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Chapter 61: I want that with you, too.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When the suspension vehicle arrived at the scientific research institute, the Marshall disappeared into a tent and, wrapped up in his arms with uncomfortable eyes, was the little fox who had just been frozen ten thousand times in a single minute. 

Taking Wen Jin straight to Professor Lin’s office, a lot of eyes watched them as they passed. 

The amount of information released about Wen Jin in these last two days had a really explosive effect on everyone. The House of Representatives, the Ministry of Military Affairs and the Academy of Scientific Research did not get permission to study Wen Jin, so there was a lot more gossip about Dewitt and even more gossip about the relationship between him and Wen Jin.

Coupled with intentional incitement, public opinion of the scientific research institute had become more and more abnormal. Nevertheless, Dewitt has no time to care about this. He took Wen Jin and went straight to Professor Lin’s office.

After the explosion that day, Professor Lin went to the hospital to make a rough inspection report and went back to the scientific research institute to continue his work. The research for the Zerg poisoning antidote was imperative. As the first person in charge of the project, Professor Lin dared not slack off for a minute.

And that evening’s report was truthfully handed over to the Army and the House of Representatives. He was wounded by a man wearing an Assyrian soldier’s uniform, which was eventually found by the House of Representatives in a remote area without surveillance. However, the hospital and the House of Representatives expressed full doubts about the fact that Professor Lin’s wound had been completely healed.

Professor Lin had been silent about this.

“It was a soldier who wounded me that night. If it weren’t for this, the other party couldn’t have walked into the scientific research institute so calmly.” In the research room, Professor Lin rubbed his temples and drank a nutritious meal provided by the scientific research institute. “After being this, the defense of the scientific research institute is stricter than it was before.”

Nutritional meals were different from what Wen Jin usually ate. They were mostly composed of liquids and tasted poor. The advantage was that one could eat it fast and it was a premade balanced meal.

“The most heavily bombed area was the courtyard where the Qi Beast Veterinary Task Force was set up.” Dewitt’s eyes lit up. Professor Lin’s current office was temporarily changed for him by the scientific research institute. And that night, the most seriously injured one was Professor Lin, who devoted himself to studying Qi beasts in the past two years.

If it hadn’t been for Wen Jin, Professor Lin and the other beasts might have been buried in the valley forever that night.

“Why are they suddenly so focused on beasts?” Following Dewitt’s thought, Professor Lin frowned. “Uttar and Assyria have always been at odds. They all talk about the past, but what does it have to do with Qi beasts?”

Why to start at this time was also a question.

Dewitt’s finger touched the table. “Old Lin, what have you found about the contract beasts in the past two years?” After that, he added a sentence before Old Lin spoke, “Not only your confirmed discoveries but including your conjectures. Especially conjectures you’ve mentioned to anyone else. What are there?”

Publication meant complete authority. It was a very complicated procedure and process and these discoveries could be immediately repeated by Old Lin, but at a guess… it was not easy to say.

Dewitt succeeded in holding Professor Lin back. The latter thought hard for half a day and showed a helpless expression. “It’s hard to guess since we don’t work independently. The members of the scientific research group have different ideas. It’s too big a scope to explore all kinds of possibilities that are our own work.”

Dewitt’s face was heavy.

“But,” Old Lin thought about it and said, “are you suspicious, maybe because some discovery or guess of our team shocked them, so they would spare no effort to attack our team and destroy it?”

Dewitt added, “It’s very likely that it’s related to zerg poisoning.”

Otherwise, why did they give the beasts the same toxins as was found in Zerg poisoning and… if it hadn’t been for Wen Jin, those who had sneaked into the research institute would have wanted to inject Eve with a second poison to accelerate her death.

Why not Allen? Why not someone else in the lab except Eve?

Professor Lin thought for a while and opened the second tube of nutrients. “You know, research on contract beasts has been endless over the past two years and projects are much higher than in the past few years. Mainly because we have found that contract beasts may be helpful for human energy storms.”

