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Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Even though JinYu slapped Cheng Liang – that huge orange – onto the ground with Boss Qi’s secret help, no matter what, he was still an acquaintance, so Boss Jin didn’t deal the final blow. So, a few minutes later, the flattened orange started to jump around again. The big-tailed wolf didn’t need to play dead anymore either.

Even later, Li Xiao and Cheng Liang were preparing to bring their own A-rank beasts onto the stage. JinYu and Big Boss Qi also started to walk towards the audience with DaBai, XioBai, and the other six in tow. At that moment, Boss Jin suddenly realized that it seemed he had a lot of beasts…

After all, it was the royal hunting academy’s contract ceremony between new students and beasts, so parents and their friends had long since rapidly and furiously occupied the best viewing spots in the audience. Boss Jin’s mouth twitched as he looked at those men and women, young and old, heroic like Anjie’s aunties, nimble like Anjie’s uncles, as they fought with reddened faces for territory. He felt like even if he told DaBai, Wang Wang and the rest to combine force, it would still be very hard to snatch two good spots—

Boss Jin had already decided to let his beasts sit on the ground. In the end, they were beasts. Under circumstances where people were fighting with each other and nearly eating each other, it would be best for them not to fight with humans for seats.

Things stayed like this for a few minutes. Just when Boss Qi almost couldn’t stand it any longer and was about to carry out a forcible boss-level seat-fighting operation, a voice from before suddenly rang in JinYu’s ear, “Aiyou! Young man ah! You finally came, this old man has waited for you for a long time! Quick, come here, I saved you all some seats! These are the best viewing spots!”

JinYu was first given a fright by that voice. Clearly there wasn’t anyone next to him, so how was there suddenly a voice? He peered around him a little suspiciously, but he didn’t see anybody.

“Ss… that voice… sounds a lot like that old man from before who had great judgment skills… how come I only hear his voice now?” 

JinYu mumbled aloud to himself while the voice in his ear rang again. “Hey! I said, young man, why are you all still standing there! Hurry and come sit down! The show is about to start, you’ll miss it if you don’t come now!”

JinYu grew anxious with that, and he couldn’t afford to think too much on it. He lifted his head and roared, “Old man, where are you?!”

The boss, who originally wanted to tell his mate the position of the seats, felt his mouth twitch, and he suppressed the urge to tell him the truth. In any case, his mate had already shouted out loud, so there was no point in remaining low-key.

Sure enough, a vigorous and powerful response with a hint of a smile came from the very top part of the enormous indoor stadium, “Brat, I’m here!!”

The voice who answered was much louder than JinYu’s mosquito buzz. By comparison, it was a lion’s roar. It was so loud that the originally very lively tens of thousands of people arguing over seats in the audience were all stunned, before they all looked towards the source of the voice.

Wasn’t there still half an hour till the show began? Why did the old headmaster seem like he was about to open the event?

After JinYu found out the position of that old man by following the direction of everyone’s heads, he was also startled, just a smidge longer than the rest. By the time Qi Qinglin drew him back, his face had a very ‘囧’ expression, and he couldn’t help but beckon at BaoZi.

He slapped BaoZi’s butt fiercely. “Does it hurt, BaoZi?”

As an incomparably loyal beast, BaoZi felt that it was very unfair that it was the test subject!! Under normal circumstances, didn’t the boss usually slap big boss?! Why was he hitting its butt!!

Aowuwuwu—!! 【It hurts! It freaking hurts! Boss, how could you hit my butt in front of so many other beasts and humans?! You have to pay me a mental damage compensation fee, awooo!!

JinYu nodded. “En, based on BaoZi’s reaction, I’m not dreaming right now. So!!” JinYu gritted his teeth. “When that old man invited me to come watch the show earlier, was he inviting me to come see the new students’ contract ceremony?! And also! Why is that old man yelling from the main platform! Is that guy the school director!!”

After JinYu finished yelling, it was as if the old man heard what he had said and he answered cheerfully, “Haha! Young man, you didn’t expect it, right! This old man is the head of this school! Shouldn’t you come groveling over to me and curry favor with me to sell your shop? Hahaha also, didn’t you say I didn’t have the aura to act badass? What about now?”

Currently, JinYu, Qi Qinglin and the other eight were standing in the east entrance of the stadium. Even if it wasn’t the most obvious spot, because of BaoZi, WangWang and the rest, and the space that the boss had specially cleared out, it was still very easy to spot them.

Right now, the ultimate final boss of the royal hunting academy was shouting happily at them. Even if nobody noticed them earlier, they were now immediately the center of everyone’s attention. There were also countless questions.

Such as, how did this guy curry favor with that royal hunting academy headmaster who purportedly never took bribes, never let people in through the back door, did things only according to his liking, was something willful and rash and sometimes temperamental?! From the headmaster’s words, they also sounded very familiar with each other! Or else how could he joke about acting badass?

And the headmaster purposefully left this person a spot on the judging panel too! Such a grand, momentous act such as being on the judging panel was meant for people who were of good moral standing and reputation, who were famous and prestigious! Even if he used the back door, it still wasn’t enough to let someone sit on the judging panel, right?!

