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Chapter 73: Long Family Heir
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Just as everyone was whispering and pointing at JinYu because of conversation between him and the two fellows that had suddenly appeared, JinYu’s words were suddenly magnified a hundred times and resounded throughout the audience.

Such frank and valiant words silenced the thousands of people that were in the audience. Most of them looked in JinYu’s direction with a rather frightened look.

This was a little too valiant… It was reasonable to say that such a person who was so just and forceful couldn’t be the kind who would commit such dirty acts like stealing. Moreover, he was a judge invited by the headmaster. With Headmaster Hu’s discerning judgments, surely he couldn’t be mistaken?

Thus, the people who used to collectively despise JinYu more or less changed their opinions within a few minutes. However, the current situation made it really hard to determine who was right and who was wrong, so the thousands of people in the venue were staring at the light screens installed in the four corners as they excitedly and intensely followed the developments of the incident.

Obviously, the spotlight was now on the fight between JinYu and that man and woman. At this time, both JinYu and the two people who rushed forward knew how critical the situation was, so both parties were determined to be in the right.

However, the youth and young lady who had rushed up did not react faster than a certain prehistoric whale that had experienced great storms. After JinYu declared that they were seeking death, he did not directly let ErHei bite them. Instead, he turned his head and said a sentence to the young lady, “This young lady, what are you running over here for? Do you have any relations with my beast? I was the one who almost fainted after seriously using all my power to bring DaBai back to life and making him recognize me as his master. Even if he had a previous master, that person would never be you! You’re a lowly talented person who can’t even sign a contract with Level B beasts, yet you’re saying that you are the master of a Level A+ beast?! Girl, have you recently broken up and been abandoned, so you’re running over here to bite people? Anyone can make cynical remarks, but it’s still my first time seeing someone as brainless as you.”

JinYu smiled coldly. Needless to say, there was a ninety percent chance that this woman was being treated as a gun by DaBai’s slag master. It could be seen that this man was rather stupid too since he even could not meet the standard of the most basic hardware facilities.

“You!” The young lady’s expression suddenly changed after hearing JinYu’s words.

The face of the young man standing next to her, let alone the girl, darkened slightly after hearing JinYu’s words. He was a little too agitated upon seeing the Golden Roar Lion beast. Although the Golden Roar Lion beast was confirmed to be the beast that had run out of their Long Family’s research base through the identification of its appearance and ability using the micro appraisal instrument, he was shocked to find that the Golden Roar Lion beast – whose strength should be at Level S – had now returned to its original Level of A+ and it had not shown the slightest irregularity in both mental and physical areas.

Long ChangLi’s expression darkened further when he thought about this. He had miscalculated. He had thought that no matter who took over or took in the Golden Roar Lion beast, there was absolutely no way to resolve the complicated and mottled situation within its body even if they could pacify it. As long as he could discover the location of the Golden Roar Lion beast, he could immediately seize it. No matter whether it was in strength or power, he believed that as long as he said that he was the owner of the Golden Roar Lion beast and ‘reasonably’ let the Golden Roar Lion beast frollic a while and offered it medicine, getting back the Golden Roar Lion beast must be an easy thing to do with his strength as the next leader of the Long Family!!

But now it seemed that things were in the most troublesome stage.

He had no way to prove that this Golden Roar Lion beast was his beast and though the human who took in the Golden Roar Lion beast seemed to be quite weak, his temper was resolute and unwavering. He was completely not a party that could be threatened or lured by the promise of monetary gain. After seeing the contempt and deep chilliness that flashed through the eyes of this man, Long ChangLi speedily calculated and instantly made a decision.

“Judge Jin, I am Long ChangLi. I was very anxious because I accidentally lost my partner who had been battling alongside me for a long time. Just now I saw that the Golden Roar Lion beast behind you looked almost the same as my beast, so I stood up in a rage. I was a bit impulsive now I think about it. However, I still want to confirm this with Mister Jin. I will pay a visit to your home to apologize if I recognized the wrong beast.”

JinYu turned his eyes from the brainless woman to the sincere expression on Long ChangLi upon hearing this. JinYu’s eyes flashed, but he sneered at Long ChangLi in his heart. This man was obviously much smarter than DaBai’s slag owner. Moreover, this person chose this moment to say such words, making it hard for him to refuse.

“Ha ha, I can understand what Brother wishes. Every single beast that belongs to oneself is a treasure! It’s very normal to be agitated. Seeking for confirmation is also the right thing to do. I just don’t know what Brother has that can prove that my family’s WangWang is your beast?” JinYu waved to WangWang as he said this. The latter seemed to be a little frenzied at this time as it glared at Long ChangLi with great fury. JinYu’s heart tightened a little when he saw this, then he threw the little baby panda onto WangWang’s head.

