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Chapter 56: Wants to Fight Again

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

JinYu thoroughly experienced the demi-human frenzy once again. After he exploded with anger, he laughed bitterly. Waving his hands to get the beasts to make more room, JinYu signaled to Er Hei to suppress the delirious golden-haired Tibetan mastiff. Afterwards, he walked forward and kneeled down, carefully examining the golden-haired Tibetan mastiff’s condition. After a long moment, he inhaled sharply.

“…….This is troublesome.” JinYu’s facial expression was unpleasant. The internal organs of the golden-furred Tibetan mastiff’s internal organs had a microchip, recording instrument, and something else JinYu was uncertain of that were all forcefully shoved inside. However, what JinYu couldn’t tolerate the most was the multi-colored thin twine inside of the Tibetan mastiff’s internal meridians.

Upon closer examination, the different colored threads were different tiny grains. These grains came from the golden-haired Tibetan mastiff’s heart and blood vessels and became a huge net inside of its body. This weird big net seemed to be devouring and splitting apart the Tibetan mastiff’s energy and then transforming into new, but completely unnatural, enormous amounts of energy.

“Xiao Xue, hurry up and bring the gold thread over!” Saying this, JinYu pressed the light watch in his wrist. In the next second, his hand held a syringe and a smiling man with glasses appeared on screen.

“…Do you molest innocent and respectable beasts like this every day?” JinYu asked loudly, as if Jin Qian had accidently hurt something.

Of course, this guy didn’t have a bad bone in his body. He naturally put down the syringe, pushed the gold glasses and said, “I’ve always focused all my efforts on healing beasts. You must have seen something else. What? Suddenly coming to find me? Has your employee sued me? En? It shouldn’t be. I’m warning you now.”

Hearing this, JinYu’s mouth twitched and he turned towards Shan Bailu. Shan Bailu’s face swelled up and he immediately shouted, “Get out you idiot! I’m not the kind to break their promise, only a shady guy like you would say stuff like this!”

Jin Qian laughed smugly through the screen. “Hehe, it looks like our Little Third listens well. This is good~ really good~ Otherwise I may not be able to bear it……Right now Little Third doesn’t have any issues. Are you shouting at me because you’re hurt?”

Without bothering to talk to this pervert about other nonsense, JinYu said, “I have a beast running out of a suspected research institute here. Can you take a look at it and then figure out a way to heal it?”

Jin Qian’s eyes suddenly shut, the next moment he laughed lightly, “I did say that the wounded beasts in your store were more interesting than the ones we get in the hospital~ I’ve been here for almost ten years and have never encountered a beast that escaped from a research institute but you’ve managed to encounter one in less than a month. Haha~ Didn’t Xiao Xue already come to pick me up? I’ll get my stuff. However, don’t have any hope even though I’ve specialized in drugs that can drastically alter the most fundamental energy, the results were not optimistic… I studied the subject for eight years and my old man and older sister almost broke all my instruments.”

Hearing this JinYu’s eyebrows furrowed slightly. He said vehemently, “Just come first. Even if you can’t solve it, it’ll be useful to you later if you get to see more stuff like this!”

This made Dr. Jin roll his eyes. He then said violently, “What do you mean it’ll be useful later?! Fuck, I’m already the youngest and mostly promising veterinarian on the planet after my old man!! What do you mean by useless?! Does your dead fish ass know how many beasts I treat every day?! I gave you face and yet you dare say I’m useless. Do you want me to stab you to death with a syringe?!”

Hearing this JinYu rolled his eyes. He threw the screen on the ground. What an agitating ass, what kind of nickname was the youngest doctor if he couldn’t even save a beast?

While waiting for Jin Qian, JinYu first watched his own boss. The boss shook his head. He wasn’t like a legendary white qilin that suddenly appeared and was the most important female goddess that knew nothing except how to cure beasts. In comparison, his own boss’ fighting strength was the strongest of the black qilin. With a single hoof he could flatten a whole city, this was his personality!

“Actually, you’re very much like the female goddess of our race.” Qi QingLin said and looked at JinYu suddenly. He was faced with the utmost contempt from a certain whale.

“You’re the female goddess! Your whole family are all female goddesses! I’m a human! Formally, the human with the purest and most genuine blood! I’m neither of chaotic blood that can turn into a beast or a degraded demi-human. Don’t go spouting nonsense, otherwise I’ll make Baozi bite you.”

