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Chapter 76: Naked in Bed
Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In the end, these two guys who came to pick a fight found out they had mistaken the beast for someone else’s. The one that they didn’t mistakenly recognize the beast was the leader of the two. So, the final outcome was that Boss Jin no longer had any troubles or losses, but he was also fully recognized by and strangely liked by the thousands of onlookers present….

This kind of ending was exactly what Boss Jin’s objective for coming to the Royal Hunting Academy was.

“I already told you that I didn’t see Lanzi! Didn’t I tell you? He hasn’t found a suitable beast in the contract ceremony for the past three years, however when he came to judge panel Jin’s shop, he found his match in a flash! Did you guys not know this? Lanzi took the little idiot and killed the green tortoise in a flash! How powerful is the green-furred beast? Isn’t he in the hands of a fool!?” The red-haired Kuangzi said seriously, the students around him swayed and jerked around in unison. “So that store is seriously powerful! And it’s in Anjie! Someone who opens a store in Anjie must be powerful!”

The eyes of the students that heard Kuangzi’s words lit up as they or their friends were all unable to find a suitable beast. If even Lanzi, who was notorious for being unable to find a beast, could find a beast at judge panel Jin’s store in Anjie, then they would surely be able to as well!

“Is what you said true? Hurry up and tell me, what’s the name of that store?!”

“Yes yes, we should go check it out too. My girlfriend doesn’t even have a beast yet!”

“Hehehehe, I’m telling you, that store is number 138 on Anjie……”

Kuangzi was excitedly talking to the similarly excited students about the cute Beast Store No. 138. On the side, Lu Jian was currently being pulled by Huang Mao and Lan Zi, so he wouldn’t accidentally stab the red-haired Kuangzi with the Mount Mao longsword.

What did he mean that that idiot destroyed his descendants of Xuanwu in an instant?! That’s a fucking slap! How could that dumb wolf kill his Xuan Lu?! Xuan Lu could destroy him with a single move!! The fucking lying redhead should just die. Mount Mao’s 1205th’s would curse him with lightning strikes!! Get struck by lightning!!

Afterwards there was thunder once again in the sky where the thunderstorm had slowly stopped. It hit a certain redhead inside the gymnasium. The redhead was not split in half but was sent flying into the alloy stone of the ceiling, from his very head to toe.

“Ao ah ah ah—-!!! Lu Jian!! You cursed me again!!”

After venting, Lu Jian pushed his glasses and smiled grimly. “No one can escape my curse, no one!”

The cold words made the hairs on Lan Zi and the yellow-haired one stand up all over their bodies. Huang Mao (yellow-haired one) covered his face with his hands and sat down directly. He remembered how before he had fallen into a deep ditch and almost died. But, just before that, he had robbed the hunting power of the little Lan Zi from the green haired one.

After this incident, the beast contract ceremony ended quickly. In the end there were still over fifteen hundred people who were unable to find suitable beasts. Boss Jin’s eyes flashed when he saw this and wanted to get the cunning principal to stop the situation and say something. However, when he saw the old man Si Yang slowly stood up, he instead faced the screen and waved his hand. Afterwards, he quickly tidied up.

At that moment, boss Jin’s eyes were shining. He summoned Xiao Bai with a wave. He saw a small mouse in the ear of the little guy and saw Xiao Bai meow and run away quickly.

Afterwards, the old man Si Yang faced the nanocomputer screen and said, “Students! You guys are all on the path towards becoming strong hunters and adventurers who yearn for strength and companionship! If you haven’t found that powerful beast of your own today don’t doubt your ability or your luck! It’s just because you haven’t found the best animal breeding base in the world! You guys don’t need to worry. The beasts here today were only a small percentage. In our “Si Yang Beast Training Facility” there are over ten thousands beasts waiting for you to pick them……”

Just as the big guy Si Yang was excitedly advertising his beast training facility and the onlookers were listening attentively, all of a sudden on the huge four cornered nanocomputer, behind Si Yang, a cute little handwritten board, pink on the side, appeared.

The sign was held by an A-ranked double tailed cat and a B+ class panda with several big words written on it:

[Anjie Beast Store #138, warmly welcomes you~
This store is packed with rare animals, gentle and easy to command, all to service you~
PS: If you aren’t up to standard don’t come and make trouble.]

This sign was clearly held up in front of the entire stadium. Xiao Bao also made use of the situation to wave its little claws and send a flying kiss, causing a friendly chuckle in the crowd.

In front of the nanocomputer, the handsome old Si Yang appeared a little puzzled. If this was a normal situation, wouldn’t there be a wave of applause right now? How come there was laughter? So the confused Si Yang turned around and saw Xiao Bai and Xiao Bao standing on WangWang’s back and clapping their hands. Boss Jin was smiling and laughing as he spoke with Jin Qiang and Long Shao beside him.

