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Chapter 53: Second Young Master

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Under the threats of all kinds of savage roars and howls from the beasts in the yard, the four moguls that had men on their heads walked away quickly with panic in their faces.

In the early morning of the next day, JinYu sent DaBai, XiaoBai, XiaoXue, BaoZi and ErHei to the Central Plaza, the Hunters’ Association, the Explorer’s Association and several other places that gave out missions with beasts to find out the price of issuing a mission. He could seek Long ChangXiao’s help for this kind of this, but when Boss Jin could not help scowling when he thought of the five Level A idiots that got together to organize a gambling den among the beasts last night.

Goddamn it, why were the ones he was rearing all mutant species? Each and every one of them behaved more like a human rather than a beast! And they still gathered together to gamble, fuck, they’ve been idle for too long and have nothing to do, right?! Fine! Then Lao Zi will make sure you have something to do every day. I’ll make sure you group of imbeciles will be so exhausted you want to die!!

JinYu drank fresh milk with an extremely gloomy expression. He was absolutely not taking his anger out on them because BaoZi, DaBai and the rest were betting on when he would be completely eaten by the damned Boss! Absolutely not!!

At this time, a certain boss was in a bad mood as he had been forced by his partner, who was shamed into anger and took his rage out on him, to return to his family in the South to deal with a problem. His face was so black it looked as if someone owed him several million purple gold coins. Jia, Yi, Bing, and Ding who were standing to the right of Qi QingLin all had the same bitter looks on their faces and all kinds of sadness in their hearts. This time they would probably have to be vegetarian again…

“What has that moron done lately? What about the old man? And that damned woman?” Qi QingLin’s face was tense as he thought about how he could probably have had a good meal of tofu last night and do a little of what should be done during that time. Yet, he was disturbed by the couple of idiots who could not sleep at midnight and excitedly got up to open a gambling den. He really wished that he could cook those idiots and turn them into all kinds of food!! He had finally waited until JinYu was in a good mood and was feeling a little guilty towards him, and had even used the acting young and cute technique that he had despised before…


Qi QingLin looked at the tenth crystal pen that had been broken in his hand and threw it into the garbage heap with no expression on his face.

JiaWu couldn’t help but breaking out in a drop of cold sweat as he looked at such a scene. He hated that he was called JiaWu to death at this time. He had to the first one even when reporting or stepping on a landmine! However, the master was obviously unhappy now. If he dared to delay further again, he would likely be kicked downstairs by his master in the next moment.

“Replying to master, Second Young Master did not cause any problems outside. It’s just that he’s been getting close to the Second Young Master from the Shan Lang Clan, the Fourth Young Master from the Jin Peng Family, the Third Young Master from the Xiong Family and the Second Young Master from the Hai She Family. They seemed to be discussing something.” 1

Qi QingLin sneered upon hearing this, “What can these fools talk about when they gather together? At most it’d be how can they abuse the power of their families outside, or they’re thinking of hiring a few Rank One hunters to get rid of their elder brothers. What else can it be? How about the old thing and the old witch?”

Qi QingLin totally did not care about that brother. That thing was a hedonistic son of rich parents that was hundreds of times more slag Shan BaiLu and so incompetent that it was a waste of time to care about him. He was more concerned about his father, whose conscience had drifted off the planet, and that vicious old woman who attempted to poison and kill him several times.

This time it was YiWen’s turn to break out in cold sweat. He glared at JiaWu who had breathed a sigh of relief beside him. YiWen felt, ‘shit, I’m the one who’s was the most miserable since I had to monitor the Lord and the present Lady…’ He really felt a mountain of pressure. But when he thought of the flip-side to console himself again, he could only say that the master must have entrusted this arduous task to him because thought that YiWen had the ability? Otherwise, why didn’t the master entrust the task to the fool next to him?

So YiWen took a step forward and said, “Recently, the Lord sent people to search for Level A beasts. This subordinate has heard that an accident had occurred at the training base on the Second Satellite belonging to the Qilin Clan. It seemed that one Level A beast, more than a dozen Level B beasts, and even the guards training on the training base have died. The master should be wanting to replenish the shortage of beasts. As for that woman, she has not been in touch with her family 2 recently, but she seems to be looking for a Level A beast. It is assumed that the beast is to be given to Second Young Master to use.”

Qi QingLin’s expression darkened after hearing YiWen’s report. He was not completely in control of everything in his family at this moment. That damned old man still had at least half of the authority in his hands. The Qilin Clan had three small moon planets. Other than the base of the First Planet that was in the hands of his missing grandfather, the Second Plant was still in the hands of that damned old man, and the Third Planet was seized by him ten years ago.

At this time, Qi QingLin could not help feeling that something was amiss when he heard about the accident on the Second Moon. He had been thrown into the secret training base of the Third Moon more than eight hundred years ago. He was fairly clear about how cruelly these big clans trained their beasts. One must know that these training methods were also carried out on him. Even though it was under that old woman’s private orders, Qi QiLin definitely did not believe that the damned old man was completely unaware of this. It was because of this that the last sentiments in Qi QingLin’s heart towards his father died out. This was why there was a series of actions from Qi QingLin to seize power once he reached adulthood and regained his human form. The first thing he did was to kill all the humans that pathologically abused beasts on the Third Moon and then take over the Third Moon.

