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Chapter 57: Earth

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

A soul-stirring blue. Even watching from a distance made it impossible to move one’s gaze away. It was only when Jin Qian, Shan BaiLu, and numerous beasts had unconsciously walked over and wanted to touch it did they realize that this beautiful planet was not material. It was merely an illusion.

Jin Qian looked at his empty hands and could not help laughing at himself. For him to be so impulsive even with his usual personality, it was obvious that the appearance of the planet shocked him too much. In fact, as long as one used their brain to think, they would be able to realize that even if the real Planet Earth appeared, it would not be inside a shop. There were too many differences even when based on size alone.

However, Jin Qian was still full of uncertainty other than understanding this point. He could determine that the image before his eyes was an illusion, but he could not determine why it appeared in this place. Furthermore, was JinYu’s abnormal reaction related to the appearance of the phantasm?

One thing Jin Qian could be sure of was that he would definitely strike up a good relationship with that fish of unknown origin even if he had to pester him in the future after seeing this incident for himself today. It would be better if he could instigate his old man to recognize this fish as a grandson or something. Based off his intuition, this would certainly bring considerable benefits to the Jin Family.

“Oh… But that fish is too slippery and has sharp teeth. It’s not easy to reel in…” Jin Qian muttered to himself as he soaked in the water. If it weren’t for the livid look on that Young Master from the Qilin Family that gave Jin Qian a feeling that he should not be provoked, Jin Qian would have done everything he could to get his big sis to fish up the whale. En, in fact, he could go do it himself too, but that fish probably had an owner. Moreover…

Great Doctor Jin glanced at the Third Young Master beside him, whose eyes were lifeless and full of incredulity. Suddenly, he laughed and stretched out his hand to pinched Shan BaiLu’s face. “Wake up. Go shut the door to the house and the shop.”

Shan BaiLu had been pinched so much that he was about to fly into a rage, but when he heard Jin Qian’s words, he also felt that it was necessary. Thus, he immediately entered the water and swam until he reached the door before fiercely slamming it closed. Then he stared at Jin Qian in consternation after closing the door. Perhaps he felt that the gaze and expressions of a certain unprincipled doctor was too strange, so Third Young Master Shan grabbed the shoddy little wolf and hugged it, treating it as a shield. The roomful of beasts who had witnessed this let out all kinds of sneers.

Although the beasts and the two people in the house were baffled, they could only patiently wait and soak in the water. As luck would have it, they did not feel any discomfort even though they were surrounded by the light blue water.

At this moment, the situation with JinYu and Qi QingLin was completely different from that of the two people and beasts in the house. JinYu and Qi QingLin were so shocked by the scene in front of them that they were completely unable to speak. JinYu felt that he had lived through the last days and had enjoyed such an unusual time travel experience that he could calmly proclaim himself as Emperor. Qi QingLin felt that he had had the experience of being a beast and had participated in power struggles, and was accustomed to great storms. But, they were still shaken and could not even pronounce a syllable before the scenery in front of them.

“…How. Is this… possible…”

After a long time, JinYu hoarsely whispered these four words so softly that he couldn’t even hear his own voice.

He was standing in front of an immense light blue planet. This planet was his home town that he had seen countless times and lived on for twenty years. He had been incessantly and ceaselessly longing for it from the time he arrived in this different world. Even though it was riddled with a thousand wounds when he had left, this could not reduce his cherishment and respect for it in the slightest.

But now that JinYu was standing in front of it again, he completely did not know how to describe his feelings.

While JinYu was staring at the familiar and strange planet in a daze, Qi QingLin slowly recovered from his initial shock. For those born and raised on the Capital Star like Jin Qian, this planet in front of them was just like the mother planet of human beings called ‘Earth’, which they admired and loved from childhood. Whether it was its color or its gorges, Qi QingLin practically could draw out an identical image in his heart when he closed his eyes.

Qi QingLin was stunned when his longing was inadvertently realized. Even so, Qi QingLin’s shock was not been as great as JinYu’s. His feelings for this planet were only the yearning and desire to return from his human blood. No matter what, they had been away from their mother star for too long, and the deep-seated yearning had gradually faded as the generations passed. Only when one saw it with their own eyes could they feel the shock and the true yearning.

But for JinYu, this planet before him was his hometown where he once lived. He deeply understood the process of its thousands of years from immaturity to maturity, from barrenness to vibrantness. He personally witnessed its flourishing and experienced its prosperity; in the end, he had also experienced its collapse and despaired in its madness.

JinYu had the idea of perishing together with it, but discovered he had departed when he opened his eyes again. With such a resolution, it had engraved a deep and unfathomable scar in JinYu’s heart called the ‘yearning for home’ even if he survived by chance. He had thought that he would carry this scar to the grave. Contrary to his expectations, there was a possibility of healing it.

Gradually, Jin Yu looked at the Earth in front of him and started laughing. The laughter changed from soft to loud, from scattered to frantic. In the end, he laughed till his eyes were full of tears.

“I’m back. How have you been?” After he gently murmured out this sentence, JinYu felt a tightness on his waist. Then he fell back onto a solid chest.

