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Chapter 26: Play or Not?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Being able to issue challenges was a special event proposed by the organizers. The challenger and the challenged would compete in a win or lose the competition. The winner would get all the points of the loser. In order to avoid the possibility that some people would take advantage of the rules to carry out point reselling transactions, the organizer also stipulated that one of the two parties must create a new record before the challenge was established. Once the challenge was judged to be a failure, the organizer would directly deduct all points from both sides.

This was the most criticized regulation issued by the sponsor of the event. One person must create a new record before the challenge was established. If neither side could create a new record, both sides were unlucky. Even if there were so many points as temptation, most people dared not easily try.

It was both exciting and daunting.

At the beginning, people tried to be casual and tried to not care much about their points. The situation of challenges had also occurred several times, after all, scores were not very high and if they lost, they would be back to zero.

But it was not the same situation now. The three-day mysterious activity was going to appear in an hour. Everyone was nervous about whether they had enough points to enter this activity.  There were even people who did not choose to gain points with games, but launched challenges! The word ‘challenge’ has not appeared on Gourmet Street for two days. And the most exciting thing was that this person was not some random person, but God J, the Internet star who held first place on the scoreboard first!

Over the past three days, JU had accumulated a huge fan base through live broadcasting. At the same time, his scores were at the top of the list of thousands. It was shocking that someone with such scores would make a challenging bet.

From the initial silence to the later exclamation, even on the interstellar network, it was an incredible barrage.

[OMFG! God J has issued a challenge! His score! Ah! Friends his score! God J has more than a thousand points. Although GQ has broken several records, it seems that he only has a little more than two hundred. The benefits of this challenge are not proportional at all!]

[I don’t care about my scores! God J is so handsome! Ah ah ah! His voice is super pleasant! I want to be picked up by him and I want to be face-to-face with him! I’m going to buy a hundred! ]

[… Stop feeding your climax. Do you realize that GQ has broken three of God J’s records? Three! Ah, if he didn’t come through the back door, it proves that this person may be more powerful than God J and…When the camera went passed him, I thought that he was so handsome and fierce and the atmosphere in the crowd was super strong! ]

[That’s a new discovery that I didn’t know about. As a veteran fan, my eyes are full of tears and my tears have run away. But since God chose anonymity, I will eat melons and continue to lick my tears…]

[What did you say before? JU showed up. What God is anonymous? GQ? Who is he? Are his abilities really strong?]

[11. Half of the chrysanthemums are opening ah!]

To be honest, Dewitt didn’t want to take on such a challenge, but it was obviously not one of his skills to escape from the battlefield. Looking at the big hammer on the stage with an evident reluctant face and the sharp ears under the mask of JU, Dewitt made a decision.

“Yes.” The muffled voice came from under the mask. At this time, many people took out their terminals and began to record videos. Videos from various angles rushed to the interstellar network crazily, once again arousing more intense sparks.

[Listen to that bedroom voice! Fuck me! I feel like I’m going to turn into pollen! Is it too much?]

[I heard God J’s voice and now I pity you. This!! I just want to open my legs! Sorry, I just can’t hold it in TVT.]

[Once again the tears that collected fell and I couldn’t help crying, but it’s worth crying myself blind! God, I love you – ]

[If you’ve had enough upstairs, you keep wandering around without telling us who God is. You’ve been running for half a day and been scratching your heart and your lungs!]

[Wait a minute, I didn’t recognize it before, but his voice seems a little familiar—]

While commenting on the rising tide, the live broadcasting and discussion of this challenge quickly dominated the headlines of various forums and the views soared. Many people who heard the news and waited for the night’s mysterious activities in the Gourmet Street rushed to this place in a hurry.

At the same time, with all eyes on him, Dewitt stood on the stage. “How do you want to compete?”

His voice was heard through a microphone in JU’s hand and though it was a long distance away, it travelled loudly. Dewitt did not intentionally suppress his voice, but the sense of ability in his words was enough to cause another wave of shouts.

