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Chapter 65: Reactionary Army’s prison
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

As JinYu slapped the young man, who had fled behind him and was probably an aristocrat, into the tree, the youths who had been laughing abruptly stopped as their open mouths fell open.

Before they could respond, they heard the man who slapped their leader into a tree say a sentence. Although that sentence was unbelievably clear in meaning and enunciation, they were still unable to digest it. What partner? Shouldn’t there be a person here for him to have a partner? But there clearly was no one beside this man!

In the next moment, these young masters collectively heard a voice that was extremely sinister and chilly. The words conveyed by that voice instantly made them tremble from head to toe.

“You-you-you! Do you know who we are? If you dare to do anything funny, our clan will kill you!!”

The legs of the youths that were standing were shaking, but the habit they had long developed prevented them from turning to run, instead they tried to frighten JinYu with their family name.

At this moment, the young man who was blasted away with a slap by Big Boss Jin slowly stood up with the help of his servant and glared at JinYu as he snarled, “You’re courting death!”

He suddenly felt a sharp pain in his right and left wrist just as he finished speaking, but before he could scream out, he felt another burst of pain from his lower body, “Aaahhhhhhhhh—!!”

A sad and shrill cry was released from the youth’s mouth. The youth’s wrists were gushing blood, but the most surprising thing was that the youth’s right hand was firmly gripping his lower body even with his right hand being so badly injured.

A bloodstain appeared on the person’s trousers while the crowd was feeling baffled.


The entire crowd that gathered to watch the bustling scene was instantly unable to help gulping. This was especially when the men looked at JinYu – eyeing him like he was the most ferocious beast.

No one saw JinYu do anything to this youth. However, with the sinister words ‘chop your claws off’ and a certain person’s gaze that happened earlier, it would be absurd if the man who had been threatened had no relation with this incident.

“Cough cough… That ah, just chop his claws off if you said you’ll do so… Why did you also chop that place off too? Look at how painful it is…” JinYu felt the pain in his balls as he spoke.

“I’m helping him accumulate merit. Just look at his appearance. Who knows how many people have been harmed by him before?” That chilly and emotionless voice appeared again and this made the crowd instantly back a few steps away. Another man appeared from thin air beside the man in the pale bluish-white Tang suit under the gazes of the spectators. To everyone’s horror, not only were they unable to tell how this man appeared, but no one was able to clearly see the face of the man in the black coat at such a close distance!!

The only thing that could be determined was that what had just happened must be the doings of the man in black. Based solely off the aura coming from the man, this was an existence that could not be provoked in any way.

“Aaahhhhh—!! You! You! I’m going to kill you! Father!! Mother!! Big Brother and Big Sister!! Ahhhhh—!!” By this time, the bleeding of the young man whose claws had been chopped off had changed from a gushing to a normal flow of blood. His face that had been putting on airs turned pale white and his body was uncontrollably shaking as his servant supported him. Then a piece of jade on his chest shone brilliantly.

“Oh? Is he calling for help?” JinYu was rather interested as he looked at that shiny thing.

“Nobody can save him.” Qi QingLin stated and gave a snort. With the cold snort from the Big Boss, the six beasts including DaBai and WangWang that were having a stare down with the three other Level A beasts, collectively bared their teeth. Then DaBai, WangWang and XiaoBai stepped back. In the next moment, BaoZi, ErHei and XiaoXue directly pounced at that three beasts with a howl. Within a minute, they had simultaneously defeated their opponents and ground them beneath their claws.

Howl—! [Pei, you guys are still green! Want to fight with Lao Zi?! ]

BaoZi stared in contempt at the panther it was stepping on under its hind-paw. Then it flicked it’s tail and sat its butt down on the fellow’s head. All the elders and spectators shivered in horror upon witnessing this. Fuck, how could this beast be s-s-so cruel?

The situation at the field had changed dramatically in the blink of an eye. The victim who had been grabbed on both sides by the arms instantly turned into a big boss, while the fellow who had been strutting around became a tragic sight. The spectators observing this turn of events fell silent. Just as JinYu was about to lead his beasts away, more than a dozen guards rushed in from outside the crowd. They tightly surrounded JinYu and Qi QingLin. Even DaBai and the rest had been surrounded by dozens of Level B beasts.

“Who dared to hurt my son?!” A fierce and shrill female voice rang out from within the crowd.

JinYu looked over and saw a richly and ostentatiously dressed lady walking over with the support of her servant. A young man and a young woman were following beside her. From their similar appearances, they should be the elder brother and sister whom the youth had shouted for. Of course, the two of them were also eyeing JinYu with a rather unkind and even murderous look at this moment.

“Who was the one who hurt my son?!!!” When the lady walked to the crowd. Her every gesture carried some ruthlessness and fierceness, “I want his whole family to be buried with him!”

