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Chapter Six

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Because Xu Ling played too crazily last night, he woke up after sleeping until noon. Xu Ling got up from bed and dressed himself. Then he called Xia Chuan to get up. But Xia Chuan was bullied by Xu Ling throughout night and was about to fall apart. He refused to get up.

“I’m really tired. Just let me sleep a little longer. It’s no big deal. Let’s stay here for another day.” Xia Chuan held the pillow tightly, sleeping in the blankets.

“No! Hurry up… In the afternoon, there’s the dean’s class. We can’t be absent!” Xu Ling ruthlessly snatched Xia Chuan’s pillow and also took the quilt away.

“Damn it, I hate it!” Without pillows and quilts, Xia Chuan, unable to sleep, could only stare at Xu Ling resentfully and reluctantly climb out of bed, but as soon as he moved, he cried out in pain.

“What’s wrong?” Xu Ling asked anxiously at once.

“Pain in the ass!” Xia Chuan was in tears with pain. His buttocks were torn by Xu Ling all night and almost blossomed.

“When we go back, rub on your medicine. You have to bear with it first!” Xu Ling took his clothes and helped Xia Chuan put them on. He knew Xia Chuan had no strength to dress now.

“I want to take a bath. I’m sticky and I’m dying!” Xia Chuan demanded.

“There’s no bathroom here. We have to go back and wash.”

“No, I want to wash it off now, or I won’t go!” Xia Chuan deliberately obstructed Xu Ling. Humph! The son of a bitch did that to him last night. When he got up and didn’t even say a good word, he wanted to go to school. Like when he got up the next day after having sex before, he would always gently coax the girls and make them happy.

“If you don’t want to leave, let’s continue where we left off last night.” Xu Ling sneered and threatened, frightening Xia Chuan to push Xu Ling away and protect his buttocks.

“Don’t touch me again, you beast!” He had to be kidding!! Would he still be alive if they did it again?

“Then get up for me, go back to school and stop making unreasonable noises!” After Xu Ling helped Xia Chuan put on his clothes and shoes, he went to the front desk to find water to wash them.

“Damn it, bastard! One day Lao Tzu will rot your little chrysanthemum and make you call Lao Tzu Grandpa!” When Xu Ling left, Xia Chuan gnashed his teeth and scolded.

Xu Ling quickly brought back a pot of hot water, wetted the towel and wiped Xia Chuan’s face. Because of excessive lust, Xia Chuan’s face was full of traces of lust and his lips were cracked by Xu Ling… But Xia Chuan was not polite to Xu Ling. Xu Ling’s neck and ears were covered with his kiss marks and bite marks, not to mention, no place was perfect. Luckily Xu Ling had a mask, otherwise he could not go back to school at all.

When they were ready, Xia Chuan and Xu Ling left the hotel in great discomfort. As he was leaving, he looked back at the poor little hotel where he and Xu Ling had done everything they should and shouldn’t do. He really couldn’t turn back…

With a very complicated mood, Xia Chuan and Xu Ling took the bus back to school…

Xia Chuan’s lower body was burning so hard that he could not bear to go to school. Just after getting off, he saw Lin YaTing and Jiang Qianqian anxiously standing in front of the school gate and looking around. Naturally, they were waiting for them.

Too bad! Xia Chuan’s handsome face suddenly turned into a bitter melon face. He completely forgot the two women yesterday. How to explain his abnormality yesterday and how to tell Lin YaTing that they were finished?

“Xia Chuan!”

“Xu Ling!”

Just as Xia Chuan was worried about what to do, Lin YaTing and Jiang Qianqian had seen them and ran over excitedly.

“Where did you go yesterday? Why didn’t you come back last night? We were worried to death!” Jiang Qianqian asked anxiously.

“Yes! We stayed up all night worrying about something happening to you…” Lin YaTing took Xia Chuan’s hand and said that as tears flowed out. The pathetic appearance of Xia Chuan was very painful.

Xia Chuan quickly shook off Lin YaTing’s hand, because he saw Xu Ling staring at him with horrible eyes and Lin YaTing sneering…

Lin YaTing looked at him in dismay and wondered why he suddenly became so indifferent. Was it because of Jiang Qianqian? But she found that Xia Chuan didn’t even look at Jiang Qianqian.

“We’re going to class now. We’ll explain to you later. Let’s go first.” Compared with yesterday, Xu Ling was also quite indifferent.

