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Chapter 38: Domestic Treatment

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The researchers who worked hard at the Academy of Sciences insisted on going to the scene to see the liveliness, not only did they witness the wormy corridor, but also witnessed Marshal Dewitt and… the scene of his beast’s quarrel.

To be exact, it was his contract beast who straightened his chest and shouted fiercely at Marshal for half an hour.

One person posted a small segment of a recorded video and posted it anonymously to the interstellar network. Although it was quickly caught by the stellar network administrator, they still could not stop the speed of its rapid spread on the network within a few minutes.

Quickly, various posts still appeared in various forums.

[Have you seen the video?] This post, with super-high response volume had some praise mixed in with the arrogant commentators. 

[Pig: look at it. That little dumpling is really cute. I admire the Marshal’s self-control. I would never stop rubbing that big tail.]

[Anti-Qi Beast Association: Ha-ha, Marshal Dewitt has also fallen, letting a Qi beast climb on his head, the Assyrian face has been lost by him. It’s disgusting.]

[Grand Admiral Beauty: Seriously. What year is it now? Why is the idea of anti-Qi beast still in existence? My God can crush you. Are you trying to humiliate Assyria by throwing away two of his great achievements? Please shut up.]

[Original chicken: Why are you all paying attention to a Qi beast? Is it only me who noticed that when the video was 12 minutes and 22 seconds, when the camera shook, there was a black thing on the ground? It was clean all around and the floor was black. Is it too abrupt for God to analyze?]

[When did Baituanzi have a name: +1 Using professional software to pause and magnify the small corner, is no doubt Zerg. But the shooting place is at the Academy of Sciences, how can Zergs appear? And the white dumpling before had the live broadcast with a smooth appearance. You can all see that in the video, his fur is unruly, his claws look injured and the Marshal is carrying him. I just want to know when the authorities can justly come out to explain that the Marshal was attacked outside. He’s not even safe at home because of the villains, right? I feel chilly for my man.]

[Namely: Heart cold + 1 The Zerg invaded inland not once or twice. Basically this is related to the personnel. Now, they went straight to the scientific research institute? What about the heavy-duty guard that the military said is stationed there? Are they trying to push the pot for my newly recovered god?]

[Zhengzheng: What happened is very sad for everyone, but my cousin works at the scientific research institute. It is not convenient to elaborate the specific situation, but, after listening to them, although the number of Zergs in this attacked was not small, the mother seemed to have been beaten by the little white dumpling. My cousin said that the little white dumpling has an ability and released around 5678 ice lances and thorns. After destroying the maternal body, they are now investigating internally and not giving out any other information.]

[Flying Apsaras:?? Upstairs, is it true that the white dumplings is capable of releasing an ability? Hasn’t the scientific research institute been saying that beasts can’t have abilities for years?]

[Self: Does a beast even have an energy core? They are lying. Don’t make up rumors.]

[Cute: I believe it, I know! At that time, when I saw the 50,000 score, I thought it was strange. So I contracted two beasts myself, but these two fools in my family did not receive a tenth of my smart head. I said it was wrong to hit 50,000. So, the trouble of saying that the contract beast is useless should mean that you will slap your face. Contract beasts were so strong in ancient times. After decades of falling down, you really think that what is engraved in their genes has been washed away? From today on, I will take my two fools to stand firmly on the Marshal’s side!]

[Kaka: !! Ah ah ah, if it’s true, Marshal’s luck is so good that it explodes! Little dumpling is so powerful! Don’t be jealous at all. I want 100% blessings!]


On the Interstellar Network, related posts ignited like sparks on the prairie.

The question about whether the little white dumpling had an ability also entered an intense discussion and strong data from various gods began to prove it. It changed to discuss how strong such a small dumpling was and why a Qi beast had an ability. They theorized that the small dumpling was a mutation or that all Qi beasts in Assyria could become like him. There were many problems and solutions that were thrown around. As they discussed, they constantly appealed to the Military Ministry and the House of Representatives to come forward for an official response. For a while, the public opinion was buzzing.

At the same time, Wen Jin, a beast who was becoming very powerful on the internet, was also very powerful in reality.

