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Chapter 68
Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Saying this, a certain boss let his partner free himself. He burned the clothes of three old foxes. As a matter of fact, the boss’ real intention was to burn the beard but because a certain Jin didn’t have a beard, Qi Qinglin had no choice but to burn the clothes.

Facing the three people’s flustered actions and stomping feet, Boss Jin, who was originally in a good mood, narrowed his eyes and said, “Three Misters, why don’t you guys just act freely? I think I’m already quite respectful to my elders, otherwise I would have let the boss burn your hair already. Also, I helped you three earlier and sent you three gifts. Don’t you guys think I’m the person that respects their elders the most in the entire world?”

Hearing this the three elders expressions twisted. Only Old Long and Old Hu were actually helped by this fellow, gifted gifts, so these two were reduced to silence. They looked at JinYu who was currently putting out the fire, shouting with glee. The remaining elder let out a few laughs, taking pleasure in JinYu’s misfortune, before walking over to him. He patted JinYu on the shoulder and said, “I say, Jin-zi, I may look like an old man but I have neither been helped nor received your thanks. What do you say to this?”

Hearing this JinYu rolled his eyes. “Save your words. I think I’ve helped you the most. I helped your grandson with stuff, was it not enough to attract most of his attention? I seemed to have heard before that this strange guy is a mess. Now I’ve already sacrificed my own beast store, saving people and animals who might be destroyed by him. And you still say I haven’t helped you? If it weren’t for me watching over him, what do you think would happen?”

JinYu’s words made Old Long and the principal laugh but Old Jin’s face twitched. He glared at JinYu, “Eh, haha, that, uh, Qian Er and you are almost the same age. People of the same age to spend more time together and get meals with each other! Aiyou, hurry up and look, the beast drill is about to start! Tsk tsk it’s very educational! Hurry up and watch it!”

Even though it was very obvious that Old Jin was trying to change the topic, JinYu and Qi Qinglin still respected their elders and gave him face by not bothering him about the topic switch. The three old men looked at each other and each thought that the others were stressed. They twitched their lips and stopped thinking about how to tease young people.

At this time it was already clear that these two people were very different from the family juniors! Normal fucking juniors saw them and never took the initiative to bow down and show their respect like they did to their ancestors. Whatever they said was like the ancient times, there was even an order to the way one would take off shoes and set up stools.

However, this whale and qilin were completely different. Not only were they respectful and reverent, but they were whole-heartedly so. Old Jin thought that if he met them on the streets, he would completely ignore that whale and little qilin. They were definitely the kind to avoid!

Just these two little guys were more capable than the younger generation. To be even more precise, the two of them could ignore everyone else but everyone else could not ignore the combined strength of the two. You had to know Old Jin heard from his own grandson about JinYu’s powers. Finally, the old man made up his mind and decided he had to be careful in letting this Jin fellow take over for himself. Although his grandson was very patient, he was too prone to causing trouble. If he wasn’t careful, he’d be tormented to death!

Even more, JinYu’s words were already vastly different. Even if he took up the position of president with his grandson as the vice president, that would still be a good situation to prevent—After all JinYu’s words weren’t wrong. Recently Old Jin’s family was surprised to find out that the always crying and tormented wolf could not be kept quiet and it annoyed Old Jin to no end. The family actually started praying to the bodhisattvas to rid them of this trouble long ago.

And besides Old Jin carefully fighting, the old principal was busy fighting the big boss Qi. Recently his body was becoming weary more easily, thinking of the days where he actually had to train his body because the Royal Hunting Academy was the planet’s most influential force. When he retired as the principle, then all those who coveted his position would compete in every way.

As soon as that time came, the entire Royal Hunting Academy would be affected by this fighting, to the point where it would “help” the school. However, this situation was something that Old Hu did not want to see. Since he became principal, he had been following the wishes of the very first principal to protect and nurture these students correctly. Since the principal had complete and unrestrained power, as soon as the principal could not be impartial and act unselfishly, the long-standing wisdom of the academy would be broken and the devout students would be in deep trouble.

So Old Hu wanted to find someone who wasn’t seeking personal gain but was also strong enough to be his successor. The old principal had basically surveyed everyone with power but had failed to find his replacement. Old Hu originally had no hope but now hearing about the business regarding Old Qilin’s grandson, he finally felt hope.

