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Chapter 63:  AnJie’s #108

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Not paying attention to Little Boss Qi’s teasing, Big Boss Jin still felt even after thinking it over that he definitely wouldn’t be so out of luck. Even if his luck was indeed not very good in his previous life, this wasn’t his former life, was it? At least he wasn’t on Earth anymore. Out of luck? He absolutely didn’t believe it.

After comforting himself, JinYu temporarily calmed his heart. At that moment, the new student training convention had also ignited because of a teacher’s abnormal spark and was currently in full swing. Just because there wasn’t an opening ceremony or headmaster making a speech didn’t mean that such a meeting would be looked down upon. It was exactly the opposite. It was because the school valued this test of fire too much that they would issue such a thing.

In this new student training meeting, the students had to travel the entire testing arena within two hours using just their own knowledge, courage, or other skills. The so-called ‘other skills’ included everything except cheating.

For example, if you think you have a lot of money, then great – as long as you can make others be willing to do things for you or make things more convenient for you or even give up their place for you by using your money, then our school would accept you. Or, if you think your character is good, or that your face is so fair that is can be used as money, then as long as someone is willing to be that big demon head that you’re playing with, then that was also your skill. Our school won’t refuse to accept you just because you have a good face.

So, from a certain perspective, this test was very good and robust. But from another point of view, it was also very deceptive and dumbfounding.

But as one of the first four founders of the school, a certain traditional jacket-wearing headmaster, expressed: if the school was so nitpicky over accepting students, if they couldn’t select multifaceted talented people from the test, then what the hell was the point of the school! Wouldn’t they be better off going to teach the upper crust?!

In any case, even if you don’t believe it, Laozi certainly believes that all people are equal. At the very least, just like his old home, when disaster suddenly struck, even if you were a billionaire or president, you would drop dead just like the ordinary people if you ran too slow. So that’s what Laozi was doing, so what? If you don’t like it, are you gonna bite me? I’ll make my DaBai bite you back!

Above are the first founder-headmaster’s words of wisdom. Even though those words were forbidden from being spread on the surface, all the impoverished youngsters who didn’t have status or money but had hopes and dreams remembered it well in their hearts. It served as their motivation for moving up.

It was because of those words that he became the legendary hero of quite a few commoners in the imperial family’s hunting school.

JinYu sat in an empty circle created by DaBai, WangWang and the rest. He heard XiaoBai say the aforementioned words with a fake-deep voice, and his face contorted a little.

Actually, he really should’ve made DaBai say it. XiaoBai’s explanation was truly a little too dramatic, making the cries of the crowd sometimes rise and sometimes fall. There were even a few whimpers… It made him have goosebumps, and several of the parents nearby sent him looks of misunderstanding, making JinYu want to slam his head against a wall!

Finally, when XiaoBai was done, JinYu tossed XiaoBai at DaBai as fast as he could. DaBai very accommodatingly glared at it threateningly, making XiaoBai furious but unable to say a word.

Meow… 【This is a straight-up threat! Betrayal! Getting rid of me now that I’m not needed anymore! Boss, you can’t be like this!

Even though Boss Jin completely understood Xiao Bai’s angry howls, but because only he and the nearby beasts could understand XiaoBai’s words, he merely lifted his eyebrow and ignored the fellow. 

JinYu originally wanted to calm down and view the broadcast screen properly, while seeing if there were any good youngsters who were worth swindling, he unexpectedly heard a very mellow and rich middle-aged uncle’s voice instead, “Hehe, this little brother, are these A- and A+-level beasts all yours? This is really an eye-opener! There are only about fifty A-level beasts in our entire school, yet you actually possess six yourself. It truly makes me envious and admiring.”

Those words were placid and not abrupt, so JinYu didn’t feel any disgust when he heard it. He looked at the middle-aged uncle, who appeared very elegant and gentlemanly, “En, even though these are my private, not-for-sale beasts, if this uncle can make them perfectly willing to leave with you, I won’t forcibly bind them either. Of course, if uncle has no way of luring them over, my shop still has many that can go up for battle, or cute beasts that can cook. Naturally, the prerequisite for all of this is that they all have to be willing.”

When JinYu spoke the last line, his expression suddenly shifted from his previous smile to extreme seriousness. That enormous change and discrepancy made the middle-aged man stunned when he saw it, and he started laughing loudly after a beat of silence. “Hahahaha! You’re really quite interesting. Did you know that if you hadn’t said that last line, you would probably have already been beaten black and blue!” The middle-aged man’s expression grew solemn. “Just then, I heard your A-level two-tailed cat say that you’re getting rid of it now that it’s not needed anymore, that you’re abandoning it.”

