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Chapter 58: Healed

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The stone-cold anger in Jin Yu’s eyes froze Shan BaiLu, then he started sweating. It was the first time he had seen JinYu like this. From his understanding of JinYu, even if he wasn’t all smiles like when he was trying to prank him, he should be someone who could win over, or intimate anyone. Even if he had an ‘I don’t care about anything’ attitude.

To put it simply, a master amongst masters usually hides their emotions. Thus, Shan BaiLu was very surprised.

Other than being surprised, the third son young master of the Shan Lang Clan (Mountain wolf) felt him shaking. It was a fear that stemmed from the soul. It wasn’t that he hadn’t seen anyone get angry before, but see JinYu the way he was right now…he felt like hell was about to freeze over and his life was now on the line.

Just as Shan BaiLu was frozen in place by JinYu’s words. JinYu walked over, with a chilling air, towards the Golden Roar Lion Beast, who had stopped twitching. When he checked it’s condition once again, JinYu let out a sound of surprise. Even his cold air warmed up a bit.

JinYu was furious, because the place that looked lively was actually lifeless. He felt as if a rock was weighing on his heart, one that he couldn’t get rid of. The uncomfortable feeling just made him more and more frustrated, which was why he looked like that when answering Shan BaiLu’s question.

However, when he calmed down and carefully looked into the Tibetan Mastiff, he saw that the singular strand of mental power had increased exponentially. Now, it seemed endless and he even carried what Qing QiLin called the ‘Chaotic Primordial Qi’. Other than that, there was a great change in his body as well. The medicinal line (药线) which had wrapped itself fully around it’s blood vessels had mostly disappeared. Even the ones that were left weren’t wrapped around as closely as before. If JinYu was careful, he could completely separate or devour them.

JinYu couldn’t help but feel happy about the situation. Even though he was a bit surprised, as long as this Tibetan Mastiff was saveable, that was enough to make him happy. As for the changes in him and what just happened…JinYu glanced at Shan BaiYu, who still stood there like a wooden log, and felt his mouth twitch. Without talking, he started saving the Tibetan Mastiff.

As JinYu was operating, Jin Qiao looked back and forth between him and Shan BaiLu, then finally sighed in resignation. Slowly he strolled over to where Shan BaiLu was and slapped him on the butt. In surprise, Shan BaiYu shouted and like a rabbit, jumped to where JInYu was. Due to that jump, JinYu almost broke one of the Mastiff’s blood vessels. With a vein popping, he offhandedly pushed the mental power he was using towards Shan BaiLu…

Thus, there was now a human window in JinYu’s house.


JinYu stared at the human hole dumbfounded. Then he looked at his hand, unable to comprehend what just happened.

But when Qing QiLin saw this, he actually laughed out loud, a once in a blue moon occurrence. He then went up to hug JinYu’s waist, “Now I don’t have to worry about you getting bullied.” For a causal push to have that much power, if you add on his beasts, JinYu has at least enough power to protect himself. With his abundance of energy also came the most important aspect and that was in about three month, he‘ll receive enough Chaotic Primordial Qi! After that, he would be able to do whatever he wanted, how he wanted, human or beast, and when he wanted!

Such a terribly good news was definitely enough for the always cold Qi Boss to crack a smile!

However, there were still those who couldn’t smile.

“Bo…ss…Boss! Do you want to kill me?! Don’t forget that Shoddy Little Wolf will avenge me! Ahhhhhh!!” Shan BaiLu shakily got himself out of the human hole on the wall. As he crawled out, he also didn’t forget to stick out his tongue, rolling his eyes and pretended to be hanged ghost.

His weird ass figure made JinYu’s mouth twitch. Even Shoddy Little Wolf backed off subconsciously, as if to say he didn’t know this person. However, seeing Shan BaiLu like that, Jin Qian actually laughed out loud, amongst all the discomfort felt by everyone else in the room. The effect of that laugh was on par with the one Qi Boss had just a moment ago. Not only that, Jin Qian walked over as he laughed to finally kneeled down in front of Shan BaiLu, saying, “Interesting~” There was definitely another meaning behind it.