Dewitt nodded. He knew this and the typical representative was Archie, who is the same age as Dewitt. When Dewitt was plagued by his energy storm for a long time, the other side had not erupted once.

They could not say it was due to their ability level because Archie was also an A-level. The average age for an outbreak was several years younger than Archie and, in similar cases, Eve.

“So our research has always been based on the help of beasts for human beings. Because of the  zerg poisoning, we’ve guessed the benefits of beasts for this aspect, but there is no final conclusion, only a very vague guess.” Professor Lin said, a little helpless. “I really want to study the contract beasts, but you know, our country is fighting now. Contract beasts have to go back to the battlefield and will always be used first instead of soldiers. We have no time to do experiments or anything. It’s also a shame that our group hasn’t checked all the ancient documents about beasts in the past two years.”

These words sounded as if there was no clue for the attack. Even Dewitt thought that the topic might be over, but when he thought about it, he felt everything was wrong again. “Ancient documents on beasts?”

“Yes, we don’t know as much about Qi beasts as our ancestors did.” Professor Lin made an exaggerated expression. “Recently, Qi beasts have been getting more popular. I heard a young man in my group joking two days ago that the old ancestors were Qi beast fans. I think this image was written and found on an old chip unearthed in a Beta Mine. But the entire memory only contained information about Qi beasts. We haven’t completely cracked the ancient Chinese characters yet. We can only understand a few words, but I have been guessing that if we completely interpret that chip, we will have a better understanding of Qi beasts.” Professor Lin said, his eyes showed the excitement of a scientist.

Dewitt was a little stunned. “Old Lin, the ancestors of Assyria were infatuated with Qi beasts, so why did the people and Qi beasts of Assyria evolve into what they are today?”

Anyone in Assyria could give an answer to this question in various forums, but Dewitt now wanted to hear Professor Lin’s version.

Professor Lin felt this question was quite sudden. After frowning for a long time, he tilted his head and said, “You have a wide range of questions. The relationship between the earliest ancestors and the contract beasts were really very good. At that time, according to the speculation of historians, compared with our Assyrians, the contract beasts were the dominant position of Assyria. The ancestors were so infatuated with the contract beasts that many ancient documents even described it concretely and… It’s a process of making a living with beasts. Ah, anyway, many years later, Assyria was in a state of war because of the contract beasts. They fought for all kinds of strong and beautiful contract beasts. Therefore, the earliest land of Assyria was full of wars, which may be a seed. These seeds were what made later Assyrians dissatisfied with the contract beasts. After all, a strong contract beast, not every Assyrian could match them.  For ordinary people, those wars caused by the contract beast, were an absolute nightmare.”

Dewitt thought for a moment and images in his mind of such a history began to emerge.

The former contract beasts brought a very bad impression to the ordinary people of Assyria. Later, when the current regime took control of Assyria, along with the decline of contract beasts, the law of marriages with contract beasts was abolished.

And when the law was abolished… It was because of Eton Melson.

From Dewitt’s impression, Eton Melson was thoroughly anti-beast. He was the head of the family and Prime Minister for seven generations.

Dewitt’s face scrunched up.

Just then, Wen Jin, who was nestled in Dewitt’s shirt, almost fell off Dewitt’s arm because he was staring at a small bracelet on the table. Reaching for the bold little fox, Dewitt’s thoughts were interrupted and his eyes glanced over.

“Well,” Professor Lin picked up the small bracelet after the last tube of nutrients had been drunk. “This is what Chen Xiong returned to me. To be honest, he was at the Academy of Sciences that day… The moment he turned into a bear – “

“You’re scared?”

Professor Lin shook his head and grinned bitterly. “I can’t be frightened by what I raised as a kid.”

Wen Jin’s ears trembled and looked up at Dewitt. As if Dewitt felt something, he lowered his head too. Their eyes met in the air. Wen Jin’s ears shrank behind him and stopped looking at him.

“Do you like this?” Professor Lin said, holding the bracelet in front of Wen Jin.