XiaoBao was also clever and immediately understood the intention of its owner. Thus, it immediately swiped its claws at the agitated WangWang! “Ao! Who are you trying to scare with such a fierce look?! You’ve greatly frightened this panda, so quickly give your grandpa a smile. You’ll have bamboos to eat oh~”

The entire venue fell silent in the next moment. Even JinYu could not help turning his head to cover his face as he leaned against Boss and had no desire to talk. He had thought this panda was smart. Fuck it was smart, but its degree of stupidness didn’t reduce at all! Why can’t a beast that was not stupid come to his shop?! Why couldn’t a clever beast come to his shop?!

WangWang felt the ball of black and white cat on its head scratching and messing its fur with its harmless claws. It felt a sense of helplessness as it ground its teeth. It really wanted to fling this fluffy black-and-white dumpling away! But it was thrown over by the Boss!! After getting rid of some feeling of familiarity with the fluff ball that it absolutely did not want to admit, WangWang, who was all tangled up, drooped its head and became engrossed in wondering how to throw this fluff treasure ball out reasonably, so he had no time to think about whether it was better to bite the neck or head of that person surnamed Long.

Long ChangLi, who was standing at the side, stared when he saw such a scene. He knew that the Golden Roar Lion beast was extremely arrogant and uninhibited. There were no more than ten people on the whole planet that such a beast recognize them as a master and those people paid an enormous price. However, the scene in front of him forced him to admit that the young man surnamed Jin had tamed it in only a few days.

Long ChangLi’s determined that this was a person worth paying attention to after a profound look at JinYu. Although he did not know whether the recovery of the Golden Roar Lion beast was attributed to this person, the existence of such a person would eventually be a roadblock on the advancement of their Long Family no matter what. He was certain of this.

Long ChangLi suddenly felt cold all over when this thought crossed his mind. He looked ahead with great alarm. What met his eyes was a man who could be regarded as perfect both in appearance and temperament, but what made Long ChangLi feel frightened was not his appearance or temperament. Instead, it was the murderous intention that was released by this man at some unknown time. The chillness was akin to falling into an ice cellar!

Unable to help taking a step back, Long ChangLi barely managed to stabilize his mind and stated, “There is a red mole on the fourth claw of my beast’s forepaw. Could Judge Jin please check if there’s one on its paw?”

JinYu was certain that there would never be such a red mole on WangWang’s claw. Thinking about it, this should be the result that this fellow called Long ChangLi wanted. He was really a clever person.

Walking over to WangWang, who was still hanging its head while at a loss, JinYu was about to perform an examination on WangWang in front of everyone. However, he could not help snickering when he saw how the panda, XiaoBao, was lying on the Tibetan mastiff’s, WangWang, head. Shit, this was too funny. The chronicles that had to be told about the national treasure and the Dog God… Pff! In his last life, he would never have expected such a scene to appear in front of him even if he thought till his brain broke. En, at present, these two fellow villagers in name got along rather well.

He held up WangWang’s claws with a smile… Then laboriously put it down.

JinYu’s expression twisted as he looked at the guy who was three times his own size. He stared at a certain Boss with a sullen face and the latter couldn’t help breaking into laughter. The slightly raised corners of the mouth made n number of girls in the audience shriek crazily. Of course, the ones that were shrieking the most were not the girls, but a kind of supernatural being that had not disappeared even after thousands of years — a fujoshi.

“Ah ah ah—! The little shou is so pleasant to look at, so rampant, so arrogant and so lovely!!”

“Ying ying ying!! The little shou is acting like a spoiled child towards the little gong!”

“Ao ao ao ao —!! The little gong is so cool, so cold, so domineering and so awesome—!! I can close my eyes and die contentedly after seeing this ah!!”

So several male compatriots who were sitting together and intending to pick up girls took the initiative to make a strategic withdrawal after hearing these words. Well, although it had been globally legalized for men to be together now, and the two were rather matching when standing together, but!! They were breaking out in cold sweat after hearing these women make up things when there was nothing between them!! As expected, the ancient sayings do not deceive one — the so-called fujoshis were always one of the most frightening immortal beings.

Boss Qi, who was viewed as the little gong, did not hear those shrieks and he would have disregarded it even if he could. He was only concerned about his family’s partner and simply used a hand to lift WangWang’s claw and put it in front of the light reflection apparatus, letting everyone see WangWang’s claw that was clean, strong and blemish free. Then he suddenly flung WangWang’s claw in front of Long ChangLi’s face. The latter took a step back in surprise while WangWang cleverly used the opportunity to fling XiaoBao down too…

“Er, cough cough. Looks like I was mistaken. I’m really sorry.” There was a trace of cold sweat on Long ChangLi’s face. Then he gave JinYu a seventy five degree bow with clasped hands, “Brother, seeing that it was an unintended mistake, could I ask that you overlook my impulsive actions? To make amends, your excellency can take a trip to our ‘Sky Dragon Armory’. When the time comes, I will definitely give your excellency the very best Heavy Ion Dragon Sword as compensation.”

