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Chapter 77: Customers
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The second day after being torn apart and completely eaten by a certain boss, the drained Boss Jin was awakened by hunger. A slight movement caused all sorts of aches and soreness to appear, making him refuse to move a single limb. JinYu’s facial color was basically the same as the bed sheet.

Even if he fainted last night at the final moment of th-that, but fainting did not mean that he was dead and had no feeling! He even dreamed of a large truck rolling forwards, backwards and charging around violently on his body!! Fuck, JinYu couldn’t bear to remember having this kind of dream continuing on all night.

“You’re awake?” A slightly hoarse voice that carried a hint of satisfaction rang beside his ear. JinYu’s conditioned reflex was to beat the person when he heard it! However, his whole body was extremely sore, so he could only turn his head and not look at a certain bastard as he carelessly exhaled through his mouth.

“Don’t move. I’ll help you recover.” Qi QingLin saw that his partner was not even looking at him after waking up and was so angry that he was shivering all over. Qi QingLin could not help lamenting that this was one of the worst outcomes. He probably would not be able to have sex or sleep in the bedroom for half a month or even a month. But he really couldn’t help it last night… Although the time was longer and the actions were rougher, but he really didn’t hurt his partner. Why was this fish so angry then?

Reaching out to grip both of JinYu’s hands, Qi QingLin slowly closed his eyes and transferred energy to heal the fatigue and pain to JinYu. Then he slowly circulated the energy throughout JinYu’s body. Boss Jin gradually felt his weak and extremely sore body began to relax. The aches that he had been feeling were slowly disappearing too.

Obviously, this effect was caused by this fellow who was demurely giving energy to himself, but this bastard better not think that JinYu would be moved even if he died! Fuck, the main culprit was this fellow, so his actions now was what he should do! After viciously glaring at Qi QingLin, JinYu stretched his leg out and kicked him.

“En, make sure you don’t hurt your feet. I have thick skin.” Qi QingLin looked at JinYu’s actions and the corner of his mouth lifted. It was great as long as JinYu was angry. Qi QingLin was most afraid of a cold war, as he had no idea how to resolve the problem in that case. If JinYu could get angry, that meant that his anger would be nearly gone as long as he finished discharging it.

“You’re just shameless!” JinYu glared at Qi QingLin, who was shooting him a flattering look, and gnashed his teeth, “You are still an uninhibited beast!”

“Yes, yes, yes. I am a beast. Don’t be angry. Are you feeling better now?” Qi QingLin then rubbed JinYu’s thigh, making the latter blush and kick him again.

“I want your subordinate to cut off his dick as an apology for his offense!” JinYu gritted his teeth. Actually, he did not have the heart to be so cruel after he saw the appearance of Qi QingLin. When all was said and done, he was sober yesterday and had consented to it. There was nothing wrong other than this fella being too much of a beast, but! That so-called subordinate who gave the pill that made them voluntarily take off their clothes!! This thing was absolutely intolerable. Fuck, didn’t they know that fake drugs can kill people?! As a subordinate, they dared to dig a pit for their master and even dug a pit for Big Boss Jin in passing! Dying ten thousand times was not enough apologize for their offense!

Big Boss Qi nodded without raising any objection. Although that fellow, Wu Na, was handling matters on his orders, but this fellow did not handle things well. En, although he had gotten a little benefits, his partner’s words were still the law. He could only seek fortune for himself.

“Shall I ask him to come and meet you?” Qi QingLin ingratiatingly asked. What he got was a roll of the eyes from JinYu, but Big Boss Jin froze before he could even roll his eyes halfway — what was up with that group of people waving people outside the window?! What’s more, it seemed that it had been too quiet since he woke up.

“What’s the matter?” JinYu frowned as he looked at Big Boss Qi.

The latter’s expression darkened upon hearing this and he somewhat unhappily replied, “Customers.”

“Customers?!” JinYu had a ‘you’re so funny’ look on his face. “This is Anjie, it’s not a commercial street. How can I be seeing customers climbing a tree and waving from the second floor?”

JinYu was intending to turn over and continue to make up for his sleep after saying that. Even though he was feeling much more comfortable now, he definitely had dark circles around his eyes. However, he suddenly heard a cacophony of noise, shouts and curses that was accompanied by the roars of beasts and knocks on his door just as he laid down. This was basically just a huge and noisy assembly and it made one feel that living was no better than death after listening to it!

