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Chapter 49: Baby

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

During this period, the atmosphere of Assyria about beasts had changed dramatically and the Capital Star’s Colosseum had shut down countless arenas overnight. Even the few remaining ones had quietly reduced their activities.

Some subtle changes were taking root in this empire.

Ever since Wen Jin woke up, Dewitt’s work had finally returned to normal. He had been traveling to and from the Scientific Research Institute during this period and had done a thorough physical examination with open data. That inspection report shocked the whole scientific research institute.

There was no doubt that his energy was strong. The most surprising thing for everyone was that the energy storm, originally in Dewitt’s body, which could almost detonate the measuring instrument, had completely disappeared!

At that time, when the news came out, Cassey was so happy that he almost rushed back to sell all his property and buy Wen Jin a pile of small dried meat as high as a hill!

It was completely gone!

What did this mean for higher-order ability users? Life extension! The military officers, one by one, were more worried about Dewitt’s energy storm than about their own. They always wanted to wait for the scientific research institute to develop a method. Maybe the marshal’s energy storm could be delayed a little bit, but they didn’t expect it to disappear directly.

Although Professor Lin had no intention of corallating the phenomenon of Dewitt’s physical improvement to Wen Jin, other people know that Dewitt’s physical recovery had an absolutely inseparable relationship with the little fox. If they were trapped in the prejudice of the environment when the poison disappeared and did not realize the contribution of the fox, the days when Dewitt was unconscious and Eve was awake were all in their eyes.

Especially in the zerg poisoning experiments, Eve’s soberness provided the most complete process record of poisoning detoxification, because the location was in the scientific research institute, her records were more complete than Dewitt’s.

In addition, soon after Eve awoke, blood samples were taken directly and there were still some ingredients of the Quzhuo-dan. Professor Lin forgot to eat and sleep for several days and the production of antidotes had entered the middle stages.

On that day, when Dewitt finished his last check and got an excellent number, he was ready to go home.

Wen Jin had been angry with him and refused to sleep with him. This little fellow was afraid of the cold. Dewitt didn’t want to let him continue to sleep in the corner, so he gave him the bed. Eventually it became clear that the kid didn’t want to sleep with him, not with him on his bed and the living room sofa became his faithful companion at night.

As for why he did not sleep in the guest room, it was purely because the living room was closer to the master bedroom. Without closing the door, he could still see the little fox huddled in bed from the sofa.

However, this state could not be maintained for too long, Dewitt did not like the gap between them, not even a centimeter.

“Old Lin.” As he was leaving, Dewitt suddenly remembered something. Turning back, all the other researchers in the lab had gone to dinner. Only Old Lin was still looking at the instruments on his desk. “What about Dr. Chen?”

That was Chen Xiong. He hadn’t seen Chen Xiong for a long time.

“Ah?” Professor Lin paused, thought for a moment and shook his head. “Chen Xiong is not a staff member. He appeared in the scientific research institute during this period. It was because of the beasts poisoned in the streets. Now the poisons of the beasts are almost cleared and he is not likely to appear.”

“Same poison?” Dewitt had a meal.

“Yes and by comparison with the experiments, there were many superimposed parts with zerg poisons, which was absolutely related. I have uploaded the relevant reports from the House of Representatives and the Ministry of Military Affairs. But now that you have asked me, I want to say it again with personal emotion. This is not a trivial matter. We must not lower the risk level of the victim group because it is a contract beast.”

Dewitt frowned, answered that he had written it down and asked, “Do you have Dr. Chen’s contact information, Old Lin?”

He wanted to know why Chen Xiong gave Wen Jin an eternal energy stone during the chaos that day. If it hadn’t been for the timely appearance of that energy stone, Eve might not have been saved in time.

Professor Lin shook his head, looked away and touched his finger on the glass panel in front of him. “No, that man has a strange personality and many modern things… I’m twelve years younger than him, but I’m a little older physically than that old man.” After a pause, Professor Lin seemed to think of something and added, “If you want to give him back that energy stone, there’s no need to be so anxious… Even if you find him, he probably won’t take it back.”

Dewitt seemed to disapprove of that remark, “That’s not an ordinary eternal energy stone.”

The Eternal Energy Stones were also graded. And unlike the one-off energy stones produced by Assyrians, the eternal energy stones were rumored to have been made from ancient beasts.

