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Chapter Seven

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The date between Xia Chuan and Xu Ling on Saturday was unsuccessful, because Xia Chuan’s parents came to see him and Xia Chuan could only regrettably cancel his first date with Xu Ling. Although Xia Chuan was frustrated that he couldn’t date Xu Ling, he was very happy to see his parents who had not been seen for nearly two months. He took them around to visit XX University.

“Old Xia, this school is really good, Chuan refused to study abroad to come here. I was worried, but now I see the school I’m at last reassured!” After seeing the school, Mama Xia said to Papa Xia satisfactorily.

Although Mama Xia was over forty years old, she was well maintained and still charming. At first glance, she knew that she was a super beauty when she was young.

“Um!” Papa Xia and his son were almost printed in the same mold, but his face was less youthful, serious and not angry.

“Mom, don’t talk about school, I want to kill you! Without you by my side, I can’t eat, sleep and dream of you every night!” Xia Chuan embraced his mother, acting coquettishly and exaggeratedly wiped the corners of his eyes. Usually the arrogant prince, in front of his parents, he had become a common child who missed his parents!

“Ah! Another way to amuse your mother is to coax girls!” She sighed and touched her son’s handsome face. “If so, why do you have more flesh on your face than at home?” The shrewd and competent Mama Xia was not easy to be deceived!

“That’s because… “

“All right! What does mother and son look like when they hug together? Xia Chuan is not going to let go and you’ll become one.” Father Xia frowned and growled.

“Mom, ignore Dad! He’s jealous because he saw our deep love.” Xia Chuan laughed furiously. As long as there was his mother, the old man would not dare to do anything about him, but the old man was strict with his wife!

“You…” Despite calling for wind and rain in the political circles, Papa Xia had no way to change this only child of his.

“Old Xia, it’s rare to see your son. Don’t bother him!” Mama Xia released her son and comforted her husband.

Papa Xia snorted angrily while Mama Xia gave her son a wink. Xia Chuan immediately went up and hugged his father’s shoulder and laughed, “Dad, don’t be angry! In fact, your son also misses you very much. Before I go to bed every day, I have to take out your photos and worship them.”

“You son of a bitch, Lao Tzu is not dead yet. What do you worship with my picture?” Father Xia was almost angry with such an unfilial son.

“Ah! Dad, I’m kidding!” Xia Chuan quickly took out his father’s favorite cigarettes from his bag and handed it to his father to make amends.

Papa Xia stared at his son, then took the cigarettes and smoked one. Xia Chuan quickly helped him light it. A powerful politician was just an ordinary father in front of his son.

“Chuan, take us to your dormitory and have a look!” Mama Xia raised her lips. When the son came to report for the first day of school, both husband and wife had jobs. They couldn’t come to see him off and they didn’t know how well he was living here.

“Okay!” Xia Chuan immediately took his parents to the dormitory.

“Is Xiao Shuai and Xiao Qiang okay?” She asked with a smile.

“They are having a good time. Every day after eating and drinking, they chase after the girls’ buttocks. Their girlfriends are all trucks!” Xia Chuan exaggeratedly smiled.

“I don’t like it! College students don’t study well, and who knows what they are doing in a day…” Xia Fu immediately reprimanded.

Mama Xia smiled and turned to her son and asked, “How are you and Yating doing?” 

Lin YaTing lived in a community with them. She had heard a little about her son’s love for Lin YaTing.

“We broke up.” Xia Chuan answer was plain and authentic.

“It’s good!” Papa Xia strongly supported this. Xia Chuan and Lin Yating had always been very close to each other. How could a daughter of a small director be worthy of his son?

“Yating and you really are not suitable, breaking up is the best choice! “Mama Xia was not surprised. She knew her son’s new and old-fashioned personality and she didn’t like Lin YaTing as much as her husband did. It was not that the Lin family was not as good as the Xia family, but when she saw Lin YaTing for the first time, she saw that the girl was not as simple as her appearance. She was a very ambitious child and her son was too simple to compare with her and he would suffer!

Xia Chuan laughed and laughed. If his parents knew he was with a man now, what would they think? Surely they would rather he be with Lin YaTing.