Forty minutes ago, Dewitt noticed that every time he looked past, Wen Jin would turn his head with his eyes closed and raise his chin with pride. But this little bit of pride failed to succeed in showing any arrogance. In the end, he discovered that, when he turned his head, Dewitt was still unfocused and the little fox would quietly open one eye to peek at Dewitt.

Not to mention how cute that look was, Dewitt, who was checking up and down to see if there were any other wounds on the beast, looked up and met Wen Jin’s eyes. He could not help but stretch out his hand and rub the fox’s solemn furry face.

Wen Jin was getting easier to touch every day. There was a soft circle of fat around his cheeks, which was especially good to pinch. Dewitt pinched and added, “Don’t run around anymore.”

God knows what it was like for Dewitt to find his fox in the Academy of Sciences during Wen Jin’s adventure. However, it was obvious that Wen Jin couldn’t understand his mood. He was still thinking about the hundreds of houses, properties and the two mines that Mary exposed to him. It sounded like he had a lot of money and pretended to be poor with tears in his eyes.

Liar! Wen Jin chittered and thought unconsciously that he wanted to push Dewitt aside and express his full resistance. But his paw was injured and when he reached out, he felt a tingling sensation coming from it. Wen Jin trembled. He just swayed in the air and wanted to take it back.

Although it was only a flash of speed, from the corner of his eye, Dewitt  could see at once that the paw was not right. The part from his wrist down was hanging unnaturally, there was a feeling of powerlessness and it was a little soft, coupled with an unnatural curvature, it was not as bold as it had been in the past.

So Dewitt immediately reached out and caught his furry paw in the air.

The first rule of the Great Law of Ice and Frost was to be silent. Wen Jin felt that this rule was very reasonable, especially with his milky voice, no matter what he said, it would sound exceptionally warm when he spoke. So even though the paw was in Dewitt’s hand and it hurt a little, Wen Jin held it back and did not utter a word.

Dewitt looked up and down at Wen Jin’s furry paw for half a day and confirmed that he had been injured and not lightly. His face became somewhat ugly. Ordinarily, he would have sent for a veterinarian at this time, but Cohen’s face on the ground made Dewitt filter the choice directly and he decided to dress it himself. He reached out and gently explored what Wen Jin’s paw wound was like. After confirming that it had hurt the bone, Dewitt’s voice was a little distressed. “Pain?”

Wen Jin licked the tip of his nose. As long as he had a Lingshi, he could recover in minutes. The white paw in Dewitt’s hand hadn’t been retracted, because he had no reiki now and he was really afraid of pain.

Afraid of cold and pain, Wen Jin had always been reluctant to fight.

Seeing the fox’s head bowed and silent, Dewitt decisively took Wen Jin to a medical cabin.

Bone injuries were different from skin and flesh injuries. With the current medical technology in Assyria, skin and flesh injuries with relatively small wounds could be solved painlessly in the medical cabin, although they could not achieve instantaneous healing, but the speed was very fast.

Comparatively, bone injuries were more complex. Pain was inevitable when dealing with them. Besides, Dewitt’s experience in treating wounds was basically from treating himself. With the help of his instruments, he had softened his manipulation of the tools as much as possible. His movements were unprecedentedly careful. Anyone could feel the tenderness of the Iron-blooded Marshal from his movements.

And Wen Jin, of course, was also very cooperative… He roared at him.

From the beginning of Dewitt’s attempt to find the position of Wen Jin’s bones, Wen Jin’s cold and frosty method broke down in a second. Two rounded back legs supported the floor and pulled back vigorously. Another unhurt claw also stretched out to hit Dewitt’s hand. After discovering that it was useless to hit Wen Jin began to wail with a voice that could deafen people.

“Chee!!!”  Pain!!

The scream of the fox was sharp and full of emotion. Anyone who heard it would probably misunderstand and think Dewitt was plucking off all of his fox fur.

Dewitt pinched the unhurt white paw, as Wen Jin wailed. He blocked Wen Jin’s attack with his arm. He tried very hard to give him medicine with his other hand and brought him several pain meds too.

“Chee!” At the sight of those cold metal objects, Wen Jin’s heart suddenly drew cold. He was so angry that his back legs braced against the ground and he twisted his body into a difficult arc. He wanted to hit Dewitt’s face. “Chee!”