Within seconds She BaiLu started shivering and with a zoom, got up and ran over to JinYu, “Boss! Boss, boss! This is a wolf in sheep’s clothing! He should be sliced to a thousand pieces! His worst than a beast! Boss, he’s been torturing your subordinate (me)! You have to avenge me!!!”

Hearing that, JinYu took a look at Jin Qian who was still smiling and Shan BaiLu who was latching onto his sleeve. After a while he said, “Remember to cancel your contract with the Shoddy Little Wolf before you die. It’ll be easier for me.”

That sentence got Shan BaiLu teary eyed and then he went, sat in a corner while hugging the Shoddy Little Wolf. Jin Qian was about to go up and tease him again but was stopped by JinYu, “The drug is 80/90 percent gone from its body, so come over and get rid of the listening device or whatever it is. And stop perving around.”

Jin Qian raised his brow and looked to see JinYu also raising his brow, both of them. Jin Qian lowered his head, thought about the pros and cons then finally shrugged his shoulders in resignation, “Okay, but I’m actually a good guy. It’s just your subordinate is asking for it that’s all…I’m really not a pervert.”

Before JinYu responded, BaoZi roared from the side. Hearing it just made JinYu roll his eyes.

[A pervert would never acknowledge that they’re a pervert! Like how Er Hei never accepts that his Er!] In an instant all the beast nodded in understanding, completely ignoring the angry little eyes of Er Hei. (Er, oblivious, dumb, people how can’t get a hint)

“Yep, Er Hei, as they say, a man doesn’t back down on their words, (take back their promise? You can’t take back what you said) even if you are a beast. After all, you want to be a beast with morals, with thoughts, with standards and can hold responsibilities, right? Thus, you need to act on your promise! Even if the situation was a bit special, but if you agreed to sell yourself, I can’t be the villain and say no right? Thus, when WangWang wakes up, let’s sign the contract. Of course, I was the one who saved WangWang so he should sign a contract 1 too. Yep, and then you guys will live happily ever after.”

As JinYu was talking, his eyes started squinting in happiness. He couldn’t be happier with his idea. After all, Er Hei was slowly getting more and more comfortable with the idea of staying here. So, he was just doing him a favor. As for WangWang, if he let a A+ beast go, he’ll change his surname to that of the pervert!

Of course, Jin Boss purposefully ignored the fact that they share the same surname.

Woof? [WangWang? Selling yourself? Contract?!]

Er Hei’s brain couldn’t decipher all those weird terms the boss just said and why did he feel his fur standing up as if it was dangerous? Also selling yourself and contract, it’s not what he thinks it means right? Even if Er Hei felt that something was off, Jin Boss wasn’t going to let something go wrong. So with eyes smiling he continued, “Yes, yes, WangWang is my nickname to that Mas- I mean Golden Roar Lion Beast. Doesn’t it sound good? WangWang! Prosperous wealth, prosperous luck, prosperous master, prosperous wife.Tsk, tsk, I’m a genius!”

JinYu rubbed his chin as Shan BaiLu watched on the sidelines dumbfounded. Jin Qian felt his hand twitch and tried to roll his eyes. Sure he was a pervert, so what if he was a pervert? There was a black hearted hooligan that wasn’t worse than him. Compared to him, he looked more like a real sheep.

“Boss…you really is my idol.” Shan BaiLu exclaimed as he finally regained his senses. How did you bamboozle a beast?

“Heh, heh, don’t worship me too much, I’m just a legend! Cough cough, as for selling yourself and contract…Er Hei, just think of it as you guys calling me master and staying in the store as gratitude for me saving you. I know you guys aren’t familiar with the ancient language. 2

After JinYu finished, Er Hei tilted his head in thought. Even after a long while, he still felt that since the Boss saved both he and his uncle’s life, acknowledging him as their master wasn’t bad. There was also good food and it was a good play to stay. Yep, much better than taking a mountain over. Thus, after much pondering he nodded.

In an instant, a massive pile of beasts fell down onto the floor. BaoZi and XiaoBai even covered their eyes in despair. This idiot is way too Er! They don’t know this beast…You idiot! Even if the boss was putting you under his wing with good intentions, this was still way too idiotic! If he met anyone with an ill intention, he wouldn’t even know how he died! What do you mean you’re an A level beast! You’re losing face for all the A level beasts out there!!!

