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Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Since Big Boss Qi wanted to end this argument that was in the way of his disinfecting quickly, he used the most direct method, broadcasting what he had recorded before in the sky. With this, he had exposed his habit of being ready to record anything that might occur, and made his lover start becoming suspicious and wary, but such a small loss was nothing in the face of the benefits ‘disinfecting’ had! Thus, boss happily threw out his precious recordings without a hint of uncertainty.

Seeing the magnified video that everyone in the academy could see and hear, the Li Family’s mood was definitely the opposite of boss. They had never imagined someone would record everything at a time like that! Though miniature nanocomputer video recording was very popular on the Capital Star, the problem was that despite their pervasiveness, nanocomputers were still very expensive and consumed large amounts of energy crystals.

Around eighty percent of households in Capital Star owned at least one nanocomputer, amongst these people, ninety percent wouldn’t keep theirs on for the full twenty-six hours each day. That would burn even more money than keeping a level A beast! That’s why, apart from professional nanocomputer videographers, very few people would randomly take videos with their nanocomputer. In this time and age of technological development, videos taken with recording devices apart from nanocomputer were editable, so everything recorded by a nanocomputer was real, with no chance of forgery.

This was where the nanocomputer held its competitive advantage. Otherwise, the nanocomputer wouldn’t have become the most important piece of intelligent technology in human society. So when The Li Family saw the nanocomputer video projection above them, they cursed in their hearts at these rich people who had no where to spend their money and frantically tried to come up with a solution to the current situation.

Since the nanocomputer recording, they could no longer control the current situation. Even worse, this recording had been seen by so many people. Once word got out, then the entire society would be against them, and their rivals would begin to move in on them. That meant that their position in the military, faction power and even the trust of their own subordinates would take a hit. This was a consequence they couldn’t accept.

Lady Li glared intently at Jin Yu, Jin Qian, Long ChangXiao and the others, not realizing her fists were clenched so hard her palms had started to bleed. She slowly walked towards her already injured young child and, in front of everyone, backhanded him viciously.


This slap had all the onlookers shocked, and also caused a chill in Jin Yu, Jin Qian, Long ChangXiao and company’s hearts. They had all guessed what this lady was planning to do, but it was because they had guessed so that they knew this would be troublesome to deal with.

An enemy who could put on a mask and act calmly was the scariest kind. In addition, this was a lady. After all, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, vengeful and never forgetting, especially an old lady in a position of power.

“Tsk, I prefer the aunties of Anjie. They don’t ever hold grudges.” Watching Lady Li hitting her son with an emotionless look, Jin Yu longingly thought to the aunties at Anjie.

When Shan BaiLu heard this, the corner of his mouth twitched, saying, “It’s not that they don’t hold grudges. They wouldn’t wait to execute vengeance; they won’t care who you are or what consequences there are.”

Jin Yu, hearing this, glared at his follower, and the other immediately shut his mouth.

Rule one of being a follower: The boss is always right, you should never say anything against him.

Rule two of being a follower: If you have doubts, see rule one.

Over here, Jin Yu and Shan BaiLu finished their short conversation, while Lady Li over there walked over with a slight smile after slapping her son. “Young gentleman, my rude son has caused offense, hope you can forgive him for it. I’ll make sure punish him for this behavior once we get back home. Once my unruly son’s injuries are healed, I’ll personally bring him over to apologize.”

Jin Yu stared at this 99 percent fake smile with one sliver of true malice Lady Li was wearing and rubbed at his face with one hand. In the next moment, his had a perfect, humble, gentlemanly smile plastered on his face. “My lady, you’re too humble. Though young sir Ling was rather ill mannered, likes putting his claws where they don’t belong, abuses his power to bully others and threatens others thinking of himself as something, he’s learned his lesson, I’m sure. A doctor can easily deal with those injuries, so I hope you don’t worry too much about it. After all, this isn’t very big of a deal at all. Not a big deal whatsoever. As for the recording, well, we won’t upload it onto the net. You can rest assured.”