Such a look made JinYu avert his gaze. The identity of this woman had probably exceeded his imagination for her to be able to directly say such words in front of so many people.

“Mother! Mother!! You have to avenge your son!! They did not to distinguish between right and wrong and injured me! He also plundered my crystal tears I had bought at a high price!! Mother! Big Brother and Big Sister, you have to seek justice for me!! Are there even any laws in this world?!” When the youth saw his mother, elder brother and elder sister arriving, he threw himself into the embrace of that lady as his servant supported him whilst tears and snot ran down his face.

The lady saw her most beloved son with a broken hand and a bloodstain on his crotch. Her expression became extremely dark and ugly, “Guards! Seize them!! Put them in the Reactionary Army’s prison!!!”

The people around them could not help gasping. The Reactionary Army’s prison! That was known as the most dreadful place in the Capital Star. They were as good as dead once one entered. Who on earth was this lady?

JinYu and Qi QingLin respectively gave a cold snort and a chilly sneer upon hearing the lady’s words. What a family they were. The son relied on force to bully others and deliberately distorted the truth. The mother used her position for personal gain and treated human life as grass. She did not even ask the reason this happened. It was clear how utterly corrupt the military and government was now.

“I say, this lady with a such a baleful look. How can you speak and act so disrespectfully when you are dressed so decently? Even if your son was injured and his hand was broken, he’s able to quickly recover with the current technology. If he can’t be healed, he’s also able to get a mechanical prosthesis. Apart from looking a little miserable, nothing serious happened at all. Ordinary people would first be asking why his claws were chopped off before thinking of a criminal charge that inverted black and white to lock us up. Yet, why are you not asking anything about this when you’re here and want to luck us up immediately?” JinYu’s peach blossom eyes were full of ridicule and coldness, “This is really not putting the law in your eyes. Tch tch, may I venture to ask for Madame’s name? Before this, your family’s young master wanted me to wait upon him and even wanted to buy my crystal tears for ten purple gold coins. Madam, don’t you also feel that your family’s young master is very stupid and naive?”

JinYu’s words made the expressions of lady, and the man and woman next to her darken abruptly. Even if they now knew that the whole incident was caused by their son and their brother, but the actions of this person was already a slap on the face of the Li Family. Their Li Family was one of the three generalissimo families of the Capital Star Army. For their family who commanded one third of the military power of the Capital Star Army, regardless of who they were, even the distinguished president of the Capital Star, they had to give them a lot of face. They had long been used to deference and reverence from others and face was everything to them. Absolutely no one was permitted to show the slightest disrespect towards them!!

So even if JinYu opened his mouth, neither Madam Li, Li Tao nor Li Lin had any intention of replying to JinYu’s questions. In their opinion, as long as the guards arrested the two men and put them in prison, they were always capable of distorting the facts and suppressing the matter later no matter what the situation was now or how many people were watching this. So they simply did not have to care about this person in front of them that was about to die. There was simply no need.

Yet, what made the eyes of the three from the Li Family widen was that the expected scene of the military guards directly and efficiently capturing these people and bringing them away did not happen. Instead, each and every one of these guards seemed as if they were drunk as they swayed from side to side. They couldn’t even walk straight, don’t speak of capturing people, they did not even have the slightest hint of fighting strength.

“What did you do?!” Madam Li glared at JinYu.

The latter shrugged, “Madam, you don’t have to watch what you eat, but you have to watch what you say. In broad daylight, and under the eyes of everyone here, I haven’t made a single move. Don’t tell me that Madam’s eyes are crooked?”

“You!! Good, good! This is the first time I, Mei YuYu, have seen someone so bold as to have no respect for my Li Family! You’ve hurt people at will, transgressed against the laws and regulations, and sabotaged military administration. Even if you’ve escape this time, next time I will ensure you land in prison and are executed!!”

Madam Li was staring angrily at JinYu as if she wanted to swallow a certain whale alive. At this time, she harbored resentment in her heart at the fact that her husband and the Army’s most powerful Dragon Guard were not around. Otherwise, how could she allow others to hold their Li Family in contempt and hurt her beloved son? However, the guards she brought were not able to lend her their strength. It was better to leave first when one was less powerful than their opponent. Furthermore, her child’s injury had to be treated as soon as possible.

However, Madam Li’s indulgence in wishful thinking had come to naught at this time. Three voices suddenly sounded from the crowd when she was about to leave with her sons and daughter.

“Please wait!”

“Hold on!”

“Stop right there!”

For Madam Li, the words from these three were just to prevent her from walking off. However, when the eldest son of the Li Family, Li Tao, heard it, his whole body stiffened — he recognized two out of the three voices, and what was worse, even their Li Family was not able to go against the owners of those two voices.