But clearly Er Hei wasn’t feeling the complicated feeling that the other beasts were feeling. After he made the decision, he felt a weight off his shoulders and obediently stayed beside WangWang, waiting for him to wake up and recover. Then he’ll tell him about the great news…umm at least for Er Hei it was good news.

After four full hours, till the sun was peeking through did Jin Qian finally take out every mechanism in WangWang’s body. In the midst of it, JinYu even double checked with his mental powers to make sure nothing was overlooked.

So, after such a busy night, all the beasts were yawning. Only JinYu, Qi QingLin and Er Hei was still on guard. Even though WangWang, the Mastiff, was out of danger, his body was still weak from the mutation he underwent, so he didn’t wake up.

“Good work.” Even if JinYu was sure that this doctor here was a pervert, he was still a profession who really cared for the beasts. That he could acknowledge. He could tell that it was difficult, removing all those chips and mechanisms without harming the beast at its core. He must have used everything he had, so staring at the dark circles beneath his eyes, JinYu for once didn’t say anything vicious.

“Heh, heh. To think I’ll hear you say that.” Jin Qian started chuckling upon hearing his words, but his face showed a carefree expression, “I told you I was the beast next to the old man. And I’m used to doing all nighters, this was just four hours, it’s nothing.”

However, even as Jin Qian was saying that, his footsteps were wobbly. After all, it was a highly concentrated and complex procedure that took a lot of energy. Added with that was him suddenly getting up with a low blood pressure, so his body tilted to one side, onto somebody else.

“Heh, what’s a pervert pushing himself for and don’t fall on the beasts or plants. Considering you helped heal one of my beasts, I’ll have Jackal One and Jackal Two carry you back!” Nobody knew when Shan BaiLu woke up and walked over to Jin Qian side, but currently he was supporting Jin Qian with a prideful expression with disdain. However, in his eyes was also an awkward concern. That with his words made Jin Qian chuckle. So, he ended up shifting all of his weight onto Shan BaiLu while saying, “If you don’t come along as well, I’ll boil your two dogs as hot pot meat.”

“You!” Hearing that, Shan BaiLu turned real dark. This pervert made him clean up wounds with pus in them, made him carry corpse and now he was out of energy, he was still saying stuff like this! He was almost about to burst when he suddenly turned to look at JinYu then back at Jin Qian with a twisted smile, “Sure, I’ll send you back with Jackal One and Two.” Once I’m back, I’m going to burn your house to smitten!! Or beat you to a pulp!

Jin Qian could tell what he was thinking just by looking at his expression, but he didn’t say anything. Instead, he lowered his head, chuckled and had Shan BaiLu carry him away. But before he left, he waved at JinYu and Qi QingLin while wearing an evil smile.

“…You know what I think?” JinYu said speechless while looking at Shan BaiLu’s back as he carried Jin Qian, “Xiao SanEr’s beast shouldn’t be Shoddy Little Wolf, at least that child’s not an idiot. Er Hei is the one that’s raised by that Xiao SanEr right?!”

Hearing that, Qi QingLin nodded his head in approval, as did the rest of the beasts in the room. Even though Er Hei was attentively looking after WangWang, he still looked up with a quizzical expression upon hearing his name. That look made everyone else turn their head again.

Meow~ [Xiao Wei, want to make breakfast?]

XiaoBai said with his tails up and walked over to the Taste Lore Beast. He even placed a claw onto its shoulder, like real bros.

Meow! [Breakfast, breakfast, breakfast! All you know is eat! My breakfast isn’t free!] The Taste Lore Beast said hissing and slapped the claw off his shoulder. But after that, he walked angrily towards the kitchen. As for XiaoBai, he watched with his cat eyes squinted and then laid down to lick his paws. As he was licking, he sighed, XiaoWei got really low EQ, it was already his tenth failure at flirting.

Meow…[Haaaa, it’s so hard to find a wife who can cook at this day and age…I still need to try harder.] JinYu listened with his mouth twitching and expressions shifting into multitude of colors. That mischievous XiaoBai was actually looking for a wife?! You sure you aren’t just looking to eat?! Not only that, they were both males and even then, from appearances, XiaoBai was clearly the bottom! The Taste Lore Beast was a tabby cat, no matter how you looked at it, he was the top! Why is it reversed! Why is it reversed!

