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Chapter 56

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When the first photon bomb exploded into the cave, Chen Xiong was astonished and let all the beasts retreat and flew in the direction of Professor Lin.

The roar hit the eardrum of every contract beast in the cave. For a time, those in the cave were agitated and screamed constantly. The timid contract beasts directly shrank themselves into a group. With the sound of bombs, Chen Xiong looked at Professor Lin, who was under his guard and looked at the tiger king who was still lying awake not far away. He only felt that one bomb. Even if the photobomb did not explode the mountain, it broke his heart into pieces.

Was this really the end of their years of hard work? No, no, he remembered that King Tiger had said that there would be a partial hole in the cave when he went inside. Chen Xiong clenched his teeth and turned his head to roar. After sweeping through the hole, his eyes suddenly froze.

Outside the original large open cave, there was already a cloud of dust and smoke caused by the bombing of the mountain, but the cave mouth extended into the stone wall inside… But there was no cracks at all. Through the smoke and the scenery inside the cave, Chen Xiong could even see a transparent layer across the cave entrance. An energy shield?

Looking at Professor Lin, he suddenly remembered the scene of Wen Jin biting Professor Lin and running wild not long ago. Professor Lin seemed to be wrapped in such a layer of energy then as well.

So, his eyes finally fell on the white fox standing at the entrance of the cave, with his head up and wondering what he was thinking.

“… Old Chen?” While Chen Xiong was staring at Wen Jin, Professor Lin, who was protected by him in front of his chest, opened his eyes. There were still blood stains on his forehead and body, but the wounds had disappeared. “Where are we?”

As soon as Professor Lin’s voice fell, the entrance of the cave was attacked by a second photobomb.

This time it was a three-shot bullet. Every time it hit the energy shield, it was a huge consumption of reiki. Wen Jin’s eyebrows were wrinkled. Before he could feel his heart ache for the loss of his reiki, he heard the screaming in the cave. He was upset at once. One claw stepped on the floor fiercely. “Roar -!”

It was clear that he had not been transformed into a prototype or a small figure, but the fierce roar made the whole cave suddenly quiet.

The group of contract beasts seemed to have been brainwashed by something. They all stopped. Even the shivering contract beasts in the farthest most corner moved their eyes carefully and looked at Wen Jin. In addition to the fear, their expressions held worship.

“Why are you… What the hell happened?” Professor Lin woke up and saw the warmth of his fur in this dark environment. Then he reviewed his surroundings and the cave filled with beasts. His scattered memories come back to his mind. Professor Lin’s face is serious. “Is the army at the entrance?” He asked Chen Xiong this sentence, while asking, as if he had already given an answer in his mind. He pushed Chen Xiong aside with a rush of face. “They should have… You go, I’ll go out and stop them! “

“There’s no time.” Wen Jin scanned a group of six beasts in his eyes. He looked at the excited Professor Lin and said in a cold voice. After that, he paused for a moment and said a little selfishly, “It’s not Dewitt. He’s farther away.”

Professor Lin did not recognize the white fox’s selfishness. Instead, he was stunned. “Marshal is in on it too?”

Even if he didn’t know what had happened, he knew that it was impossible for Dewitt and Chen Xiong’s character to change.

Chen Xiong’s face was somewhat deep. “Not only is he not a marshal, but probably not even an Assyrian soldier, Professor. Do you remember the people who hurt you before?”

Before Chen Xiong finished speaking, Professor Lin thought of something and his face sank immediately. In this instant, the third photobomb was thrown out.

“Sir! No, the energy material at the entrance of the cave is hard to penetrate! ” Looking at the nth photoelastic bomb sent out hitting the cave entrance, but still failed to break the big rock next to the cave entrance even a slight crack, the soldier’s face, looks very confused.

“Go on!” It was a major general, with a stern and dignified face and a dark red light flashed under his eyes. “Increase the speed and power of attack, if the fourth round is still impassable, open the heavy weapons gate directly!”

“Sir?!” The soldier sitting in front of him turned back in astonishment. “Heavy weapons?”

The Major General gave him a cold look. “What do you think of my orders, soldier?”

