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Chapter 44: Thunder

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

No matter what Boss Qi Qinglin and Old Long thought, what occurred just now definitely wouldn’t cause big issues. Right now a huge crowd was finishing up their meals. The Long family housekeeper brought up the tray with a smiling face. On the tray were ten exquisite cards.

Old Long took a card and squinted at Jinyu, summoning him with a wave of his hands. Jinyu immediately scuttled over. That henchmen look at Old Long silently then turned around to look at the similarly excited henchmen looking at his four A ranked beasts. Jin Lao suddenly felt as if the card in his hand became heavier.

….Fuck, he would rather give 100,000 purple coins to this guy rather than hear the news that his own store turned into a “free food for beast now turned bankrupt!”

Glancing at his silent baby grandson, Old Long finally understood why his own grandson just looked at him like that. He suddenly thought of what Jinyu that idiot said. His own grandson already paid the labor fee. Old Long couldn’t help but think should his own grandson be suffering this much? What’s more, his own grandson is also a famous commercial genius in business…he’d never be the owner of such a pet shop.

While Old Long was thinking, he failed to notice Long Changxiao’s upset expression and the big white bear’s sympathetic gaze. You say that a pet shop owner can reckon with a sly old businessman who’s been in business for almost eighty years, the pet shop owner still doesn’t have as much experience as you, how can you two possibly be pitted against one another? Besides, in addition to relationship skills and thank-you gifts, your own master is facing some unspeakable issues. Hehe, if you guys aren’t pitted against one another, that would be strange.

The big white bear ate a drumstick that it secretly caught, looking into Jinyu’s eyes. And then it sighed, filled with grief–

In reality, Boss Jin was very good. As a master to beasts, it hoped that Boss Jin could interact with its own master a bit more…however this hope could not be realized in the lifetime of a certain boss. So, he had to silently placate its master, praying that a certain boss would quickly die.

What? You ask why I dare to curse **oss?? Rolling a bear’s eye, these are just silent curses, silent curses you get it?! Oh, it’s not like the boss can read minds!! What’s wrong with my master?!

Finally, Old Long couldn’t take the pain and handed the ten white cards to Jinyu. It was already nightfall so Jinyu, Qi Qinglin, and Baozi naturally stayed in the Long family’s house. The next day they naturally ate breakfast there and then walked around the Long family’s garden. They secretly ate a bunch of fruit and after a lunch of wontons, Jinyu and the four beasts beaming with joy, the Old Long’s one-day tour ended satisfactorily with a crafty smile on Jinyu’s face.

“Old Long~ We’re going back now! Take care of yourself more! Changxiao-ah, we’re now friends! If something happens let Da Bai come, I’ll give you a twenty percent discount!”

Jinyu preened as he smiled and waved his hands, sitting on Xiao Xue’s back. Hearing this, Old Long and Long Changxiao scowled at the same time. The old housekeeper of the Long family said what they wanted to say: As long as you gluttonous guys don’t come anymore, the master’s health will be fine! And the young master doesn’t want to be the cause of his own misfortune anymore!!

Xiao Xue’s back was very wide and comfortable. However if there was a bit of gust, he’d be in danger of falling. However, if there was a certain boss at the scene, then none of his problems were actually problems—the boss could block the wind, the boss could be firm and steady, the boss could do anything…so the boss could also act indecently.

 At the moment the boss was acting indecently. Jinyu’s body was still weakened by the poison since his body had not been completely purified. In addition, Xiao Xue’s back was all crooked so Qi Qinglin hugged Jinyu, bringing him towards his chest.

Once you start, it’s easy to lose. In addition, with two people so close together, a certain boss would not calm down. He put his hands on Jinyu’s clothes and they began to move upwards, gently touching and gentle rubbing his back. Those thin and powerful fingers massaged him, let Boss Jin call out in suffocation!

Fuck could he not be so disappointing?! He was obviously being taken advantage of but because it felt so good he couldn’t even resist it?! Pah! It had to be because his health wasn’t good right now! He wasn’t like that kind of person!!

“Uh oh…en…right there, massage it a bit more! … Ah…. En….It feels so good~”

These kinds of pants continued to leave Jinyu’s mouth. Even though Qi Boss knew these moans had no other meaning, he still jumped up in shock.  As soon as he was excited, the two hands that were massaging Jinyu’s body came up to massage his nipples then pinched them.

“Huh!! What are you doing?! Stop it!!”

His whole body tremored ever so slightly with excitement from that strange pain. It could be said that a certain fish began to struggle. However because of the massage, this made the fish’s eyes watery, face red, and the last complaint flare up.


Qi Qinglin was loathe to part from smothering Jinyu with kisses all the way until Xiao Xue gracefully landed in the 138 cute shop’s small courtyard. The beasts which had smelled their arrival early on gathered in the courtyard to greet them and got a free show.