Just as JinYu was feeling speechless, he felt his feet lift up from the ground. When he turned around, he saw the BOSS staring at him with green eyes. In a jiffy, he said on high alert, “It’s morning, time to open!”

“Don’t worry, today let’s have an off day. Everyones tired from staying up late.” Qi QingLin said with narrowed eyes, with an emphasis on the tired part.

“What tired?! I’m not tired! Taking an off day when there is nothing is terrible for business!” JinYu continued objecting.

Qi Boss curled his lips up and actually laughed slightly, “Today is a special day for the owner, so we’re taking a break.”

Just as this whale was taken aback by this rare show of beauty, the BOSS smiled happily and took the fish caught in the net up stairs. Yep, no matter what, for staying pent up for so long, even if they can’t go all the way, he was going to get a taste at the very least.

Once the beasts saw their two bosses leave, they thought about it and continued laying on the ground for breakfast. After all, the owner was having a special day off, so they might as well take the chance to rest.


“Hey, hey, hey! You-you, you don’t do anything rash! You said you wouldn’t force me!” JinYu shouted as he was pushed onto the bed. As his face went from red to white to red, he couldn’t understand why this guy, who was so well-behaved before, would start stripping him and touching him everywhere! At least he didn’t make it so obvious before!

Qi QingLin eyes just darkened as he continued fondling the body beneath him. Touching the silky skin, sometimes rubbing it, sometimes pinching it, until someone completely melted into the bedsheets. Then looking down, he bit JinYu lightly on the neck.

“At least you need to give me a taste or someday I’m really going to pounce you.” Qi QingLin said with a voice full of desire. That made JinYu’s body tense up again, but he slowly eased up with his touches.

Staring at the ceiling, JinYu sighed slightly, making Qi QingLin’s movements come to a halt.

“….Are you still thinking about that? If that’s Mother Earth?”

The room was silent for a while, until JinYu broke it with a slightly hoarse voice, “Yes.”

“Are you from Mother Earth?” Qi QingLin hugged the body beneath him and with a turn, swapped their positions. “I was just wondering why the Demi-Humans would have someone like you. Heh, but if you are from Mother Earth then you’re older than me in terms of age.”

Maybe it was because Qi QingLin’s voice was too gentle, or because his body was warm, that JinYu simply closed his eyes and laid on his body. Slowly he answered, “Then how old are you? When you see Mother Earth, do you want to go back? I tried a lot of times just now but I couldn’t go back there. Do you think I could only go back once? That there is no next time?”

“Well, I guess you can say I’m about a thousand years old? You’re at least three hundred thousand 3 right?” Qi QingLin answered seriously. Then he felt JinYu’s body tense up and laughed it, “I don’t mind you being old.”

“WTF! You’re old! I’m only twenty-five!! You get away from me!!!” JinYu clenched his teeth, about to kick him, but because he was too tightly hugged, it failed.

“Don’t worry, just take a rest for today. Once you gotten enough rest, we’ll think of a way to go back there. If it already appeared once, I’m sure you can see it again.” Qi QingLin said while patting JinYu gently on the back. Once he felt JinYu’s body relax, he added, “Even though that Mother Earth doesn’t have any life on it…I thought about it, our store isn’t big, so if we take in other beasts, we can take them to Mother Earth. How does that sound? Then they can have a place for themselves and a place to rest. Mother Earth will also slowly gain life as a result…of course, we need to investigate once for ourselves, but don’t worry, you still have me.”

In an instant JinYu felt his body shake. Then he hugged Qi QingLin as tightly as he could. As he rubbed his head on his chest, he thought that this boss actually learned to take advantage of another’s perilous state.


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Translator Notes:

  1. (He’s talking about a ‘slave contract’ like sell yourself contract ‘卖身协议’ & ‘以身相许’ which is to repay with your body. He says these two terms are ‘ancient language’.)
  2. Earth’s language.
  3. Thinking the author forgot what year she originally put because JinYu would be about 100,000 years old from the time Mother Earth became habitable.


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