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Chapter 64: The Unintelligible Title

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Of course, no matter how interested JinYu was in in 108 Anjie and no matter how much he secretly listened and observed in the corner, he still had to focus all his energy on the Freshman Practice Meeting.

You had to know that he came here to see if he could expand the business, even though the past two times he bumped into a strange and unreasonable person. However, Boss Jin continued to believe that he had no way of achieving his goals!! He brought six A level beasts here to steal the thunder but he didn’t notice that all those surrounding him were idiots.

So afterwards Boss Jin continued to watch the screen happily. At this time the screen was like a wonderfully clear and vivid movie—no matter if the content was funny or meaningful, just or evil, good or bad, melodramatic stories had something one would expect to find. The family heads was extremely engaged.

JinYu looked at the surrounding parents and their fluctuating expressions. He couldn’t help but twitch his lips. This was really too great. He could be sure that these parents and the students who were showcasing their talents weren’t the least bit aware that each of their moves were being recorded. And, such a large pen secretly surprised JinYu. It was truly worthy of the Royal Hunting Academy. Ah, what wealth!

When JinYu saw a beautiful female student using her beauty to trick a beast-type male student into doing work for her, and then looked down at the bridge and watched with relish, JinYu suddenly felt his shoulder being touched, “Hey, boss stop causing a fuss! It’s wonderful! The beauty’s strength and the beast’s strength are equal.”

JinYu thought that Qi Qinglin was annoying him out of boredom, he patted his shoulders twice then continued to watch the practice.

Qi Qinglin saw the competition and saw how his partner rolled his eyes. Then, he simply lied on JinYu’s shoulder and played dead. The guy who patted his partner’s shoulder had something to do with him. It wouldn’t be good to send him flying away. Even more, this guy’s strength wasn’t like an ordinary guy that could be bullied, had he seen Da Bai and WangWang, the two most powerful guys, eye him over, and confirm that this guy wouldn’t randomly kill people and obediently lie still? ……Pah, why was this guy looking for his partner? Was he being fucking nagged?

“Do you think those two are equal in strength? I feel like that girl will win in the end.” An old and hoarse voice said next to JinYu’s ear. At first, JinYu would have retorted with a sneer but when he turned around he jumped three feet into the air in surprise. Next to him was an old man with a silver gray beard and hair. He was looking at JinYu with a smile. The guy was wearing a traditional Chinese suit. JinYu thought this guy seemed like an actor from an opera or a child trafficker.

“…Then, where is your family from? Why have you come here?” As JinYu spoke he used his hand to pull at Qi QingLin. He then used the glow from his eyes to carefully observe the always-laying Da Bai, Xiao Bai, and Wang Wang.

At the moment, all his attention was trained on the old man. He completely failed to notice that just now when the old man appeared, the noisy surroundings quieted. Everyone’s attention was focused on the old man, “En…then, do you not recognize me?” The old man never thought that there would be someone who didn’t recognize him so his face had a strange expression.

“Should I recognize you? Are you famous or something?” JinYu rolled his eyes. “If you’re this school’s dean then I would run around and follow you to promote my store. However, since you’re a nobody, I think you’re just pretentious! So, even if I respect my elders, don’t interrupt me from watching the game!”

JinYu turned his head to look at the screen only to see the beautiful girl’s punching the beast boy with a fist that was comparable to the Heavenly Horse’s Meteor Fist. The boy was then knocked unconscious.

“It’s getting harder and harder to find pretty and gentle girls these days….” JinYu couldn’t help but rub his cheek. Just looking at the boy, JinYu felt like the punch hurt.

And at the moment, the pretentious old man still hadn’t left. Still laughing next to JinYu, the old man said, “See, wasn’t I right? That girl was more powerful in the end. En, however that girl’s body is like a mother tiger. Haha, all the women from that clan are more ferocious than the men.”

Hearing this, JinYu nodded his head in agreement. When he realized that the old man still hadn’t left, he was a bit lost for words. Did he make a mistake today? How come so many strange people were coming here today?

“Then, what exactly are you here for? If you think this seat is great for watching, then I don’t mind watching with you. Seriously, as long as you don’t suddenly open your mouth it’s fine. I’m not trying to ignore you or anything.”

When the surrounding parents and their concealed bodyguards heard this, they almost bit off their own tongues. Was this guy dumb? He had to be! He just said this to the most prestigious elder of the Royal Hunting Academy? He must have gone mad!