“Holy crap! You put up a restriction array?!” Jin Yu blocked his ears with his hands and speechlessly looked at his family’s Boss. When he saw the latter nodding his head, he could not help scowling violently. He did not know what time it was now. The fellows who were able to come to Anjie had to be a Hunter that was Rank Four and above who had good potential. The only one who could let the several hundred people who had different but not low status wait outside until now was probably this Boss who did not attach any importance to anything.

“I can’t let them disturb your rest.” Qi QingLin looked extremely serious.

JinYu rolled his eyes. He was still so bold and straightforward! JinYu would never admit that he just felt that Qi QingLin was a little sweet.

JinYu really could not sleep any longer after listening to the clamor outside the house growing louder and louder. No matter what, he could not ignore the customers and business still had to be done, “Okay, let’s go down. If we continue letting them make such a ruckus, that sub-district manager Li Xiao with the double personality will come again. But it’s so strange, why are there so many people at our door after just one night? Was it that the advertisement? It can’t be right… That was only a few seconds of advertising ah, was the effect so good?”

JinYu rubbed his chin and went downstairs while muttering to himself. Before he could walk down the stairs, he saw his own beasts blocking the door and several windows. Each of their little figures were more serious and nervous than the other. It was practically like a scene from a war due to an alien invasion.


Howl howl how! [Boss! The boss has come down!!]

Woof woof! Roar! [Boss, we wouldn’t be able to hold on any longer if you didn’t come down!!]

Chirp chirp cheep cheep tweet tweet!! [Boss, there’s a group of crazy people outside! If we didn’t quickly spot them by chance, we would all have been snatched away by now! You have to seek justice for us!]

Meow! [Boss! Quickly come to the garrison post!]

“Boss, where’s my bamboo?!”

Jin Yu listened to the messy calls from the beasts and rubbed his eyebrows. He felt that he needed to convalesce as he stared at the Boss beside him, who immediately released a cold blast of suppression. The whole house became quiet and JinYu breathed a sigh of relief.

“Look at you guys~ It’s not that I want to criticize you, but it’s just people who want to buy you and bring you home to take care of you. What are you all afraid of your future owners for? You’re really so unpromising! Look at how your boss does it!” JinYu frowned. Then he opened the door that the beasts had defended to the death — the beasts collectively retreated three steps after seeing this.

“Ah ah ah! The door is open! The door is open!”

“Ah ah ah ah! Someone’s opening the door! Isn’t that Boss Jin?!”

“Yes, yes! Lao Zi has been waiting from five o’clock in the morning until three o’clock in the afternoon. If Lao Zi doesn’t find the beast that Lao Zi wants, Lao Zi will definitely tear this shop down!” ”

“Not bad, not bad. Boss Jin, our young master wants a beast. Let me have a look first. You don’t open your doors so late every day, right?”

A ‘bang!!’ sounded.

The door that just opened was firmly closed again. Big Boss Jin, who was full of disdain before, regretfully said with a pale face, “Lao Zi was wrong. Lao Zi was really wrong ahhhh! Lao Zi shouldn’t have aired that rotten advertisement. Fuck, where are there people here to buy beasts? They’re just here to flatten my shop to the ground!”


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November 5, 2019 3:22 pm

” Where’s my bamboo.” Priorities first.

November 5, 2019 10:15 pm

Boss Jin, don’t you think that you’ve done more than just advertise your shop yesterday? That display of power and righteousness, oh and the fact that you were asked to be a judge at the Academy, not to mention rumours about you and your shop. I think that it’s enough to bring them all here. Good luck!

Thank you for the chapter!

February 16, 2020 6:51 am

That should teach you some restrain when you are boasting next time hahahaha
Thanks for the translation!

May 19, 2020 9:59 pm

Properly discipline that Qi horndog!!! Even if you want to forget the thing with the pill, doing it so many times even after you’ve fainted when it was ur first time isn’t easily forgivable!!!!

October 4, 2021 2:45 pm

Post-sex, JinYu states that he was “sober & consented to it”. He even thinks Qinglin is sweet.
The Sub District Mgr with the double personality was named WuXiao; LiXiao is XiaoLu/winged tiger’s owner, per earlier chapters.
Sorting the good from bad customers will be a headache!
Thanks for translating.

November 7, 2022 11:42 pm

Drugging someone to have sex with them? No thanks, whatever you say, that’s rape. It’s the same as giving someone roofies, also having sex with someone after they pass out or fall asleep its also sexual assault, it amazes me how normalized it’s the lack of consent on yaoi

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