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Chapter 46: Ancestors

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Wen Jin’s body was stiff.

The next second, the responsive Wen Jin suddenly reared up and hit Dewitt with a claw. He looked very angry. “Chee!”

The fireball with the devil’s horn in the dream was you! I am so kind to you, so selfless, yet you are secretly jealous of my beautiful fur and also want to pull it all out! It’s just too much!

Looking at Wen JIn’s spirited appearance, Dewitt lifted his lips in a smile.

Wen Jin understood people’s words, could think like people and had a lot of mysterious abilities.

Because of that, it caught the attention of Cook’s group and aroused their curiosity. Looking back, Dewitt himself wasn’t surprised. He said he didn’t want to know about Wen Jin’s ability and that was absolutely false.

Everyone wanted to know everything about the little fox. Everyone wanted to be the most knowledgeable about Wen Jin, knowing everything that happened to him and even hoping that all doubts can be answered clearly by him. But after thinking about it, Dewitt still felt that Wen Jin would be happy. If his questioning would make him nervous and make him unable to cope with it, he would give up his curiosity decisively.

When Archie, Cassey and Mary entered the room, they saw such a scene as Dewitt’s soft, tired face smiled and Wen Jin spiritedly waved his claws and beat people.

“Ancestor…” Cassey stared and his face immediately became pale and greedy all at once as he rushed up, “My God, little ancestor, you finally woke up!”

In the past four days, Wen Jin, in a coma, has directly transformed Dewitt into a walking corpse.

And not only Dewitt, but also their hearts were very anxious. If it had been in the past, Wen Jin might have been just a “possible” beast to sustain Dewitt’s life and not so important. After all, they were born and bred in Assyria and their ideas were somewhat biased, but now they are different.

After being with Wen Jin for such a long time, their ideas began to change.

That was why they sincerely hoped that Wen Jin would get better. In these four days, no one suggested to Dewitt that Wen Jin’s life should be maintained in a special way, regardless of his health, because Wen Jin’s situation might be dangerous to the Marshal.

And since Dewitt insisted on bringing Wen Jin home, Cassey and Archie, as well as Mary, came here at least twice a day. Eve wanted to come too, but her body still had too many unstable factors, so Professor Lin did not allow her to leave the research institute.

Mary was different. Eve was now fully awake and Mary was now relieved. If she wanted to leave, Professor Lin couldn’t stop her at all.

“Chiii!” After her God fainted, Mary, who had been depressed for several days, saw Wen Jin beating Dewitt in bed and jumped down from Cassey’s shoulder with excitement. With her strong arms open, she ran quickly in Wen Jin’s direction.

“Chee!” Wen Jin cried out in horror, then jumped up Dewitt’s chest three steps, went straight into his coat and revealed only his small head, which could be said to be very distant.

Mary, who failed to reach her idol successfully, was not depressed at all. Instead, she put her little face in front of Wen Jin and carefully clicked, “Eve woke up and the Zerg poison in her body disappeared. Thank you. I will remember your kindness all my life!”

As she spoke, Mary made a deep bow. Under her strong arms, it was not a simple bow, but looked slightly intimidating. 

Cassey did not understand what they were talking about and took a curious step forward and asked, “Is the kid okay?” 

“Yes.” Dewitt responded and the curvature of his lips showed that he was in a good mood. He reached out and touched the small dumpling hidden in his shirt.

Cassey and Archie arched their eyebrows at the same time. To be honest, it was strange for Wen Jin to climb into Dewitt’s clothes and turn into baggage, but it was even more strange that the Marshal would still be touching it…

“Cough…” Cassey cleared his voice and handed Dewitt a data chip.

This was Mark’s summary of his work report for the past few days.

Since Wen JIn was unconscious, Dewitt’s work began to stop. It was no wonder that Dewitt did so. After all, he just had a thorough argument with the House of Representatives for Sendo’s actions and because Sendo’s actions were based off of their ideas, the House of Representatives dared not ask Dewitt to help them anymore. So during this period, they did nothing at all.

However, this was clearly not Dewitt’s style.

The Uttar’s arrival was a big event and although Dewiit already called it off with the House of Representatives, it was impossible for him to ignore what had happened. It was precisely because he knew and believed that the Prime Minister would not put pressure on him but give Cook’s faction a lot of hard training.

“It’s all arranged. The Prime Minister has given us all the defense maps. I’ll take people to deploy them in person to ensure that any emergency can be responded to immediately.” Cassey said earnestly.

While Cassey spoke, Wen Jin was still in Dewitt’s arms.

Mary was still in front of him gabbling and expressing her gratitude, just like a poet, wishing to praise Wen Jin with all the good words she has learned all her life. And when she said these words, Mary, this little girl, was not shy at all. Instead, she said a few words. She turned Wen Jin’s face red and warm and his white paws did not know where to rest. She twisted herself and caused Dewitt to tighten his hold on Wen Jin a little.