During the conversation, they had already arrived at the dorm. Xia Chuan opened the door and took his parents in. “Mom and Dad, this is where I live!”

There was only Xu Ling reading alone. Although he knew that Xia Chuan’s parents were coming today, he did not intentionally avoid it.

“Dad, Mom, this is my roommate Xu Ling.” Xia Chuan introduced Xu Ling to his parents.

“Hello, uncle and aunt.” Xu Ling stood up and saluted. Although his voice was still cold, his attitude was respectful.

“Hello!” Mama Xia smiled kindly. Papa Xia did not speak, a pair of sharp eyes looking at Xu Ling…

Faced with Papa Xia’s sharp eyes like a sharp blade, Xu Ling seemed very relaxed, so that Papa Xia could not help looking at him differently. Even if the officers under his command were looked at with the same glance as his knife, they would be frightened to weaken their legs, but the child in front of him was not afraid. That was amazing!

Mama Xia sat on the bed and looked at her son’s bed casually. She accidentally saw an old teddy bear beside his pillow. She immediately picked it up curiously. “What is this?”

“Don’t touch!” Xia Chuan turned his head and immediately changed his face. He ran over and grabbed the teddy bear.

“Who gave it to you? Why are you so nervous?” Mama Xia was stunned and laughed.

Xia Chuan looked at Xu Ling and said with a laugh, “It’s from a sulky little beauty. They like me to death. In order to have me accept this gift, they cried and knelt down to beg me!” 

Xu Ling picked up his eyebrows and looked coldly at Xia Chuan. What was this pig talking about?

Not noticing their weirdness, Mama Xia laughed, “It seems that the child likes you very much. Do you like her?”

“Why would I like them? They are ugly and bad-tempered,” said Xia Chuan, looking at Xu Ling.

“Yet you still treat the thing they gave you as precious? If you don’t like it, throw it away so as not to occupy space…” Xu Ling burst in with a dangerous smile in his eyes.

“Mind your ass!” Xia Chuan scolded.

“Xia Chuan, how can you scold your classmates?” Father Xia frowned and scolded his son seriously.

“Mom and Dad, I’m hungry! Let’s go to dinner…” Xia Chuan stared hard at Xu Ling and said to his parents. He was afraid that his parents would stay any longer. With their wisdom, they would find the ambiguity between him and Xu Ling.

“Okay! Classmate Xu, we’ll go first. Goodbye!” Mama Xia nodded and smiled politely at Xu Ling.

“Uncle and aunt, go slowly!” Said Xu Ling politely. When Papa Xia and Mama Xia walked out, Xu Ling pulled Xia Chuan back in and laughed horribly in his ear, “Come back at night and see how I can tidy you up…”

“Then I won’t be back tonight! Son of a bitch!” Xia Chuan pushed him aside and made a face. He laughed and ran away.

Xu Ling Jun’s face was blue. He once warned Xia Chuan to clean his mouth and no longer call him a bitch. It seemed that the skin of this pig was itchy again.

When Xia Chuan returned to school, it was almost early morning. All the people in the dormitory slept. Xia Chuan gently climbed onto Xu Ling’s bed and pinched his face.

“Didn’t you say you wouldn’t come back? Aren’t you back?!” Xu Ling opened his eyes and sat up sarcastically.

“I came back because I’m happy. It’s none of your business!” Xia Chuan cursed fiercely and took out a delicate food box from his bag. “I packed it and brought it back for you to eat. This is delicious… By the way, eat quietly, don’t wake Xiao Shuai up!”

If you wake up those two greedy ghosts, there would be no share for Xu Ling!

“You’re not going to spill medicine in there anymore, are you?” Xu Ling looked at the big lobster with fragrant eyes and raised his lips.

“Don’t eat it then!” Xia Chuan snatched the food box angrily and he remembered that it was too much!

“If you don’t eat from it, then I don’t want to eat either!” Xu Ling shrugged indifferently.

Xia Chuan was so angry with him that he even refused to give his good brothers food. He stole it all for him. He didn’t even want to eat it, bastard!

“I can eat it, but…” Suddenly Xu Ling embraced him and wickedly licked his ears. “I want you to feed me, with your mouth!”

