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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In the past, when people married in Honghuang, the royal families would send many presents. They would fill the boxes with all kinds of shining treasures. The names of these boxes were called ‘bridal gifts.’

Wen Jin knew of this because for several years while he stayed at the palace in Honghuang, he lived with a royal cook with excellent skills. During the period when the royal cook lived in the palace, Wen Jin wandered around in the palace all the year round, cheating people out of food and drinks shamelessly by virtue of him being a dainty fox with a cute fluffy appearance.

The time he spent there was not long, only a few decades, but that was enough time to watch as dozens of big “bridal gifts” appeared. So he was familiar with this idea.

At the beginning, Wen Jin still felt that it was very incomprehensible. He thought that if two people were married, as long as they liked each other, not even the gods could disprove it. These people always liked to do these chaotic rituals, with all the boxes being shipped from place to place, not only was this really bothersome, but it was bothersome every time they had to open the box. However, they would also be happy and excited after opening one.

In fact, after Wen Jin looked more, he found that in those boxes, the things were almost always the same, so he really could not understand the reasons for the excitement of those people.

But at this moment, Wen Jin felt… he seemed to have understood the stubbornness the foolish human race had to these boxes.

When Dewitt reached out and opened the closest present for Wen Jin, revealing a lingshi pile that was as big as a mountain and flowing with waves, Wen Jin felt his whole heart was soft and his temper from his dream disappeared instantly, as if the whole fur-exploding fox had been flattened.

“Chee!” So many!

After two seconds of being stunned, the little white fox rushed up and laid his paws on the hill of lingshi. His big, fluffy tail shook several times behind him. His black eyes reflected the color of the water energy lingshi. Wen Jin looked very excited.

Each and every one of them were all water energy and were all superb quality, even better than the ten lingshi he absorbed last time.

Wen Jin swore that he had never seen such clean and pure lingshi extracted before in Honghuang.

And, besides, there were so many of them!

Watching Dewitt open one present after another, enough to surround Wen Jin and revealing the lingshi inside, Wen Jin’s heart was filled with the feeling that “the lingshi are as common as hay and ghosts are stuck in the wind”.

He fluttered his big tail, jumped up quickly and knocked over several presents with his white paws. He looked at the lingshi that had begun to cover the bed and felt their pure and incomparable reiki. Wen Jin even wanted to nest in the lingshi mounds with great poetic interest.

So Wen Jin did.

As soon as he exerted himself on his hind legs, the fierce fox plunged into the sea of Lingshi and rolled back and forth inside. He felt the Lingshi scratch around on himself, but he was just too happy to care.

Then, just as Wen Jin rolled back and forth for the eighth time, his movements became stiff and his eyes met Dewitt’s.

“Chee-!” He sat up quickly from the mound of lingshi, not forgetting to flatten the messy hairs on his cheeks.

After that, Wen Jin lowered his head and looked at the scattered lingshi on the bed. He stretched out his white-furred paws and patted it there. He pulled all the scattered lingshi to his own direction so that each one was at least twenty centimeters away from Dewitt.

He was clearly creating a boundary between himself and Dewitt, just like between the Chu River and the Han Dynasty.

Feeling the strong “brothers clearing accounts” atmosphere, Dewitt narrowed his eyes, reached out and pulled several of the stones over to his side. When Wen Jin saw the situation, he immediately stared up with rounded his eyes. He was anxious that he would lose the lingshi and never see them again, he was like a monster eager to scorch the land. Faced with Dewitt’s troublemaking hand, he shouted fiercely, “Chee!”

So many! All mine! Mine! They are all mine! 1

With his eyes narrowed, Dewitt seemed to understand the meaning of the oath of sovereignty under Wen Jin’s “call” and put his hand into Wen Jin’s “hoard” as Wen Jin grabbed the energy stone at the last moment.

Wen Jin, who was fiddling with Lingshi, put a paw on Dewitt’s hand, touched it with the pad of his paw and stared at Dewitt’s hand for a moment. After a moment of stunned silence, a trace of dislike appeared in his eyes. He pushed Dewitt’s hand out of his pile silently.

“Chee…” Don’t want this one.

Dewitt face did not change and looked at the excited Wen Jin, who was holding his mound of spiritual stones and refused to let him touch it again. He felt that this was not his little fox, but his little white-eyed wolf.

Two paws were clenched on the top of the Lingshi heap and stepped on them gently. Wen Jin pretended not to see Dewitt’s expression of eagerness to invade his territory. He stared at the Lingshi curiously and asked, “Why did you use metal boxes?” 

