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Chapter 62: LanZi

Translated by Rikko of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In front of JinYu at the moment were LanZi and the little wolf pup, brimming with happiness. It had been probably a whole half month since they met. As Big boss Jin eyed at the person and beast, both of which wore silly smiles on their faces, he twitched the corner of his lips, seriously debating if he should act as though those two idiots were strangers to him…

Nonetheless, that was obviously useless—not only had the little wolf pup, so obese that it looked like a ball, jumped down from LanZi’s arms excitedly to greet BaoZi warmly and affectionately, but JinYu himself also had his arm grabbed by the presence less blue-haired boy and forced to listen to him, “Boss! Glad you guys are here! Recently, Little NaiLao (cheese) seems to be a little abnormal. Just when I was about to visit you and ask you about this, you came here. I sure am lucky.” 

With his hand grasping JinYu, LanZi continued on without waiting for JinYu’s reply, “Recently, NaiLao kept- kept having no appetite- and kept idling around lazily, not wanting to move… Previously, we were rather great partners.  Even the teacher said I’ve found myself a suitable beast. I was ecstatic. But now, NaiLao is less and less spirited… I’m so worried! May- may I ask if you have any idea what I should do? I have saved up some coins recently!!” 

Upon hearing that, JinYu’s face darkened. Why in the world was he able to guess the cause of the situation the instant he heard that?! The cause was relatively evident to anyone, right?! Look at NaiLao’s big, round stomach! And its stumpy legs! Look at how it panted after just walking a step! 

Fuck! Apart from obesity, what else could be the reason?! Exactly how much did LanZi pamper the little wolf pup to turn it from a proud, adorkable little thing to such a frightening state?! Although it still looks cute when chubby, it isn’t a pet dog, all right?! It is a battle beast! This young boy was definitely a genius to get it into such a state.

“You…” Just as JinYu was about to reply, a commotion could be heard among the crowd. What followed after was the appearance of two people with annoyingly bright yellow and red hair respectively, along with a green-haired person. At the same time, a voice that made JinYu twitch his eyes rang out—

“Excuse me, coming through! My sweetheart is inside! Huh? You don’t believe me? You are heartbroken? Oh my, don’t be! You will definitely find a better crush! Excuse me, excuse me… My little LanZi! LanZi! I’ve come here to visit you with KuangZi and the psychic! Why were you gone in just a blink of an eye? Who did you go to? Who can be more important than me?”

The voice of the yellow-haired guy was like nails on chalkboard to JinYu. I didn’t see his fella since half a month ago, and yet he is still as irritating as ever! Besides, what’s with the ‘sweetheart’?! Is this fella that insatiable?! Can he ruin the city’s landscape even more than that?!

“Why didn’t you come here alone…?” JinYu let out a lamenting sigh.

A short silence later, LanZi sighed as well, “W-Well… They seem to be more and more immune to my ability recently. I’m troubled by that too.”

Once JinYu heard the word ‘they,’ he perceptively deduced the meaning behind it. Don’t tell me that red-haired and yellow-haired guys aren’t the only ones that got captivated by this adorkable teenager?! As that thought crossed his mind, JinYu raised his head, his eyes landing on a dark green-haired boy.

After a glance at JinYu then at the beasts near him, the green-haired boy pushed up his glasses, “As I predicted, the stars have assembled today. LanZi’s natal chart has Sigma Sagittarii passing by it, symbolising he will be meeting someone important. Mn. You are that fat dog’s boss, aren’t you?” A green light flashed passed the green-haired boy’s lenses, “As expected, an air of great importance surrounds you.”

“…Are you a fortune-teller?” After staying muted for a while, JinYu asked, “This seems to be a precious long-lost skill. Since you stated that, you probably aren’t a novice psychic, are you?”

A vein popped on the green-haired teen’s forehead once he heard that, “I’m. Not. A. Psychic! Besides, mysterious divination (Physiognomy) is just my hobby; I specialise in geomancy!! Your ophryon 1 seems to be dark today. Things might not go well for you. Going outside is a big taboo for you today, especially to crowded places, as you might attract disputes and foes. If you get even unluckier, fatal accidents may befall on you! Thus, I advise you to leave with all of your idiotic beasts! Stay far, far away from LanZi!”

JinYu was rather apathetic when he heard the young man’s rambling. To be honest, the majority of the crowd had such a lack of expression. Yet what turned JinYu’s apathy to rage was the reaction of LanZi, who surprisingly cast a serious and somewhat worried look at him before advising in a fairly sincere tone, “Erm…XiaoLü’s divination is usually accurate… boss, why- don’t you head back? I-I will visit you with NaiLao a few days later.”

JinYu took a deep breath, forcing down his urge to smack him, and gritted his teeth, “You are the one with a dark ophryon! In fact, your whole family have dark ophryons!! Besides, you are doomed in romance and fated to have a lonely life! You will bring disaster to your husband, wife and your whole family! I can’t be bothered with you!!”