The soldier who was stared at by him swallowed and forced himself to keep calm. “Pay, report! For heavy weapons to be used within national boundaries, we must have at least five signatures from Headquarters or two orders from the Marshals and Prime Ministers, if not – “

“Ivankov!” Before the soldier had finished, he was hammered on the shoulder by his colleagues. “Hurry up, what is your rank?”

“What are you doing?” The interrupted Ivankov felt sweat on his forehead and in the instant he turned his head, the Major General walked away as if he had no intention of listening to him at all.

Ivankov tightened his lips.

“Hey, don’t you understand?” His colleagues came up and said, “The supreme commander of our battalion is the Major General. What can we do if the Major General wants us to do something? We’re not a battlefield team. We’re a maintenance force. What’s more? Even with heavy weapons, it is him who will ultimately take responsibility. Besides, we won’t be fighting people, it’s just a bunch of beasts. Do you have to confront Major General for this kind of thing? Not caring for the future?”

Ivankov was shocked by this remark and opened his eyes wide, thinking incredibly, “Wake, how can you think this? Isn’t the contract beast a life? And these are all the iron rules of the military…”

“Will the fate of a foreign monarch be rejected? You have never heard the old saying?” Wake gestured to him. “Otherwise you can go on to talk to the Major General, but I didn’t think you like the contract beasts. We can’t just stop the Major General because of your compassion.”

Looking at Wake, who said this while shrugging his shoulders, Ivankov clenched his teeth, finally glanced at him, removed his control helmet, turned and rushed out of the command room.

“Colonel Ivankov -?” Behind him a soldier in white was stunned.

“It’s not good or bad.” Hearing that Ivankov was really looking for the Major General, Wake turned his eyes and stared at the soldier. “What are you doing, substitute? Don’t make up for it yet?

“Yes, yes!” The replacement student in white was stunned and was about to sit up when he heard a cry of surprise coming from the side.

“Report! Yes, the contract beast rushed out of it… No, that’s a person!”

“What?” Wake quickly turned up the screen in front of him and his eyes fell on the one standing in the energy shield… The man paused. “This is not Professor Lin, but the doctor who became a beast in the Academy of Science?” Wake said, staring at them. They were the team that intercepted the contract beast in the middle. They were not the same team as the scientific research institute. So they only heard in the report what happened in the scientific research institute.

In the long-term environment, even after hearing the report, Wake was somewhat distrustful and always thought it was the other party’s trick.

But now the facts stood directly in front of him, his eyes never moved and somehow, he felt a thrilling and nauseating feeling. His hands were clasped to the launcher as if he were anxious to blow up the “man” in front of him with some heavy weapon immediately, which aroused deep fear in his heart.

“Major General, he wants to negotiate!” The liaison officer recognized Chen Xiong’s gesture and looked behind him, a thin figure, staring at him. “Report, Professor Lin is behind him!”

“He, he’s moving forward!” Before the liaison officer had finished, Wake’s voice was somewhat strained and shouted, “What did he want to do? Didn’t he say before that there was only a contract beast with A-level power? What ambush is this? They don’t have an energy ring, Major General – “

At the moment of Wake’s roar, Chen Xiong was facing the row of mech in front of the cave entrance. He carefully moved forward step by step. Five steps later, he stepped out of the energy barrier made by Wen Jin.

“Even if the mech was dyed by outsiders, there must be Assyrians in it. King Tiger and I have always wished that Assyrians and beasts live in peace. This is the teachings of our ancestors. I need an opportunity to have a good talk with them… Men are of Assyria and there is the beast agreement between Assyria and I can use everything to open this breach…”

What Chen Xiong just said to Wen Jin in the cave, inspired by his beliefs over the years, made him straighten his chest. His face was simple and held serious yearning, his feet stepped out of the energy barrier and he went out in human form.

Then, in the instant when his body completely stepped out of the energy barrier, the first mech burst out with dazzling light and a sharp bullet flew towards Chen Xiong’s body.

Chen Xiong’s eardrums were pierced by the low sound of the photon bursting through the sky.

“Major General?!” Ivankov, who had been reprimanded for leaving the command room, stared at the Major General who decisively pressed the launch button. “Major General! He raised his hand! That’s the act of surrender!”