“You’re all right, aren’t you?” After another long click, Mary suddenly asked a worried question.

Wen Jin paused and nodded his head at her sincerely concerned eyes.

While nodding his head, Wen Jin thought that Dewitt could cause him to be a reasonable demon. When facing Dewitt, he would be a little bit irritable and this was completely Dewitt’s fault. But see! He was very gentle when facing other people!

With that in mind, Wen Jin felt that it seemed a little bad to retreat into Dewitt’s arms at the sight of Mary. After thinking for a moment, he reached out a paw to Mary from Dewitt’s clothing. Little white furred paws with pink pads hung in the air and warm black eyes rested on Mary.

“Bah?” Mary looked a little incredulous, but after hesitating for a moment, she still held out her paws to Wen JIn, but the speed was slow because she could not believe it.

“Chee!” Seeing Mary’s slow speed, Wen Jin jumped out of Dewitt’s clothes without thinking. Half of his body popped out and he slapped out with his little paw.

There was no crisp applause when the two soft paws met, but after a moment of stunned silence, Mary began to chitter and laugh.

“Chee.” Wen Jin also squinted his fox’s eyes and wagged his tail in Dewitt’s arms. He was in a good mood.

When Wen Jin reached out his paw recklessly, Dewitt reached out and held the little fox so he would not fall. He saw the little fox’s appearance and his eyes were somewhat indulgent. He touched Wen Jin’s head and asked Cassey, “What happened before has been settled?” 

“Yes. As you thought, Major General Archie, when he met us at the gate of the Academy of Sciences, was not himself.” When Cassey mentioned business, he immediately became serious.

“I was in the office at that time.” At this point, Archie’s eyes showed a bit of confusion, “I have no habit of taking a nap, even if I wanted to sleep. I was not in the office, that day I asked Caicai but he seemed to be asleep.”

Although Caicai couldn’t speak, he could understand Archie’s words and try to give a simple response to his words.

“Preliminary investigation concludes that,” Cassey concluded, “judging from the monitoring and time, it was all premeditated. Just because he changed to Major General Archie’s appearance and came out to meet us during the time we arrived at the scientific research institute, it was enough to see that this was definitely planned ahead of time.” As Cassey said this, his face became a little heavy.

Espionage was something they had seen for a long time and there were many measures to deal with it, but now they were not facing ordinary spies, but Zerg spies.

The other side imitated Archie in an undisclosed way, unknowingly mingled into the scientific research institute, which did not arouse anyone’s suspicion and even Dewitt did not find anything wrong…

Through the communication between Eve and Mary, they already knew that the Zerg had evolved and created an aura simulation, but in such an event, aura simulation was only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, the complexity of the whole event made Cassey feel a headache coming on when he thought about it.

Despite his reluctance to believe it, Cassey couldn’t help speaking, “In the military… is there really a traitor?” 

He did not believe that the Zerg could achieve such a level without help. The scientific research institutes were very closely guarded, saying that they were the heart of Assyria would not be a lie. The spies would have been able to go through all of Assyria during the time Dewitt was in a coma. The Zerg, by themselves, would not have been able to understand Assyria so deeply in such a short amount of time, since it was totally different from their society.

“The incident may be really serious.” Archie sighed. “It’s true that I was wrong and negligent, but to tell the truth… I don’t know how they copied ‘me’ until now. I don’t even have the impression that I might have been touched. And they have succeeded in copying me. But why didn’t they just inject me with the virus?”

“Maybe they don’t think they should move you so early.” Cassey speculated, “As for when…”

“When we came back.” Wen Jin said to Dewitt. He was showing Mary the presents that Dewitt had given him and proudly took his owner’s posture. He loved gossip so he was still listening to Dewitt and turned his head to speak to him. “On the ship,” Wen Jin said to Dewitt “I once smelled something wrong with Archie when he came to the room, but it was very light. I thought at first that it was because he had come into contact with the Zerg poison that had not yet faded from you.”

When he came back from Liberec, Wen Jin smelled it, but the concentration of the smell at that time, he didn’t think it could make any waves, so he lost his mind about it. Now that he thought about it, Cohen’s team was on the ship at that time. It made sense to say that Archie contacted Cohen at that time and gave the other side a wide opening.

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Wen Jin going be the one who going remind them to include contract beasts to inspect people again?

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Thank you for the chapter!
I think the appearence of the spy is related to beast poisonings from previous chapters. Maybe beast are able so detect the infiltrators by scent, like Wen Jin when he notices it on Archie? I love the direction where the plot is going and I hope that the spy will be dug up soon.

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Thanks for the chapter 😊

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