JinYu’s answer caused Qi QingLin to raise his eyebrows. He just heard something he should really ponder over. What exactly was the most pure-blooded human? Now people’s genes were more or less mutated and degenerate. Was his partner hiding something very important?

However, before Qi QingLin could ponder over this more, a person was violently dropped inside the house. Standing up dangerously, Jin Qian, wearing a white coat, turned around and gave the middle finger. Didn’t he only pluck a feather out of this snow eagle?! Did it have to turn around and throw him down midair?!

“Commit your own sins.” JinYu’s mouth twitched and then pointed to the golden-haired Tibetan mastiff lying in the corner of the room. “Hurry up and examine it, don’t waste any time. It’s already in grave danger.”

Hearing this Jin Qian didn’t pay much attention to his words. He hurried to the Tibetan mastiff and examined it carefully with various tools and small instruments.

After about half an hour, Jin Qian opened his mouth with a dark expression, “I won’t talk about the various instruments inside its body. The most important thing is the ingredients of the drug you gave it. This beast must have been studied since it was an adult and then injected with powerful drugs that alter various genetic powers. By now, those drugs have formed a pathological imbalance with the energy in its body but in the end, it will reduce its lifespan once the balance is established. It needs to be injected every half a month. Otherwise it’ll become rabid due to the increase in drugs but afterwards it will recover because of the drastic decrease of drugs. This is a false recovery.”

“Is there a solution?” JinYu’s expression worsened.

“If there was, you would become Guhuatao (古华佗) Medicine’s youngest winner ever.” Jin Qian spread out his hand and then laughed bitterly, “For real, didn’t I say that I studied this kind of medicine for over eight years? The result was that the medicine exterminates and opposes the body. So once injected with this gene-powered drug, the beast’s body and life span, even its own powers, are completely destroyed. When I came to my conclusion three years ago I had not heard of any successful research. Now it seems that maybe the one in your shop is still the first semi-finished product. Gee, what kind of good luck it is~”

However JinYu didn’t feel the slightest bit happy after hearing Jin Qian’s words. In fact, his expression darkened.

According to Jin Qian, the Tibetan mastiff could only die on its own, there was no other way to save it. This outcome was something JinYu definitely did not want to see. He could handle beasts that died normally because of a serious injury or of old age. Although he would feel sad, he would not try to oppose this phenomenon. However, he could never tolerate a normal beast that was injured by selfish human desires and had to end their own life.

Heart unwilling and full of anger, JinYu seethed. He had no way to let out his emotions so his eyes slowly turned red. It was at this moment, a light and wispy blue fog gradually rose up around JinYu. As JinYu’s breath became more and more unstable and his body began to tremble more and more violently, the light blue mist became more intense. When Qi QingLin noticed the abnormality, he became on guard in a flash. Just when he wanted to hold JinYu’s body….

Like it was magic, in a flash the beast store was covered by a sea of dark blue. In those waves, the beasts saw JinYu’s body emitting a light green light. Then after a bit, JinYu dissolved in the water and disappeared.


“Return him!!” Qi QingLin shouted violently, golden pupils turning scarlet. He rushed to the spot where JinYu disappeared. At the same time, his human form transformed into a beast with a huge explosion of energy.

“Wow! A black qilin!!” Jin Qian looked at the vanished Qi QingLin with surprise. However, at this moment, Jin Qian was soaked in water and more concerned about the sudden disappearance of JinYu.

The water around him was pure and clean and even slightly comfortable. It wasn’t necessarily warm water but it gave people a peaceful feeling. Turning his head around, the beasts inside the store all looked reluctant to leave. The beasts that were just roaring at Jin Qian nonstop suddenly peacefully laid down.

“…..I don’t believe in miracles…However, what was this?!” Looking at the spot where JinYu vanished, there was the beautiful light blue phantasm of a planet. Jin Qian’s heart beat rapidly.

Even though they had never seen this planet’s form, its appearance had been deeply imprinted in the blood and bones of people who had been forced to leave. This beautiful light blue planet was their most beautiful illusion—really a situation, could everyone guess what it is? -0- Hidden map open, adding 1000000 XP.
Fucking dick wants to fight again?? I’m going to beat up your ass–…I have no strength….


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