It seemed like nothing was right?

Consequently, old man Si Yang faced the nanocomputer and said once more, ”Then, I welcome you all to come to Si Yang’s Beast Training Facility! You will surely find a beast you’re satisfied with!”

Afterwards there was then the normal applause, however if you looked closely you could see everyone’s face was secretly holding in a smile…

When he returned back home later that night and saw that gold and pink advertisement behind him, Si Yang almost suffered a heart attack. He howled and roared, smashing his favorite antique vase, then roared, “This whale should have died long ago haha—-!! We can’t exist at the same time!!”

And at the same time he smashed his vase, the Long family’s Long Changli was on the dick on top of the immobile Bai Honghu.

However this was hardly suspicious. That night, Anjie Beast Store #138’s lept around the whole capital with it’s gold and pink sign and the cute and adoring owner of Xiao Bao on the sign. It caused countless women to scream and at the same time led to countless more people who could use special abilities to Anjie to find beasts.

In addition, there were many high-class hunters and explorers who planned on going to the street. They could ignore the childish pink brand but there were unable to ignore Boss Jin’s store front and the A-level beasts following him. This man was not as harmless as he seemed. Together with the scene of him and Bai Honghu being beaten, from their experience, this store had to be the source of everything.

At this time, Boss Jin already returned home and was eating the high-class food that the Long Family Hotel sent him. They were currently gathered in the living room, watching the dumb cat and dumb mouse cartoon. (Tom and Jerry) None of them felt the ‘famous’ storm coming.

At this time, the boss sitting next to his partner had already been wandering in the sky. What he was thinking of now was what kinds of methods he should use to sleep tonight so he could swallow his partner completely and cleanly. Should he set up a spiritual barrier? What if his partner escaped? En, well what necessary supplies did Wu prepare then? This couldn’t be an excuse. What else? What else? He had to make sure everything was safe!

The story of the dumb mouse and dumb cat came to a finish. This ending made Er Hei and WangWang along with all the other dogs unhappy. WangWang even said that he wouldn’t watch the cartoon tomorrow. Tomorrow, he would watch the story of the loyal dog a-K! That was something he liked!

When the cartoon finished, Boss Jin’s beasts gathered together before moving off to play on their own or go to sleep.

JinYu scattered the beasts and continued to watch the screen’s cartoons. The fucking author didn’t continue the cliffhanger. Moreover, he always breaks the storyline and drags it on and on! Every single time he wanted his beasts to bite the author but he couldn’t even find the fucking author through his secret network!

And after he’s arrived on this planet, JinYu felt that the best and worst thing about the author was that there was no fucking way to steal the rest of the story!! The novelist’s interests have been protected to such an appalling degree! Looking back on the days when robbing stories was common, JinYu couldn’t help but sigh. Fuck, couldn’t you write a bit more every day?! I have money! I have money you could never make, you fucking author!!

Just as Boss JinYu coldly finished today’s update in a gloomy mood, he turned around and saw boss staring at him. The posture in which the other boss held himself was totally different from the way he usually looked at people. Before, it was always as if he were staring at a lover and a partner, however this time…..this time it was like he was a piece of braised pork to devour and the boss across from him had been starved for over a month.

In a flash, JinYu’s body had goosebumps. “Just what are you doing?!”

Qi Qinglin’s face remained innocent, “I’m not thinking of anything. However, we should go to bed.”

“Sleep my ass! Tonight I’ll stay up all night reading novels.” As soon as JinYu heard the words ‘go to bed’ he felt that a certain place was very tight. On the spot, he decided that he could not go to bed tonight or else he would cry because of the consequences.

However, this time Qi Qinglin didn’t get angry. Instead he summoned Baozi, Xiao Bai, and Xiaoxue and kicked them, and said, “If your master’s words didn’t matter, will you guys lose hope, feel heart broken, despair, and then afterwards learn bad habits?”

Baozi was actually going to shake its head when he heard his words. Wasn’t the master always never using words? It was used to it. But before it could shake its head, it suddenly felt like a huge iceberg was standing next to it……and ready to crush it.

Consequently, the beasts nodded vigorously and made small noises of lamentation and sadness. JinYu’s face was green, “You you you guys! Since when did my words not matter?!”

Qi Qinglin said coldly, “It’s daytime. You said you wanted to sleep soundly.”

“I didn’t I would never say those words!”

“However, I heard your heart’s desires.” The boss said very romanticaly.

JinYu twisted his face and roared, “You and your fucking heartfelt desires! If I didn’t say it, it doesn’t count! You dare face me?! Ah? Ah?”

As JinYu was roaring, his mouth was suddenly punched with a sweet bean-like thing. He didn’t even have a chance to spit it out. “Fucking die! What did you just feed me?!”