This was why he went to find JinYu before. In reality, this fish JinYu was just an addition, the little Qilin currently lying on the shoulder of the little fish was actually the object of Old Hu’s observation. Although the time period in which he had observed him was short, the crafty old man was excited to discover that not only did the little qilin find a partner but his partner was also quite beautiful.

His power and strength could beat them in single combat, it was something that the school truly coveted. Even though he was a bit troublesome, he didn’t have a ruthless attitude but would actually calmly analyze the pros and cons of a situation. Even more, the deadpan look of the guy showed that he could resist all those who wanted to approach him intentionally. BAHAHAHA! Wasn’t this a god-given successor?

Of course, if he could just stop listening to that whale all the time……Of course, no one was perfect. It seemed like that whale’s quality wasn’t too bad either so it was something he could overlook.

So, right now two-thirds of the three old men were using an intense gaze to examine JinYu and Qi Qinglin. Old Long watched from the side without thinking, lips twitching. Inwardly he thought; Hehehehe, Just watch. These two guys are the most savage people you’ll ever meet, I don’t think you guys can convince these two!

However, no matter what the crowd on the platform thought, on the surface it seemed that they were at peace as they watched the opening ceremony beginning in the central square.

The opening ceremony’s performance didn’t seem to have any changes since the time, it was about the schools founding up until when human beings and beasts fought side-by-side and eventually defeated all their enemies.

It was said that the first four principals wanted to tell beasts and humans no matter where they were, they were not enemies and that beasts and humans could live on the same planet together and they were each others most trustworthy friends.

Although over a thousand years have passed since the time beasts were massacred and abused, even in the darkest and most chaotic of times, the Royal Hunting Academy never stopped putting on this performance. This was a kind of belief that was silently transmitted throughout the younger generation, even if the vast majority of people forgot it, there would always be some people firmly guarding it!

It is said that in those dark ages, there was a leader that lead the violent massacre of thousands of beasts, which then turned into beasts attacking humans and killing them and then finally fleeing to the surrounding planets. However, nearly thousands of abused beasts fled to the Royal Hunting Academy and were guarded by the students. In the end, over a thousand beasts escaped the massacre and over half of them became the top A-level or even A+ level beasts guarding the Royal Hunting Academy hundred of years later. They also made up the majority of the current A-level beasts in this age.

And during those years when the students of the Royal Hunting Academy protected them, the beasts also became their most loyal guards. To this day, there were many families that had strong (although not A-level) beasts because they were the descendants of these students.

The passage of time can bury many truths but the trust and friendship from life and death can last forever. This was the true meaning of the “contract ceremony” in the Royal Hunting Academy.

It’s not that I’m using spiritual strength to control you guys and make you guys forfeit your freedom but we are both forming an oath and I am putting my trust and life in your hands. Afterwards we can face all challenges together without fear.

The performance below them, led by Li Xiao and Chengliang’s beasts, reached its peak. At the same time they faced a big attack from their enemies. Behind them were two children, one boy and one girl. They held two baby beasts in their arms, representing the last hope. And the two exhausted people and their beasts burst out with strength at this time. Chengliang and Yellow Wolf roared as they charged towards the enemy while Li Xiao led Xiao Lu to the side of the two kids, guarding them with his arms, gathering them for the final protection.


The entire sky resounded with the sound, the entire stadium was shocked by the bang and not a sound could be heard.

After the smoke, Chengliang and Yellow Wolf remained in the circle together with Li Xiao and Xiao Green, the latter two of which had died protected the children and young beasts. Slowly, after a long time, the two children climbed out from below Li Xiao and Xiao Lu with tears on their faces. The baby beasts in their arms shook and licked the tears off their faces.

Finally, the performance came to an end.

After the curtain fell there were no excited cheers or fierce applause. Some people in the crowd were holding their breaths in shock, all of them involuntarily hugging the beasts beside them while the beasts stood solemnly in place. Suddenly a large howl sounded in the yard.

Following the howl, all the beasts in the training area became excited. No matter how big or small they were, they started howling, like a call of respect, and the sound echoed throughout the field. At this time, the crowd lamented the full applause. Maybe after today they would forget about the excitement of this performance but this performance would still plant a seed deep in the hearts of the young people.

“…Xiao Qing, there’s still hope for us isn’t there?”

JinYu laughed and Qi Qinglin pulled him in closer, showing his intense expression, “Peh, they’re far from us…We still need time.”

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