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Chapter 52

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Although the space inside the suspension vehicle felt very large, it felt different with the four-sided barrier up.

In the corner, Wen Jin stared at the front seat outside the barrier and was dazed. His entire little furry face was sticking to the barrier. His mind was shattered and he could not recover from Dewitt’s explosive words.

“Well?” Just as Wen Jin felt that he was about to become a stone fox, the tip of his ear was suddenly touched, accompanied by a voice, asking for his response.

The pointed ears seemed to be extremely sensitive and just when they were touched, they immediately drooped like they had been shocked.

Dewitt squinted.

“I don’t understand.” For a long time, Wen Jin had lowered his head with a guilty face. He pawed the floor, his two soft claws stepped on each other, “You put…Put these down.” Wen Jin said, pulling two times at the barriers on both sides.

He didn’t want to stay here any longer. His heart was beating chaotically. In a few moments, maybe it would jump out directly and be a terrible scene. He was so old but he had never pulled out his heart for others. It seemed that he hadn’t seriously spoken about this. If his heart jumped out on the spot when he spoke, Wen Jin felt that the scene was a bit ugly.

Dewitt looked at the back of the fox’s head, but he couldn’t understand what was going on in the fox’s mind. After a pause, he reached out and lowered the barrier, not only lowering the barrier, but also opening the door on his right.

It was now night, just as the door opened, the cold wind from outside immediately poured in. The chill made Wen Jin, who just wanted to step out, hide in the corner of the car and tremble unconsciously for a moment. He looked at the door that had been opened in a daze, looked up at Dewitt and said, “Chee?” What’s wrong?

“If you want to go, I’ll give you three seconds. If you’re sure you don’t want to go, talk. Let’s have a good chat.” Dewitt said to Wen Jin in earnest, word by word.

Wen Jin shifted on his paws and his heart beat faster and faster.

Dewitt’s tone of voice was so serious that it sounded clear that there was no multiplicity or anxiety, but Wen Jin felt that… He felt very uncomfortable all over his body, as if he was going to be sent to that dream space again and his hair would really be stripped off.

Wen Jin’s heart was beating very hard and his chubby cheeks were warm. He could not even keep his illusion. He immediately turned back into a lean fox in front of Dewitt.

Looking down at his suddenly thinned paws, Wen Jin felt that he did not know where to put his face. He stared at the door of the car and suddenly really wanted to run out. Leaving this place, he could be carefree and relaxed again. No one could make him so nervous.

But maybe no one would treat him so well either.

“Chee…” Wen Jin hesitated for a moment when he pressed his paw on the edge of the car.

It was at the moment of his hesitation that a voice rang from the top of his head, “Three-two-one.”

“Chee?” Wen Jin was given a scare. At the next moment, his front paws were lifted gently and the door closed. At the same time, he was embraced in Dewitt’s arms, who had flipped him so he was on his back and his belly was face up.

Faced with Wen Jin’s stunned expression, Dewitt solemnly explained, “Three seconds is so fast, you missed it.”

Wen Jin, “…”

Feeling the temperature coming from the big hand behind him, he licked the tip of his nose, feeling that Dewitt was playing. But unexpectedly, he didn’t seem to mind that Dewitt was playing games with him.

“Since you haven’t left, you have to open your mouth. We just agreed.” Dewitt reached out his long fingers and touched Wen JIn’s nose.

That’s what you said. I didn’t agree with you.

Wen Jin’s eyes stared at Dewitt. He seemed to be complaining. After a moment’s silence, four paws scratched in the air. Wen Jin’s eyes were on Dewitt again. He said what he really wanted, “Those were fantastic words you said earlier.”

When Wen Jin said this, he was obviously a little uncomfortable, with a pair of eyes glancing back and forth.

“They are the truth.” Dewitt pinched the fluff on Wen Jin’s chest and affirmed once again what he had just said, “We said it.”

“You like foxes?” Wen Jin was a little nervous. He was so nervous that he didn’t even scratch Dewitt’s hand that was touching his chest hair.

Dewitt stared at the little fox in his hand and noticed that as soon as his word jumped out, the back of his opponent became stiff. Then he suddenly drew up his lips and said to Wen Jin. “No, only Wen Jin.”