Long ChangLi’s words immediately set off a mighty uproar throughout the entire venue. Someone shouted right away, “The Sky Dragon Armory!! Che, that’s a place that Lao Zi wants to go even in his dreams!!”

“Bastard! Why is this guy’s luck so good?! Lao Zi also wants someone to mistake my beast for his! It’s the Heavy Ion Dragon Sword, the Capital Star’s strongest artifact!! It’s extremely expensive ah, extremely expensive! He actually got it for free!!”

It was clear that most of the ones shouting were men and these reactions made Long ChangLi relax slightly. Good, the main topic had been changed.

Everyone on the rostrum, including JinYu, Qi QingLin, Jin Qian and the rest, knew that the main topic had been changed because of Long ChangLi’s theatrical acts. However, Boss Jin expressed that he did not care at all. He was the one who had snatched the other’s beast. Although he snatched it in a righteous manner, the one suffering losses was still this fella from the Long Family. Now he was even compensated with a weapon that sounded very powerful, what else was he not satisfied with?

JinYu immediately seized Qi QingLin’s hand that was about to secretly cheat someone and shook it hard as he revealed a kind smile on his face, “Ha ha, you’re welcome, Brother. Although I don’t want to take advantage of others… but I really feel very touched by the brother’s apology. Then I won’t be unreasonable and will definitely make a trip down. However, I’m a beast shop owner, so I can promise you that if you really can’t find your own beast, you can come to me and I will help you find a beast that suits you the most.”

Long ChangLi furiously cussed a certain fish in his heart for being so shameless, but did not show the slightest hint of cursing in his expression. He nodded and replied with a bright smile, “Since that is the case, then I will rest at ease. Brother Jin, we shall meet again some day!”

With that, he turned around and left directly. The straightforwardness and resoluteness that he showed was met with a burst of applause.

“Tch Tch, little brother, you should be careful. This guy has a sinister tongue. Even though he’s behaving like this now, I’m afraid you’ll have more trouble in the future.” Jin Qian narrowed his eyes and sighed, while Long ChangXiao who was sitting next to him solemnly nodded at JinYu,

“Long ChangLi is currently the most powerful and capable candidate to become the head of the Long Family. He is very difficult to deal with. You should be careful.”

JinYu narrowed his eyes after listening. He stared at Long ChangXiao before replying, “I say, Young Master Long, why do I feel that you’re more powerful when compared to him? What relation does he have with you? Can you… takeover his position?”

Although Jin Yu softly whispered the last sentence, Qi QingLin, Jin Qian and Shan BaiLu all heard it. A burst of light erupted from Long ChangXiao’s eyes before he returned to normal, then he indifferently responded, “He is from the main family, and I am from the branch family. How can I be mentioned in the same breath as him?”

JinYu, Jin Qian and Qi QingLin simultaneously raised an eyebrow at Long ChangXiao. The latter dryly coughed, “My armory is not as good as the Sky Dragon’s.”

“… Che, what’re you worried for? With such young and promising geniuses here, you’re still afraid that you won’t be able to destroy his armory?! What else are you missing?” JinYu continued to mutter with Long ChangXiao.

“There’s still a shortage of rare minerals. We can discuss this later. You didn’t forget that there’s another one who came to pick a fault with you, right?” Long ChangXiao slightly blushed with shame. This man did not speak with the slightest hint of normality at all. To depend on a few people to destroy an armory? He still dared to say this! But, JinYu was really a true friend… It would be great if only he had known this person earlier.

Boss Jin was reminded by Long ChangXiao that there was a beautiful woman with a big chest and no brain who was being ignored by him and could not help being embarrassed. Then he quickly turned to the woman who was somewhat lifeless and walked over, “Er, this lady, what on earth did you come here to do?”

At this time, the mind of that beautiful woman was a little unstable. Just as she was about to speak, she suddenly saw DaBai helping XiaoBao persist in climbing WangWang’s head with its tail. Then, DaBai accidentally exerted too much force and XiaoBao flew towards the woman with bared fangs and brandished claws as it cried out… In the next moment, the beauty’s hairstyle and face had turned into a memory.

“Ah, ah, ah—! My face—!” The scream of the beauty was deafening and JinYu could not help blocking his ears.

“That ah? Can you please stop shouting? Hey! That’s a national treasure! I’ll throw you out if you dare to throw it down!” JinYu’s hair was about to stand up in shock as he looked at the young lady’s actions. She had lost her self-control and was about to cause a minor incident that sparked a war, when a man wearing a black military uniform suddenly appeared beside the young lady. The man reached out and grabbed XiaoBao by the scruff and put it in JinYu’s arms. Then he looked at DaBai with an extremely affectionate gaze,

“BaiHu (1), I’ve finally found you. Quickly return to me.”

T/N: (1) BaiHu means White Tiger.

“Return your sister!”

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