Hearing this, Lady Li’s expression contorted for a moment, her gaze sharpening and growing solemn. She had underestimated this young man. He seemed very soft, but his words were carefully formulated, cunning, and definitely threatening them. If this were a political enemy, this would be the hardest kind to deal with.

Even though she knew this brat was threatening her, she had to accept it. This video couldn’t fall into anyone else’s hands, no matter what. Otherwise, if it was uploaded to the light net, then used against them, then the consequences would be disastrous. She knew this was unavoidable, so if it were uploaded to the net, then it would have to be done by the Li Family first. This way, if they were smart about it, they could use it to, perhaps, achieve some surprising benefits.

“Kid, I had never thought that my son would act so horribly. To teach him a lesson, can you sell this video to us? Then we can apologize on the light net as well, so my son can have this lesson etched in his mind.” Lady Li decided that she had to get her hands on that video no matter the cost, but she had never imagined that her words would set off the big boss.

Suddenly, a vicious gale blew by, scraping past Lady Li’s face like knives and destroying her perfect hairstyle. Then she and the rest of the crowd heard a chilling voice speak, “In your dreams!”

Boss Qi’s expression was thunderous, if it wasn’t for the fact that there would be troublesome consequences to killing someone in the Royal Hunter Academy, then this Li lady would be in pieces now!

Someone actually dared, right in front of him, demand his collection of limited edition videos of his lover!? Everyone who dared covet his lover’s body or spirit would die! No matter their sex or age!

Since big boss Qi got triggered, Qi QingLin, who had originally decided to do the disinfecting later, grabbed Jin Yu into his arms and left instantly. So when that vicious and sudden gale abated, everyone opened their eyes to empty space where Jin Yu had been, and the Li Family’s attire and hair was in utter disarray.

This gale was extremely strange. It seemed like no one else had really been affected apart from the Li Family, who ended up disoriented.

Meanwhile, Jin Qian couldn’t help but fold his arms and start chuckling creepily as he gazed at the spot where the two had vanished from. “Heheheheh… XiaoSan, take a guess, how far do you think my brother-in-law is going to get with devouring my brother?”

“… Huh?”

“Tsk tsk, from the looks of him, I bet that he still won’t be able to devour him completely! Ahahahaha! Serves him right for ruining my hair!”

On the other side, Shan BaiLu silently edged away from the crazily laughing Jin Qian and towards Long ChangXiao yet saw Long ChangXiao eyeing the spot the two had vanished from with a complicated expression with the big white bear beside him giving him a sympathetic look.

“… this young master has got to be seeing things.” How come Long ChangXiao looked like he had just lost the love of his life to another man??? Apart from the big boss who had problems with his brain and aesthetic sense, there were people who actually romantically liked that ancient disaster of an existence that was his leader?!


DaBai, XiaoBai and the others, seeing their boss and leader had both disappeared, threw the three A level beasts to one side and put their heads together. After a howled and meowed discussion. DaBai took the lead with WangWang bringing up the rear, nodding to Jin Qian, Shan BaiLu, Long ChangXiao and the big white bear in adieu before leaving in single file. It was fine, boss would be able to find them anyways. Since their boss wasn’t here anymore, there was no need for them to stay and entertain the onlookers. They decided to go and find Xiao Lu and the Big-tailed Wolf. They could go and mock their performance ability and mooch some food off of Li Xiao and Cheng Liang.

It had to be said, a calculating and black-bellied owner’s pets wouldn’t be easy to deal with either. Mooching off of people and getting to witness some drama was the best.

With these A level beasts leaving one after the other, heads held high, Jin Qian and company darted off inconspicuously yet with unimaginable speed while everyone was distracted by the beasts lining up. Of course, that idiot Shan BaiLu didn’t know to leave, but with the pervert doctor, he was taken good care of.

