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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The Capitals Energy Monitoring Station was now a mess. The technicians outside had obviously been trained and they were quiet as chickens. In the stationmaster’s office on the top floor, middlemen with large stomachs were slapping their desks and swearing.

“What about your brain? Did you really take Marshal Shen En and the Count to Marshal Dewitt? Sendo, why did I find you so capable before? Did I ever authorize you to do so? Now you’ve stuck your neck out and you’ve buried yourself in shit, all the fucking energy stations are paying for it. Now the Prime Minister’s letters are coming straight down. Tell me what to do! “

“What? Ask the rest of the military to help? Have you got any brains? Would you please give me a better choice than the Marshal? It’s because of you that the Marshal has withdrawn his aid and the mines.”

“What did you say? Marshal’s attitude was bad?” Lieutenant General Tuo’s face trembled with anger three times and his face was almost unrecognizable.

“Violating energy laws to intimidate you?” Lieutenant General’s face was shaking and his flesh seemed to be dying. His face was full of smoke. “Make the Marshal hand over his contractual beast?”

The people there seemed to be arguing about something, but the lieutenant general became more and more angry and slapped heavily on the table. “Shut the fuck up! You don’t know shit! What’s this all about? What are you talking about? Can you spit out a single helpful word from your mouth?”

“You will never be idle again. Stop everything you are doing and hand it over to me. Then immediately roll back to the energy station. I’ll see you in ten minutes. One second later and you don’t have to come back! “

With another heavy tapping of the table, the 15-minute roaring communication from the stationmaster of the Capital Energy Station was finally over. After hanging up the phone, the stationmaster stretched out his hand and slapped his head hard. He was so young that he could drop two kilograms of fat in minutes.

At the same time, in a suspension car outside the scientific research institute, Wen Jin also showed the same expression as the old stationmaster with a big stomach, even the thoughts were extraordinarily unified. If Wen Jin could look at the head of the energy station at this moment, he would surely send out a sentimental sigh.

It was hard for young people nowadays.

Wen Jin was talking about Dewitt.

This guy just put Sendo down in a vicious way. Although the result was very successful and the effect was obvious, the other party was scared to the point of pooping in his diapers, but Dewitt himself was not as good as that.

Dewitt’s energy core was already broken and now he was forced to fight people with those cracks. People were frightened but those cracks also caused him to choke.

This was supposed to be the legendary injury of facing one thousand enemies alone as eight hundred of them self-destructed.

Wen Jin continued licking his paws.

In the corridor, when this fellow was making an announcement to others, Wen Jin could directly sense that the reiki in Dewitt’s body had turned chaotic and turbulent several times, it was enough to see how bad the situation this fellow was in.

On several occasions, he almost reached the critical point as his reiki rushed out of his body.

If it hadn’t been for this fellow’s abnormal self-control and Wen Jin’s help, Sendo, the silly count and the ordinary man might have bled from their seven orifices on the spot by his violent power and Dewitt himself would have died. So Wen Jin really believed that he was an angel fox as he injected some energy into Dewitt’s body to stabilize his chaotic reiki. He prevented such a bloody scene from appearing and deserved to be rewarded with a hundred small jerky pieces.

Currently, in the suspension car, Wen Jin squatted on the cushion that Dewitt bought him, reached out his claws and grabbed his chin, hoping to make an aesthetic action of “supporting his chin”. However, the little paw could not reach his jaw, which had lost its clear outline. Wen Jin did not think about it. Instead, he put his paw under his body and looked at Dewitt with a pair of black bean eyes.

When he got in the vehicle, he tore off his tie and ripped open the fabric near his shirt. His rising body temperature and the manic reiki in his body caused him to be uncomfortable. There was nothing to hide because only the fox was present.

This guy’s action was wild and sexy. The uniform that Wen Jin had bitten off the cuff link to a few hours ago had now lost several front buttons. It was completely out of shape and looked like a storm had passed over him.

Dewitt’s slender neck was exposed to the air, with its inverted clavicle, which seemed so hard that the fox’s eyes could not move from that spot.