“These pills will let you sleep naturally.” Boss Qi said this and reached out to his partner and enveloped him in his arms. Afterwards, he turned to go upstairs. “Close the shop. Also block your ears.”

“Qi Qinglin you wild beast ah ah!!”

“Didn’t you always want to see my original form?”

“….I want to die.”

“How about epigastric death?” 1

“….Get lost…”

“The bed is large; large enough for us to both roll around.”

“….” Consequently a certain fish felt his insides shrivel and decided that tonight he would pretend to be dead.

After putting him down on the bed, JinYu’s dewy skin was distinct against the black bed sheets. This was quite eye-catching in the eyes of the boss. However, Qi Qinglin did not take the next steps after putting JinYu on the bed, instead he stared at JinYu expectantly with a pair of golden pupils.

“Pah, what do you want to do now?!” A certain fish on the bed played dead for quite some time and didn’t see the wild beast coming onto him. However, his face changed instantly. When he saw Qi Qinglin, his entire body became hot and uneasy. Even the secret place became hot and uneasy, making all the hairs on his body stand up.

“You-you-you-you– what medicine did you give me?!” He had to destroy this guy in an instant!

Hearing this, Qi Qinglin’s eyebrows furrowed. He shook his head. “It can’t be. Wu said that this would only make you take off your clothes. I wouldn’t make you take this kind of harmful medicine. Of course, if you ate it yourself, then I can accept it.”

“Bah! En…you, you….you fucking….tricked people….I…ah ah….I don’t feel good!” JinYu suddenly sobered up but his body felt that it was unable to keep this state of clarity. He couldn’t help but unbutton his shirt, shakily unbuttoning it one button at a time.

With his partner’s face red and lustful, Qi Qinglin’s lower body tensed instantly and his golden eyes darkened. He had long known that his partner was like a magnet and would make Qi Qinglin himself frenzied.

“Ha ah…You, you idiot… Aah, it’s so hot… My clothes, my clothes I can’t take them off… Aaaah….” Because the intense feelings kept coming, JinYu felt that his whole body was soft and jelly-like. In the end, he was unable to unbutton his clothes but only collapsed on the bed and kept twisting around.

“Are you hot?” Qi Qinglin looked at his partner, who in the middle of wriggling, accidentally exposing his chest. Throat dry, he asked, “Do you need my help?”

“Idiot, ah… Idiot… Who said you could… Ha ah… Take them off? Ah… It’s so hot…so hot! Qing, Qing Qi……”

The affection in his shouts made Qi Qinglin unable to hold it in anymore. He immediately jumped beside the bed, reaching out to unbutton the last button.


When Qi Qinglin’s hand made contact with JinYu’s skin, JinYu’s entire body trembled. He held onto that ice cold hand and shamelessly moved it around his body. “Wah… So, so cool… Ah it feels so good?!”

“You initiated it yourself!” Qi Qinglin gnashed his teeth in anger, still hesitant to take action because the pill was beyond his expectations. However, when JinYu rubbed himself against his hand, all reason flew out the window. He would not hesitate again, he was a man after all!

Consequently, in the next moment, JinYu was pressed down by Qi Qinglin. Afterwards Qi Qinglin reached out to pull off the silver-colored Tang-style clothing. JinYu’s whole body felt cool, he inhaled in relief. However, he felt that the body next to him was colder than before. He reached out and rubbed Qi Qinglin’s neck, rubbing against other places, and fisting Qi Qinglin’s clothes as he did so.

“Wah… So good… This is, in the way… You, you take them off yourself!”

Qi Qinglin pressed a hand down on JinYu’s hips, feeling for a certain part of the other’s body. “You, you’re this clear-headed. Are you sure you want to do it?”

In this moment, Qi Qinglin’s hand already found the warm hole. JinYu’s entire body tensed, he lifted his eyes that were tearing up to stare Qi Qinglin in the eye. “Pah, even, even at this time! You ah… You’re still stalling for what? Ah! If you don’t let me feel good, I’ll, I’ll!”

In the next moment, Qi Qinglin’s fingers entered the soft little hole without any hesitance. The tight and surging feeling almost made him want to enter directly. However, Qi Qinglin was still able to think so he used his other hand to wave off all his clothes. At the same time, he stroked JinYu’s waist before grabbing a small bottle and slowly poured the contents of the bottle over JinYu. The cold feeling made JinYu tighten a little.

“Wah, don’t pinch! Don’t be tense, I’ll make sure you feel very good.” Qi Qinglin lowered his head to gently whisper into JinYu’s ears. Afterwards, he gently licked JinYu’s ears, causing him to stop trembling momentarily.