By the time everyone managed to snap out of their stupors, they realized that the main characters of the show had mostly left, leaving the members of the Li Family standing there in utter disarray, their expressions contorted into pained disbelief. The onlookers wanted to laugh, but didn’t dare. They weren’t reckless or fearless enough.

That was when another gale arrived and thunder began to boom in the skies. Not long after, massive drops of rain began to fall and all the onlookers either activated barriers or left, drawing the curtains on this war.

Lady Li’s face was green as she stood in the rain, glaring at where Qi QingLin and Jin Yu had been standing, mumbling maliciously, “There won’t be any mercy… I’ll have you destroyed!!”

Uncaring of what the Li Family thought or how angry they were, the perpetrator was currently struggling, red-faced. Unfortunately, the one pinning him down was far stronger and far more shameless than he was. So no matter how much Jin Yu struggled, he remained pinned to the tree trunk. Even his white tangzhuang had been partially opened, revealing the soft white skin under.

“You, ah… You… What do you think you’re doing!!” Jin Yu raised a foot to kick the other as he complained. However, Qi QingLin just grabbed his leg and put it around his waist, instantly bringing the two closer and then Qi QingLin sealed his lips with a kiss.

“Hmph… nnnaaah… mmmhph!” Jin Yu’s face went red and his body went weak from the passionate wrestling of their tongues. Meanwhile, the hand that was groping his waist had him practically clinging to Qi QingLin for stability. Amidst his shoving and struggling, his arms slowly ended up wrapped around Qi QingLin’s neck, and it was this action that had a certain boss’ gaze darkening, that place below was at the limit of its endurance, rubbing against Jin Yu’s own lower body. The hand at his waist slowly moved down to squeeze that soft, round place.


“Hmph! Nnnh… mmmmph! Let-let go! Haaah! You… if you dare… ah… do-do anything… ha… now, I, I won’t ever… let you near me again… ah!!” Jin Yu’s words came out stuttered, his face red. His somewhat unfocused gaze had Qi QingLin’s lower body twitching in desire, wanting nothing more than to have his way with his lover right now.

However, despite the lust in his lover’s gaze, he could tell how serious the other was. He didn’t doubt what consequences there’s be if he didn’t listen to his lover and decided to go too far. Reluctantly accepting it, he thrust viciously against Jin Yu a few times, causing the other to pant and cry out in surprise. Qi QingLin then gritted his teeth, giving Jin Yu a rough kiss, pinching the red nubs on his chest harshly with one hand and giving his butt a slap with the other.

“You damn… ah! Bastard!” Jin Yu trembled at the sensations, eyes becoming misty and gritting his teeth.

Qi QingLin, seeing Jin Yu like this, also had his teeth gritted, turning his head to speak next to Jin Yu’s ear in a low, dark tone, “You seduced me! Next time, I’ll go all the way.”

Heavens knows if he’d end up with some problem from keeping it in for so long, and according to Yi Wen, being celibate was the worst torture in the world. Though he didn’t find a lover just to have someone to state his desire, he didn’t do it to be tortured either!! As a good lover, he had the right and the duty to satisfy all his lovers needs, both mentally and physically!!

It took big boss Qi everything he had to release Jin Yu, but the other didn’t even think before stomping on his foot. If it wasn’t for the fact that the other would definitely defend against a kick to the private parts, Jin Yu would cripple this guy without hesitation!

Fuck, groping him every night and feeling him up everywhere, what right did he have to say he wasn’t being satisfied? Accusing him of seducing the other yet being in heat 26/7 himself!?

“’Seduce’, your whole family! You beast!”

Seeing Jin Yu looking up at him from between his lashes, his face still red and ripe, Qi QingLin felt like his heart was being tickled by a feather. He reached out and pulled the other into his embrace, nuzzling him and chuckling. “I was always a beast. Plus, my whole family includes just me. You are seducing me.”

These words had Jin Yu’s anger rising again and stomping on the other’s foot several times. However, the other’s smile didn’t abate, lowering his head to nuzzle Jin Yu’s head with his chin. “You’re very important to me.”

Jin Yu tensed.