“Get out of here! Your estrus also depends on the location, this is the school, there are others in!” Xia Chuan pushed him aside,  he said more pornographic words than Xu Ling’s to the girls, but he felt embarrassed to listen to Xu Ling’s words…

“Didn’t I tell you during the day that I would ‘tidy you up’ at night? Since you came back, doesn’t that mean you want to be ‘tidied up’ by me? Don’t pretend!” Xu Ling pressed Xia Chuan under his body and reached into his clothes to touch him. What was the meaning of the so-called ‘tidy up?’

“Don’t make any noise, Xiao Qiang will hear!” Xia Chuan refused. If they were found, they would be dead!

“You can’t just whisper. We use to rub drugs under their eyelids before!” Men in rut are all beasts. How could Xu Ling let him go?

Remembering that medicine rubbing, Xia Chuan could not help blushing. What medicine rubbing, it was Xu Ling’s disguised enticement!

“Ah!” An itching feeling came from in front of his chest, which made Xia Chuan moan. He looked down. Xu Ling was nibbling and sucking his sensitive nipples through his thin shirt. This was his dead end.

Xu Ling and Xia Chuan had not done it since the small hotel a few days ago. Xia Chuan, who had always had a strong sexual desire wondered how Xu Ling could be so provocative? As the saying goes, men were all animals that think with the lower half of their body. Where does lust come from?

Xia Chuan decided to ignore everything. He would do it happily with Xu Ling as long as he didn’t wake Luo Shuai up with a sound. He reached out and put down Xu Ling’s mosquito net, took off all his clothes on his own initiative and then opened his thighs for Xu Ling to enter.

Xu Ling did not rush in. He carefully helped Xia Chuan expand before slowly inserting his dragon. This time, Xia Chuan still felt it was very painful, but it was much better than the first time, at least there was no bleeding…

Xu Ling already knew Xia Chuan’s body like the palm of his hand. He worked ferociously on the itchy chrysanthemum heart and soon let Xia Chuan emit a happy moan…

“Ah, uh… Ah ah… mmph…” Afraid of waking Luo Shuai, Xia Chuan clenched his pillow tightly. The crazy pleasure made the bronze body full of lustful redness. The beautiful phoenix eyes sprang up with a layer of mist and looked at the beast on him seductively.

Xia Chuan’s brilliant amorous feelings made Xu Ling more excited, gasping more forcefully to hit Xia Chuan, wishing to smash his buttocks…

“Um-mm… Hmm… mn… Ha… ” Xia Chuan’s whole body convulsed. Xu Ling’s mind was not clear, all his feelings were focused on pushing the big fire stick in and out of that thin body body…

The crazy pleasure made Xia Chuan forget everything; that just next door was his good brother; that he had opened his thighs and let a man work him dimly…

Because he had to send his parents to the airport the next day, Xia Chuan didn’t dare to do more with Xu Ling and stopped after they both came. After going to the bathroom and taking a bath together, they lay in bed eating the delicious food brought by Xia Chuan while chatting…

“Xu Ling, who is there in your family?” Because his parents came to see him, Xia Chuan was suddenly curious about Xu Ling’s family.

“There are seven people in my family. Besides my parents, I have one older brother and three younger brothers.” Xu Ling briefly introduced.

“You have a lot of family! Is your family not planning anything now? Why did your parents have so many children?” Xia Chuan was shocked. Now many families only had two children, and Xu Ling’s family had five sons!

“My mother loves children, so she’s been giving birth all the time!”

“Your mother has a special personality!” Xia Chuan laughed two times. What was the reason for that?

“My mother’s personality is really very special!” It’s a special headache!

“Do you miss them?”

Xu Ling was silent for a long time and finally nodded his head.

“Why don’t you call them then?” Xia Chuan had never seen Xu Ling call his family.

“No, it’s too much trouble!” Xu Ling shook his head. He would rather die then call that group of demons!

Xia Chuan rolled his eyes. He really didn’t know what to say about him. “How can you think so? I think you should call them often!”

“Don’t mention them any more. I have a headache when I mention them!” That family, apart from their father, had no normal people, especially his grandmother and mother. They were simply the reincarnation of evil spirits, which specializes in harming the world!


