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Chapter 72

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


When Boss Jin and the Old Fox argued loudly back and forth so they could deal with the situation, the students in the field already found beasts that matched their strength or beasts that could sympathize with them. The students were overjoyed, smiling brightly to the point where people around them thought it was bright even if they didn’t open their eyes.

In addition, there was more than a thousand students that were unable to find a beast that resonated with them. Their looks stood in stark contrast to those who had found a beast. Those students not only looked depressed but they gave it their all and went in front of the beasts that had not yet selected a master, forcefully releasing their own spiritual powers and abilities in order to achieve a miracle.

This was not an easy miracle.

The stadium’s energy excited and intense atmosphere gradually became more peaceful. It seemed as though all the students that were able to find beasts were half the number of the students that were unable to find beasts. As a result, sadness pervaded.

“Ah, little ones, I’m not going to stop you. Right now this principal wants to comfort his students. This is the future of the elite. If this place losses its belief then that will be a tragic loss.” After the fox principal saw this situation he gave JinYu a small push. Boss Jin, who was given two colorful rainbow wing brocades as a thank you gift, did not notice.

Old Hu looked below and saw the thousands of frustrated students standing up straight on the platform. He roared at them through a special lion, “Right now it seems like the selection has ended. Some people are happy while others are still looking.”

With Old Hu’s words, the students that were unable to select beasts found an outlet to release their emotions. They began to weep, some even sobbing.

“What are you crying about?!” Old Hu shouted aggressively, causing many students to shiver in shock. They immediately suppressed their cries. “You guys were able to get selected to attend the Royal Hunting Academy out of everyone on the planet. Even more, you guys were able to train until this point! That means that you guys are one of a kind outstanding students! It means that you guys are excellent students with the potential for development. You guys can even become a generation of heroes or level 10 hunters!! How can you guys cry like this?! You guys should smile! Laugh and smile!!”

“Don’t think that just because you haven’t found your beast this time the whole world is ending. Just think about it, you guys haven’t even turned twelve yet. At two hundred years old, only do we welcome death. You guys are quite young and you’re still scared of not finding your beast?! Let me tell you guys, in this capital there are more than 3.8 times the number of beasts as there are humans!! And the number of humans with spiritual powers and special abilities to communicate with these beasts is only one out of every five hundred people!! With these kinds of statistics, how can you guys possibly be worried?!”

“So, don’t be so sad and heartbroken, this is only the beginning. From today onwards, if you guys have the opportunity you guys need to seriously and carefully find those beasts that will resonate with you. There are many beasts like this on this planet so there will always be one, you guys only need to wait. So wipe your tears off for today and hold your heads up high for me! Show me your proud smiles–! Now enter the courtyard of the Royal Hunting Academy!!”

In this moment, a huge wave of excitement rippled through the crowd. Regardless of if it was a student participating or some other person, they all showed a genuine smile.  

JinYu looked down from the platform at the scene unfolding below him merely due to the old man’s few words. This old fox was a cheating expert and indeed a treacherous old fox! That fucking old man’s words could be said without changing his face or heart. Looking at the schooled expressions on Old Jin and Old Long’s faces, Boss Jin couldn’t help but shake and think that he really had to be careful with this one the next time he dealt with him.

Of course, Long Changxiao and Jin Qian both had the same thoughts as JinYu. And the youngest of those three was moved by the old fox’s words and dancing happily with glee on the platform.

Jin Qian slowly lowered his head, sighing, “So I say the students are the most outstanding~ Surely they must have studied to the point of stupidity? Can you possibly believe the old fox’s words? How can there be 3.8 times more beasts than humans, one out of five hundred people. Sure there are 3.8 times more beasts than humans but assistant beasts take up more than half that number. Fighting beasts also have different divisions. In other words the number of C level beasts or above is actually quite small and pitiful~”

Hearing this, JinYu nodded in agreement. “Yes! This is true! Even more, the ratio of humans with the appropriate spiritual powers and abilities may be one out of every five hundred humans but the majority of these people can only communicate with C level or below beasts. Sometimes they can’t even communicate with fighting beasts, only assistant beasts…”

“So it was all just bullshit,” Long Changxiao shrugged. “Most of the talk about the principal’s position is nonsense although just now what he said was the truth.”

“Troublesome,” Qi Qinglin looked at the group of students running about. He couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows. This kind of big ruckus was something he really disliked.

So Old Hu never thought that his encouraging words towards the students would incite contempt in the four youths. Because of these words he essentially cut off all possibilities of cultivating the big boss Qi as his next successor. It was really quite a tragedy.

It wasn’t easy to wait for the situation to calm. The crafty principal waved his hand and made the students who failed to resonate with beasts rest. They started to solve the issue of the students with a beasts that began to sympathize with the students without beasts.

According to the precise calculations, there were about four hundred students contesting for one hundred fifty beasts. It seemed as though the members of the review committee on the platform were already quite familiar with the process of judging and had enough experience so there was no surprise about the results.

This was Boss Jin and Boss Qi’s first time on a review committee, so there was some unforeseen awkwardness.

“Little Jinzi ah, you have to make sure that the beasts are with people they like. And as for you, Little Qi-zi, you need to see who is more powerful. Afterwards we can meet up.” Old Jin suggested to the clueless JinYu and Qi Qinglin who were both at a loss as to what to do.

After this small reminder, both the boss and JinYu relaxed because they finally knew what to do. It was because the judges all had a clear division of labor that during the next evaluation, JinYu made much progress. After an hour, they already decided the ownership of a hundred beasts. This also involved debates and disputes, refutation and explanation.

To the eye it seemed that only a second had passed. The number of beasts slowly dwindled. When JinYu finally decided to let out a sigh to explain to the issue of the remaining ten beasts, there was suddenly troops galloping from two different sides towards the crowd. A man pointed his finger at JinYu and shouted, “You were the one that stole the Long Clan’s A level beasts!!”

“You stole the Long family’s A level beast!”

“Return my white sand tiger! You stole it!”

In a flash, the originally peaceful state turned into chaos. This shocked the audience, causing a big uproar. “Stole an A level beast?! Is this even possible?”

“And stole a white sand tiger? That’s also an A level beasts! What kind of person would have these guts.”

“Alas, who would do such a despicable thing?”

“Pah, I say that it has to be that youth. How else could he possibly have so many A level beasts by his side? Someone get one of the clan leaders! Looks like they were originally stolen…..”

“How could this be? I thought that he looked like a respectable, well-mannered man.”

“Pah, how could you believe such an innocent?” 

In this moment, the entire stadium was filled with all kinds of confrontation and quiet discussion. THe discontent started off small but finally grew too big to be ignored.”

In this moment, the two youths and a girl standing in front of JinYu were filled with righteous indignation. One of their mouths were raised while the other’s eyes were filled with a self-righteous pride.

“This really is…this guy has no shame and isn’t afraid of anyone.”

JinYu gradually stood up from his seat and his eyes revealed a swift and fierce dark light, “Bitch! You guys dare steal my beasts!! You guys are asking for it.”

In a flash, the entire stadium was empty.

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