“You…” Lin YaTing wanted to know, but Xia Chuan and Xu Ling had left them and went to school.

“Yating, what happened to them? How did it get so weird?” Jiang Qianqian suddenly had a very bad feeling.

“I don’t know. We’ll have to ask later. Lin YaTing secretly speculated about various possible reasons and thought in her mind what she should do next.

No sooner had they left Lin YaTing’s sight than Xia Chuan fell on Xu Ling. Because of the relationship there, every step he took hurt like a knife and Xu Ling supported him when he came back.

“Would you like to have a rest?” Xu Ling knew that he had it very hard. Yesterday, he had a big fight and was one all night by himself. Even Superman couldn’t stand it.

“Let’s hurry back!” Xia Chuan shook his head. He felt something flowing out of his back. It must have been Xu Ling who left it yesterday. He had to go back and get it out.

Xu Ling supported Xia Chuan and let him lean on himself. He tried to lighten his burden and walked slowly to the boys’ dormitory.

When he returned to the dormitory, Xia Chuan was already sweating rain. God blessed him. Luo Shuai and Dai Xiao Qiang were not there. There was nobody in the dormitory. Otherwise, Xia Chuan didn’t know how to explain his ghost like appearance to them.

With the help of Xu Ling, Xia Chuan went into the bathroom. Xu Ling adjusted the water temperature and helped Xia Chuan wash inside and outside like the most intimate maid.

When Xu Ling reached into Xia Chuan’s body and dug out the blood-mixed semen, Xia Chuan cried bitterly. He didn’t feel much when he was doing it last night. Now he found that his buttocks hurt like it was not his. It killed him!

“Regretting it?” Xu Ling suddenly looked down at Xia Chuan, who was a little shorter than him.

Xia Chuan shook his head. Although it was really painful and sore, he did not regret what happened yesterday.

Xu Ling drew up his lips, took him out of the bathroom, gently put him on the bed, went back to his bed, turned around and handed him an old Teddy bear, “Here you are!”

“What is this?” It was so ugly and so old-fashioned! And this kind of thing should be given to girls, right? Xia Chuan frowned.

“Forget it!” Xu Ling was a little unhappy and wanted to take the teddy bear back.

“How can you take back what you gave away?” Xia Chuan immediately reached out and hugged the teddy bear tightly. Although it was not decent for a big man to play with it, it was Xu Ling’s first time giving him something. How could he not want it?

Xu Ling’s eyes flashed a smile as he let go and gave him the teddy bear. “Don’t go to class like that. Have a good rest in the dormitory.” If Xia Chuan went to class now, he might even faint in the classroom…

“But today’s class is the Dean’s…” Xia Chuan didn’t want to go either, but he was afraid that the Dean would call his old man.

“I’ll explain to him for you. You just have a good rest. Didn’t you feel sleepy when you were in the hotel?”


“Then I’ll go to class!” Xu Ling looked at the time and handled Xia Chuan’s bloody underwear before going to class.

After Xu Ling left, Xia Chuan looked at the teddy bear beside him and sighed, wondering why he liked that kind of guy. Making himself this way, he only gave him a teddy bear that had apparently had been with him for years… Wasn’t this normally meant for girlfriends and daughters? Abhorrent! He was even reluctant to buy a new one for him! Penny pincher! Poor ass… Xia Chuan pounded the old teddy bear angrily and beat it to the sky on all fours.

“What, what is this?” Suddenly, Xia Chuan noticed a few words on the inside of the toy bear’s thigh. He picked it up curiously and looked at the words.

“To the loveliest Er-Mao?! Xia Chuan frowned. Who was Er-Mao? What an old-fashioned name!

Xia Chuan was so tired that he had no energy to think about it. After yawning, he took the teddy bear in his arms and found a comfortable position to close his eyes. He soon fell asleep. Xu Ling didn’t come back until evening. As soon as he entered the door, he saw Xia Chuan sleeping soundly with a teddy bear in his arms and drooling.

A little smile flashed through his eyes. Xu Ling put the food he bought on the table and sat down beside the bed. Looking at Xia Chuan’s sleeping face like a child, Xu Ling raised his lips. What a pig! Even sleeping like a pig… Lovely!

“Pig, hurry up and eat!” Xu Ling pinched Xia Chuan’s nose and cried coldly.

“Huh? Don’t make noise! I want to sleep!” Xia Chuan opened his hand and turned to sleep.

