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Chapter 54: Annoying Smell

Translated by Rikko of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Covered with golden fur from head to toe, the golden lion beast had its gaze locked with JinYu’s. Yet the complete mercilessness in the golden Tibetan mastiff’s 1 eyes was what made JinYu trembling in fear.

The more the eye contact went on, the more sweat JinYu’s body formed. Nonetheless, he had to keep his eyes fixed on the beast.

The humongous golden Tibetan mastiff in front of him was exceptionally dangerous. Be it beasts or animals, both shared a common rule in their worlds, the ones that could control everything were always the strong. If JinYu turned away his gaze now, at the next moment, the emotionless and senseless Tibetan mastiff would straight away pounce on him before shredding him into pieces. All the beasts behind him would also be killed by it.

Thus, JinYu was frantic currently. With cold sweat trickling down, he continued to stare at the Tibetan mastiff while wishing in his mind that Qi QingLin would hurry back. Except for Qi QingLin, there was no beast or people he knew that could stop the colossal being in front of him. Even if DaBai, which was also an A- grade beast, came over, due to the difference in sizes, it definitely wouldn’t be able to win against the Tibetan mastiff.

As JinYu thought about that, slight confusion inevitably began to rise in his mind. He did read the Great Dictionary of Beasts through and through. Although there are large-sized beasts in this world, perhaps due to them being a battle companion, they would only grow two to three times larger than a typical animal at most. Apart from other beasts that could grow to the size of a house, such as dragon elephant, sea whales and dragon eagle, other beasts wouldn’t reach such mammoth sizes.

In the Great Dictionary of Beasts, it was stated that this type of golden roar lion beasts had a physique that was similar to DaBai, twice the size of a normal tiger. However, the one in front of him was far from being twice as large, it might be even ten times larger.

Did this occur by accident? Or was it planned by someone he didn’t know about…?

Right then, the golden Tibetan mastiff started howling ferociously at JinYu. All of a sudden, it raised its paw high up to the sky! As soon as the paw was about to smack down onto the door, a violent, resonant bark rang out from the entry of AnJie.

Roar—Woof woof woof woof!! Woof woof… awoo? [Boss! Boss! I’m back! So damn hungry! I wanna eat some meat!!… Huh? Fucking hell. Why is there a familiar, annoying scent?]

Once JinYu heard ErHei’s howls, he relaxed a little, but at the very next moment, he was on edge again. If DaBai and XiaoBai didn’t return together as well, it was impossible for them to fight with the beast. Just as JinYu was worrying about that, the golden Tibetan mastiff, which previously had its focus all on JinYu, halted its movements at once. When it raised its head and looked at the direction where ErHei was dashing in from, its throat began rumbling, as though it was fretful and cautious against something.

At that moment, JinYu detected uncertainty and pain flashing across the originally emotionless pair of eyes. However, it only appeared for a split second before vanishing into thin air instantly.

“Is it… my imagination…?”JinYu stared at the golden furred Tibetan mastiff, chaotic puzzlement thrashing around in his heart. This is impossible, right? If it were absolutely emotionless and heartless as what JinYu determined, it would never reveal such uncertain and painful expression. Yet he really did spot that expression in the enormous Tibetan mastiff’s eyes. If that was so, he had no choice but to stop with his robotic, chilly stare, which might bring about a consequence that he absolutely, wholeheartedly didn’t want to think about.

In the meantime, ErHei and the Tibetan mastiff were…

“ErHei! Watch out!! Don’t be rash!!” While JinYu was occupied with his imagination running wild, ErHei had already started sprinting over and instantly, it faced head-on with the massive being in the yard that was about to destroy the house. Noticing that ErHei slowly bent down, ready to charge, JinYu shouted out in a panic. Fuck! Is that idiot really that dumb?! The horns on its heads haven’t even fully grown back yet and its strength isn’t even that of an A grade! And still, it wants to battle with a beast that is definitely at least an A+ grade?! Besides, they are all dog breeds! My fucking god, is there even a dog that can win a Tibetan mastiff?!

Still, even after hearing JinYu’s shouting, ErHei had no intentions of exercising restraint. Realising that ErHei was going to pounce over and attack, the colossal golden Tibetan mastiff raised its head and howled to the sky abruptly before swivelling away at once, bursting through JinYu’s fence and fleeing away. In just a blink of an eye, it was gone without a trace!

The sudden departure of the golden Tibetan mastiff was a complete shock to everyone. Even JinYu, a fellow denser than a neutron star, couldn’t react to that momentarily.

What in the world is going on? It just fled? Just ran away?! Why did that oppressive air around it disappear instantly, and why did it just flee?!

Following after, JinYu took a glance at his half-destroyed fence as he observed a moment of silence in tribute to a certain big shot next door. Instead of having just a fence destroyed like JinYu, the house next door sustained quite a few huge holes from the collision.

