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Chapter 78
Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When Boss Jin opened the door to see the head squished outside, close to being squished out of shape, he immediately slammed the door closed, face white, his speed comparable to back when he had fled.

After shutting the door, Boss Jin wore an expression of regret on his pale face, staring, tortured at his beasts, who were also wearing expressions of despair. He really had fucked himself over. He wasn’t in need of money and he didn’t care about reputation; what the hell did he go and advertise himself for?

Boss Jin thought to himself, face in his hands. He refused to admit that he had Xiao Bai go and find a board just to cause Boss SiYang, who kept looking at him like he was a class enemy, trouble. However, he had never expected that XiaoBai would bring back such a gaudy board, and then XiaoBao decided to blow such a flirtatious kiss…

“It’s only possible to escape disasters sent by the heavens!”* Jin Yu complained before turning his head to look at the big boss of the shop.

The other saw Jin Yu turn and look up like he wanted to say something but wasn’t sure how. His gaze instantly darkened and headed to the door, leaving a single sentence behind, “If you bring disaster on yourself, I’ll be there to neutralize it.”

Jin Yu was stunned for a moment before he rolled his eyes, though there was a hint of a triumphant smile on his face. Meanwhile, the beasts around them all turned their head away or facepalmed at seeing their boss behave like this. BaoZi even rolled up into a ball so that his head was tucked underneath him.

Boss, weren’t you cursing all over the place last night? And you had an expression of ‘I’ll never forgive you’ just moments ago! How come you caved when that black-bellied boss just said that single sentence!! Embarrassing!!!

That was when DaBai placed a krill bun he had secretly taken and hidden from last night’s takeout delivery it next to BaoZi’s feet before settling down as a guard. BaoZi was angry just at seeing DaBai, but when he was about to turn and leave, he saw the krill bun next to his paw. His face twitched, and he settled down, mumbling and chomping on the bun.

Seeing this, Xiao Bai, Xiao Xue and Xiao Bao all turned their heads, barely stifling their laughter.

You aren’t much better!

Over here, the beasts were gathered around Jin Yu and their respective bosses, watching the drama outside. Over there, Big Boss Qi had already opened the door calmly.

Instantly, the cacophony outside crescendoed, verberating through their ears almost unbearably. However, to a certain Qilin with Rank S defense, this didn’t even has as much of an effect on him as a single accusing glare from this lover.

“All of you, shut up.” He didn’t speak loudly. Logically speaking, his words should’ve been completely masked by the chaos. However, it was like his voice held some kind of magic, easily overpowering the voices of the hundreds of people there and clearly making his words known to everyone. They brought a chill to the crowd’s hearts and made them fall silent.
Boss Jin and the beasts were all leaning against the window, watching what was going on outside, and they couldn’t help but make a sign with their hands. Good job! Boss was the best deterrent for trouble!
While the Big Boss terrified the masses, boss Jin took the opportunity to run to the door, coughing lightly and saying, “Hey, uh! Are you all here to find your own beast? Then please have a look at our beast adoption agreement, I must warn you, however, although we stock a wide variety of beasts, our beasts are generally wary of strangers. If you do not abide by the beast adoption agreement, I can guarantee that you absolutely cannot find a beast willing to go back with you in this beast store. This shop is different from other stores or incubation centers. While you choose a beast, the beasts of this shop also choose you. I will not agree to an unrequited choice. If you think this is acceptable, please line up and come inside, ten people at a time, until eight o ‘clock in the evening. If there’s still a lot of people by eight, we’ll hand out numbers and you can come back tomorrow.”

Jin Yu suddenly blasted them with text, and the people who had just gotten stunned by the Big Boss found themselves dizzy once more. They shook their heads. This man and this 138 Cute Beast Store were so weird. Most people were eager to give all their beasts out, yet he was going to make it harder?

Just as everyone was thinking this, a woman’s voice suddenly sounded in front of the door and in everyone’s ears, “Uncle Hei! You back off! I’m going in!”

Turning to look where the voice was coming from, there was a beauty dressed in a red phoenix flower cheongsam with a head of long black hair, quite powerful, standing next to a middle-aged man, her eyes shining with interest and challenge.

Royal elder sister! Jin Yu looked at the beauty and almost couldn’t help but whistle, no matter her demeanor, appearance or chest circumference, it was a Royal Elder Sister-style. She also looked two or three years younger than him.

“Miss! You’re choosing one personally? This, this… ” The middle-aged man called Uncle Hei said with some surprise and embarrassment, his master and lady treasured this young lady.