Xu Ling raised his sword eyebrows, flashed a bad smile on his face and suddenly put his hand over Xia Chuan’s nose, making him unable to breathe.

“Hmm… Hmm…” The anoxic Xia Chuan immediately struggled uncomfortably, opened his eyes and opened Xu Ling’s hand, scolding furiously, “What are you doing? You want to kill me!”

“Wake up now!” Xu Ling raised his lips satisfactorily.

Just as Xia Chuan was about to curse, Xu Ling put the food in front of him and shook it. “Get up to eat, eat and sleep again!”

Xia Chuan felt his belly. He was really a little hungry and he remembered that he hadn’t eaten for two days.

“Next time you are not allowed to wake Lao Tzu up in this immoral way, or Lao Tzu will kill you!” Xia Chuan took the chopsticks that Xu Ling handed over, not forgetting the warning.

“I don’t know who’s flattening who!” Xu Ling did not give him face to laugh.

“You…” Xia Chuan was so angry that he couldn’t speak. Although Xu Ling was telling the truth, he really had to be flattened by him, but he didn’t have to tear down his platform. Bastard!

“Shut up and eat quickly!” Xu Ling had opened the lunch box and started.

“Shut up and help me eat!” The angry Xia Chuan did not hit him.

“Childish!” Xu Ling rolled his eyes.

Xia Chuan snorted coldly, opened the lunch box and immediately laughed happily. It was fried rice with sweet and sour ham, his favorite food! The whole city had only one place that sold this in the south of the city. Thinking of Xu Ling’s buying meals and making a special trip to the distant restaurant, Xia Chuan instantly lost all his anger and his heart was full of sweetness.

“How do you know that I like sweet and sour ham and fried rice? “Xia Chuan asked curiously that he had never had a chance to tell Xu Ling what he liked when he was confronted with Xu Ling in the past.

“Do you like this? I don’t know. I bought it anyway!” Xu Ling’s face was expressionless.

“Liar!” How dare he believe he’s an idiot.

“Why is there so much nonsense! Eat quickly and or I’ll eat it!” Xu Ling was a little embarrassed and threatened with cold face.

“Somebody’s getting angry and embarrassed! Hahaha…” It was rare to see Xu Ling’s shy and embarrassed expression. It was not surprising that Xia Chuan was not embarrassed.

“Did you itch your ass again?” Xu Ling’s face was black and he was obviously really angry. Knowing that the tiger was really going to be awe-inspiring, how dare the kitten make him mad again? Hurry up and bow your head for dinner.

“By the way, do you have any idea how to tell Lin YaTing what happened yesterday?” Suddenly, Xia Chuan remembered his ex-girlfriend and present girlfriend and immediately got a headache.

“That’s your problem. It’s none of my business!” Xu Ling finished his last bite of rice and returned indifferently.

“You… How can you do that?” Xia Chuan was so angry that he almost vomited blood. It was all due to Xu Ling, but he wanted to leave all the mess to him alone. He had no human nature.

“Jiang Qianqian and Lin YaTing, one is your ex-girlfriend and the other is your present girlfriend, all you do is provoke, of course, you have to solve it!” Xu Ling pushed the responsibility to a clean slate.

Xia Chuan just wanted to refute, but suddenly heard the laughter of Luo Shuai and Dai Xiao Qiang outside the door. Xia Chuan urgently let Xu Ling pack up the food and sat back in his bed, so that Luo Shuai and others would not be suspicious when they saw them sitting close together.

“Chuan, you’re back!” Opening the door and seeing Xia Chuan, who had not returned overnight, Luo Shuai and Dai Xiao Qiang immediately rushed over enthusiastically and cried out.

“Chuan, where did you have a good time last night? It’s unfair not to call us!” Dai Xiao Qiang angrily accused him.

“Why would someone call you to be a light bulb?” Luo Shuai smiled ambiguously.

“What do you mean?” Dai Xiao Qiang looked at Luo Shuai doubtfully.

Luo Shuai laughed but did not reply, pointing to Xia Chuan’s naked upper body outside the quilt, covered with hot kiss marks.

“God! Chuan, where did you go last night to hook up with someone so unexpectedly hot!” Dai Xiao Qiang thought that Xia Chuan had hooked up with some hot girls because they all knew that a lady like Lin YaTing could not be so wild.

