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Chapter 71

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

JinYu looked at that black and white bun, curled up in a ball. Even though he felt very speechless that the fellow was actually a giant panda – inherited from a generational gap, and not purebred – the bun’s standard stupidly adorable appearance still made him unwaveringly determined to get him.

So what if it skipped a generation to be passed on, so what if that guy wasn’t purebred, still! As long as it was this appearance, this outward appearance! There was nothing to hesitate over. What’s more, even though that little fellow was a bit tsundere, for it to throw itself at JinYu of its own will and even say ‘bamboo’ – that meant it definitely belonged in their shop—

There was no such plant as ‘bamboo’ in this world right now. The radiation and environmental changes before was enough to make all the animals and humans on the star mutate, so how could plants – which valued the environment and soil the most – remain the same? There were many mutated plants that were even more dangerous than fierce beasts on the desolate star. Even if it was the capital star, the plants still appeared very invasive and threatening.

There were only two types of bamboo-type plants on the capital star. One was the five-colored bamboo, and as the name implied, it was bamboo that had five different colors in it. But all the animals knew that the more brightly colored and beautiful plant was, the more dangerous and deadly it was too. So, even though the green core of the five-colored bamboo was safe for consumption, but just getting the core alone was enough to nearly make a tier-five adventurer lose their life… 

The other type was completely harmless, but that kind of bamboo grew in groups, and it was a delightful sight from afar. But if you dare to walk within ten meters of the bamboo forest, you would be greeted by an extremely lively thrashing session of bamboo sprouts beating flesh!! Those ferocious bamboo definitely, definitely wouldn’t stop until your butt and body were covered with fresh blood.

Only tier-seven hunters could escape unscathed when picking ferocious bamboo.

Those two types of bamboo were always called by their full names on the capital star. Nobody would say that they were going to gather bamboo, instead it would be: I’m going to pick bamboo heart, or I’m going to fight the ferocious bamboo. So when that little fella, the size of a rubber ball, bounded towards him while saying ‘bamboo,’ JinYu knew that it must know about the existence of those once beautiful and harmless noble bamboo.

But JinYu was still a little puzzled. If this fellow inherited it after a generation gap, could it have also inherited former memories and knowledge? So this fellow was now able to speak human speech because of that ancient and precious knowledge?! Also, how did that little thing smell bamboo from his body? Even though he was home-grown from the place bamboo originated in, that was already extremely long ago and distant. How could it have possibly smelled the bamboo? Not even a dog’s nose was that sharp, okay…

“Hey… did you hide the bamboo?” That little fellow who was originally pointing its butt at him turned its head a little unwillingly after sulking for a bit. Its watery eyes, covered by fluffy fur, looked at JinYu pitifully. “I’m almost starving to death… pandas can only eat bamboo, if you give me bamboo, I’ll sell myself to you. Look, I’m so hungry that I can’t get big anymore… and I’m very skinny.”

JinYu was momentarily struck dumb by that little fellow’s adorable appearance and way of speaking. He sucked in a deep breath and howled in his mind. Didn’t he always say that pandas were the type of animal who were experts in just sitting there and acting cute! He was stupefied by the cuteness, okay! JinYu looked over the little fellow’s body; indeed, even as a little panda, it was a bit too thin. It had to curl up in a ball to look a little plumper. If it really crawled up, it was about as skinny as a little cat. Of course, even if that was the case, it still tugged on one’s heartstrings!!

Facing such a freaking adorable national treasure-tier existence, Boss Jin’s compassion index and sense of responsibility immediately exploded off the charts. Why couldn’t he just turn into a stick of bamboo! Even if he thought that though, JinYu still couldn’t find bamboo, much to his frustration. So then he looked tearfully at his boss.

Qi Qinglin was provoked by that gaze, and his brain began to furiously churn to try and figure out how to solve his mate’s problem so that he could win some goodwill and rewards. The boss’ brain, or rather his memory and analysis skill, were truly top-notch; after thinking about it for about three minutes, he suddenly said, “Earth, bamboo.”

Immediately JinYu’s eyes lit up. “Yes yes yes! The scent definitely got on me at that time!! … ah, even if that’s the case, this guy’s nose is still a bit too sharp, isn’t it? Even if I’m wearing the same clothes from that day.”

Boss Qi also found it a little difficult to believe. However, a poker face was always the best way to explain and conceal, so there was only a certain Jin fellow exclaiming to himself. Then Boss Jin said quite excitedly to the little expectant panda, “Even though I don’t have bamboo right now, in the future I can definitely let you eat bamboo every day until your mouth becomes soft! How about that? Will you come with me?!”

When hearing that, the little panda’s eyes immediately lit up until they were even brighter than a certain whale’s. It furiously nodded and howled its agreement. “I’ll go with you! I definitely will! You have to feed me well!!”

