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Chapter 28: Milk

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When Tiger King’s points were compared to the little fox’s, the assistant who brought Tiger King to the stage raised doubts for the first time, “How can this be…”

In the underground arena of Assyria, Tiger King’s fame was well known. JU had been to the colosseum and when the assistant asked for King Tiger to be Ju’s, the person in charge’s face was dark enough that they could guess the status of King Tiger.

But what was going on now? Was the hammer really broken? Did GQ with the black mask do something in the dark…

“There’s no problem with it.” After the scoreboard was destroyed, the maintenance staff of the hammer immediately went to inspect it. At the moment, they looked incredulous, but the words they said hurt the assistant’s face. “The balance body inside was smashed by the energy, so it led to the collapse, but in terms of data… it’s correct.”

“There’s nothing wrong with the data? That is to say, a hit worth more than 50,000 is legit?” Off-stage discussions exploded instantaneously.

“I don’t think there’s any problem, though it’s a bit unbelievable… But just when the beast rushed up, the energy fluctuation shook my eardrums. The energy was so strong! So what’s the origin of this GQ?!”

“… The white beast is still sitting on the head of King Tiger, cough. King Tiger, who looks very fierce and vicious, has a very loyal expression right now. This picture is so beautiful that I want to laugh.”

“So JU lost the challenge. There’s no doubt about that.”

“Sir.” Since the results came out, JU’s chest fluctuated fiercely, listening to a comment or two from time to time from the stage, he only felt his face burning. 

As Dewitt walked forward, JU suddenly extended his hand. He wanted to grab Dewitt’s wrist, but at the moment when he reached out, Dewitt, who was still looking at Wen Jin, quickly avoided it.

JU wondered if this guy had eyes on his hands and at the same time, the corners of his mouth went down.

However, this facial expression was quickly covered by him, because the next second, JU directly removed the mask on his face through the terminal.

At the moment Dewitt turned his head indifferently, JU gave him a perfect smile. JU, who could gain a large number of fans in a short time, had stunning looks.

Under his grey hair were pink, watery cheeks, red lips, white teeth and a slight droop in the eye, which aggravated his innocent breath. It was a face that people could not help loving when they saw it. However, the enchantment in those red eyes added some magical beauty to his face. It was absolutely not an exaggeration to make ordinary people turn towards him step by step.

“That’s a Uttar and I’m the first person to see a Uttar whose eyes are so pure.” 

In the distance, King Tiger lowered his head and laid Wen Jin on the ground. But even if he didn’t want to let go of the small fox, Wen Jin would still come down. It’s not that he couldn’t stand being on King Tiger’s head, but the other side was fierce and his head was not particularly big.  Since Wen Jin would always lie on his stomach he felt that he would fall down while on King Tiger and he did not want to pedal his legs to keep his balance. 

Wen Jin was surprised that King Tiger spoke to him. When the hoarse voice came, Wen Jin moved his ears and looked back.

King Tiger lowered his head, stared at Wen Jin for a while and shifted his body. It seemed that he would like to lick the white-haired dumpling, but what made it suppress his desire? After thinking for a while, he still lay beside Wen Jin.

“The Uttar?” It was also the first time that a contract beast took the initiative to communicate with him.

“Yes.” King Tiger licked his paw. “It’s the kind of sharp-eared guys who watch the Colosseum the most. They hate contract beasts and they are very happy to see the contract beasts killing each other.”

As he spoke, King Tiger narrowed his eyes and looked in the direction of Chen Xiong. Wen Jin followed his direction and found that Chen Xiong’s eyes were trained on Tiger King. It seemed that he still knew him.

When Chen Xiong saw the wound on King Tiger, there was a trace of intolerance in his eyes.

“Haha.” King Tiger laughed dumbly and said, “You came with him, so are you on his side? Did your bond make you do the same thing by forcing a bond with Assyrians?”

“That was an accident.” Wen Jin did not quite understand what it meant by standing by, but JU on the other side did not keep Dewitt for long. The latter just looked at JU and walked in his direction.

Ignoring the ugly expression on JU’s face, Wen Jin rubbed his paws on the ground.

Considering that Tiger King in front of him was different from the colorful bird, he seemed willing to tell him some information, so Wen Jin turned to ask, “Where can I get Lingshi? I need a lot of them.”

King Hu paused and then his eyes flashed, “Lingshi? You mean energy stones?”