JU looked at Dewitt in front of him. He was originally full of confidence but now he shrank a little. His face was red and hot under the mask.

The people under the stage were so far away for this person’s words and screaming could not extricate themselves. Ju was the closest person to Dewitt at this moment and his heart had already begun to flutter.

How could Assyria have such a man?

The pure black mask did not block his deep blue eyes. The weather was not particularly cold so this person was not wearing much and the thin fabric was pulled by his shoulders, supported by muscles and outlined all his upper body lines. His neck and clavicle lines were fluently drawn together, just like the lines between the floating clouds and sharp flowing water. People couldn’t move their eyes at all.

Like ancient sculptures, he exuded deadly charm.

JU could not help biting his lips. A pair of red eyes turned to Dewitt and even his body could not help straightening up. His eyes fell on his opponent’s sharp hands, ignoring the fox in his arms and his eyes glimmered.


Just as the JU had some fantasies in mind, an extremely disharmonious voice interposed between them.

Wen Jin was unhappy, very unhappy, especially unhappy.

He didn’t think that in a few hours, his mood could be so reversed. 

Did the big fool take a fancy to his fellow? What are you doing so close to? Accepting the challenge? The big fool is simply a red-eyed monster and his guy looked at the big fool in the end with what kind of eyes? Ah! And using that silly charm, what do you want to do?

The irritable mood made Wen Jin’s heart very unhappy. His sharp claws were exposed to the air. When JU saw him, he even gave him a fierce stare.

That’s so annoying!

Dewitt’s attention was not on JU. He noticed that the little fox in his arms bad temper was getting worse. In his mind, the little fox had just drilled into Chen Xiong’s arms. He was very unhappy when he came back. He felt that his chest was stuffy so he didn’t touch or comfort the little fellow. He frowned and his voice was a little cold. “Hmm?”

Look! Previously, Dewitt was so angry and foolish that he would take care of it in seconds. Now, for the sake of this red-eyed monster, he would not take care of it. Wen Jin’s claws itched even more in an instant.

JU wanted to speak, but he found that the enchantment that he had been gathering had suddenly disappeared, as if it had been forcibly broken by some force. Obviously, this was the first time JU met this situation and there was amazement in his eyes.

“I remember you talking.” Dewitt said impatiently, his voice caused the aura around him to fall. The only thing in his mind was the voice of his little guy.

He was really a little confused about what he wanted. He stayed here for the little one, but he was not happy when Dewitt did stay. When Dewitt stood on the stage, Wen Jin looked at the hammer expectantly, but then his face became full of unhappiness. Looking down at the little guy with his teeth and claws open, Dewitt’s expressionless face flashed with a trace of helplessness.

Noticing this scene, JU’s heart directly exploded.

He just spoke to the black mask in front of so many people! Uttar people were good at charms and they had excellent voices and appearances. In this respect, he was the number one of the Uttar people within tens of thousands of miles. In the past, he had never heard of someone anyone who could forget his voice after hearing it once, but there was such a person in front of him.

Stimulated by Dewitt’s reaction, JU bit his lip and looked up with a little indignation in his eyes. But before he had time to attack, Karst returned to the stage.

Unlike when Dewitt walked forward and the audience on both sides of the street immediately opened the road on their own initiative, when Karst and Archie tried to make their way through it took a lot more effort to get across the crowds to the stage, causing them to be a little slower.

Looking at Dewitt’s body, Karst looked at Wen Jin in Dewitt’s arms and wiped his lips. He got to JU in three steps. He was going to speak, but JU put out his hand to stop him.

“Letting the challenger have priority,” JU forced himself to calm down, with a bit of indifference his red eyes flashed again. “That is, let’s do the hammer game. We will win or lose points according to the rules of the organizer.” Dewitt was about to respond, but JU squinted and smiled slyly, “But I want to change the form of the challenge.” JU watched Dewitt’s reaction for a while, found that nothing had been achieved and said with some disappointment, “Qi beast versus Qi beast.” 