Never would he expect someone would tell him his ophryon was dark thousands of years later in a different world. Fucking hell! What an utter agony of a past that was! He grit his teeth in sheer fury whenever he remembered the time before the apocalypse when a psychic kept dwelling outside his home daily, telling him his ophryon was dark and he would bring disaster to his wife. Due to that, his relationship with his first girlfriend blew off. What a fraud! He never wanted to meet another psychic in his entire life ever again!

Noticing that the green-haired guy was stunned by his outburst, Big Boss Jin sneered and walked over to pat his shoulder, “Kiddo, stop embarrassing yourself in front of an expert. After all, even if I don’t study I Ching 2 and BaGua 3 every day, I do get my fortune read daily! A word of advice to you; treasure your life, it’s best for you to stay far away from fortune-telling!”

Seeing how JinYu petrified the usually unfathomable and proud guy with just a few unfamiliar phrases, the yellow-haired and red-haired guys grinned from ear to ear. The red-haired guy even let out a short laugh. After all, that dumbass said he is unlucky in romance previously! Serves him right! Hahaha!

“Boss Jin, long time no see! I missed you so much!” The red-haired man shook hands cordially with JinYu.

The intensity of the handshake arose an urge in JinYu to slap him, “You seriously don’t have to miss me that much. All right, let go of my hand. I still have something to say about the little wolf pup’s situation.”

Hearing that, the red-haired guy froze, twitched a little, and curled his lips, “What is there to say about it? That fella is just too fat! It’s a glutton through and through! See, now it can’t even move! Serves it right!”

LanZi panicked, “Nonsense! NaiLao is- isn’t fat at all!”

At the same instant, the little wolf pup howled at the red-haired guy in rhythm with its owner, just that there wasn’t even a bit of intimidation in that roar.

“It isn’t fat?! LanZi! My red lion wasn’t even as fat as it when it was at its age!! It is almost twice the size of that yellow-haired guy’s yellow leopard when it was little, let alone that green-haired guy’s tortoise!! It is almost 50 years old and still the size of a palm!!”

KuangZi’s nagging made LanZi’s expression switch around one after another. In the end, he flashed an aggrieved look at JinYu, seemingly wanting some reassurance, “Boss, NaiLao really- really isn’t fat, right?”

The hopeful eyes were like a brick, weighing JinYu down. However. After some pondering, JinYu still shook his head, “It isn’t fat.”

“Really?!” LanZi’s eyes brightened up at once. Even the little wolf pup wagged its tail then. On the other hand, BaoZi covered its eyes with its paws. Those two idiots were too naive.

“It is obese!!” JinYu gritted his teeth. “What in the world did you feed it every day? It is almost turning into a fat white pig! It knows very well that it has to lose weight, so it stopped eating. But merely dieting won’t solve this problem. From today onwards, bring it to your training center to run! Ten rounds daily! Not only will this boost its health and let it gain experience, but in the future, this will turn it into a partner that you will be proud of.”

Awoo… woof… 

Hearing that, the little wolf pup began making a scene in front of BaoZi by rolling around and gazing over with despairing eyes. With a slap, BaoZi flipped the pup over and roared. [Fuck! What an embarrassment! You glutton! If you don’t want to run, I will train you personally next time!]

In an instant, the little wolf pup trembled before dashing straight to LanZi’s feet, who was contemplating and at a loss. Then, it tugged on the edge of his pants towards the direction of the training center.

As LanZi was together with the little wolf pup for a whole half-month, he completely got what it meant. Seeing that the little wolf pup itself took such an action, he bit his lips with determination, nodded his head at JinYu and took his beloved beast for a run to lose weight. Left behind, the red-haired, yellow-haired and green-haired guys looked at one another. In the end, the yellow-haired guy was the first to react, as he bid JinYu farewell, “Well then, Boss Jin, you must be here for a reason, right? Since we have met up, we won’t be bothering you any longer! See you next time! LanZi…! Wait for me! I’ll go with you; my yellow leopard needs to lose weight too!!”

The red-haired young man sprinted out of the crowd faster than a certain someone after hearing that. The green-haired guy raised his head, looking at the sky, and sneered, “Judging from the thickness of clouds and wind direction. The chances of moderate rain in the next half an hour will be 8%; the chances of a rainstorm will be 87%; the chances of a violent rain is… It’s better for me to just head to the arena and wait for him since he won’t run for too long.”

Thus, JinYu rolled his eyes at the guys who approached him randomly moments ago and dashed away calmly right after. At present, he really did feel he was unlucky. Seeing that he came across those dumbasses right after arriving here, his luck today seriously was… to be deliberated.

“Speaking of which, should I pray to some god now… actually, does anyone believe in praying in this day and age?” JinYu muttered to himself.

Little Boss Qi plopped down on his shoulders and gave a chilly answer, “No use professing devotion to a god only when in trouble. Why don’t you pray to me instead?”

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Translator Notes:

  1. the space between the 2 eyebrows
  2. According to wiki: Book of Changes is an ancient Chinese divination text and the oldest of the Chinese classics. More info
  3. A tool normally used for fortune telling. According to wiki: The Bagua or Pa Kua are eight symbols used in Taoist cosmology to represent the fundamental principles of reality, seen as a range of eight interrelated concepts. Each consists of three lines, each line either “broken” or “unbroken”, respectively representing yin or yang. More info:


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