“Because the interior space of others is too small.” Dewitt said, looking deeply at Wen JIn, Lingshi couldn’t be laid down on certain materials. 

Suddenly looking back, Wen Jin was stunned by the warmth of those eyes. He didn’t remember to ask why the other side chose to bring in all the lingshi. And under Dewitt’s gaze, Wen Jin felt somewhat guilty.

In fact, very early on, Wen Jin thought that Dewitt’s eyes were unique, but not because of the color. On the Honghuang Continent, there were many people with special colored irises, especially the devil race, whose eyes were like rainbows and all kinds of unique colors.

But Dewitt was different.

His blue eyes were clearly the color of the sky. Instead of falling into Dewitt’s eyes, it was more like falling into the abyss of the sky.

Ordinary people would be far away from the abyss, but Wen Jin always felt that there was a whirlpool in Dewitt’s abyss that attracted him. Every time he looked at Dewitt seriously, he must concentrate, or he may be attracted to that abyss if he was not careful.

It was like in a dream, where he sat on Dewitt with a golden knife pointed at his neck…

The heat of the little furry face increased a little. Wen Jin stretched out his paws and grabbed himself. He turned his head and stopped looking at Dewitt. His belly was firmly attached to the bed and his eyes were staring solemnly at the mound of Lingshi. He wanted to distract himself.

But Wen Jin’s action was slightly ineffective, he began to look at the different sizes in front of him, but each Dewitt was so energetic that he could not touch them. When he tried to reach out and touch them again, his forepaws were gently grasped and pressed down onto the bed by Dewitt behind him with both hands.

“Chee?” The front paw was straightened and he had to lie on the bed before he could make a little noise. Then he felt something hot close to him. The next second, the back of his head was covered with something hot.

A low voice followed, “Don’t take such a risk next time.”

Dewitt closed his eyes so he could feel the little fox under his lips. Listening to their heartbeats, Dewitt took a deep breath.

Even though they had been talking for so long,  he finally realized and believed that Wen Jin was awake.

He had been really scared.

During those four days, Wen Jin did not wake up, his temperature was extremely low and his heart beat very slowly.

Assyrian research on Qi beasts was scarce. In the face of such a situation, even Old Lin could not explain why. With Wen Jin’s contract, Dewitt should have been extremely sensitive to the other side’s body, but he was not at all aware of anything.

The feeling that no matter what he did, nothing was changing, he could not accept it. Every day, he held Wen Jin in his arms and kept him close to his body. Every day, he would talk to Wen Jin and make some very annoying actions in an attempt to make him jump up in the next second. Even if his face was scratched, he would have been happy.

In those four days, not only Old Lin and Archie, but also Chen Xiong came back several times. Although every time, Chen Xiong would go to see Wen Jin himself, he could not explain why Wen Jin became as such.

No one knew why Wen Jin fainted.

Even the intelligence agents who Dewitt sent to roam the underground black market at that time gave the same answer.

The only one who comforted Dewitt was Archie. Archie told him that Wen Jin saved Dewitt from his first appearance and Eve after that. Such a magical little fellow would surely have his own way to overcome the danger.

With that being said, it soothed Dewitt a little.

Wen Jin gave him too many surprises.

Making his Zerg poison disappear, but also saving Eve, this little boy was mysterious, as if there was an inexhaustible treasure on his body. Then there was the teenager who made his body change dramatically…

Some thoughts flashed through his mind, but when he saw Wen Jin wanting to escape with his eyes, Dewitt did not have the heart to continue asking, but instead said, “Do you like your fur?”

As he spoke, Dewitt reached out and touched Wen Jin’s fur lovingly. This little fellow loved bathing very much. It was totally different from Caicai. Dewitt still remembered the first time he gave Wen Jin a bath.

So he asked this, but in fact, he already knew the answer.

Wen Jin had not yet recovered from Dewitt’s sudden and affectionate voice. When he heard the question, he responded with a subconscious whine.

As Wen Jin’s voice just sounded, he felt Dewitt suddenly come forward, bold and threatening as he whispered, “Next time, I’ll burn all your fur.”


The author has something to say: 

Dewitt (straightened his waist): I am mighty.

Wen Jin: Ha-ha


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So Wen Jin going get soaked again next chapter with that new bottle of water?

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Lol, i totally could picture wen jin as the gollum *my preciouusssss*

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I don’t get why Wen Jin isn’t just vacuuming up all the power from the lingshi

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I like the idea of Wen Jin immediately associating the gifts with bridal gifts. And the scene of him rolling in those Lingshi, so funny. I bet white fox on a mountain of shining Lingshi looked very exquisite.
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