“… Do you want to go down?” Qi QingLin’s thin lips were tightly pursed and the strength of his hands was almost enough to suffocate JinYu. No matter how obtuse Qi QingLin was, he would more or less understand some things when he heard those two sentences. But so what if he understood? Regardless of where the person in his arms came from, since he had set his mind on JinYu as his partner, he would never allow JinYu to leave no matter who or what happened! For this reason, what was wrong with destroying the world?

JinYu finally recovered from his emotions after he was squeezed by Qi QingLin. Then he felt like a dumpling that was sandwiched between a pair of chopsticks… …Damn, the stuffing was about to be squeezed out okay!!

JinYu ferociously elbowed Qi QingLin and rolled his eyes, “You’re going to strangle me!”

Qi QingLin stiffened upon hearing this and his grip relaxed slightly. Yet, his expression was still cold as he asked, “Do you want to go down?”

“What nonsense are you spouting? I’m not Yu the Great who passes by his house and doesn’t enter!” After he finished speaking, JinYu felt like he had become a dumpling again. This time he directly used his feet to kick out, “What are you doing?! It’s just going down to take a look, not like I’m going and never coming back!! Despite how beautiful it looks on the surface, we still don’t know what’s the situation unless we really go down!”

JinYu had just finished speaking when a bright blue light started shining on his neck. Before he and Qi QingLin could react, they were firmly smashing towards that blue planet like human-shaped meteors! Had it not been for a barrier around him, JinYu felt that he would have become the first person to spontaneously combust due to breaking through the atmosphere too quickly.

After their descent.

The location was in a vast grassland. The grassland was filled with verdant trees, abundant water bodies and miles of grass. The vigorous appearance made people unable to resist the urge to sigh in comfort, but before JinYu could build up his excitement, Qi QingLin who was behind him frowned and uttered a sentence that was like a bolt from the blue. “There’s no sign of life.”

“… What do you mean that there’s no sign of life? Are you blind? Look at how well these trees and flowers are growing! Even the richest and most fertile place on the Capital Star can’t beat the fresh air and the vitality here!!” JinYu was blindly defending his home planet’s shortcomings. There was no better place than his home planet! Whoever doesn’t admit it will be wiped out!

Qi QingLin looked at JinYu’s agitation with some helplessness. This behavior was too obvious. Although this was your historical home planet, it was not good to blindly defend it.

“I’m saying that there’s no signs of life here. There are no living animals, beasts, or living humans.”

JinYu was stunned upon hearing this. Then he suddenly shook his head, “That’s impossible! It’s absolutely impossible! According to the law of natural phylogenesis, although the development of plants is much earlier than that of animals and microbes, the appearance of these trees and flowers are not the prehistoric and ancient plant species. These are all plants that existed in our age. Since it has developed to our era, there is no way that there aren’t living things! This is not in line with Darwin’s theory of evolution for biological organisms! It’s not in line with natural evolution! How-how-how can this be possible?!”

While JinYu ran into the woods as he distraughtly said these words. He stamped his feet, shook the trees and threw stones in order to startle some birds or animals. But he did not even see the shadow of a living animal.

He was still unwilling to give up and his gaze contained that unwillingness and panic. Qi QingLin felt a burst of heartache at that sight. He could only pick JinYu up and shuttle within the hundreds of acres of forest at lightning speed. It was only until an hour later that JinYu woodenly patted Qi QingLin’s hand, “… Stop.”

“Are you alright?” Qi QingLin was worried. JinYu was rather pale at this time. Although he was smiling, he could easily see that JinYu was just putting up a strong front.

“How am I not alright?” JinYu continued to smile. “Isn’t it just a patch of dead forest? The Earth is so huge, it’s impossible for me to be unable to find a living animal… or person… This must definitely be an exception… …Yes, it’s absolutely just an exception!”

As he said this, JinYu suddenly stood up and attempted to throw off Qi QingLin arm but failed because the latter held him too tightly. Just as JinYu wanted to vent and break free, the blue light in front of his chest lit up again. Then it buried them like the sea that blotted out the sky and covered up the earth. When he opened his eyes again after a moment of dizziness, the vast grassland and forest, together with the beautiful but lifeless earth, had disappeared.

“Wow!” Shan BaiLu’s voice rang out abruptly, “Boss, you are back! Where have you guys been?! Do you know something extremely strange happened in the shop just now?! Let me tell you-”

“Shut up!!” JinYu glared coldly at Shan BaiLu. His gaze was fierce enough to kill. He was in a terribly awful mood now.

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Poor shan BaiLu got scolded but hey I know it that Jin Qian and Shan Bailu is the side CP!! O(≧∇≦)O

October 16, 2019 9:53 pm

This plot twist is totally unexpected. Very revealing about JinYu’s origin but totally unexpected. And how does it mesh with the rest of what is happening? And Shan BaiLu just had the worst timing, poor thing.

Thank you for the chapter!

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This novel and especially this chapter reminds me of
There is a similar focus on the ‘longing for mother earth’. Check it out

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