Wen Jin felt strange. The neck was one of the weaknesses of most beasts, but Dewitt had a powerful looking neck, especially when he was looking up at the moment, the curve of his neck was outlined, it was really… Wen Jin swallowed his saliva.

This guy looked really good in a military uniform.

Wen Jin, who praised Dewitt’s neck, couldn’t help sighing again.

The tense muscles of the whole body were in the military uniform. It exaggerated every curve and line and attracted people’s eyes, letting them imagine what the other side was like without clothes on his body. 

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Wen Jin fiercely opened his squinting eyes, propped up his whole upper body, then stretched out his front paw and scratched his face twice in an attempt to distract himself from Dewitt’s beauty. However, this action was not very useful, because not only did Wen Jin not calm down, but he also inexplicably felt a little itchy, especially the kind of itching where he wanted to pinch something. His throat was dry and he wanted to find something to alleviate  the dryness. And… The suspension car was so quiet that the sound of Dewitt’s breathing was amplified several times.

It was clearly a painful and repressed voice, but Wen Jin did not feel that it was right.

“Chee!” Don’t think about it!

The little fox covered his beating heart and suddenly cried twice. Then he buried his whole face in the cushion he had particularly disliked. He held his sharp ears with two small paws.

The fox was confused. In his family, every fox’s figure was beautiful beyond their gender, so men and women of the family were used to such high standards when it came to beauty. He had never understood why some foxes were so obsessed with the bodies of others and even fantasized being with them. Sh, ah, but he saw Dewitt. Later… Wen Jin felt as if he could understand why.

The big fool seemed to be really uncomfortable. His wheezing was louder than before. It was useless to cover his ears with his paws. He could still hear it clearly.

Wen Jin clenched his teeth and retrieved his paws silently, but his ears were still sticking to his head obediently. Now, if he was human, his face would be red.

His eyes swept over Dewitt’s undulating chest. “Chee…”

The big fool couldn’t fix this himself. He, he had to help him. Um, he needed to help him! Wen Jin thought, stretching out his hind foot to kick the hair that began to itch inexplicably behind his ear, but it didn’t matter. Once he kicked, he suddenly remembered something, put down his paws and the temperature of a small fur face suddenly rose.

Dewitt had wrapped his paw up before kissing it with his mouth more than an hour ago! His upper lip rubbed over his paw pads and he could even feel the temperature from his big, silly mouth…His lips were soft.

And before, the big fool touched his ass.

“Chee!” Stop!

“Chee!” Don’t think about it!

Wen Jin tried to stifle his fantasy with a sharp voice.

“Chee!” It was a fact that he might die if he didn’t help the big fool.

“Chee!!” No, no, it’s just you feeling bad. You have to control yourself, Wen Jin! Dewitt found that he had eaten tofu before!

“Chee!” Dewiit ate Wen Jin’s tofu so many times. Then Wen Jin ate DeWitt’s tofu twice. What happened?

Foxes should have dignity!

He couldn’t be eaten easily!

“Chee!” Wen Jin’s paws slammed down on the base of Dewitt’s thigh, he was serious and angry, “Chee!”

Why did he have to stand on people’s thighs?

But come on, come on…

Thief Wen Jin rolled his eyes and grinded his paws on Dewitt’s thighs.

If he didn’t do it, the big fool may really be killed by his own reiki. He must save this person and send the waiting Buddha to the West. He had already saved the big fool once and, this time, of course, he couldn’t stand idly by.

Wen Jin successfully convinced himself and he stood up on his hind legs, put a paw on Dewitt’s hot chest and pushed on it gently.

Just for a moment, the fox’s eyes squinted comfortably.

“Chee-” It felt so great!

Wen Jin stepped on the right side of his chest and the two fleshy hind legs stood a little further to the left, extending their claws to touch the concave line in the middle of Dewitt’s chest. While touching it, Wen Jin deliberately continued to tread on Dewitt’s body with both hind legs and his eyes fell on the small protuberance on his slender neck.

He wanted ant to touch it…

A light flashed in Wen Jin’s black bean’s eyes. One paw was pulling up hard, two solid hind legs were squatting down and strenuously pushing so that he could jump up.