“When we have time to talk about these unimportant things, we might as well do something else!” Xu Ling didn’t want to talk to Xia Chuan about this topic any more. He threw Xia Chuan down with a vicious smile on his face.

Xia Chuan immediately struggled and whispered, “Bastard, let go! We can’t do it anymore, or I won’t get up tomorrow to send my parents off…” 

“You can rest assured that I will not go all the way.” Xu Ling grabbed hold of his key points and made him surrender.

“Ah… Keep… Keep your words in mind. Don’t go all the way… Ah, it’s so good…”

Xu Ling did not fulfill his promise, and tore Xia Chuan half to death. The next day, to see off his parents at the airport, Xia Chuan’s weird waddle almost made his parents suspicious. Fortunately, Xia Chuan deceived them by saying that he had twisted his foot when he returned to the dormitory last night.

After returning to school, the first thing Xia Chuan did was call Xu Ling into the woods and give Xu Ling a scolding. Unfortunately, he had no memory and forgotten the painful lessons of the past. Instead, Xu Ling flattened the small buttock with his big steel gun and made him lie in bed for two days.

Xu Ling and Xia Chuan did not communicate smoothly, because their opposite personalities led to frequent quarrels and sometimes fights. Every time Xu Ling provokes Xia Chuan to anger, Xia Chuan scolded first… This was not Xia Chuan’s fault, Xu Ling’s character was really unbearable, Xia Chuan was often angry with him, as he was now!

“Damn, I can’t stand you anymore. I want to break up with you…” Xia Chuan pointed at Xu Ling angrily with a handsome face.

“No way!” Xu Ling shrugged his shoulders indifferently and continued to bow his head to take notes.

“Damn, did you hear what Lao Tzu said?” Xia Chuan jumped in anger and rushed up to grab his notebook.

“Heard it! Doesn’t mean I’ll agree!” Xu Ling looked up at him expressionlessly.

“You… bastard, I told you I want to break up. You actually said no to me casually! What do you think of me?” Xia Chuan was so angry that he almost vomited blood. God! How could he like such a heartless person?!

“A toy! Recreational goods!” Xu Ling raised his lips.

“I’ll kill you!” Xia Chuan was totally mad. No matter who was about to pass through their room at any time, he threw a punch at Xu Ling, but as usual, Xu Ling easily avoided it.

“You dare to dodge!” The angry Xia Chuan bent down to pick up the big stones on the ground and was about to smash them at Xu Ling. Now he had no sense at all of Xu Ling!

Xu Ling did not put him in his eyes at all. He grabbed the stone in his hand and threw it outside. He looked at the time and said, “It’s time for lunch. Let’s go eat. Don’t go mad with the sows…” 

“You scold Lao Zi as a sow?” Xia Chuan really wanted to tear his dog’s mouth.

“Why are you so naive? With just a few words and you’re mad. You have neuropathy!” Xu Ling blamed Xia Chuan for making trouble.

Suddenly, Xia Chuan wanted to cry. He was really felt like he had a nervous system disease. Why did he like this kind of person? He didn’t take him seriously at all and said that he was just a toy and a pastime. Why should he cheapen himself here?

Xia Chuan turned around sadly and walked away. He wouldn’t pay attention to this bastard anymore.

“Where are you going?” Xu Ling frowned and asked, but Xia Chuan ignored him. Xu Ling raised his lips in a sneer and cried to Xia Chuan who walked out of the room. “I’m going to go met Jiang Qianqian!” 

Hearing this, Xia Chuan rushed back and questioned Xu Ling like a fierce tiger, “Has that bitch hooked up with you? Didn’t I tell you that you were not allowed to talk to her?” 

Jiang Qianqian seemed to really like Xu Ling, and she was really afraid that Xu Ling would be forced to drop out of school, so she avoided Xu Ling, but he was still not rest assured about that woman!

“We didn’t talk. She bowed her head and left when she saw me.” 

“She knows her place!” Xia Chuan grunted satisfactorily. He didn’t see the playful smile on Xu Ling’s face. Otherwise, he would be furious again.

“I asked for a week’s leave. I’m going home.” Xu Ling suddenly said.