So, in Assyria, disposable energy stones could be used indefinitely and their mineral resources were abundant. It was no problem how many they wanted to build. But the Eternal Energy Stone, like its name, only had a few.

So even if the ability users couldn’t extract too much energy from the eternal energy stone, it was very precious in Assyria. Things were precious because they were rare.

And there were still dozens of eternal energy stones in Assyria. If they distinguish them according to the color gap, then the eternal energy stones in the hands of Wen Jin and Dewitt were the best.

So, it was not because he wanted to return the one in Wen Jin’s hand, Dewitt tried to find it after a detailed investigation, but Wen Jin’s energy stones were his treasures, even Dewitt did not know where the little guy hid them all.

The reason why they could say that Wen Jin and Dewitt’s stones were the best was because of the style of energy stone. Both were made of transparent crystals and the gold sculpture behind them had exactly the same pattern, which could be said to be a series.

If the legendary Eternal Energy Stone was the base of the ancient Qi beast, then these two were obviously from the same Qi beast. Such energy stones were very precious. If they were sold on the black market, they would fetch absolutely high prices. His was a gift from the royal family when his father was promoted to Count.

At that time, because of such a gift, the Bertram family was discussed by many people in the upper class. So Dewitt didn’t think he could accept it for free.

“Well, it’s really not ordinary.” Professor Lin suddenly leaned on the back of his chair, reached out and touched a picture on his desk. He whispered, “This kind of energy stone is very rare nowadays. Your one and his one were unearthed in a dig of a frontier mine more than forty years ago.”

Professor Lin’s photo was a very ordinary one. At that time, he was only in his twenties and beside him stood a black bear, not a man. Professor Lin in the photo showed a green and youthful smile on the camera. This photo was put on Professor Lin’s desk for many years, then it was put away for a while. Recently, for some reason, he suddenly took it out again.

“Marshal.” Reaching for the picture frame, Professor Lin suddenly raised his head and asked, “If that little fellow in your family could become a human…”


Wen Jin was busy at home all day.

Wen Jin felt like he had  just opened the door to a new world since he searched for all kinds of beast parties last time. He was interested in learning languages. He earnestly studied every day. With his clever head and melon seeds, he could communicate simply in half a month.

So, today, after watching a learning video again, he felt that he was warming up every day and rushed back to the room decisively, nested in his crumpled bed, got into the thick quilt and opened the terminal.

This time, Wen Jin, not like the first time he searched for he imported wife foxes, but he used the very foreign search engine and searched “beast party” such super-Assyrian trendy words.

After successfully jumping out of the familiar, colorful interface on the terminal, Wen Jin squinted happily with his fox’s eyes and wanted to praise his IQ.

Pulling down the interface, Wen Jin looked one by one conscientiously and seriously. When he did not find a fox, he pulled out a small dictionary and, one by one, looked up – – masquerade party.

Yes, a masked party.

After learning this language, Wen Jin searched Dewitt’s name for the first time, found full screen search results and various high-definition portraits of his face, Wen Jin kept an eye on this in his heart.

He felt a little high-spirited, but if they went to the same party, he must be the protagonist. After all, this was not an ordinary party, but a party to find a wife, so the big fool can not overwhelm him.

And Dewitt didn’t know if there’s a problem with his aura. He’s always surrounded by a bunch of weird guys who know how to use their brains. If this guy shows up, Wen Jin’s intuition will cause a lot of trouble for his party trip. That’s why he wanted to find a masked party.

This inspiration came from the Gourmet Street. At first, Wen Jin was worried that the idea would be too rare to find.

Fortunately, although Assyria was not very welcomed by the contract beasts in general, there were still some who liked the contract beasts in the empire and under the huge population base, the number of this special group was not small.

They also set up a special forum on the Interstellar Network, which contained various posts to find companions for contract beasts and there were many patterns.

So it wasn’t long before Wen Jin found what he wanted.

Looking at the big Q font on it, Wen Jin opened his eyes wide and thought, “Masked pro-sugar party.” That’s it! So he decisively opened the post, trying to find specific address information, but a window popped up on his screen.

“Non-x x users can not leave messages x to see XX messages?” Wen Jin paused and did not understand the meaning of this sentence. He clicked on the terminal two times in some depression and then a watch jumped out.