However, the difficulty factor of this action was still too high, which brought a heavy load to Wen Jin’s waist. It was not long before his waist couldn’t hold up. He sat on the cold desktop and the fox paused. However, after sitting down, Wen Jin continued to stretch his paw to Dewitt’s hand. “It really hurts.”

Wen Jin couldn’t say whether the big fool was too strong or his endurance became worse when he was small. After Dewitt used the device and the bones clicked together, Wen Jin felt his eyes unconsciously water.

When the liquid from his eyes fell, the little fox was stunned. He didn’t want to cry, but the pain drilled directly into his heart and then he could not resist. This fox had lost!

Feeling the wet liquid pooling in his eyes, Wen Jin maintained his blood flow and tried to remove the tears stealthily. Sniffing his nose, he raised his small head, his mouth fell severely and he tried to breathe lighter.

Great demon’s tears couldn’t be easily shed! Lose fat first!

Dewitt felt his heart constrict. After all, Wen Jin’s scream was very devilish. Listening, it made Dewitt feel as if he was pinching Wen Jin’s neck instead of dealing with the wound on his paw.

Under this kind of pressure, he managed to deal with the wound, tied a transparent and waterproof electronic fastening band around his paw and then Wen Jin stopped wailing. Dewitt thought that the torture was finally over. As a result, when he turned his head, he found that Wen Jin’s black beans were covered in waves, which frightened Dewitt in an instant.

He held Wen Jin in his arms and felt a stabbing pain in his heart. He kept reaching out to touch Wen Jin’s back. His mouth moved several times but he could not think of any comforting words. He could only keep raising his temperature and then let Wen Jin stick to him tightly.

Wen Jin, in Dewitt’s arms, felt as if he had at last had been liberated. He quickly drilled into Dewitt’s chest, with the speed of thunder and lightning to wipe off the tears. Looking at Dewitt’s chest, two drops of round bean sized water stains were very apparent. But Wen Jin made a relieved looking face as he felt that his supreme image had been saved. 

From his point of view, Wen Jin was indeed a very thoughtful fox and did not thank Dewitt who saved him. On the contrary, he broke and began to swear.

At the beginning of scolding, Wen Jin tried to seriously use human words. With a very reasonable look, he scolded non stop even though he eventually switched to non-human words; he just chittered a lot, very concisely.

Dewitt had his own considerations after he made his decision to meet Sen in an hour. But what he didn’t expect was that in this hour he set was reduced to a scene where he was bitten, scratched, scolded and grabbed by Wen Jin. It could be said that the family law had been completely exhausted every minute and every second.

And the craziest thing was that Dewitt still thought that such a little fox was cute…

In the fortieth minute, it was the third time he handed Wen Jin the bottle in his hand, “Are you thirsty?”

His eyes were filled with a sense of spoiling like that of an elder. 

Wen Jin heard the words and stared at Dewitt severely. It was like he was blaming Dewitt for pulling out the bottle so late. However, the speaker had to rest, even if he was passionate. After finding a perfect reason for his pause, Wen Jin lowered his head and stretched out the tender tip of his tongue, trying to roll some water out of the bottle. However, his head had just move and suddenly a column of water came out from the middle of the bottle and he thought of something. He angrily retracted his tongue and clapped heavily on the bottle. “Chee!” Why haven’t you changed it yet?!

He got angry when he saw it. This guy would cause his ranking to drop to the top ten!  

This bottle was specially bought for Wen Jin at the suggestion of Archie after Dewitt returned to Capital Star. It was small, light, round and flat.

In particular, there was a small sprinkler inside, which was bought by Dewitt after Archie said that ‘Qi beasts prefer to drink flowing water.’

When the bottle was opened, it automatically sensed the cap leaving and started to circulate the water, spraying upward from the center to form a small spring. The design was abandoned by Wen Jin, because the bottle did not know whether it was with the owner or not. Anyway, the reaction was very slow. The first time he had used it, he was two seconds too late and it started spraying water. At that time, Wen Jin was unprepared and his head was naturally lowered.

The bottle was like a prank against him. As soon as his head went down, the fountain in the center began to pour out, watering his head with water. It was a small sprinkler, that is, it was like a 365 degree hurricane watering his fur. The problem was that the water from the bottle was concentrated!