Now it was JinYu’s turn to get startled. What did he mean by that? Could this guy also understand beasts? But besides that – what did he mean by if it weren’t for JinYu’s last line, he would’ve been beaten black and blue? Even if the guy was just making it all up, that was a little too vivid, wasn’t it?

“This uncle ah… you can’t be the crazy type who thinks that the savior is actually some kind of supervillain, right? Why are you saying such nonsense right away?” JinYu looked at the man’s expression before he shook his head. “Even if I didn’t say that last line earlier, I wouldn’t do anything anyway. Instead, those people who probably want to do something to me will be the ones who end up not in good shape.”

“Oh? Are you so confident in yourself?” The middle-aged man couldn’t help but lift an eyebrow. His originally very good-natured face suddenly grew cold. Did he misjudge him? This person wasn’t actually such a good young man?

“Of course not. Eh, even though my confidence has increased a lot recently, I’m not stupid to the point that I’ll look for trouble for myself. Rather than saying I’m confident in myself, it’s more like I have faith in my cuties and foodies.” JinYu laughed mischievously as he said that, and DaBai and BaoZi stood up very fittingly at that moment before they surrounded the middle-aged uncle.

Of course, they were all baring their teeth.


“Oh oh! I didn’t expect them to actually be so loyal to you? But it’s not clear whether that’s because of some certain secrets that can’t be divulged.”

After that, the guy ‘meow’-ed at XiaoBai. XiaoBai and JinYu were both stunned. Even little boss Qi, lying on JinYu’s shoulders, lifted his head and gave him some face.

【Are you willing to come with me? I can help you get rid of your spiritual contract with him!

That was like a clap of thunder. Not only was XiaoBai a little dumbfounded, even JinYu’s expression changed immediately.

This person was actually referring to getting rid of the spiritual contract?! The spiritual contract that had existed for so long, and made so many beasts so helpless and unable to resist—that one?!

That piece of information was really a bit too much. JinYu looked at the handsome, refined, and imposing uncle in front of him without batting an eyelid, while memorizing how that man looked.

But for some unfathomable reason, even though getting rid of the spiritual contract was a good thing, he felt all sorts of discomfort in his heart. He kept feeling like this enormous meat pie that fell from the sky was quite difficult to swallow.

JinYu didn’t say anything. Little boss Qi suddenly extended a hoof towards XiaoBai, and XiaoBai suddenly heard JinYu’s mind-voice and thoughts in his ears.

That trick made JinYu and XiaoBai both start in surprise. JinYu cupped Little Boss Qi in his hands and looked at him with glowing eyes, nearly making the boss change shape.

{If you keep looking at me like that, I’ll do something right on the spot.} A voice suddenly spoke in JinYu’s ear. Boss Jin’s mouth twitched as he looked at the little black qilin, whose eyes were faintly glowing red, and he stuffed him right back into the bag. As expected, no good things ever came from this scoundrel!

After understanding what JinYu was thinking, XiaoBai answered the middle-aged man. It was asking why he was able to undo the spiritual contract, and how could it trust him? In any case, its master was still alright, and even though he would make it do some cruel things on occasion (such as forcing it to eat extremely unpleasant cat food), for better or worse it was still safe and satisfied.

The middle-aged man felt both bitter and hateful when he heard XiaoBai’s reply. Look at that idiot! An A-level beast’s requests for treatment was merely to have enough to eat! If he let this thing get out, all those people who used lots of money to get A-level beasts and basically worshipped them in their houses would definitely erupt and beat up that armchair expert until he couldn’t live by himself anymore!

But no matter how much he lamented, or how dumbfounded he was at XiaoBai’s requests, he couldn’t snatch XiaoBai just like that. He could only meow in reply and transmit some important news to it—

[In three days, in AnJie’s #108 villa, see you there!] After saying that, the man said cheerfully to JinYu as if nothing had happened, “Hehe, I had a conversation with your beast just then. It said that you’re pretty good, that you’re a great master.”

JinYu: -_-|||.

“Hehe, I also think I’m a great master.”

“Hehe. Since that’s the case, I won’t disturb you any longer. Farewell!”

“Hehe, farewell… I hope that when you see me again, you won’t be scared to tears…” AnJie’s #108 villa, tsk tsk, that was very close to his shop. How come he hadn’t realized that another neighbor well worth pondering over and investigating had popped up.

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Hm… competition? Well, competition on a market is good but not the one which wants to take away your beasts by using tricks. I so want to see how JinYu will deal with this meowing uncle.

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