“… Chee.” Wen Jin whispered.

This bracelet, if Wen Jin was right, should have something to do with the owner of the Hengshi. The scent on it was too strong. And from the conversation between Professor Lin and Dewitt, it seemed that they often excavated antiquities and called them literature. Perhaps the water system hengshi he had came from the same place as the bracelet.

Wen Jin was interested in Honghuang, of course. However, he had already taken the permanent stone from other people. How could he take another bracelet for nothing?

Professor Lin noticed Wen Jin’s hesitation and showed a kind smile, “The antidote for the zerg poisoning is, at the end, because of you. You can take as many bracelets as you wish.”

This sentence reminded Wen Jin and he stared at Professor Lin for a moment and suddenly grabbed Dewitt’s arms. He bit the cuff of the latter and had the other party put out his hand. Then he put some herbs on it.

“This is…” Professor Lin were shocked to see several herbs appearing out of thin air. He didn’t know where Wen Jin pulled them from. “Where did these come from?” Professor Lin asked. “I heard Chen Xiong say before that this is the kind of herbal medicine you ground for me?”

Wen Jin nodded, but did not answer his question about where to get it and then bit Professor Lin’s bracelet unconsciously.

He watched Professor Lin tremble as he took the most plain herbs from his space. Old Lin stared at him with a completely different face before looking down at the bracelet Wen Jin was biting. Wen Jin felt a little embarrassed, so he took out two more medicines.

“This is the Quzhuo pill and the Dingshen pill.” The former was to get rid of the Zerg poison and the latter was something Wen Jin felt that these people needed to stop their Reiki explosions.

Old Lin’s eyes were fascinated. He took these three things with his hands. He didn’t know what to say.

Wen Jin looked at Professor Lin and asked Dewitt curiously, “Is he mad?” 

Dewitt pinched Wen Jin’s ear. “Don’t talk about your elders like that.”

Wen Jin was choked by his words and as he thought how old he was. Professor Lin was the elder in human years. On second thought, however, Wen Jin felt that since Dewitt respected his elders so much, if he told his little tail his real age, the other party might not always be inferior to him in the future.

But Wen Jin before he could say anything, he heard Dewitt suddenly say, “Did you hear everything? Professor Lin talked about our ancestors and their beasts.”

“Heard it.” Wen Jin wagged his tail. He was particularly obsessed with Qi beasts. In the past, the people on Honghuang were also unable to walk away when they saw them.

“I want that with you, too.”

Wen Jin was stunned. He wanted to be Wen Jin’s fan? All right.

Before Wen Jin could say an ‘okay’, Dewitt’s next sentence blew everything away, “The pleasure of close intimacy.” (1)


  1. The joy of fish and water is the original. It’s basically saying that he wants to have sex. 
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Vu n
November 5, 2019 4:15 pm

So will be just kissing and swiping Wen Jin’s butt in human form for Dewitt in the mornings?

November 5, 2019 11:01 pm

I think that instead of the beast heaving connection with the Zerg poisoning it’s more likely for the beasts to be immune to the enchantment in the voice and eyes of Uttarians. At the Gourmet Street all the people there were instantly under JU’s spell when he spoke but neither Wen Jin nor King Tiger fell for it. Because of Wen Jin, Dewitt was safe from it and I think Archie was too, maybe because of CaiCai? It’s just a speculation so let’s wait for more development. Dewitt is giving Wen Jin clear signals, very clear signals. He wants to… Read more »

November 5, 2019 11:46 pm

Thank you for the update!

Marshal is really shameless. Isn’t he still in front of a so called elder?

October 7, 2022 11:45 am

Fact; there are 8 countries (inc in Europe and some US states) where bestiality (sex with animals) is not illegal, but same sex marriage is… wrap your head around that.
Dewitt is really pushing this, to get a response from WJ about his thoughts on it and shifting to human form, no doubt.
WJ not taking without giving something in return. Hopefully those herbs can be grown for antidotes.
Thanks for translating and the T/N ~ a rather nice analogy.

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