“That’s a beast,” said Major General Qi, with a cruel smile on his face and a triumphant look in his red eyes. “The moment they destroyed the scientific research institute and caused such a catastrophe, it meant that they denied their will to live in peace with the Assyrians…”

Before the Major General’s words were finished, a mech on the command platform began to whistle suddenly and sharply. The piercing and palpitating call echoed throughout the command room, followed by Wake’s frightening voice, “Ice, energy, Major General, Major General! The water system energy of grade A-5 or more has been detected!”

Wake yelled, staring hopelessly, only to see a huge contract beast flashing beneath the light bullet that had just been projected from their mech. At least thirty meters tall, from a distance, Wake could not even believe that the beast would come out of the cave. How could it be possible? How could a little cave hold such a huge thing?

Watching the energy reading skyrocket on the energy detector, Wake felt only cold around him. The strong energy seemed to penetrate the mech and press directly on him. Wake subconsciously tried to escape, but his legs were completely soft.

“Major General… The energy detector is no longer working…” When Wake watched the energy detector burst directly and break, his words were floating, his eyes staring beyond the screen.

The snow-white beast rushed out of the cave behind him, wrapped in an intrepid energy that caused the detector to shatter. In the mountains, near dawn, a pair of dark eyes deep as if they could swallow the whole world into it, scorned every living being they touched. The pure white appearance, like the ancient gods, made people unable to look away.

But – in Wake’s eyes, the giant contract beast was more like a god of death carrying a sickle than an ancient god with an outstretched hand.

Strong, sharp claws, rushed out in a single moment, the eyes firmly locked Wake’s mech and then, it seemed to hold the image of a thousand heavy eyes, as if through the machine armorech, the fear could crush everyone’s heart.

Then the next second, the sharp claws arrived in front of Wake. 

“What the hell is that?-!” At the same time, several other people in the mechs made the same sound of shock and fear, “That’s really, it’s a contract beast?”

“Didn’t you say that? Shoot it, shoot it! Give me all the light bullets for such a big live target!” The commander on the other mech shouted frantically, “This is not a contract beast, this is definitely not a contract beast, it is a devil! Don’t let it walk out of this mountain alive!”

“No, Colonel!” However, the operator’s voice in the mech was crying, “It’s too fast and the size is too big to compare to mech’s. We, our mech speeds can not keep up with it!”

“What?!” The Colonel roared angrily. “You’re telling me that our mechs can not keep up with the beast? So what do I do with your group of controllers? No matter, fire at it, fire at it!”

The operator clenched his fist, gritted his teeth and pressed the launch button.

However, in a flash, the huge contract beast arrived at their mech. They had been clearly separated from the beast by hundreds of meters, but in a moment, the operator felt as if his heart had been seized. In those eyes, he seemed to see how insignificant he was, as well as the missile he had pressed and how he… he was not worth mentioning.

“Is that really a beast?” He said stupidly and the powerful claw appeared in front of their partition, one claw came down and another mech fell to the ground.

The first ray of sunshine shone on the earth. The battle, which had spanned nearly an entire night in the Assyrian capital, ended with the falling of the mechs under the claws of a giant beast in the sky. Chen Xiong, still standing at the entrance of the cave, felt his blood surging when he saw Wen Jin’s indifferent look. 

Even in the cave, when Chen Xiong said what he thought, Wen Jin’s furry face showed a trace of disdain. ‘The weak are never qualified to negotiate or do you plan to use the guilt of the people to attempt to negotiate? It’s just a silly dream. I owe you a favor for the hengshi, so I will help you once, Chen Xiong. This method is much faster than you can endure for hundreds of years.’

The last mech was trampled to the ground and when it fell, the shield forcibly saved the lives of the people inside.

The first one to climb out of the fallen mechs was the Major Commander. He pulled out a strange-shaped gun from his uniform. Not only him, but also several other people all crawled to the ground and pulled out identical guns. They were like the most trained soldiers. All the barrels of the guns were pointed in the direction of Wen Jin.

However, just at the moment where they were about to pull the trigger, a few giants suddenly flew out, almost every one of them jumped on the soldiers with great precision.

Fifty kilograms or even hundreds of kilograms of weight, a few on the spot fainted. The Major General’s face changed, secretly congratulating himself that he had not been found. A pair of eyes stared at Wen Jin, but this time, he had not yet targeted anyone and he was slammed in the neck.

“You…” In the moment of fainting, Major General saw Ivankov’s face.