“What?” Xia Chuan was shocked and asked anxiously, “Why do you suddenly need to go home? Is something wrong?”

“No, my grandfather’s sixtieth birthday is the day after tomorrow.”

Xu Ling’s words reassured Xia Chuan. He smiled and said, “Your grandfather’s sixtieth birthday must be very lively!”

“I won’t take you with me!” Xu Ling knew what he was thinking when he looked at his eyes.

“Why won’t you take me? I really want to see your family. You can take me with you. Please, brother Ling…” Xia Chuan took Xu Ling’s hand and cried piteously. Xu Ling was most afraid this look.

“Nauseating! Don’t call me that. I’ll throw up!” Look at him. A big man acting like a little girl. Xu Ling had goosebumps crawling all over his body.

“Then take me with you, or I’ll always call you Brother Ling, Brother Ling, Brother Ling. Until you’re sick to death!” Xia Chuan threatened Xu Ling that he had met his parents and he wanted to see Xu Ling’s family too.

“All right! I’ll take you…” Xu Ling was really afraid that he would call him brother Ling in a delicate way. It was terrible!

“I’ll ask for leave later,” cried Xia Chuan cheerfully.

Looking at Xia Chuan’s happy look, Xu Ling sighed in his heart. In any case, he didn’t want to bring the pig back to see the group of demons and ghosts. His father’s eyes would see their relationship immediately as would his grandfather.

Poor Xia Chuan did not know that he had been deceived. He also asked happily, “Xu Ling, what does your family like?” He must make a good impression on the whole family. He must bring a gift of meeting, especially a birthday gift for his grandfather.

“Why do you ask this?” Xu Ling raised his eyebrows doubtfully.

“I’m asking because I want to buy them gifts. I’ll go to the bank to withdraw money later.” Xia Chuan’s account was going to bleed.

“I’ll buy something when I leave tomorrow, so that they won’t be suspicious if I bring it back now.” Xu Ling quickly stopped him.

“Okay!” Xia Chuan nodded, feeling that Xu Ling had a point in his speech. He had no idea that Xu Ling would never take him with him tomorrow.

Xu Ling left alone!

Xia Chuan never thought that Xu Ling had left him alone when he got up the next day. He was so angry that he almost lifted the roof. But Luo Shuai and Dai Xiao Qiang became innocent cannon fodder and were scolded by him. They thought Xia Chuan was evil!

Xu Ling’s departure made Xia Chuan extremely angry, but with the passing of time, anger had become a gripping longing, he missed Xu Ling. Xia Chuan never shut down at night and took his cell phone with him when he took a bath. He was afraid Xu Ling would call and he would miss it, but Xu Ling never called.

Xia Chuan wanted to call Xu Ling, but he didn’t know Xu Ling’s telephone number at all. Xia Chuan found out that he had the closest physical relationship with Xu Ling, but he didn’t know anything about Xu Ling.

Xia Chuan was extremely depressed. He began to think deeply about the relationship between Xu Ling and him. Xu Ling never said a word that he liked him or gave him any promise. This feeling seemed to be the same from beginning to end. Was Xu Ling really just playing with him?

This idea frightened Xia Chuan. What should he do if that’s the case?

Finally, a week passed, but Xu Ling did not come back. Xia Chuan was even more panicked. He began to think wildly about whether Xu Ling had an accident or not. He also worried about whether Xu Ling would rethink being with him and not want to come back.

Another week later, Xu Ling still did not return. Xia Chuan was going mad. He could not wait any longer. He decided to go to Xu Ling. He asked the Dean the address of Xu Ling’s house and immediately bought a ticket to go to Xu Ling’s house to find Xu Ling…

Just as Xia Chuan was packing up in his dormitory to leave for Xu Ling’s house, the door was suddenly pushed open and a boy came in…

Turning around to see the boy, Xia Chuan was immediately stunned. He always thought he was very handsome. The word ‘handsome man’ was specially used for him, but only when he saw the boy did he understand what a real handsome man was…

The deep facial features were as perfect as those carved with knives. Even Apollo would be jealous if he looked at them. Especially those eyes like cold stars, like magic, that can suck people in.