Ah, he knows that!

Wen Jin’s eyes sparkled at the instant he saw the watch.

He really knew about this. Since Dewitt recently got him a new terminal, at Wen Jin’s stiff request, Dewitt had registered an account for his Star Blog to make it easier for Wen Jin to watch videos for himself.

At that time, the terminal had jumped out of such a similar form, when completed, Dewitt said that Wen Jin could have his own small blog.

This was the same. Now that he was finished, did that mean he could have his own forum?

Thinking of this, Wen Jin immediately began to fill in the content carefully.

On the name section, Wen Jin solemnly wrote down his name.

Within the community of beasts and demons, names could only be known by people who were very important to them. Wen Jin thought if he wanted to find his own wife, the name must be real, so that he can prove his seriousness.

He was a very polite demon. 

After writing down his name solemnly, Wen Jin hesitated on the word “age”.

It was scary to write one thousand and twenty. He remembered that races in the world don’t seem to live as long as his did. What if a couple of them were scared away by his age?

After hesitating for a while, Wen Jin wrote a “one” on it with an old red face. It was the same with a thousand years old. And no matter how old he was, he was the best looking big fox!

After putting this “one” in very shamelessly, a line was immediately picked out beside it, which said “Baby Beast”. Wen Jin could not understand it and went straight down.

The other things after were easy to figure out, most of them could be filled in, only in the photos, Wen Jin made a mistake.

He was very self-aware. He was a fox with little eyes and little pupils. If he went out like before, he would surely be recognized far away.

In case of any bad gossip…

Wen Jin wrinkled his face and seriously thought about this problem. The burden of idols could be said to be very heavy. Although the transformation was easy for Wen Jin now, he couldn’t deceive others by turning into other beasts. What if his little wife was not happy then?

Wen Jin thought hard for a long time and finally decided to put on a little weight.

If the little wife could !accept his chubby appearance and like his chubby appearance, she would certainly accept him for who he was.

With this idea in mind, Wen Jin in front of the camera, “Dao Dang -” once, put on twenty kilograms of fat.

Looking at him in the picture, Wen Jin twisted his head and reluctantly sent the form. In this way, love was still a matter of spiritual communication. Although he had a good temper, the other half would be very upset if they only liked his appearance.

After clicking the photos and uploading them, Wen Jin satisfactorily huddled around waiting for an answer.

At the same time, this message was also handed to the forum management.

“New user…?” The manager frowned. “The banquet will begin in four hours and this time it’s all old friends. Didn’t he see the old friends gathering on our posts?”

“Wait a minute!” Another manager stopped the first person’s attempt to refuse directly in time and came up and said, “Wow! Is this a fox? Fat and lovely! It feels like Marshal’s one…”

The woman who was stopped by her turned a white eye. “Why are you swept by that evil wind?”

Evil wind was a group that had recently appeared in the capital star. It was rumored that all the beasts similar to the white fox were being appreciated there. Now, all the powerful and influential families were aiming at all the white Foxes of Assyria. They were also trying to build factories to let the white fox multiply and thrive.

On this point, they were a group of people who kept beasts, no helped them. Even every contract beast had its own precious place and these guys, with a nauseous purpose to contact the contract beast were all selfish ghosts.

(Tn: think puppy mill who breeds non stop for profit only, not caring for the beasts well being.)

“No, I really think it looks good, but it’s a little fat. I think Kaikai will like it! It likes white things best,” said the woman, while shining stars in her eyes. “Sister, let’s approve it. Our Kaikai is not very picky. It hasn’t been in love for many years. You’re watching it grow up and you’re distressed.”

“They didn’t say if it was a boy or a girl…”

“It must be a girl who is so beautiful! And it doesn’t matter if it’s a boy. Kai Kai can’t be bred. I just want him to fall in love. Should I be responsible for any problems? Sister – ” said the woman with an open face.

Five minutes later, Wen Jin received a beautiful invitation.

Along with the invitation letter, there were pictures of all the contract beasts that would go to this party. In the human world, it was called meeting face-to-face before dating.

But Wen Jin deleted the list without looking at it.

Oh, not completely deleted. He also intercepted a picture of himself halfway to commemorate his first party.