“Yes,” Wen Jin said earnestly as he looked at Dewitt who was coming nearer and nearer. “You’re dying. Your demon dan will soon be broken, but I can protect you if you tell me how to get the stones.”

King Tiger stared at Wen Jin wordless and his eyes shook when he remembered what he had said.

“Come on.” Dewitt was getting closer and Wen Jin was in a hurry.

“That Assyrian has a lot of energy stones and money.” King Tiger said, “It would take you your whole life to use all of them, so you never need to worry. Maybe that’s the purpose of you staying with the bear fellow, for the money?”

Money? Wen Jin tilted his head, big fool?

“I like the smell on you… Child, do you like Assyrians?” King Tiger said and suddenly stood up, uninterested.

However, Wen Jin did not intend to answer his question, “Money can buy spiritual stones,” and reluctantly answered his question.

Since they could be bought, Lingshi should not be scarce in this world.

Wen Jin would have to use two or three Lingshi and this caused his heart ache until he realised that he could buy them then became slightly reassured. He looked at the wound on King Tiger’s body and then took out a red medicine from his artifact and threw it to Kin Tiger. “Your demon dan  was damaged by taking a dead road. But your demon dan just formed, you can give up it to live. Eat this pill before you become exhausted.”

As soon as Wen Jin’s voice fell, he was embraced by Dewitt, who came in a hurry.

“Hey!” Tiger King behind him stared at the medicinal herbs thrown in front of him for a while, until Wen Jin was held far away by Dewitt, he suddenly shouted and followed Dewitt’s steps forward. “Do you have such a strong force, like a black bear and want to live in peace with Assyrians? We orcs don’t need contracts to survive!”

Wen Jin listened, pedaled his hind legs in the air until he grabbed Dewitt’s shoulder, put his head down and looked at King Tiger curiously.

King Tiger looked at him as if he had been encouraged. He stepped forward. “Didn’t the black bear tell you that the contract could be broken? If I help you untie – “

Before the words of King Tiger were finished, Chen Xiong suddenly stepped forward and blocked their sight in the middle of Wen Jin and King Tiger.

“Old Chen?” Archie watched Chen Xiong’s unexpected movements. He was worried that King Tiger looked very aggressive and had nothing to hold him back. He could not rest assured knowing that Old Chen was so close to such beasts. What’s more, the audience was still there and they knew that this beast was obviously from the colosseum, which meant that it could not be JU’s beast.

“That’s all right. He won’t hurt me.” Chen Xiong said as he picked up the medicine Wen Jin had thrown on the ground. “You go first, I’ll come back later.”

Archie paused at the news and did not leave. He was still not reassured, so he stood five steps behind Chen Xiong.

“Go away!” King Tiger stared at Chen Xiong. His fierce voice squeezed out of his throat. His hind legs were strong and he looked aggressive.

Chen Xiong did not speak. He put the medicine into the King Tiger’s mouth without any hesitation. Chen Xiong wiped his lips with his finger as he watched King TIger struggle. Suddenly he approached King Tiger and whispered, “They are all in the Academy of Sciences. Their spirits have recovered. Now they are in good condition.”

This sentence seemed to have hit something, but the restless King Tiger’s ears shook and he suddenly quieted down.

“You should trust me as much as you used to.” Chen Xiong said, showing a trace of nostalgia in his eyes and then stuffed something into the tiger king’s mouth.

The cold touch made the latter squint.

It was a chip; a chip that could open the doors of the Academy of Sciences.


The whole process of the challenge was almost seamlessly broadcast live on the interstellar network, from all angles and from all kinds of distances, so that all Assyrian netizens could see what just happened.

[Fifty thousand? The maintenance staff also said there was no problem? I don’t believe it! This GQ has absolutely went through the backstage. How can that little thing generate 50,000 points of energy? And directly shatter the crystal inside? This would frighten a ghost!]

[Please think about it, JU’s energy the a fourth level A rank, even if there are many reaching this level, but this little beast was more than four times more than him. Tell me how much more power this can be! At least S? I can only think of one Imperial S-level ability user. Everyone knows what’s going on in their hearts, so there’s definitely something wrong with this GQ!]

[… Hello, have you read the post next door? It’s hard for me to be calm now.]

[Has been crying in front of the computer, said that GQ has problems, hurry to the next room to make up lessons, come back to ensure that you cry like me!]

[Lol. You don’t rhyme, lest you wait for the swelling of your face to be unrecognizable to your mother, kindly send the connection: <I was just saying that GQ’s voice is familiar, turns out I remember it from Marshal Dewitt’s interview many years ago, I will run to tears! >]

After the challenge launched by JU, the upsurge of Star Internet had soared to the highest level because of the posts in the links and Cook was the most unhappy about all this.