Oh oh! Hoot hoot?

Baozi diligently coughed twice and then understood to pretend it didn’t understand before going up towards Jinyu and the boss.

Baozi was then kicked by the boss and sent rolling. The boss was then kicked to his original form by Jinyu (in reality he turned back himself, the beast form was easier for enacting revenge).

At this time Jinyu knew that he was just resisted by a certain despicable boss. However, that guy directly changed into a qilin and ran away, not allowing him to release his anger. Looking at that group of envious, ambiguous, and ignorant beasts, Boss Jinyu was not calm. “What the hell are you guys looking at! All of you get to work!! If you keep looking I’ll eat you guys!”

That made the beasts laugh. Baozi continued to roll with amusement, the boss has finally become so angry from his embarrassment! This was really too much!

Seeing about a hundred beasts in the courtyard laughing and selling their cuteness, Jinyu couldn’t stand it even though he knew they meant no harm. He wanted to shout, and then suddenly lost his temper. “If you keep laughing there won’t be any food.”

In a flash all of the beasts rolling about with laughter stopped abruptly. The sound of a wolf cry could be heard from the courtyard.

Woof woof bark bark bark! [Hahahaha he kissed in public hahaha how immoral!!] ……woof? […… How come it’s suddenly so peaceful?] Er Hei who was laughing and rolling about on the floor suddenly felt as it had not energy. When it lifted its head it saw Baozi, Da Bai, Xiao Bai, and the rest of the beasts looking at itself with sympathy.

… It couldn’t be….

“Er Hei, from tonight until tomorrow morning you can’t eat. Make sure to watch the others though~ En, it also seems like there’s going to be a huge storm tonight, behave, remember to not get sick.” Saying this Jinyu ignored Er Hei’s dull look and stepped into the shop. Baozi led the beasts inside, it was like a mourning parade. One after the other they passed by Er Hei’s body, silently patting its wings.


Woof woof meow meow chirp chirp tweet tweet……

[Brother, we are secondary to you, we are willing to admit defeat.]

[We’ll secretly give food to you tonight……but you the boss and Xiao Zhiwei now know you. We definitely can’t provoke them!] After a long time, Boss Jin who was sitting upstairs in a rocking chair suddenly heard the cry of heartbreak in the courtyard.

Woof woof woof woof woof – [We can’t be that foolish!!]

Pft! With that sound Jinyu sprayed a mouthful of green tea on the face of the well-behaved boss that was next to him. The other silently looked at Jinyu , then went downstairs to prepare to pack up the dumbasses.

Looking at the black qilin’s shadow that was slowly getting farther away, Jinyu sighed. He thought, fuck, this year is too fucking dangerous, if I don’t protect my life……

During the night, Anjie was considered “peaceful” and “normal” and slowly the lights went out one by one. Naturally beast store 138 was not an exception. Of course, Er Hei with its drooping ears did not count. At the moment it bitterly gnawed at the meat from a bone leftover from lunch. At the same time its eyes looked at the front door with hate.

The sound of teeth-grinding. It be best if an oblivious man who wanted to stir up trouble came to rob. I was in a bad mood today and needed a way to release anger!!

At the moment the atmosphere of the night was as terrible as a certain thunder dog. After the ferocious gales, rain fell. It fell with such intensity and speed that it formed water flowers.

Woof woof. [Fuck, the house can block the leaking rain. I originally slept in a corridor…..Who made me suffer so much!!] Er Hei was too lazy to even bark, it would check the date tomorrow and mark today as its own personal disaster date.

Crash—clap—boom boom—!!

After the heavy rain, the lightning and thunder came out, not wanting to lag behind. The purple light cut through the sky attracted the attention of Er Hei. Originally if no one had interrupted at this time, Er Hei would have the same epiphany as a master in wulin[1] due to the thunder and lightning. Er Hei would have embarked on a road of bloodshed to become the emperor of beasts. However, god thought that this path should be for a sky thunder dog, so Er Hei did not have its epiphany. On the contrary, in that moment there was a bright light in the middle of the thunder and a small figure trembling on the ground.

Woof bark? [Are there really intruders? Aren’t they a bit too weak?]

Er Hei who had always reluctantly accepted the affection of other beasts was a bit dumb, so it completely did not understand god’s original sky thunder dog blood play plan for it. On the contrary, it didn’t understand the sentiment, this guy was too weak. If it hadn’t been for the fact that the rescue dog was coming out to deliver food from the house to Er Hei at the same time, the poor little fellow really would have died.

Woof woof?

Bark bark bark bark bark bark –! Woof woof woof bark! [Make the beasts hurry!! There’s someone wounded at the front!!]


[1] Community of martial artists


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