At the moment, countless parents and onlookers were itching to exchange places with the fool in hopes of attempting to curry favor with the old man. However, because the soul of a certain boss was very strong and overflowing with humanness, a soul exchange could only be limited to novels.

So, a certain boss was still full of energy and the old man still laughed and pretended to be ignorant, “Even though this old man really wants to continue watching, but there simply is not enough time. In a bit, this old man will see some truly useless things. Watching a play that makes one cry, laugh, and jump, how about it? I’ll leave a seat for you, will you watch?” A certain pretentious old man laughed as he happily observed JinYu.

Hearing this, JinYu said, “Is it more interesting than this? I need to watch the new students pick their beasts soon. Will there be a delay?”

The gray-bearded old man heard this and laughed. “It won’t. When you come you’ll know. It won’t delay you at all but is very interesting.”

Hearing this JinYu instantly became happy, his almond shaped eyes crinkled with delight. Under the watchful eyes of the audience, he patted the old man’s back in a brotherly fashion and saw the guards that didn’t directly shoot him. JinYu said, “You can rest assured that I’ll see you later. Wah, I must be very lucky. Come, come, this is my family’s special blue-eyed tear rabbit crystal. I’ll give you one. Don’t be too close-minded, this kind of thing is very rare and hard to find these days. One is worth more than a hundred purple coins. You have to know that in order toget this tear crystal, I had to let those guys tickle him until he cried.”

Originally, JinYu’s nonchalant and disrespectful attitude towards the old man made the observers believe that this was a guy who knew nothing. However, when he simply took out an A+ rank tear crystal and gave it as a present, the onlookers felt that this fellow was a willful aristocratic son who deliberately pretended to be ignorant and foolish and was close to the dean. However, this thought lasted for a mere three seconds. JinYu’s last sentence left the audience completely speechless and identified him as a foolish second generation wealthy kid!

You have a fucking special blue-eyed rabbit? Should this make them cry and be in pain every day? And then you fucking tell us where the blue-eyed rabbit is too!

For a boss that naturally possessed excellent communication skills, a simple itch, or even a birthmark, was easy for him to find. Of course, this service wasn’t free.

It was obvious that the old man was unable to accept JinYu’s present, however in the end he couldn’t help but laugh. Afterwards, he shook his head and said to JinYu, “Little fellow, you have quite the personality. No wonder that troublesome kid needs to be by your side. Fine, just remember to look for me later, maybe I can even help out your shop.”

Saying this the old man laughed as he walked away, leaving JinYu at a loss, “Troublesome kid? Who? Wow, but when you look at it this way it does have some benefit. Hurry up and finish watching the little tiger mom’s competition and then we can go find the old man.”

In a good mood, JinYu continued to watch the screen. In the next moment, he heard a loud roar. Then, he saw three A-level beasts appear suddenly in front of his six A-level beasts. At this time, a voice sounded behind JinYu. “Hehe, is this Boss Jin? Just now I heard that you still have some crystal tears. How about we do some business together? How about a tenth of the market price?”

With this frantically disdainful voice, JinYu felt a sharp knife on his neck. It seemed like he was being pushed by a long knife. And besides this, the salty pig’s claws were on his waist and slowly kneading him, as if to stretch out his clothes, “Stop moving, and make your beasts stop. Fufu, this delicate skin and tender flesh, I’m really the best tasting meal there is~ If you don’t want money, I could accompany you for a night and see what you’re like.”

When that man finished speaking, the surrounding was filled with his laughter. He slowly raised his eyes and saw that there were a few nobles dressed in fine robes. They looked like they were students from this school, however they weren’t wearing their uniforms. Did these guys think that if they wore the clothing of nobility they could become first generation wealthy masters and get all their desires?

“Idiot.” JinYu spit the word out of his mouth. The expression of the man behind JinYu changed suddenly and violently. He shook his hand violently and in the next moment the people behind him hit the big tree. Afterwards, the tree collapsed.

“Little Qing Qing, these idiots touched your partner’s waist.” JinYu’s eyes were filled with laughter but when his eyes crinkled, Qi Qinglin, who was originally playing dead on JinYu’s shoulder, suddenly had an expression filled with rage. He slowly spit out the words, “Chop off their claws.”

It didn’t matter if there was a knife at his neck, it wouldn’t hurt him, as long as you put a fucking hand on JinYu’s waist your entire family would be obliterated!

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