The training base in the Third Moon still existed but because Qi QingLin was in charge there were clear stipulations strictly prohibiting the abuse of beasts and the treatment of beasts had been revised to the equivalent of protecting them. Beast abuse was an untouchable and deep wound to Qi QingLin, who was once treated as a Level A+ beast and had been abused, so he would never allow such an insane and cruel thing to happen again. It was precisely because he knew how reprehensible things were in the clans’ Moon training base that Qi QingLing could not help thinking about the worst scenario when he hears about the accident on the Second Moon.

“… Tomorrow you’ll go to the damned old man and tell him to get rid of all those barbarous things in the training base! If the incident hasn’t been cleanly resolved after one month or it I find out about any depraved matters, I don’t mind immediately destroying and rebuilding the Second Moon’s base!!!”

YiWen trembled from head to toe when he heard this, “This subordinate understands!”

“BingHei and Ding Bai, tell me about the situation in the other clans. In addition, you guys will go and investigate how the ten great clans train their guards after today… If the situation is critical, I’m afraid we will have to move our preparations forward.”


While Boss Qi was commanding his younger bros on something with a black face, the atmosphere of the Cute Beast Store Number 138 was unprecedentedly weird and tense—

The numerous beasts who had been exercising, working, sunbathing and so on, outside were now hiding in the house, shivering, and daring not to pant. Boss Jin, who should have been comfortably reading all kinds of novels on the Light Network also stuffed himself in the house, exposing just his head. His whole face twitched as he looked at the huge monster in his own yard.

“Squeak squeak squeak squeak…” [Reporting to Boss. This guy suddenly dropped into the Dark Street. When he dropped in, he tore a hole in the house of the mogul who loved to eat bananas and nearly crushed the banana mogul to death. After that, he ate all the food in the banana mogul’s house and began to break into houses one by one when nobody was home and ate without paying! Although everyone had the intention to get rid of this fellow, it seems that quite a few Level A beasts were sent flying with a swipe of its claws before they started fighting. In-in-in addition, Li Xiao-daren 3 and Cheng Liang-daren’s XiaoLü and the Big-Tailed Wolf only exchanged ten moves with it before they were slapped to the ground by this fellow… ]

The little claws of the Golden-furred Mouse trembled as it reported the news it had heard with some fear and trepidation at JinYu’s feet. With its words, the beasts hiding in the house trembled even more. Boss Jin frowned and harbored resentment in his heart at himself. Why did he dispatch those five fellows all at once?! And the most important thing was – fucking shit, the ultimate Boss, who could kill all the troublesome pests in seconds, was not there ahhhhhhhh!! If he knew about this, he would just bear with it for a little while before kicking the boss out!!

JinYu took another look at the beast whose strength was definitely higher than Level A as he thought about this. Just based off its appearance, he would surely be using every means to cheat this fella into his own shop if it weren’t the same size as an elephant!! He was not afraid to communicate with beasts, after all, deception comes along with communication. However, the problem was that the beast’s size was too big, it’s aura was too fierce, and it’s gaze was too crazy. The most important thing was that it seemed not to have the slightest shred of reasoning now and there was no way for JinYu to communicate with it even if he wanted to.

Thus, Big Boss Jin stared at the appearance of this fella and incessantly lamented, fuck, the appearance of this fella made him feel like reminiscing, but if it kept squatting and eating in his yard, he would die of poverty in a day!!

Suddenly the huge beast that had bowed its head to eat raised its head with a fierce gleam in its eyes. At the same time, the yelling of a fellow from a certain street’s safety agency sounded from outside the courtyard, “Boss Jin! Boss Jin! Something-fish! Are you and your beasts alive? You must stop this Golden Roar Lion beast! Powerful narcotics and poison pills are currently being airlifted over! If you can just give it either one to eat when they arrive, you’ll be the great hero of the entire street!!”

JinYu nearly let loose a torrent of abuse. The houseful of beasts followed suit as they gnashed their teeth in anger. Shit, are you taking Lao Zi as a retard?! He had thought they were here to rescue him and the beasts. Yet, after fooling with him for half a day, they still wanted him to feed this huge monster poisons or narcotics?! Don’t even mention if he could give those things to this ferocious beast that was not right in the head. Even if he could, how could the boss of a pet shop make a move to kill a beast?!

The most important thing was that this so-called ‘Golden Roar Lion beast’ looked rather similar to the ‘Tibetan Mastiff God Dog/Inugami’ in his hometown. Shit, he would not go and kill a Tibetan mastiff even if he was a moron, all right!!

Just as JinYu was staring at the huge Tibetan mastiff with all kinds of perplexing love and hate emotions, the latter fixed its attention on him. JinYu quivered instantly. He could not see a trace of emotion in the eyes of this beast, unlike the despair and ruthlessness he had seen in DaBai, XiaoBai and the rest. This one was thoroughly without a trace of emotion.

This appearance was just like a machine that was wearing the skin of a beast. It was ice-cold and horrifying.



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Translator Notes:

  1. Shan Lang is Mountain Wolf, Jin Peng is Golden Roc, Xiong is Bear and Hai She is Sea Snake.
  2. (This family does not refer to the Qilin Clan, but to her blood-related family before she married.)
  3. (Daren is Your Excellency/Sir.)


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