The thing is, a few days ago, he went back to work for two days after he was inexplicably stained with a smelly aroma that could not be washed off after the Academy of Sciences. But in these two days, Cook had suffered from the disgust of all members of the House of Representatives and felt almost naked.

Finally, it was hard for Cook who decided not to continue harming himself and he chose to take a vacation. But the so-called vacation, that is, not going to work in the House of Representatives, had him constantly thinking about how to get back at Dewitt back and capture the beast. But this might cause a physical risk at any time. These thoughts were made early on, so Cook took the initiative and quickly opened his usual familiar media. He was going to check what everyone thought of Dewitt on the internet.

It took countless hours to get through all kinds of articles and comments. Cook’s mouth was almost numb. Finally, he moved some internet lurkers who were willing to stand on the same front with him to create negative topics about Dewitt. When he heard those people agree, Cook was almost moved to tears.

[The strong ceased to exist,] [the corruption among them,] [Zerg poisoning has not been completely eradicated] and so on. He also wasted his brain and thought about a lot of headlines. As a result, when he was about to let out a breath of relief, the people he contacted suddenly had news.

“What’s the matter?” Cook frowned and asked his subordinates who were talking to him via the terminal.

The subordinate, who had always spoken little and heard nothing, simply screenshot a picture for Cook to see himself directly. It was a picture of Dewitt and Wen Jin wearing masks. One couldn’t see Dewitt’s his face with his mask on, but Cook would never forget the fox!

When Wen Jin left that day, this fellow gave Cook a gloomy smile!

[Hero Return,] [Super Beast] and [Zerg Poison Cure Hope] were three popular headlines that dominated the headlines on the Star Net.

Cook: “…”


Wen Jin was still angry.

Originally, as long as he thought of the red-eyed monster, he could not help but think of the way he looked at that fellow and then his heart would be depressed.

Even if Dewitt and he walked out of the competition area, all those in the area were talking about was the red-eyed monster about how what sounded good and looked good were the best. Some people even said that the big fool (Dewitt) and the red-eyed monster (JU) matched each other very well. He couldn’t bear it!

No matter how big a fool he was, he was also his little tail. How could he match the charm magic of the red-eyed unfavorable monster guy?

At night, the temperature was a little low, Wen Jin’s ears fell and his eyelids drooped quietly in Dewitt’s arms. He heard all those words and the big fool must have heard them, but the guy didn’t respond at all and maybe he was still looking for his approval in his heart.

Wen Jin was very unhappy, thinking that if the big fool agreed with JU, he would not want the small tail.

Sensing that the little fellow in his arms was very depressed, Dewitt reached out and touched his head. The gathering eyes of the people around him made his eyebrows wrinkle slightly. Although he had just changed his mask in the corner, Wen Jin’s white hair was still very eye-catching.

“No, there are too many people.” Dewitt said that Wen Jin was not in the right mood, plus what had just happened, he felt that he and the little fellow had a hard time getting closer and  were only growing farther away. He was not interested in any mysterious activities at all. Now he wanted to do was find a quiet place for the little fox and find out what he was not happy about tonight.

Wen Jin’s ears trembled and the temperature of Dewitt’s palm deflected the cold wind. He subconsciously rubbed against his palm. Reacting to the fact that he was doing fox things again, he immediately stiffened his body.

Hearing the man’s frowsty laughter, he raised his head, squinted at the other’s smiling eyes and curled his tail over his rare smiling eyes, his heart slightly moved.

King Tiger said that the big fool had a lot of money and a lot of spiritual stones. It seemed that Assyrians were not good people, but Wen Jin had the ability to distinguish right from wrong.

And Dewitt was very kind to him.

With that in mind, Wen Jin reached out his paws and grabbed Dewitt’s chest. His black bean eyes were straight in front of the others eyes. He had never spoken to the man since he had been here and if he could understand the language through Dewitt, Dewitt should be able to understand him as well.

And… Before that group of ignorant human beings were saying that JU’s voice sounded good, he must wash out the big fool’s brains of that voice. That kind of girlish voice was not good to hear! His voice was the most attractive and gorgeous!

After Wen Jin made up his mind, he cleared his throat. The next second, a voice travelled into Dewitt’s mind.

One that was velvety and enchanting. 

“Can you give me money?”


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