So, in a moment’s worth of time, all sorts of measuring, guessing, suspicious, benevolent and malevolent eyes all kept shooting at JinYu and Qi Qinglin like rays of light. It made Boss Jin wish he could get a super-spotlight and blind all these people’s eyeballs!

“Old man! You did this on purpose!!” JinYu clenched his teeth. This old man was actually showing off to him!! And he had swindled him out of a crystal tear!! Luckily he still had respect for the elderly!!

But by that time, even if JinYu knew that he had been tricked by the old headmaster, it was of no use anymore. Even more abominable, the old man dared to shout something else at him with all smiles in front of nearly ten thousand people, “What’s wrong, youngster? I did do it on purpose, are you afraid now? If you’re afraid, then don’t come~”

As a result, Boss Jin’s little universe was ignited instantly. He immediately grabbed Qi Qinglin, who was pretending to have a poker face next to him, and viciously said, “Laozi is going over!! You want me to be flashy? I will!!!”

Boss Qi, whose emotions relaxed after hearing his mate’s request, nodded without any hesitation. He first waved his hand, and a starry bridge formed between them and the judging panel high in the sky. With a light tap of his foot, they landed on the starry bridge, and the entire arena abruptly quieted. In that space where not even a single spark of light could be ignited, there were only those two immortal-like people standing on the resplendent starry bridge high in the air.



Woof woof meow—!!

As JinYu forged forward on the bridge with wide eyes, his beasts also seemed to be excited because of Boss Qi’s trick. They all cried out, and then different colored rays of light all appeared from their bodies and either raced and bounded after JinYu and Qi Qinglin, or soared about him in the sky, charging straight for the judging panel!!

The entire journey was like a gorgeous and inspiring dream!

All the people watching couldn’t help but gasp with admiration and shock. Someone shouted a ‘that’s so flashy!’ from somewhere, and then vigorous applause and cheering erupted. They all thought that JinYu and the headmaster’s exchange just then, as well as the showing off now, were all a type of opening act. Nobody believed that people would actually fucking improvise to this degree, so, this had to be an act!

“What a marvelous opening!”

Boss Jin, who was only ‘acting,’ rolled his eyes when he heard the audience’s reaction. You’re the one fucking acting! You’re the opening act!! Laozi just wanted to show off a little, how stupid did these people have to be to believe that this was a show arranged – in – advance?!

JinYu was about to deny it when, unexpectedly, a shameless old man stood up even faster than he could. He used his unique lion’s roar megaphone to say to the excited audience, “The newcomers just then are my esteemed guests that I invited specifically to the judging panel! There’s no need to doubt the strength of these two, as the opening act just then showed very well. But don’t get too excited everyone, this is only the start. Next, our official opening act is about to formally begin. It’s going to show that when humans and their beast companions work together as one, no matter what opponents or difficulties they face, they will always succeed!! 

As a result, the 685th new student contract ceremony formally began. The atmosphere in the arena also reached an unprecedented peak.

“That damn old man!! You used me!! Give me back my crystal tear!!” JinYu was so angry he kept howling, rolling his eyes in all sorts of ways at the old man.

However, the old man was definitely the sly old fox sort if he could become the headmaster of the royal hunting academy. Never mind how he also had the silver fox bloodline in him – he immediately narrowed his eyes and smiled. “There are no tears to be had, but if it’s a life on the line… if you have the skill, why don’t you bite me?”

“You!! BaoZi! ErHei! Bite him!!” JinYu just finished saying that before he realized the vast majority of old and young people on the judging platform were all staring at him. Then, twitching his mouth, Boss Jin realized that he seemed to have intruded on enemy territory. He had too damn few allies… it was too hard to go on without support.

As a result, a certain boss sat down very unwillingly. Two familiar voices, taking delight in his misery, sounded next to his ears, “Tsk tsk, I thought that this brat could fix that damn fox and let me get my revenge. Could it be that the ginger gets spicier as it gets older? Che, I didn’t even make a bet with you, why should I give you money?”

Boss Jin’s originally dark expression darkened even more when he heard those two voices. Those two old men who didn’t act their ages had also run over?! JinYu’s mouth twitched when he thought about it. If that damn money bag and young master Long could come over, then why couldn’t these two old men also make it over.

Therefore, Boss Jin finally figured out that he had been thoroughly trapped by three old men. He immediately inexplicably looked with grief and indignation at his boss. “I was bullied by those three old men!”

Boss looked at his mate’s teary, wronged, and wrathful expression, and his heart was both itchy and excited. Then Old Jin, Old Long, and Old Hu’s clothes all caught on fire.

“You you you! You damn brat!!”

“Aiya you damned little qilin, did I not tell you that I’m the one who gave you your name?!”

“My word, this is my favorite jacket ahhh!! Respect and love the elderly! Do you not know that?! How did my grandson become friends with the likes of you ah?!”


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I ROFLing again! It’s like some old men in this novel are idiots and some are sly old foxes and we have the fox set right here! But I love Qi QingLin the most, he is so good to his mate!

Thank you for the chapter!

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Aiyaa this is so lovely….. those three old willy deserved it 😁😁😁

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