As for what other beasts looked like, Wen Jin didn’t think it was necessary to see them. When he got there, he would know which one he liked. It was too superficial to judge beasts by their appearance. No, how did he know what he liked?

Suddenly, Wen Jin, who had gained twenty kilograms of weight, finished everything, lay on the bed with a small, meat-toothed face and suddenly thought about it very seriously.

Yeah, if he had to think about it, what would he like?

It was better to be handsome. Wen Jin licked the fur on his paw.

To have strong pectoral muscles, Mary’s were not good enough, it was better to have the right kind of body. Hmm… warm body, he was terrible with the cold so they must be able to warm him at any time. Eyes, the best were blue…

Seriously and earnestly, he had an outline in his head and Wen Jin suddenly felt some regret.

He was too inexperienced. With this thought he wanted to figure out how to delete that photo. According to a standard beast, they may be able to directly find their favorite look, too impulsive!

However, this episode did not affect Wen Jin’s mood.

On the same day, after communicating with Professor Lin, Dewitt came home. As soon as he entered the door, he heard the sound of “table tennis” coming from his bedroom.

He paused, stepped in and found that the wardrobe had been opened sometime. His various clothes had fallen all over the floor. Wen Jin was twisting his buttocks in a bunch of clothes and he didn’t know what he was struggling for.

Dewitt’s eyebrows moved. How did he feel that his butt was much more round than when he went out in the morning? Was it his illusion?

However, the next second, Wen Jin’s actions decisively told him the facts, everything was not an illusion! He saw Wen Jin turn into a fat little white dumpling, kicking and pedaling as Dewitt picked him up. From that morning until now, it felt like there were two foxes instead of one! The weight was not light!

Dewitt, who had grabbed the empty-handed fat fox, hugged Wen Jin and looked down at him. “How did you suddenly become…” So fat?

The desire to survive stopped the last three words of Dewitt in time. He looked at Wen Jin with a little confusion and tried to make Wen Jin answer the questions he wanted to say and stop on his own initiative.

“Chee!” Wen Jin put a fleshy paw on him and his small face, which was twenty pounds fatter, leaned up in front of Dewitt’s eyes. He did not seem to have any intention of answering Dewitt’s question at all. “I, I’m going to take part in a friendly masked party!”

Dewitt was stunned, relying on his experience of dealing with his Honghuang’s accent for several days, he could barely hear the original meaning of the sentence, “Why do you suddenly want to join? Are you planning to go by yourself?”

“Yes, I want to recognize four new fat friends!” Wen Jin said as he pressed a small transparent watch on his claws, took out the invitation letter displayed on the terminal and showed Dewitt, “Tomorrow is the day. Make time for me.”

Looking at the letter for the masked sugar party written in tender big letters and the naive fat fox face in front of him, Dewitt blew out air from the corner of his mouth.

He couldn’t help but reach out and pinch the face that felt warm and tender. The soft and resilient feeling made him feel soft. An intimate name blurted out, “Baby, do you really want to go to this?”

He didn’t really want Wen Jin to meet new people. In his opinion, it was enough for Mary to jump on Wen Jin anytime. A few more and he was afraid that he would be unable to keep the little fox at home.

Not realizing what was wrong with Dewitt’s nick name, Wen Jin put his head in front of Dewitt’s chest, twisted his head around and confirmed the invitation letter on the terminal, then nodded cautiously. “Yes, I want to go. It’s a masked party. You can wear a mask.” It seemed that he was afraid of Dewitt’s appearance. Wen Jin added thoughtfully.

What was this party for? Why did his little fox suddenly say he wanted to go? As soon as the question came to mind, Dewitt’s eyes fell on the bottom corner where the time was written.

“At 8 p.m. on December 13, it’s today, not tomorrow.” Dewitt pointed to time and said to Wen JIn very seriously.

Wen Jin was stunned.

“It’s half past seven.”

“Chee!” Wen Jin almost rolled to the ground, looked carefully at the invitation letter, to make sure that Dewitt was not deceiving him, a claw rushed out a thousand times to beat Dewitt on the chest with the speed that could break people out of myocardial infarction.

“Quickly, dress me quickly. I want to wear a nice little suit! The most handsome one! Hurry up!” It was rude to be late for the first meeting 

Dewitt: …

Why did he feel that the party his family’s little fox was going to attend did not seem usual?

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