The lube that slowly fell over Qi QingLin’s fingers slowly flowed back and forth. Afterwards it flowed into JinYu, allowing Qi Qinglin to move his fingers around more easily, sliding in more deeply, and touch the most sensitive point.

“Ha ah! Stop… Stop touching there!” JinYu couldn’t help but cry out as that point made him feel immense pleasure and he didn’t know what to do.

“…..” Was Qi Qinglin’s silent response. He increased the intensity of his movements.

“Ah. Mmmn! Ah! Mn! Mmmnn….” JinYu gasped because of the itch for this incredible feeling. With Qi Qinglin’s other hand kneading and stroking his cock, he couldn’t think. His entire body writhed around and begged for more. Slowly, his erect cock, which was already excited, suddenly became hot and shook, squirting liquid onto the black bed sheets. It was very attractive in Qi Qinglin’s eyes.

“Ha… Ah! Ah… Mnnn!” JinYu’s voice had become softer and softer because of Qi Qinglin’s gentle touch and his tense body drank it all up.

Qi Qinglin sensed JinYu’s change, his mouth slowly curled into a smile. He added a finger to the hole and simultaneously pressed the spot that gave JinYu immense pleasure.

“Ah ah ah ah! Ah…mmmnh… You, stop… Stop touching…I can’t take it anymore.” JinYu unconsciously shook his head, his entire body trembling. Right now, he could reach his climax with only a little more stimulation. However, Qi Qinglin seemed to have sensed this and suddenly grasped JinYu’s cock, causing JinYu to cry.

“Hah! You, let go… Hurry up and let go….” JinYu almost sobbed, basically at his wit’s end. He looked completely unlike the cunning and gentle person he normally was. Qi Qinglin couldn’t help but take a breath.

Without warning he pulled his four fingers out of JinYu’s hole causing JinYu to cry out in surprise. Qi Qinglin’s huge and hot cock stood in front of JinYu’s trembling hole. He slowly rubbed against JinYu’s hole.

The weird and hot sensation made JinYu’s body tremble. His entire body was screaming for more. “Qing….Qing…. Hurry up……ah ah ah ah!!”

In that moment, the strong impact spread all over JinYu’s body. Afterwards, there was the pleasant sensation of blacking out. “Ah! Ah! MMN! AH! Qing!”

“En, I’m here.” Saying it like this, Qi Qinglin bent over and his golden pupils were full of madness and possessiveness.

It wasn’t until a long time later, when JinYu’s voice was hoarse, that the two finally climaxed. Since they were too intense and there were too many feelings, JinYu couldn’t help but faint. However, the person on top of him continued to pump into him. He didn’t stop, like a thief who tasted something good and wanted it again, wishing this would go on forever.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Epigastric death refers to the sudden death of men and women in sexual relations.


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November 4, 2019 6:44 pm

Tão intenso, só amo demais essa novel, obrigada ❤️

November 4, 2019 10:30 pm

I don’t know if I’m completely OK with Qi QingLin using the pill here but their smex was certainly hot. He was finally able to devour his gold fish but I’m sure the gold fish will complain about it tomorrow.

Thank you for the chapter!

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November 4, 2019 11:09 pm

Finally! ❤

March 15, 2020 3:22 pm

First drugging the partner n then being selfish as hell n going on even after said partner has fainted… what is hot or romantic about that?!

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Enfin !!!!😈😈😈❤❤❤

June 11, 2020 8:57 am

Poor goldfish… Got devoured mercilessly. En, he shpuld be expecting this day to come. Besides, he was the one who signalled “we sleep naked tonight”

He might be drugged but it wasn’t as if he was totally rejecting his Qing Qing…

He is a very rational man. He had long accepted his role as a “wife”. He just plays hard to get. He is a man afterall, he had his own ego too. Throw his weight around a bit to test Qing Qing’s bottomline.

But this time, he certainly did a good job digging his own grave… Lmao.

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Rape, drug use, coercion, gaslighting, victim blaming 🙃

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This is a fantasy, not real life.
Qinglin is a Qilin, not a human being.
Beasts, if like animals, have sex with their mate; some bond for life.
Qinglin, for a top beast, has been very patient. The pill was just meant to make JinYu get undressed, but aroused him too. He wasn’t drugged, but aroused.
The beast couldn’t stop, but he is a beast! 👹

October 4, 2021 3:27 pm

Anyone else notice the para where SiYang smashes his favourite vase… at the same time, Long ChangLi was riding an ‘immobile’ Bai Honghu… wonder if that was consensual. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person!

March 20, 2023 2:50 pm

Err…. Let’s all please remember the most of the lead characters here are beasts. Although it’s hard to well.. accept some part of it, this is a fictional story so please just enjoy it okay? If not then stop reading it and go to the next chapter. Sigh~

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