Xia Chuan quickly pulled the quilt to cover himself tightly, turned his head and peeked at Xu Ling’s eyes. Although Xu Ling’s face could not be seen clearly by the mask, Xia Chuan knew that Xu Ling must find this funny now. He could not help laughing.

“Look at your humble laughter. You must have been very happy last night. Come on and tell us the facts.” Luo Shuai was curious about Xia Chuan’s account last night.

“Yes, tell me where the girl is and when did you hook up?” Dai Xiao Qiang followed suit.

“No super hot girl, nothing happened last night, you don’t guess at it…” How could Xia Chuan tell them that their eldest brother slept with a man last night and was the one who was on the bed?

“This kid is not telling the truth. It seems that you have to have a taste before you say it!” Luo Shuai winked at Dai Xiao Qiang and they pressed Xia Chuan to the bed to ‘repair’ him.

“Ah!” Xia Chuan, who was wounded, immediately screamed in pain.

“This kid dares to pretend. Let’s pull him out and teach him a lesson.” Luo Shuai thought that Xia Chuan acted with them as usual and laughed at Dai Xiao Qiang.

Xia Chuan immediately panicked, worse, Xu Ling forgot to help him dress, he was naked under the quilt. If Xiao Shuai dragged him out, they would doubt him. His thighs and buttocks were full of Xu Ling’s fingerprints and kisses…

Looking at Luo Shuai, who was about to lift Xia Chuan’s quilt and drag him out. Xu Ling finally opened his mouth. “Luo Shuai and Dai Xiao Qiang, just now you Professor Chen asked me to call you to his office.”

“What? Why did you say it now?” Luo Shuai and Dai Xiao Qiang stopped immediately. Professor Chen was their dean. They usually feared Professor Chen the most.

When they heard Professor Chen was looking for them, Luo Shuai and Dai Xiao Qiang did not dare to delay. They immediately gave up asking Xia Chuan. They greeted Xia Chuan and went to the office. After Luo Shuai left, Xia Chuan was relieved. He was frightened to death. Luckily Xu Ling tricked Xiao Shuai, otherwise he would die!

“Come and help this uncle dress up, cocky ass!” Xia Chuan turned his head and cried to Xu Ling.

“What did you say just now?” Xu Ling was stunned for a moment and the danger in his voice was unspeakable.

“Didn’t you hear what Xiao Shuai said just now? Sorry, come here quickly!” Xia Chuan, who was still in a state of uncertainty, was full of resentment towards the culprit.

“Last night I held you in my arms and you asked me to fuck you hard. The one who never comes out is the real scoundrel…” Xu Ling went over and helped him dress, laughing at him.

“Where do I have to come out? You were the one exerting yourself. Don’t blame Lao Tzu!” Xia Chuan immediately retorted, proving his innocence, remembering last night’s incident, his face turned red with shame.

“Pigs are stupid!” Xu Ling shook his head and sighed helplessly.

“Son of a bitch! You go to die…” Xia Chuan realized that he was fooled again and wanted to beat Xu Ling, but he forgot his physical condition. As soon as his feet landed, he fell with feet into the sky because of his sore legs…

Subsequently, Xu Ling’s bursting laughter and Xia Chuan’s scolding came out of the room.


“Damn it, son of a bitch, Lao Tzu will fight with you!”

Xia Chuan understood that Lin YaTing’s affairs needed to be cut through quickly and not be delayed. Otherwise, it would be very easy to make things complicated. So the next day he got out of bed and immediately called Lin YaTing to talk about breaking up.

Sitting in a cold drink shop near the school, Xia Chuan, waiting for Lin YaTing to come, had been smoking all the time and his mood was very complicated. He didn’t expect that one day he would break up with Lin YaTing for Xu Ling, whom he used to hate the most!

It was really strange to say, since when did he like Xu Ling? As if by the time he found out, Xu Ling’s shadow had already been deeply engraved in his heart and could not be erased any more.

Thinking about Xu Ling carefully he realized he was ugly and poor. He always liked to fight him but also loved him very much. There was no advantage at all! Compared with Lin YaTing, he was just poop. He really didn’t understand why he liked him. Maybe this was the so-called true love. There was no other reason for it. For Xu Ling, he really fell into the trap…

“Xia Chuan!” A sweet voice interrupted Xia Chuan’s thoughts and he looked up , immediately seeing a beautiful and lovely girl. Today, Lin YaTing was dressed very beautifully, even compared with idols.