“Chee, Chee!” If Wen Jin was human at the moment, his face would be red and flushed to his ears. He wanted to turn around unconsciously and bury his little furry face in the gap between Dewitt’s legs, but Dewitt’s legs were open at the moment and… He couldn’t get away from the other’s hands.

It was so shameful to be exposed with four paws!

What’s more, when the big fool pronounced his name, it was just like using some kind of heating magic method. Wen Jin’s body began to heat up and his big tail shook.

“But I won’t change!” Two ears hunched back for a long time and suddenly thought of the questions Dewitt had been asking him before, as if he had finally found the wording. Wen Jin kept saying earnestly, “Your love story is all white, I can only be a fox, so I can’t do anything.”

We can’t understand each other as we do between people. We have different ideas and even different statures.

Since ancient times, such tragedies have been everywhere in Honghuang. Wen Jin had always been the one who went to the theatre. He thought he wanted to find a companion, but he also thought about chickens or foxes and never thought about finding someone.

Moreover, he and the big fool only knew each other for a few days. Whether the big fool wanted to be his little spouse or if he was a demon or a beast, it was not like he really wanted to be together. Instead, it was like cheating him out and eating him.

Humans couldn’t live forever and the little fox would never grow old. He didn’t know whether the big fool knew this or not.

Dewitt’s reaction to Wen Jin did not seem unexpected. There was a hint of teasing in his eyes. He looked at a Wen Jin who knew what to do when he became a man and asked, “What do you want to do?”

Wen Jin, who was just worrying about whether his beautiful meat would be stared at as an immortal material, heard this sentence. His mind flashed a lot of scenes he had seen when he squatted in the corner secretly before and a furry face became hotter in an instant.

And most importantly, the scenes couldn’t be wiped away and they made him look like a big fool…

So the next second, the little fox nested in the palm of Dewitt’s hand, furtively gathered his two hind paws.

“But it’s too sudden for you to say that. There must be a reason…” Wen Jin’s back paws and front paws were all honestly gathered together and said in a low voice, “How can a normal person like a fox? Others like you will say you have a brain disease.”

Dewitt was shocked by Wen Jin’s remark. He thought that his little fox really did not speak and when he spoke, he would cry like hell and earth. He also knew what brain disease was and even could think about how normal people would think of his current behavior.

Dewitt was not sure whether Wen Jin was special or not, but judging from his scattered contact with the contract beast, he felt that Wen Jin was not a normal contract beast. When he thought of the slender teenager in that fantastic costume in his dream, Dewitt leaned his head down. “It’s for the sake of gratitude.”

“… Chee?” Wen Jin was stunned. He felt that the development of the plot was different from what he expected. What was repayment?

“I’m in good health, you should know?” Dewitt followed Wen Jin’s chest hair and touched his soft belly. However, Wen Jin’s four paws were tightened, so he squeezed for a while, failed to touch them successfully and, fearing that his actions would break the current atmosphere, he stopped reluctantly.

Wen Jin blushed. He tried to arrange the scenes in his mind. He took the big tail that rushed to rescue him. He hesitated for two seconds and nodded.

He felt that there was nothing to hide. He had exposed it more or less before. Everyone should feel that he was unusual. If the big fool really pursued him because of this, he could use the contract to pass it by.

“I was trapped in spiritual dissociation… It was just a dream,” Dewitt’s eyes fell on Wen JIn, noting that when he talked about it, the other side’s ears shook suddenly, his face did not move and he pretended not to see it. “There was a little fox, he taught me a new set of rules for energy circulation, which saved me. If not for him, I might still be in a coma and not wake up.”

Wen Jin looked at Dewitt dully and suddenly felt what the other party was saying. He could understand him. He clearly remembered that he had become a human figure at that time. Was that contract shown to Dewitt, or was it his own beast form?

“I want to repay him.” Dewitt repeated, “I don’t touch many beasts. You are the only white fox. I’ve been wanting to ask you since I woke up, but I’m afraid you don’t want to, so I didn’t open my mouth. For an ability user, the confliction of life and energy has always been the most painful thing. The little white fox may not know how big a gift he gave me.” When Dewitt said this, he paused suddenly and his face was so sincere that no one would doubt that what he said was not from the heart.

Wen Jin looked at Dewitt’s face like this. For a moment, he was stunned and asked, “How do you want to repay your kindness?”

“Do anything for the fox, give him everything he wants.” Dewitt said without hesitation.