Ju was not a fool. When Dewitt stood in front of him, he felt the strength gap between himself and the man in front of him. The man’s strong aura was pressing down on him. Realizing this, he continued to play hard. What’s the difference between giving points and getting what he wanted?

Although he didn’t mind giving the score to the person who he was interested in, but it would be too boring if he didn’t get any results.

JU’s voice had just fallen and the response of the star network was quite intense. When did JU and God get a contract beast? When did they bind their contract beasts? Why did they want to have their contract beasts compete? And other comments came in quick succession. Only Karst’s eyes moved and looked at JU deeply.

Instead of looking at Karst, JU arranged for others to step down and prepare the challenge, not even giving Karst a chance to speak.

“How are you doing this?” Seeing that his own people were ready to step down, JU confidently finished the second half of the sentence and looked at Wen Jin with disdain.

“Chee.” Dewitt didn’t speak, but Wen Jin couldn’t help it. What’s the Qi beast competition? Does that mean that he wins directly? But does that mean that he can touch the hammer, too? When he touches it, would it also emit the super beautiful effect he saw before?

At the thought of this, Wen Jin’s eyes lit up instantly. He agreed. Can compete! Dewitt didn’t have to be a big fool. He can do it himself! Dewitt can also feel those special effects!

JU, who had not waited for a reply, raised his head and unexpectedly shivered unconsciously over Dewitt’s icy blue eyes.

It was not cold, but in the instant their eyes met, he seemed to be thrown into the snow and ice and his pores were filled with a cold wind. The fierce light in the eyes of the other party seemed to be able to cut him into pieces in an instant.

At that moment, JU really had a feeling of being watched by death. He looked back deeply into those gray-blue eyes and felt his calves were a little soft.

Wen Jin was totally excited by the upcoming scene. He also left the unpleasant moment behind and looked up at Dewitt excitedly. His black bean eyes were full of longing.

Seeing this, Dewitt lips thinned slightly. He did not refuse nor did he agree. The atmosphere on the stage was rigid for a moment.

“Really?” Archie stepped forward and asked with some concern, looking at JU badly during the period. The little fox has been exposed for a long time and its size and stature did not seem to be able to compete. But whether JU had a contract beast or not was still a matter of debate. In this case, it was obvious that it was benighted to make such a request.

Chen Xiong did not speak, his eyes looked at Ju directly, his breathing rate decreased and he was a little aggressive.

JU gave him a cold look, with some sarcasm in his eyes.

The dispatched people came back very quickly and from the moment the beast was brought up, Chen Xiong’s expression collapsed instantly, Archie’s face was somewhat ugly and the most obvious one was Dewitt.

The only thing he saw was a medium-sized beast, about half a meter high. Although he was of medium size, the beast had strong limbs, fierce eyes, hard brown back fur and looked aggressive. On the contrary, the little hairy white dumpling in Dewitt’s arms… the gap was too big.

And most importantly, the beast smelled very bloody. A bloody smell and aggressiveness were all signs of the contract beast coming out of the Colosseum.

Obviously, the person who brought this beast was very proud. After all, although his size was not very big, his attack power was quite astonishing. He was going to show the performance of this beast to JU. Suddenly, he found that the beast he was holding in his hand, which was still glorious, suddenly retreated one step.

What was going on?

The man looked behind him unconsciously and found that the “gladiator champion” and “beast king” who had been personally certified by the head of the Colosseum had disappeared from his eyes and even his ears… were drooping?

Karst’s face was somewhat unbearable and JU’s questioning eyes also looked at the beast.

It was Dewitt, who had been silent before, who suddenly lowered his head and looked at the little fox, who was moving foolishly toward the big hammer in his arms.

“Do you want to play?” He asked.

It was not about whether he wanted to compete with others or not. It was not about not being afraid. It was about whether he wanted to… play?

“Chee!” Wen Jin’s answer was a full-blown fox howl.


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