“Come!” Xia Chuan was not confused by Lin YaTing’s beauty and his attitude was very cold.

Xia Chuan’s attitude made the alarm bells in Lin YaTing’s heart ring, but she did not show it on her face. She sat beside Xia Chuan with a smile and took his hand intimately, “Have you eaten yet?” 

“Not yet!” Xia Chuan shook his head and shook off her hand.

“I’ll accompany you to eat!” Lin YaTing’s face was a little ugly, but she tried to keep her beautiful smile.

“No! Actually, I asked you out because I have something to say to you… Let’s break up!” Xia Chuan threw away his cigarette and turned to look into her eyes. His voice was very cold.

“What did you say?” Lin YaTing’s smile could no longer stay on her face, her voice was angry.

“Let’s break up!” Xia Chuan repeated it again.

“Why?” Lin YaTing’s hands trembled slightly. She never expected Xia Chuan to ask her out to break up with her. She knew that he did the same with Jiang Qianqian, but she never thought that he would dump her.

“We are not suitable!” Xia Chuan used the reason that everyone used to break up.

“No! Don’t lie to me, I know you want Jiang Qianqian…” Lin YaTing knew she shouldn’t be offended or argue with Xia Chuan but she still cried piteously. Crying had always been the most powerful and useful weapon for women.

“It has nothing to do with Jiang Qianqian!” Xia Chuan frowned, wondering how Lin YaTing could talk about Jiang Qianqian.

“Don’t deny it. I know your old feelings towards Jiang Qianqian are unforgettable. You see Jiang Qianqian likes Xu Ling and you are jealous, so you have to break up with me and reunite with her.”

After listening, Xia Chuan rolled his eyes, the woman’s imagination was too rich! Xia Chuan wanted to explain clearly, but soon dispelled the idea, let her misunderstand it, so that she would never think of Xu Ling, let Jiang Qianqian be their smoke screen!

After Xia Chuan thought it over, he nodded his head and admitted it immediately, “There seems to be no way to deceive you! Yes, as you said, I remembered Jiang Qianqian’s old feelings and wanted to start over with her. That day I pulled Xu Ling out to make him quit and give Jiang Qianqian back to me!” 

“How can you do this to me? I love you so much!” Lin YaTing cried sadly.

“Do you really love me? If you really love me, why do you always refuse to let me touch you? Lao Tzu is fed up with such a stereotyped woman as you!” In order to make Lin YaTing go away, Xia Chuan deliberately said what was hard to hear.

“Will you not break up with me as long as I am willing to give myself to you? If so, I will give myself to you!” Lin YaTing took the opportunity to try to keep him. Originally, she didn’t want to give him everything he wanted. In order to keep Xia Chuan’s feelings towards her fresh, she didn’t give herself to him. But now she couldn’t control anything. First thing she needed to do was keep Xia Chuan.

“Now that I’m not interested in you, don’t dream. I’ve made up my mind with you.” Xia Chuan shook his head and sneered. He would have been very happy if she had said this before, but now he really had no interest in her at all.

“Xia Chuan, you are so cruel! Do you remember what you said to me before? You said you would love me all your life and you would marry me!” Lin YaTing was going mad.

“You are too foolish! Do you believe my playboy words?” Xia Chuan laughed.


“Check please!” Xia Chuan didn’t want to talk to her anymore. He got up and paid for his stuff and left.

Looking at Xia Chuan’s retreating back, Lin YaTing held her hands tightly and her eyes were about to burst into flames. She would never let Xia Chuan break up with her as he wished.

How can she let the golden goose fly away? A rich and powerful boy like Xia Chuan was rare, but a handsome man with those qualities was even rarer. Prince Charming, who only appeared in fairy tales, would never give up his Cinderella for other women…

Lin YaTing secretly swore in her heart that Xia Chuan was hers and nobody could steal him. No matter what method she used, she would get Xia Chuan to change his mind.

Out of the cold drink shop, Xia Chuan sighed a long sigh, Lin YaTing’s matter was finally resolved, now only Jiang Qianqian was left…

When he thought of Jiang Qianqian, Xia Chuan needed to talk to her about two big things.She needed to stop being so obsessed with Xu Ling directly and stop pestering Xu Ling. She did not deserve Xu Ling at all! No way! That woman was a faucet. If he said that, she’d die and cry all the time. He remembered when he broke up with her before, she was like this, and it almost bothered him to death!