At the very next moment, the manager of Residential District Safety Agency, Wu Xiao, who kept shouting outside without taking any action previously, dashed in frantically. JinYu rolled his eyes when he saw the anxious guy. Fuck! That two-faced idiot sure knows how to hide huh? Back then, he made me handle all the mess he left. Now that everything is fine, he knows he is too embarrassed to face us, so he simply shoves this innocent guy out to take responsibility? Hmph! I’ll just bully your bottom/uke to death then!

“erm… erm…Boss Jin, are you alright? Are you hurt? I…just now I… he… his health isn’t really good…” Obviously, the innocent Wu Xiao (XiaoBai*) knew his top/seme’s actions were rather inconsiderate, so he apologised apprehensively.

However, Big Boss Jin helped XiaoBai up carefreely and replied, “It’s fine; it’s fine. As the saying goes, every man for himself; so long as you yourself aren’t dead, it doesn’t matter if others died! Don’t worry! I’m a loyal supporter of such a mindset. However, since the ‘others’ in this situation isn’t dead, you have to give some compensation for the mental anguish. Besides, you two are from the ‘Residential District Safety Agency’ after all. A. Safety. Agency! I won’t divulge to the public that you got cold feet and retreated since you will lose your job from the scandal. Still, it is a must to compensate for my mental anguish and house renovation. XiaoBai, don’t you think so?”

The innocent Wu Xiao blushed at once and nodded vehemently, “Of course! Of course! That is a must! I…I will definitely let him compensate to you! Don’t worry!”

Big Boss Jin nodded in satisfaction at the reply. Just when he was about to continue, the innocent Wu Xiao shook a little abruptly before reaching his hand out to push his glasses. With an expressionless look, he cursed out, “Fucking hell. Can you get even more shameless than that?”

JinYu offered a smile, showing not a bit of weakness, “Of course I can. For example, I can get all of my beasts and take nudes of a certain someone. If that happens, maybe the souls of the two of you can be separated, right?”

Immediately, Wu Xiao’s expression turned icy cold. Although the killing intent in his eyes rose sharply, in the end, it dispersed away gradually due to JinYu’s smile. He yelled out hatefully, “I’ll give you a hundred purple crystal coins by tomorrow! No more than that!! Also, stop saying that as a joke; I might not be able to stop myself from killing next time!”

JinYu raised his brows slightly before giving an understanding nod, “I just know that is probably a trigger to you. Relax; relax. Unless you leave us in the lurch again, I will never trigger you again. I have to close my store early today to fix my fence. Sir Wu, please disperse the onlookers at the doorway. I will let one of my beasts go over to retrieve the compensation tomorrow.”

Wu Xiao let out two hmphs seemingly to show his approval before heading to the door. While walking away, he chased away the various big shots, underlings and gossipers who were squatting at a corner to listen in. Only when everyone was gone did JinYu have the spare time to look at ErHei. One glance towards the beast was enough for JinYu to find something wrong. Surprisingly, that idiot was flat on the floor with its paws supporting its head, a contemplative look on his face!

After twitching the corner of his lips, JinYu went over and kicked ErHei, “Oi! Oi! Such contemplating pose doesn’t suit you. What in the world are you brooding about?”

A momentary froze later, ErHei swivelled over a little resentful and gnawed on Boss Jin’s foot. As the Big Boss had just returned after hearing his subordinates’ reports and finishing the arrangements for missions, it was caught red-handed.

What happened next was obvious… Ten minutes later, after every single beast has bitten ErHei’s left front limb, it whined as it lay on the ground, reporting everything it thought honestly to Boss and JinYu.

Woof woof, awoo… [Boss, the air of the huge guy feels real familiar…]

JinYu frowned, “Did you fight with it for territory or wife in the past when you were in Abandoned Planet?”

ErHei let out a cry at once. [No way! I suspect that fella is my great-great-great-great granduncle! My mom told me that we have the blood of Tibetan mastiff. Even if it isn’t much, but when I was little, my mom did bring me to meet my uncle’s family… it even snatched away my bone then! I will never forget that!] ErHei howled out indignantly once it said that, “Roar! Roar!” [the air of that guy from before is similar to the air of the guy that snatched my bone! But that guy’s air seems to have an annoying smell that beasts dislike.]

“An annoying smell?” JinYu raised his eyebrows, “What kind of small is that? Might it be the smell of a research institute?”

Even though the last query had a teasing tone to it, it made Qi QingLin, who had just sat beside JinYu silently, stiffen his body, a cold look plastered on his face.

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October 13, 2019 11:05 pm

Could the appearence of this humongous Mastiff be linked with the accident on the Second Satelite Moon Boss Qi mentioned in the previous chapter? A research institute… I don’t like the sound of that. Combined with the previous chapter is sounds too ominious.

Thank you for the chapter!

March 15, 2021 2:53 pm

I am so confused about the Wu Xiao situation. Who is his seme? Who is Xiao Bai? Isnt that the two tailed cat? Man. Im so confused at the same time, they don’t feel significant enough to go back and review.

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