Wen Jin heard the words and the tip of his tail trembled.

“That white fox, was it you?” Blue eyes looked at Wen Jin and asked gently. 

“If so, how would you repay your kindness?” Wen Jin asked hesitantly, “Will you listen to me?”

“Yes,” Dewitt answered, pausing for a moment, adding, “I can also give you the mines I own, which have endless energy stones. I can take you to eat the best food in Assyria. I can get you whatever you want. Except a spouse party,” said Dewitt, with a flash in his eye.

Hearing those four words, Wen Jin’s two ears stood up instantly and his eyes looked straight at Dewitt.

“I can give you the best.” Under Wen Jin’s gaze, Dewitt said with assurance. His face was good-looking. Although his voice was not the most pleasant one Wen Jin had ever heard, it had a deep resounding vibration, as if it could roll up a deadly temptation in invisibility and pierce Wen Jin’s heart directly.

This kind of temptation was a crisp, thorny needle and Wen Jin did not find the vagueness in Dewitt’s words. Instead, he blinked his eyes in a hurry and asked in a low voice, “Well, if you don’t get married, you won’t go to a party to find a little wife, right?”

As soon as Wen Jin’s voice fell, Dewitt leaned sideways. “Yes.”

When the word fell, Wen JIn instantly felt his heart fluctuate for several days, caught by a very gentle and warm thing. He squinted comfortably with his fox’s eyes and his face was full of joy.

Out of all of Dewitt’s words, he thought this word was his favorite.

But it sounded a bit domineering, so Wen Jin wagged his tail and carefully added, “Then I won’t go to those parties either.”

When Wen Jin said this, the ending was all wrapped up. He couldn’t tell what his feelings for Dewitt were, but for him, he would never find a second little tail. Dewitt would be his only little tail.

Thinking of this, Wen Jin felt as if he understood something.

Like his Master, like his father and mother, he had only one person in his life. He accompanied his father and mother for a lifetime and then followed his master later. He would not have a second father and mother, a second master, or a second small tail.

So in that case, when the little tail was still there, he did not need a wife. He had the little tail to accompany him. As a demon, his life was so long that he could accompany Dewitt to the end.

“So that white fox, was it you?” Like a chessboard that had been playing for a long time, the player’s eyes were sharp. At the last moment, the player’s eyes were directed at the other side’s heart, which has begun to soften.

“Yes.” Wen Jin nodded earnestly.

The little fox nodding his head and the young man sitting on his thigh in a hurry in his dream merged into one before his eyes. There was a ray of light in Dewitt’s eyes. He smiled, raised Wen Jin up, forced him to open his four paws and came up to kiss the little stone fox who was somewhat confused about his movements.

“Then you remember to pick it up.”

“… Hmm?” Returning with some warmth and confusion caused by Dewitt’s action.

The silly big man was so close to him that the breath blew on him, moving his fur and whole body. The movement made him itch all over his body and directly passed to the position of his lower abdomen.

Wen Jin reached out two front paws to push Dewitt’s chin, two back paws tightly clenched together.

It took Dewitt half a day to raise his face and his eyes seemed to hold the stars of the whole night, looking at Wen Jin with a smile and earnestness. “You have my gratitude.”


After Dewitt left, Shen Yue, who was still at the party, felt more and more embarrassed. She bit her lip and was chased out under the scolding and persuading eyes and words of several close friends.

As soon as Kaikai saw that his master was heading in the direction of the little white fox, he immediately followed Shen Yue excitedly with four legs, including several other beasts, under the nod of his master.

“Hey Kai, that little fox has a good personality. You can’t scare him this time!” The chicken was too small to run, so it sat on Kaikai’s head and pulled its ear and said, “The mole and I want to be friends with him, so if you rush up to frighten him later, we’ll be angry.”

“Wang–!” Kaikai cried out with some grievance, thinking that he didn’t want to. It was the fox that smelled so good that he couldn’t help it. And it was still a special period, which he had not been in for so many months!

The mole on the other side, completely disregarding Kaikai’s grievance, continued to scold, “Yes, I would be angry too! But if you control yourself well, I and the chicken will help you explain to him and try to get you a better impression.”

“Wang!” The answer to the mole was a breathless cry.