The hairy white-haired creature’s forehead was raised from a puddle and the droplets immediately seemed to be unable to stay and they began to fall down between his eyes. Only a few stubborn drops of water huddled in the middle of his fur, looking like a half-centimeter mini-fish had landed on him!

Wen Jin had to shake the water off his forehead after being drenched, but when his fur was wet, it was usually harder to shake. The Dewitt fellow rubbed his rocket hairstyle so warmly that he jumped up to Dewitt’s knee and shook.

Lately, Wen Jin had to sit up in the middle of the night with his eyes closed, licking his back hair, which has been somehow reversing into a small eddy lately. The requirement for smooth hair could be said to be very high.

The fat claw rested on the bottle and he remembered the terrible past. Wen Jin raised his neck and said, “Change the bottle for me.”

“OK, we will change it when you get back.” Dewitt had a little smile in his eyes and was thinking about the picture of Wen Jin being showered with his head last time.

“Chee!” Wen Jin shouted two times to express his deep anger. “No, I’m very angry now, so you have to change it for me now.”

Wen Jin was a master who spoke out for what he believed in. He had to be in a good mood. Otherwise, the more he was angry, the more he choked. Usually, when he was too angry to do so, he reminded the other party. Every time Wen Jin said “I’m angry” with a cold face, those little friends would obediently look for food for Wen Jin.

Wen Jin straightened up his face and seriously said that I was angry to Dewitt for the first time, just like when the bumpkin fox had seen the gourmet street for the first time.

Wen Jin’s face collapsed. He pushed the bottle open, turned around and jumped down. He didn’t even want to take care of his injured leg. Fortunately, Dewitt had experience and his hand quickly seized Wen Jin and carried him in his arms.

“Are you angry about the house?” For such a long time, Wen Jin was energetic in his complaints and had spouted off just a few things.

Wen Jin ignored him.

“I’m wrong. I apologize.” Dewitt’s deep voice apologized without hesitation. The quick and straightforward voice made people wonder if he was lying but the tone was serious and honest. “How can you forgive me?”

Wen Jin was held in his arms and could not move. He raised his head and extended his claws to scratch Dewitt’s chin. The latter grabbed and kissed the pad of his paw.

Wen Jing was stunned. His pad was on Dewitt’s lips. It was not returned for half a day. So Dewitt kissed again.

This time, the white-haired claws seemed to wake up and they were electrocuted back. Wen Jin paused and his eyes flickered away. After thinking about it, he said, “Energy Stone, you can’t forget it.”

“Okay, I ordered it for you before. It’ll be here tomorrow.”

Wen Jin put his head down. “Don’t lie to me in the future. You have to tell me the truth about everything. If you tell a lie, I will…”

The little fox paused for a moment and found that he did not seem to remember how he could threaten Dewitt.


“I’ll be angry all the time, maybe even kill you.” The fox, who was not much bigger than the palm of his hand, said this sentence and its weight could be said to be very heavy.

Looking at Wen Jin, Dewitt touched his head. “Okay.”

It seemed that Dewitt had promised too quickly and Wen Jin stressed it a little uneasily, “Tell me everything.” After a pause, Wen Jin felt that such emphasis was not enough, so he added what he thought was the most important thing for human beings, “Let me know when you look for a wife!”

Dewitt was stunned. It seemed unexpected that Wen Jin could make such a request. “Although I won’t find one, I will let you know.”

As for Dewitt’s statement, Wen Jin was obviously disdainful. “Hum, you guys were just talking about it. If you really need to find a wife, you’ll need to stop being shy and be face-to-face with her all day.”

Before, he saw a general in Honghuang and he was usually cold on the outside, but  when he saw a girl, he laughed like a chrysanthemum and was ugly. The general’s little face was replaced by Dewitt’s. Wen Jin’s face was instantly disgusted and his little butt was moved ten centimeters away from Dewitt. If that happened to the little tail, it would be a disgrace as big brother fox.

Dewitt saw him sit ten centimeters straight up. Dewitt reached out and touched Wen Jin’s back fur. For the first time, he felt that this little fellow had feelings for him too. Perhaps he was afraid that he would snub him after he had his own family.

Considering his life expectancy, Dewitt earnestly promised, “I’m different from them.”


The author has something to say: 

Dewitt: I will never change to be the same (serious face) as them.

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