“No matter where you came from, no matter your faults or if you trust me or not, no matter what plans you have in the future, I won’t leave you. Though I don’t know if this is the love people talk about so much, there’s no one that values you more than I do. Does that count as love?”

“Hmph… this is called being in heat!” Jin Yu turned his head away, mumbling, but his face went red again.

“Just take it as being in heat if you want. Either way, it’s only to you.” Qi QingLin’s usually cold face was smiling with dizzying gentleness. “So, don’t ever run from me. Even if you run to another planet, the edge of the universe, I’ll find you. You’re so, so important to me.”

“You… You… Are you done yet?! If I’m that important to you, don’t go into heat everywhere! My lover is a boss, not an uncivilized beast!” Jin Yu spoke up, red-faced. This was the first time he had ever used the word ‘lover’.

And when this word came out of his mouth, the consequences were that Jin Yu was embraced and nuzzled and kissed everywhere by a certain overexcited beast, only just managing to escape before he was suffocated.

“Jin Yu, I’m so happy.” Qi QingLin had his arms around Jin Yu’s waist, his cheerful tone had Jin Yu squirming a little. Before Jin Yu could get over his awkwardness and speak up, boss decided to drop a bomb. “Since you admit that we’re lovers, next time I’m going to go all the way.”


“I promise it won’t hurt. I’ll study up for it, yup, and then make sure we both enjoy ourselves.”

“…Enjoy ourselves my ass!!! I want a different lover!!!”

When Jin Yu, red faced from anger, and boss, gaze lit up in happiness, appeared in front of Li Xiao, Cheng Liang and the group of beasts, Jin Yu and boss Qi’s uncharacteristic expressions roused immediate and urgent attention from the two people and eight beasts.

Li Xiao just looked between them suspiciously, while Cheng Liang gave a perverted chuckle and rubbed his chin, asking Jin Yu, “Yoo, Jinzi little bro, did you finally get devoured?”

You should know, Qi QingLin usually looked sexually frustrated while Jin Yu was usually smiling, yet now the boss wore a smile and Jin Yu was wearing a constipated expression. Heheheheh… Something had clearly happened~

Boss Jin, hearing this, slowly turned his head and then gave an extremely, suspicious innocent smile, slowly reaching out and then sending a slap his way, “If you want to turn into orange juice* then just tell me! I’ll happily squeeze out all your blood and feed it to the wolves!!”

Originally, Cheng Liang made to dodge as soon as Jin Yu decided to strike. After all, he was a peak grade six hunter, and that was more than enough to avoid a slap.

But! A certain orange had forgotten the most important facts: Boss Jin was angry, and Boss Qi was present.

So he was slapped without any chance to dodge, straight into the ground, forming a crater.

“… urgh… cough… I… Holy fuck… Qi Lin you, you’re inhumane!” Cheng Liang, almost getting knocked out from that slap, complained, red faced and pointing a trembling finger at Boss Qi.

However, the other was completely unmoved, but gave face and smiled, saying, “My condolences.” He had never wanted to be humane, he just wanted Jin Yu. It was a little too late to figure that out now.

Thus, a certain orange wanted nothing more than to faint right there and then. He should’ve known this asshole’s true nature! Li Xiao, who had watched the whole thing happen, felt his mouth twitching and did his best to suppress his questioning gaze and be serious.

“By the way, the Hunter Academy contract ceremony is about to begin, XiaoLu and I have to perform, so let’s hurry up and get over there. We need to get you guys good seats, too.”

Li Xiao motioned for Xiao Lu to come over as he spoke. Xiao Lu, currently playing dead with their eyes covered along with DaBai, BaoZi and the others, quickly scrambled up and darted after his owner, leaving big tailed wolf on the ground still playing dead, to his sorrow. For fuck’s sake, how hard was it to get an owner who knew what to do and when to do it?! What had he done in his past life to be lumped with an owner like this!?

TN: *The “Cheng” in “Cheng Liang” is also the character for “orange”

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