The sound of “ding” suddenly sounded in the quiet suspension car.

Wen Jin, who was ready to stretch out his paws, was shocked. He did not stop the movement of his hind paws and fell directly on the soft chair.

“Cher…” It was as if he had been found out. For a long time, a pair of small pointed ears appeared carefully by Dewitt’s left leg. The small ears were sticking up near the back of his head until the black eyes showed by Dewitt’s left leg.

Wen Jin looked out furtively.

That was the sound of the terminal. There was a communication call coming in.

But it was impossible for Dewitt to take this call right now and Wen Jin… He didn’t know how to use terminals at all and he just felt this communication could be ignored. He had almost touched Dewitt’s Adam’s apple!

Wen Jin’s black eyes stared at the terminal on Dewitt’s wrist. He was unhappy and clapped hard on it. “Chee!” Stop ringing.

“Ding Ding Ding!!!”

“Cher!” Another paw hit out. I said don’t make a fuss!

“Ding Ding Ding Ding!!!” This terminal showed no weakness, as if he was hitting a table.

Wen Jin stared at the terminal and the third paw struck out again, “Cher!” Shut up!

After one paw, Wen Jin successfully blocked the noise of the terminal and successfully made a crack in the screen. The air in the suspension car calmed down, Wen Jin relaxed his breath and looked at Dewitt again. He was reluctant to see the others eyes and licked the tip of his nose with his pink tongue.

I want to feel it with my paws, but I can’t rub it any longer.

Dewitt’s body temperature was still rising and the whole person was burning. His breathing sounds were getting heavier and heavier and the reiki in his body was in a disorder.

Wen Jin blinked his eyes and listened to the sound almost equal to gasping. His sharp ears trembled and drooped behind his head subconsciously. It seemed that he didn’t want to hear it clearly. But in such a small space, it seemed that such an action was simply a cover-up.

When the body temperature rose, the water in the body was easily lost. When Wen Jin raised his head again, he saw Dewitt’s Adam’s apple move up and down, which was fatally sexual.

Closing his eyes, Wen Jin warned himself to be serious, then put out his paws, one on the inside of Dewitt’s thighs to support himself, the other on his lower abdomen.

While preparing to transfer reiki, Wen Jin found something wrong.

He had seen Dewitt’s veins several times  his reiki had explored through them and now he was familiar with them. However, this time, the reiki he put in was like he was feeding a bottomless hole and he could not touch Dewitt’s veins at all.

What was going on?

Wen Jin was stunned and at the same time, the contract hidden deep in his body suddenly lit up and heated.

The contract had a low sense of existence since it was made, but now it seemed to echo with something in Wen Jin’s body. Vaguely, Wen Jin felt as if he had seen a door in front of him.


Dewitt felt that his body was not right in the corridor, so he wanted to withdraw in time with Wen Jin, even if Eve’s examination results were gathered later.

After he got in the suspension car, he first turned on the thermostat in the car, adjusted the seat to the softest mode and then sank into it. His body temperature continued to rise and accompanied by the disordered movement of his energy, Dewitt only felt a burst of pain in his head.

He knew what that meant.

The energy of the person with an ability affected the formation of the energy storm. These storms were recorded in the oldest Assyrian texts but within the past few hundred years, they were gradually forgotten.

The so-called energy storm referred to the fact that the nerves were totally plunged into another world. Many of those with abilities who had met with an energy storm and come back called it “the most perfect world”.

Some scholars said that the so-called energy storm was to let every ability user enter this ideal world.

However, this ideal world was meant for those destined to die, just like the deadly butterflies on the planet Grott. Beautiful, but deadly, the whole desolate planet of Grott had many such legends.

It was rumored that the perfect world would appear in the depths of the planet Grott. In one’s most desperate time and then, at that time, the deadly butterfly would lead them to an oasis of birds and flowers and as long as they stepped on it, they would not be far from death.

Of course, there were also ability users who had returned from this world. But along with the growth of age and the intensification of the energy storms, they would one day lead ability users to the road of no return. This was also a fact.