The latter looked at the Major General’s gun and was shocked. When he looked up again, he found the huge white beast had at some point, looked over to their side.

Soon Ivankov saw one of the claws raised by the beast and looked at where he was. For a while, his back was cold.

Wen Jin looked at the human in that area ironically and thought that it would be good for everyone to get all the stolen goods. All the people in those mechs had the smell of bedbugs. His help seemed to have helped Chen Xiong and the big fool. When that fellow arrived, he would have to ask for a few more cans of dried meat.

Thinking of the big fool… Wen Jin was silent about his luck and energy. He stretched his back and put aside the paw that he had intended to crush the Major general with.

“We can negotiate and I’d like to hear everything you know,” Ivankov’s face had gone white after he felt the fluctuation of Wen Jin’s power, but he stood still. He hesitated for a while, but pulled out a gun from behind and pointed it at Wen Jin. It was an ordinary weapon for Assyrian soldiers. “But you can’t approach the city, you can’t attack the city-“

The voice echoed in the mountains, but Wen Jin did not look at him. His eyes turned to a distant place. He looked at the rows of mechs flying towards them. His black nose twitched and his heart thought it was sad how slow they were.

While humming, Wen Jin put his tail in a beautiful arc and cruelly poked the green contract in his heart, saying that this Hengshi was still useful, although it had not been completely transformed, but he had just tried not to use Reiki, so he could continue for a while.

He had to stand up to the foolish one and let the foolish one exaggerate over his original form. This was how he appeared on Honghuang and he would inevitably be praised over his original form. Every time, the human beings worshipped him as good-looking, but Wen Jin did not remember it.

So he wanted Dewitt to praise him too and Wen Jin felt that he should be able to remember the words of his little tail.

But if no one boasted about him… Wen Jin narrowed his eyes, shook his tempting fur, hummed in his heart and twisted his tail at an angle behind him.

“The whole army was destroyed…” When the stunned voice came from Lieutenant General, Dewitt was inside the mech, looking at Wen Jin in front of the cave from the light of dawn.

The huge fox was far from the little fellow who liked to nest in his arms when he had nothing to do, but Dewitt recognized him at a glance. And the dark eyes full of “praise me, praise me, praise me quickly”, made Dewitt’s lips raise. 

With a slight twitch of his finger on the seat, Dewitt silently made a gesture of grooming in the air, feeling extremely unsatisfied and then dropped his eyes on the rows of mechs that had been completely smashed and squinted in front of the mountains.

This little fellow was not particularly clever and just wanted to be known. Dewitt wanted to spank his butt.  He looked at the big fox in the sunshine again, looked at the other side’s soft fur, felt that his heart beat slowly and the tenderness in his eyes seemed to overflow.

He really was his treasure.

The lieutenant general read the data sent by the soldiers in astonishment, turned his head around to report to the Marshal and saw such an expression on Dewitt’s face.

At that moment, the lieutenant general froze. He felt that he had gone through a ghost gate because of one night’s work. But the marshal, who was close to him, had on such an expression. Did he go to heaven and have a love affair?

“Report!” Just as the Lieutenant General almost could not help asking questions, Mark went into the command room and shouted, “I received a report from Lieutenant Colonel Ivankov on the spot. Major General’s misjudgement caused contradictions. I hope that when we intervene, we will not use force as much as possible.”


The author has something to say: 

Wen Jin felt that the threat of not letting Dewitt touch his fur is not lethal at all.

When Marshal heard this, however, he felt that the sky had collapsed. = v=


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October 31, 2019 5:07 pm

Wen Jin going order a feast for himself and beasts onto Dewitt afterwards as payback to the contract beasts and make Dewitt capture the bedbug infected people?

October 31, 2019 6:59 pm

Thank you for the update!

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Finally!!! Here comes the Marshall! His fox destroyed this army group protecting Old Lin and Old Chen from the bugs. Capture the bugs and crush them! I like this Ivankov. He knows the value of a life, even if it is a beast’s life, and apparently has good character. Assyria needs more of such people, hopefully he will get a promotion. What I want to see now is this huge fox suddenly going small and drilling into Dewitt’s clothes go get warm again! (But really any kind of affection between them will be much appreciated!) Oh and the faces of… Read more »

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Good for Wen Jin and the rest managing to hold out ’til Dewitt and his troops came! Thanks for translating this

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