“Who are you looking for? I’m busy right now. I don’t have time to attend to you…” Xia Chuan returned to his mind half a day later and asked impatiently. Seeing someone more handsome than him made him even more unhappy when he was in a bad mood!

“What are you busy with?” The handsome man looked at him and picked up his brow.

The familiar voice went to his ears and Xia Chuan was dumbstruck. This, this voice…

“Why are you staring at me? Am I that fascinating?” The handsome man raised his lips.

Xia Chuan stared at him directly and finally he was sure that this man was Xu Ling. Out of the whole world, only he would speak to him in this tone. Only Xu Ling, the son of a bitch…

“Damn it, bastard, beast, you’re going to die! Why did you come back? Why don’t you die outside? Lao Tzu should just kill you…” Xia Chuan jumped up and grabbed Xu Ling to fight.

Xu Ling didn’t fight back or hide. He let him beat him and vent.

“Son of a bitch, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you…” Every time he said I hate you, he threw a punch. Xia Chuan had completely lost control. It didn’t matter how ugly he looked now.

Xu Ling was silent, pulled him into his arms and held him tightly. Xia Chuan wanted to push him away, but Xu Ling did not let go and hugged him tighter.

“Bastard, why did you leave me and run away by yourself? Why not call me? Why did it take so long to get back?” The warm and familiar embrace let the tears that had been forbidden, fall down. Xia Chuan embraced Xu Ling and burst into tears.

Xu Ling did not reply, but gently patted him on the back. When Xia Chuan was tired of crying, Xu Ling said, “You look so ugly crying, and you dirtied my clothes!” 

The teasing laughter made Xia Chuan, who was only a little calmer, suddenly jump like thunder again. “Damn you, Lao Tzu…”

Xu Ling blocked his lips. Xia Chuan was stunned. He opened his mouth and kissed Xu Ling crazily. He wanted to tell Xu Ling all his thoughts and resentments with this kiss.

Xu Ling didn’t let Xia Chuan go until they were both red and short of oxygen. “Did you think of me?”

“I want you to die!” Leaning on Xu Ling’s shoulder, Xia Chuan scolded hard.

“I missed you very much. I missed you every day..” Xu Ling whispered in Xia Chuan’s ear, then added with an evil smile, “Especially your small butt!”

“Horny ghost!” Xia Chuan immediately darkened his face and gave him a punch on the chin.

Xu Ling laughed and touched his butt wickedly, “Don’t you just love me for that?” 

“Get out of here! I asked you why you came back so late. And did you go for cosmetic surgery? Why did you suddenly completely change appearance?” Xia Chuan would not let him pass the customs easily. He must ask clearly. Looking at the face that was more handsome than himself, he was not used to it.

“I’ve always looked like this.” 

“What? When did you look like that?” Cried Xia Chuan.

“When I came here, I had a rash. I went back to get my prescription this time. I came back late because of my mother!”

“Your mother?”

“My mother regretted having let me come to XX university. She thought it was too far. She made me go to the college in my hometown. I came back in the middle of the night by stealth!” Xu Ling sighed helplessly in his heart when he remembered his capricious and brutal mother.

“Why didn’t you call me then?” When Xia Chuan thought of this, he felt angry.

“I don’t know your cell phone number!”

“Bastard, you didn’t ask!” He didn’t know it either, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to call him. Xia Chuan was relieved. Xu Ling honestly made Xia Chuan want to beat him. “Forget it!” 

“From now on, when we are not together, we have to call each other every hour!” Xia Chuan took out Xu Ling’s mobile phone and called himself, saving the phone numbers of both sides.

“The interrogation is over? Should we get down to business now?” Xu Ling licked Xia Chuan’s ears sexually.

“Fuck! You can’t touch me until Lao Tzu forgives you.” Xia Chuan sneered and pushed him away. This time he was really angry. He must punish Xu Ling well.

“If you do that, I’ll go get someone else!” Xu Ling shrugged his shoulders indifferently and said he was going out. He was too clear about where Xia Chuan’s limit was.

“Damn, just when you come back to Lao Tzu, if you dare to go and mess with others, Lao Tzu will castrate you immediately!” The Tigress rushed up and grabbed him jealously by the hair.

