already decided.

“Humph!! Although I don’t know where you popped out from, you’d better grow some brains before you help the Long Family! Compared with their Long Family that had also broken away from their main house, our Jin Peng Family is one you can’t afford to offend!!” PengYu coldly stated as his eyes that were looking at JinYu burned with rage. “You’d better pray that you won’t appear in our Jin Peng Family’s zone of influence!!” He had managed to seize a weakness of the Long Family after much difficulty and was nearly about to snatch away could a tenth of the Long Family’s assets. However, someone dared to stand in his way at this time. They were really courting death!!

The anger and menace in PengYu’s eyes was clearly seen by JinYu. JinYu just laughed like the sun was shining brightly after seeing it.

“Are you threatening me?”

“That depends on what you’re going to do!”

“Stupid cunt! Nobody has ever come out unscathed after threatening Lao Zi after Lao Zi was born!! XiaoXue! Come down!! BaoZi, DaBai, XiaoBai, Lao Zi is ordering you to get him! Fuck, take turns to beat him!! Beat him to death!! Let these retards know who’s the one they really can’t afford to offend!!”


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