Suddenly, JJ Lin’s {Thousand Years} rang from Xia Chuan’s trouser pocket. He took out his mobile phone and pressed the answer button, he heard Jiang Qianqian’s sad cry, “Xia Chuan, I hate you! I’ll never forgive you, asshole…”

Xia Chuan wrinkled his eyebrows, this was a familiar curse. It seems that he heard it when he broke up with Jiang Qianqian last time. What happened?

“How can you do that? You have hurt me once, why do you hurt me twice? Are you mentally ill?” Jiang Qianqian, who had always been gentle, seldom cursed people, which was enough to show how angry she was now.

“What are you talking about?” Xia Chuan was misty and could not understand a word. What madness did Jiang Qianqian have?

“Why are you so perverted?! You’ve broken up with me already. Why would you hinder me from communicating with Xu Ling?”

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Let’s talk when you calm down!” Sharp accusations made Xia Chuan’s brows wrinkle and tighten, trying to hang up the phone.

“Don’t pretend to be silly, Xu Ling has already told me that he can’t associate with me because of your relationship. You threatened him that day if he dared to be with me, you would get him kicked out of school…” Jiang Qianqian cried sadly.

Shit! Xia Chuan cursed in his heart. The stinky boy was trapping him again, but at this point, he could only push the boat along the river and let Jiang Qianqian’s feelings for Xu Ling die thoroughly.

“Yes, I threatened Xu Ling. I will never let you stay with Xu Ling. If you don’t want to hurt Xu Ling, you’d better keep away from him in the future.” Xia Chuan threatened.

“Why would you do that?” Jiang Qianqian’s cry became louder and louder.

“As long as it’s mine, even if I don’t want it, no one else can imagine having it!” In fact, he was not so perverted. Jiang Qianqian could be with him back then but she couldn’t even dare to have the person he liked!

“Xia Chuan, you will be revenged, I curse you!” The voice of resentment had unspeakable horror, which made him feel creepy.

“Psycho!” Xia Chuan hung up the phone. He didn’t want to listen to Jiang Qianqian’s crazy talk anymore. But didn’t Xu Ling say Jiang Qianqian handed it over to him? Why did he go and talk nonsense to Jiang Qianqian and hurt him and let him be scolded? Abhorrent! After going back, he must call Xu Ling!

When Xia Chuan returned to school, he just wanted to go to the dormitory to find Xu Ling to settle accounts. He saw him come out of the library with two books in his arms. Xia Chuan immediately charged over angrily.

“What did you say to Jiang Qianqian? You know, you killed me with that mad woman!” Xia Chuan stared at Xu Ling viciously and scolded him.

“She went looking for you. Then you came and asked me, you should already know!” Xu Ling was not guilty at all, but as cold and arrogant as ever. In fact, Jiang Qianqian came to him on her own initiative. He couldn’t stand her entanglement and took Xia Chuan out as a shield.

“You…” Xia Chuan was so angry with his attitude that he couldn’t speak. How could he like such a person? He must be blind!

“Why are you so angry? Are you really reluctant to forget Jiang Qianqian’s old feelings?” Xu Ling sat on a bench by the road and lit a cigarette.

“Are you human? I dumped Lin YaTing for you. You even suspect me!” If it hadn’t been that someone could pass by at any time, Xia Chuan really wanted to give this heartless fellow a punch.

“You dumping Lin YaTing was voluntary, no one forced you!” The cold and quiet tone was really maddening.

“Damn it, son of a bitch!” Xia Chuan could not stay with Xu Ling any longer. He stood up and was about to leave, but Xu Ling stopped him.

“What do you want…” Xia Chuan’s curse disappeared in Xu Ling’s lips.

Xia Chuan pushed him aside and looked around in panic to make sure that no one was looking, “You’re crazy! What about being seen?”

“Let’s go on a date on Saturday.” Xu Ling ignored his scolding and held him in his arms.

It was still very cold voice, but let Xia Chuan’s anger disappeared and his heart became warm. He no longer worried about being seen and pushed Xu Ling away. He leaned his head on Xu Ling’s shoulder, raised his lips and gave a gentle hum.

At this time, a strong wind blew, the phoenix flowers on both sides fluttered with the wind, suddenly the sky was filled with rain; a beautiful flower petal rain. A new love officially began…


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