In this respect, the age at which mental instability occurred was inversely proportional to the strength of the ability. In the records of Assyria, in the last hundred years, energy storms appeared for only seventy-five ability users and the longest energy storm a user had wandered through lasted five years.

In other words, those who had a weaker ability were able to feel the smallest amount of influence on the body. Mental instability would not last for five years for these users.

An energy storm was the “side effect” that most Assyrians feared more than an ability storm.

After all, ordinary Assyrians did not use their abilities intensely. Some Assyrians did not use an ability at all and thus had a lifetime in order to live longer.

In this regard, as long as research data excluded Assyrian soldiers, it would show that ninety five percent of all Assyrian ability users died due to mental instability 

“Little fellow.” It was not long before he got into the car and he felt more and more waves in his brain. Dewitt knew that this mental instability could not be avoided. He touched Wen Jin’s head with some stiffness in his fingers, held him in his arms and pointed to a switch on his hand. “If I sleep too long, press it. Leave here and go out.”

An energy storm was the same as an ability storm. There was no remedy for it. For hundreds of years, the Assyrian ability users had maintained this track, so he did not let Wen Jin call for others because it was useless.

At that time, Dewitt’s vision blurred. He saw the little fox clap his hand with disgust on his face. He was not angry. He leaned back in his chair and looked down at the little fellow on his body, feeling that his heart was soft.

Energy storms or ability storms would not only make the body of an ability user move in a weird direction, but would also make the emotions of the ability user more violent and uncontrollable than usual.

Dewitt reached out and touched Wen Jin’s head with some attachment. He felt the fur under his hand and could not help but sigh in his heart.

He was never afraid of death. To die on the battlefield was the most glorious ending for a soldier. But after this energy storm, he had the idea of retreating, fearing that Wen Jin would be left unattended after his accident.

This little fellow would have everything in his place. If he sleeps for several months, the little fellow would not be able to eat a piece of the jerky he loved so much. He would slim back to the way he looked when they just met. Dewitt felt that he would die of heartache. Moreover, he did not know whether he could come back from that world after this dissociation.

However, mental instability would not immediately lead to brain death and he would spend half a month in a coma at least, which should be good news.

His subordinates had been investigating the dissolution of the contract for a long time and there had been a lot of progress recently. The exact answer would be given in a few days. Then Archie would start to complete the dissolution for him, as he has already asked.

He would not let the fox die with him.

“I really want to destroy the seal of your contract…” Looking at the soft little fox and smelling a furry face, enduring his touching hands, Dewitt suddenly muttered.

He felt that he could not imagine that, if one day after his accident, the little fellow became contracted to a second ability user, slept on their bed, acted coquettish and they became… the other parent…

Imagining all these scenes, Dewitt felt that he might commit a crime.

With the increasing frequency of mental instability, Dewitt’s reason had been completely lost and an emotion surged up in his heart. If he could survive, what he wanted to do was to tie the fox to him and he felt that he could never tolerate the boy being close to another person.

Nobody else could touch him. 

With this in mind, Dewitt fell into an energy dissociation.

Every dissociation was a dream that belonged to the ability user alone. It was not the first time that Dewitt had entered this dream world.

His dream world was a vast universe, in which hundreds of planets surrounded and condensed into Assyria. Assyria was peaceful, even the air was warm and comfortable.

Dewitt liked armor, so in his dreams, there were so many armors that he could easily pick one. But strangely enough, after entering these aircraft armors this time, he found that almost every cockpit was covered with white fur.

Dream Dewitt thought the fur was familiar, but he couldn’t remember why it was in his armor. He didn’t care much. He picked his favorite armor and sat on it, then happily began to travel around every planet in the universe.

Looking at it one by one, this pleasant solo tour was like an endless journey…


Dewitt was stunned, always feeling something was wrong, as if something important was missing from his mind.

What did he forget?

Dewitt was stunned.

Just then, he felt someone patting him on the shoulder behind him.

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This chapter felt like the movie ‘Up’. Every time Wen Jin should concentrate on trying to help Dewitt through his storm, he was sidetracked with how attractive he found him. Squirrel!

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