“If you have the ability, castrate me, or obediently let me do it!” Xu Ling reached out and touched Xia Chuan’s strong chest, rubbing his sensitive nipples through his t-shirt.

Xia Chuan only threatened Xu Ling with his mouth. He could not really castrate Xu Ling. If he didn’t want Xu Ling to find a woman, he could only obediently let Xu Ling embrace him.

Xia Chuan hesitated for a moment and finally reluctantly agreed, “Well, Lao Tzu asked you to do it, but only at night, Xiao Shuai will come back at any time during the day… “

Xu Ling showed a satisfactory laugh that the stupid pig wanted to threaten him. It seemed that he had to punish him the entire night so that the pig would later ride him.

“Well… Hmm… mmn… Ah ah… “

Late at night, in the closed bed, Xu Ling and Xia Chuan hugged each other tightly and kissed wildly and passionately. Xu Ling kissed Xia Chuan’s neck and laughed in a low voice, “I haven’t eaten pork for a long time. I don’t know if the taste has changed.” 

“Asshole, scolding me as a pig! See how Lao Tzu treats you…” Xia Chuan bit Xu Ling’s ear angrily.

“Good! Let’s see who governs who!” Xu Ling pressed Xia Chuan underneath him, holding his nipples in retaliation and sucking and gnawing.

“Ah ah… Bastard, it hurts… Hmm…” The itchy and painful pleasure made Xia Chuan moan. Tonight Luo Shuai and Dai Xiao Qiang both took their girlfriends out and would not come back. He could safely shout out…

The pleasant moan made Xu Ling laugh more evilly. He sucked and licked the little soybeans in front of Xia Chuan’s chest and made the tiny nipples twice as big as before, just like lovely cherries.

“You’re livestock! Don’t just tease the left side…do the right side…” Xia Chuan was not a pretentious person. He took Xu Ling’s hand and rubbed his unloved nipple on the other side. He really missed Xu Ling. He was crazy for Xu Ling’s touch at the moment.

“Dare to command me?” Xu Ling opened his mouth and bit Xia Chuan’s nipple.

“It hurts!” Xia Chuan frowned and immediately retaliated. He turned over and pressed Xu Ling under him. He bent down and swallowed Xu Ling’s dragon. Xu Ling cried out in pain.

“Very painful! I don’t know if I can use it in the future. You can rest assured that if you can’t use it, there’s mine. I’ll take good care of you…” Xia Chuan laughed wickedly and his eyes were crooked with laughter.

“If I can use it, you’ll know if you try it or not!” Xu Ling grinned his teeth and sneered. Before Xia Chuan could respond, he grabbed his ass and rushed into his body without any lubrication. This cheap pig dared to put his tiger teeth on his dragon and teach him…

“Ah!” The pain made Xia Chuan scream. He felt that Xu Ling split his ass in two and a warm liquid flowed out along Xu Ling’s dragon.

“It looks like it’s still working. I won’t bother you to wait on me!” Xu Ling grinned coldly, without any tenderness or pity and worked like a devil in Xia Chuan’s hot bleeding cave.

His stomach seemed to be twisted with a knife. Xia Chuan was going to faint with pain. For the second time, he knew how terrible Xu Ling was.

“Do you want me to be eunuch?” Xu Ling punished Xia Chuan ruthlessly. Every time he inserted the needle, he exhausted all his strength to make the wounded hole bleed more blood.

“I dare not, I dare not again! Please don’t work so hard, I’m dying! Woo…” The foolish pig head who made a mess of delusional crimes shook his head and his face was covered with red flowers.

“Huh! Let’s count on your acquaintance…” Xu Ling heard a satisfactory answer and lightened his strength and poked at the heart of the chrysanthemum that would make Xia Chuan happy. The sensitive body immediately felt pleasant and Xia Chuan moaned with ecstasy.

“Ah ah… It’s there. It’s so comfortable. Try harder, there…” Pleasure made his prostitute like body secrete intestinal juice automatically to wet the narrow tunnel. Xia Chuan wrapped his legs around Xu Ling’s waist to make it easier for him to hit that spot.