Halfway through the noisy pack of beasts, Dewitt noticed the movement. Looking through the window at Shen Yue rushing over, a trace of surprise flashed through his eyes and then he looked at Kaikai behind her, the surprise became unhappiness.

“The mole and chicken!” Wen Jin’s five senses were no less than Dewitt’s. He immediately recognized the voices of his two new companions. He immediately picked up the window and looked out with bright eyes. His tail began to shake.

When he thought of the strange clothes of the young people in his dream that were out of place with Assyria, Dewitt paused for a moment and touched Wen Jin’s head. “Do you want to be friends with them?”

“I do.” Wen Jin nodded earnestly. “Can you open the door?”

As soon as the word “do” was out, the little fox squatted in front of Dewitt and he gained twenty pounds more with just a  thought.

Dewitt: “… Is your appearance controllable?”

“Yes.” Although Wen Jin’s appearance had become fat, his voice was still the same as before, but not like it was before he lost weight. “It’s a bit troublesome, but you gave me a lot of spiritual stones, so it’s okay to deal with them for a while.”

In his heart, Dewitt drew another bedrock for his little fox, decided to give him another chance to gain ten pounds and then used the terminal to reinstate the mask and open the door of the car.

So, as Marshal, Dewitt’s heart should be very big. He did not show any superfluous expression to Kaikai. It was not like meeting a rival in love at all. However, he did not put Wen Jin on the ground, but embraced him in his arms and let Shen Yue take the lead. She ran to Dewitt and Kaikai’s mouth fell open, eyes staring at Wen Jin, his heart is full of motivation.

Wen Jin did not feel unhappy, but Kai Kai moved toward the fox of his dream as he wished.

“Kaikai!” Shen Yue, who was worried that Kaikai would jump on again, took several steps forward in astonishment. She forced Kaikai back. When she saw that the latter was not moving, she took a deep breath and looked at Dewitt. After a short breath, she said earnestly, “I’m sorry, I’m here to apologize.” Shen Yue said this and even bowed slightly to Dewitt. “We created a tea party to meet our friends. We don’t mean to force the beasts to choose their spouses or anything. Let them play happily together is the ultimate goal. Just now, it was my impulse. Kaikai is five years old. The average age of this kind of contract beast is only ten years old. For five years, Kaikai has not shown any particular strong interest in any contract beast. So I just couldn’t resist it. I just thought about Kaikai and didn’t consider your mood.”

Dewitt held Wen Jin in one hand, looked at Shen Yue and shook his head. “It’s all right.”

With Dewitt’s character, he said these words, which really meant that what had just happened had been revealed.

Although Shen Yue did not know Dewitt, she could also vaguely judge the meaning from the other party’s atmosphere and tone of voice. She felt relieved and picked up the chicken on Kaikai’s head.

“In fact, you and your friends are very good and your family’s contract beast, we also have many children like it, if you can, please don’t mind that matter just now and bring it to play in the future?” Shen Yue said, as if to cooperate with her, the little chicken in her arms chirped twice and the little mole still on the ground climbed up to Kaikai’s head and waved his arms at Wen Jin.

“Chee!” Wen Jin couldn’t help shaking his tail. He looked like he was in a good mood.

Seeing Wen Jin’s small appearance, Dewitt touched his head, nodded, looked at Kaikai again and said tactfully, “After it’s estrus is over, it’s OK.”

Shen Yue’s expression was stiff and she smiled awkwardly. “Kaikai is really sensible. I’ll talk to it well when I go back.”

Before she had finished, her eyes swept and she suddenly fell to Wen Jin’s little belly, which was exposed from the inside of Dewitt’s arm and the revealed small organ on his little belly. Then she was stunned. Sir, was the contract beast of your family always such a exhibitionist…?

After Shen Yue thought this, Kaikai’s big tail straightened out in an instant and the dog heart was shattered three times.

Dewitt glanced at it and the corners of his lips twisted slightly. Just as he wanted to say that, Shen Yue took another sentence. “Also… Are you in love?”


The author has something to say: 


Wen JIn:??? I don’t agree with this popularity field qaq!!!!

Dewitt:… I’m not the first to know the name of my wife. I’m not the first to see the penis of my wife.

Kaikai: qaq!!!!!! Didn’t really see, ah, people just have rich experience in keeping contract beasts to see it!!!

Shen Yue: I am the happiest seeing the fox.

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