“Although Madam Li is a heroine amongst women and holds great prestige in the Army, it is unavoidable that some of the soldiers are irascible and arbitrary. This one had witnessed the matter from the beginning to the end. Although I cannot say that I clearly saw every detail, it is still possible for this one to prove who was at fault and what wrong was committed.” A tone that carried a slight coldness was heard. Although it sounded refined and courteous, it carried obvious disapproval towards Madam Li’s actions. Long ChangXiao led DaDaBai and his two men and walked to the right of JinYu and Qi QingLin. He looked straight at Madam Li. His gaze made people somewhat afraid when they saw it.

“Oh my, oh my. I say, you guys like to make a mountain out of a molehill. This genius doctor saw the youngster from the Li Family take liberties with my god brother, and was then taught a lesson by my god brother’s husband. How come it became my god brother who transgressed against the laws and regulations, and sabotaged military administration when Madam said it? Tch tch, I wasn’t the one who came up with this, but it’s not just politicians who can lie through their teeth. Furthermore, aren’t soldiers all true men who are made of blood and steel?” Jin Qian, who was carrying a golden colored Fire Sparrow that was leisurely chirping on his shoulder, looked at Madam Li’s expression that had turned a couple of shades uglier. Then he suddenly laughed and said, “Oh, my apologies. Little nephew forgot that Madam Li is not a true man. Tch tch, madam is really not suitable for the Army. It’s better to stay at home and learn to cook more dishes.”

Madam Li, Li Tao and Li Lin were unable to walk away with Long ChangXiao and Jin Qian speaking up. If they did not clarify the matter now, in the worst case was the matter about Madam Li indulging her son in bullying others spreading out after they leave. Not only would the reputation the Li Family be damaged by this, their status in the Army would be greatly affected too.

Madam Li looked at these two Cheng YaoJins that had suddenly killed their way out. She suddenly felt a throbbing pain in her heart. These were the youngsters from the Long Family and the Jin Family. Although neither of the two families were a real deterrent, their influence in the whole Capital Star was definitely not something she could disregard.

Madam Li took a few deep breaths before looking at Jin Qian, “Young Master from the Jin Family. Did you just say that this is your god brother? Your god brother has hurt my son. How are we going to resolve this matter?” She’d like to see how much importance Jin Qian attached to this god brother, moreover… “Young Master Long, your family currently has some disputes with the Da Peng Clan now, isn’t that right? I believe that it’s not an easy thing to settle. Did Young Master Long really see the course of events with his own eyes?”

Long ChangXiao’s eyes narrowed when he heard this. Madame Li was trying to bribe him with an exchange of favors for mutual gain. Disregarding the fact that he hated those degenerates who relied on force to bully others the most, the one who was involved was JinYu at this time. He did not have the slightest intention to accept the bribe at all even if an enormous benefit was placed in front of him.

Thus, Long ChangXiao pursed his lips, “Madam does not need to concern herself about the Long Family. I am naturally aware of these matters.”

At this time, Jin Qian also opened his mouth and replied, “Madam, are your eyes really crooked? It was your son that took liberties with my brother first. Even if my brother really hit your son, I’ll still help my brother anyway, no? This is clearly siding with one’s relatives instead of the law. Of course, unlike a certain wastrel, my brother will never do anything unreasonable.”

“Jin Qian!” Li Tao glared furiously. This man was still so unconcerned with giving face to others even until now.

“What are you shouting about? You have the guts to wrongly accuse my family’s boss but no guts to let people criticize you ah?! Even I know that Li Tao and his followers are not people of good character. All the young masters in the circle obviously know about this, yet you still want to whitewash his reputation?” Shan BaiLu was finally able to say a sentence after restraining himself for quite a while. Only then did he feel his sense of existence come back.

The Li family immediately shot a violent glare at Shan BaiLu when they heard his words. Shan BaiLu quickly proceeded to take a step in the direction of a certain perverted doctor that was nearby.

Just as Li Tao and Li Lin wanted to say something, the sky above the area where everyone was gathered suddenly lit up. A huge light screen appeared, displaying all the events which had just happened!


The Li Family stared at it with incredulity. Meanwhile, a certain whale looked at the light screen and the corner of his mouth twitched as he said to someone beside him who had a cold expression, “How many times did you secretly use this thing to record me?”

Che, he did not believe that this was something that Qi QingLin had improvised on and just recorded!!

Boss Qi’s eyes flickered when he heard this and abnormally rebutted with an extremely firm and rapid denial, “It’s something I improvised.”

He definitely could never admit that he recorded his partner’s everyday life had already filled one hundred G light brains.

“Lao Zi is a retard if Lao Zi believes you!” A certain whale instantly gnashed his teeth in anger. Meanwhile, Boss had already put his claws on his partner’s waist to allow him to quickly resolve the problem and cool the whale’s anger.

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