The natural lustful body had long remembered the extreme pleasure and his whole soul had been swallowed up. Once it tasted the sweet head, it immediately forgot the pain and that Xu Ling had just treated him cruelly. He clung to Xu Ling’s strong dragon tightly. He hoped that the dragon would quickly touch that spot and let his taste that wonderful pleasure again.

“Fuck!” Xu Ling scolded him contemptuously, but his eyes were full of infatuation. According to Xia Chuan’s request, he threw his strong iron gun into the heart of the chrysanthemum, bringing Xia Chuan supreme pleasure.

“Ah ah… Great… Ah ah… It’s so good… Yes, that’s where I want it… Oh, ah… Great… it that point hard… Ah ah ah… It’s killing me… Oh, ah… Ah, ah, ah… Uh huh… Uh huh…” Xia Chuan’s happy obscene cries, along with his twisting, strong and sexy buttocks caused a great impact to Xu Ling. Maybe because of the playboy’s relationships, he had always been very open in bed, and completely did not know what it was to be reserved!

“You really have a lewd body. After doing it several times, you like to be done by a man…” Xia Chuan’s lewd voice was the best aphrodisiac for Xu Ling. Xu Ling gasped and striked Xia Chuan’s soul-stirring point more forcefully. The long dragon rubbed every inch of warmth in the cave and occupied every corner forcefully.

Xia Chuan’s cave was like a small mouth. It sucked his penis automatically and made him feel refreshed.

“Ah ah… Fuck! Lao Tzu only lets you in. Other men dare not touch me. Lao Tzu will castrate them immediately.” Xia Chuan raised his head and groaned fiercely. The lewd cave was soaked by Xu Ling’s giant manoeuvres and a lot of lewd liquid flowed out of it…

Xu Ling did not speak, but his sudden gentle movements represented his answer. He was no longer as fierce as he had just been. Every time he touched Xia Chuan’s intestinal wall, it was slowly and gently.

“Damn, did you eat already? Don’t give Lao Tzu a quick start and then go slow!” This rare gentleness made Xia Chuan’s goosebumps rise, which was basically torturing him. He took the initiative to shake his waist and pull Xu Ling’s dragon with his butt.

“Such a bitch in heat. Since you like rough, I’ll kill you roughly.” Since Xia Chuan liked brutality, there was no need for Xu Ling to put up with it. He regained his former bravery and worked to the end every time. He wished he could get stuck in Xia Chuan’s internal organs.

“Ah, ah… I just like to be rude… Damn it, it’s so full, it’s too deep… It’s not like with women. What kind of gentleness is it? Ah ah ah… That’s great. It’s so good… Uh-huh… Drive me hard… Hmm… Ah ah ah…” The unimaginable thrill of terror made Xia Chuan scream wildly, feeling that his soul would be knocked out by Xu Ling’s dragon.

“Do you like being fucked by me?” Xu Ling asked wickedly.

“Bullshit! Just ask the mouth below. Mnnn…” Xia Chuan glanced at him knowingly and continued to moan happily. He felt extremely happy. Xu Ling and he were closely tied together. Their lower bodies were closely linked together and Xu Ling finally returned to his side.

Xu Ling raised his lips, Xia Chuan’s small mouth held him and gave obscene cries, it held him  so tightly and did not let him leave…

“Your little mouth tells me that it is very comfortable for me. It likes it very much and begs me to work harder to kill it!” 

The huge blade of meat swelled a little more, which made Xia Chuan wildly cry out again and again. “Heaven kill me, don’t get bigger, it’s going to break… I’m going to break that… Ah ah… Lighten up… I’m going to be killed by you… Ah ah ah… Lightly, it’s really going to break… Woo… Ah ah ah… “

“Your little mouth is not so easy to crack. The harder I thrust into it, the more it likes it…” Xu Ling turned over and let Xia Chuan ride on his dragon. He went deeper, his eyes rolled back, twitched all over and was about to die.

“Ah ah! Death, death…” Under Xu Ling’s stormy attack, Xia Chuan reached his climax. A moment before he fainted, he held Xu Ling and cried, “Don’t leave me any more, I can’t do without you!”

In the darkness, Xia Chuan seemed to hear, “Good.”

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