JinYu laughed mischievously, looking extremely sinister. “Baby, don’t worry~ after you enter my Jin family, I can guarantee you’ll drown in pleasure!”

Except, while JinYu was delighted, the judges on the judging platform and a few bigshots couldn’t stay seated any longer, especially the bigshot in charge and the old headmaster fox. The former knew very well how high the price of such an unrivalled beast would be; either because of the reputation or self-interest, he wanted the panda, as it was also one of his reasons for attending the ceremony. After all, even though he had supplied most of the beasts, this unrivalled beast had come to the royal hunting academy on all its own.

As for the old headmaster fox, he was looked at JinYu, pained. This brat was truly too detestable! Never mind stealing away their academy’s beasts right in front of them – you actually dare to dig out a corner of his wall right in front of him?! Even if that cornerstone wasn’t very helpful in the academy, it was still the only one!! And it was also one of the top ten wonders of the academy, if someone stole it away, wasn’t he losing his hard-earned capital?!

So when Boss Jin cheerily picked up that somewhat arrogant little fellow in his arms and was getting ready to walk back, the headmaster grew unhappy, “Judge Jin! This is the contract ceremony! How can you fight with the students for beasts? And it’s not like you’re a part of our school, you can’t steal the property of our academy!” The words were pertinent and sincere, but that was just nitpicking to JinYu’s ears!!

Your fucking little treasure didn’t find any suitable owner in ten years in your school, so clearly you consider it something of dubious worth that you just don’t want to give up! And it hasn’t eaten its fill in ten years! He wanted to fume with rage when he remembered that. How could they let the national treasure starve! For ten years! Fuck, no wonder it didn’t grow at all!!

JinYu said through clenched teeth, “Old fox, out of respect and love for the elderly, I feel it’s best if you don’t nitpick. You said it yourself that the little treasure ran to the academy on its own, so it has the ability to make its own decisions. It can go with whoever it wants, you can’t do anything about it. At most, it stayed here at your place and ate your food, but as one of the ten great wonders, it definitely had some benefits. No matter what, it earned its stay. If worst comes to worst, I’ll pay you back for its living and food expenses, but do you really have the nerve to ask for it? Look at how thin it is! Tsk tsk, it’s all skin and bones! It said it hasn’t eaten its fill in ten years! How can you have the heart?!”

The little baby in JinYu’s arms poked out its head and nodded its head accusingly, eyes filled with agreement. If it hadn’t felt that talking wasted too much energy, it would definitely denouch this school and that old man for mistreating it and starving it while also always bringing it out to be looked at! Even though it still greatly enjoyed being watched by beauties, it still wasn’t full! That was a problem of principle and living! It definitely had to sell its body! If it followed this gold master guy, it would definitely have bamboo to eat! It didn’t want to starve anymore!!

Old Hu didn’t expect JinYu to use that against him. When he saw the little fellow nod vigorously in JinYu’s arms, his expression couldn’t help but stiffen. He always thought that this little fellow got by very nicely in his academy. Even though it got a little smaller and was a bit more difficult, he never really thought that the reason it didn’t grow bigger was because it was never fed properly! So, in a fit of pique, the headmaster instantly decided that he was going to fire the chefs in charge of managing the beasts’ food! But he definitely never thought of the fact that it wasn’t that the chef didn’t want to feed the little treasure well – instead, it was because the little treasure’s food requests were too high, so he couldn’t fucking do it or take care of it ah!

Fucking hell, even the cheapest five-colored bamboo heart was more expensive than all the other cubs’ food expenses! Moreover, he had specifically checked that this fellow was an omnivore, so under those circumstances, a certain baby began its ten years of starvation.

“Keke, since that little fellow chose you, and it spoke for the first time because of you, that means you two are brought together by fate. Since that’s the case, it can go with you. You have to take care of it well! Even though it came to live at our place, all of our teachers and students value and care for it a lot!”

JinYu and the little treasure’s words and appearances made the old headmaster’s attitude change 180 degrees. No matter what, even if a certain headmaster was extremely sly and self-important, he still wholeheartedly cherished and loved beasts.

JinYu revealed a huge smile. After walking up onto the judging panel, he murmured in the old headmaster’s ear, “Many thanks. Tomorrow I’ll send you a few more crystals, or what do you think about rainbow brocade feathers? My golden pheasant has eaten too well lately, so it has about twenty or so rainbow brocade feathers. Top-notch goods!”

Old Hu rubbed his beard very satisfactorily after hearing JinYu’s words. He then said kindly, “How could I? You should give at least three, right?”

Instantly, the judging platform was full of people who felt their eyes twitching as their faces went ashen.

Can you be even more shameless? Watch your image ah hey!!!

Exchanging bamboo for pandas or whatnot, if such a thing existed now, wouldn’t that be great… I’d definitely go stock up on bamboo!

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