The beauty in the phoenix flower cheongsam gave a smile at this, “That’s the rules here, and since I came here for strange beasts, it’s natural I should abide by the rules here!”

Hearing this, Boss Jin immediately held a great impression of this quite domineering lady with antique beauty. Not only did this person have a great aura and beauty, but she was also a very honest person! Worth keeping company with, really worth keeping company with!

Then Jin Yu gave the cheongsam beauty a slight bow and smile, “Young lady you gave me some face, I guarantee, even if you did not find a suitable beast in the shop today, as long as you write down your requirements, I will immediately send someone to find you once we receive a beast that meets them.”

That lady was happy to hear this, smiling. All that was missing from the look was a whip to raise Jin Yu’s chin with. She immediately nodded, “Sounds good! Let’s go and see the beasts!”

And then she directly strode through the door of No. 138, showing a white attractive thigh…the people who were watching couldn’t help but swallow thickly.

“Ha ha, since that beauty already entered, those remaining that can accept the beast adoption agreement, please line up to come in or wait.” Saying that, Jin Yu snapped his fingers, a few cute clueless looking baby support beasts pulled an electronic screen out together at a leisurely pace, and the electronic screen held the black words ‘Beast Adoption Agreement’ on a gold background.

“Oh, but before I do, I have a word of warning. If, I mean if, you have seen our beast adoption agreement and accepted by default through entering the store and choosing the beast, and then bringing the beast home, then injure or abuse or abandon them, then please be prepared to be killed by the beast.” A smile spread across Jin Yu’s face. “I will never joke about this.”

At this moment, the hundreds of people who wanted to claim beasts on the scene felt a chill. Although Boss Jin was smiling, but his smile…it was really terrifying.

After that, the scene finally became controlled. Nearly a hundred beasts, half in the house and half in the yard, stared at each other to see if they could find someone for them, while others who could not enter the yard could only sit and let their subordinates bring benches and sunshade umbrellas. Some, seeing that their number was rather far back, simply went to wander other parts of Anjie, and were struck dumb by some of the anti-loitering measures in place.

The finally calmed situation had boss Jin’s neighbors finally calming down, if they had continued to quarrel like this, they would be ready to go in and start stabbing people! At the same time, many bosses sitting at home while playing mahjong received the news. They cursed as they played Mahjong, couldn’t that prehistoric whale stop! Just stop! What’s with making all that noise everyday?

However, in Li Xiao’s house about a kilometer away, Li Xiao and Cheng Liang, as well as Xiao Lu and Big Tailed Wolf, were laughing and sighing. It was not the same to be famous this night. In the past, there were ten at most each day. Now, there are four or five hundred of them. Tut Tut, gold really couldn’t be hidden. However…

“Do you want to tell Jin that we found a cart of disabled beasts outside?” Cheng liang was a little afraid. He thought that if he sent any more, Jin Yu’s house would burst.
Li Xiao rolled his eyes when he heard the words, “What do you think! Wasn’t this all because of you?! You just had to take that ruins mission! Fuck! You did end up finding the damn ruins there, but it was a ruins full of beats!! There were also two class A and three class B beasts there! Even if four of the five are seriously injured and one is slightly injured, but to avoid damaging the historic sites, we can’t brute force it. Tell Jinzi? I think he’ll make DaBai bite your ass directly! ”

After hearing these words, ChengLiang chuckled two times and said to Li Xiao, “Xiao Xiao… You see, the ruins mission is A-level. It took us so much effort to find it before. We can’t give up halfway, can we? Besides, there are a lot of people in brother Jin’s shop now. Surely there are many beasts that will be taken away. That means he’ll probably help. ”

“Help your head!” Li Xiao cursed, but at last he sighed. In fact, he also thought it was a win-win situation. Well, the question was, was there a large enough place for brother Jin to take in the injured beasts… In the ruins, there were about 500 different beasts, almost catching up with a small incubation center.

“Well, let’s ask first. If it really won’t work, then we can think of other ways.” Li Xiao’s face was a little dark. If Jin Yu couldn’t take in the disabled beasts, then for the sake of the ruins, even if they gave up the mission, their successors would report it without hesitation. At that time, the 500 disabled beasts wouldn’t be able to survive, or all of them would be sent to the experimental base.

Looking at Li Xiao’s face, Cheng Liang patted him on the shoulder, “Xiao Xiao, believe me, the Jin kid will definitely agree. Even if he can’t keep them with him, he won’t watch those beasts be destroyed by humanity or become lab rats. What’s more, Qi Qinglin’s belly is black. That guy definitely has enough territory!”

So Li Xiao nodded and looked in the direction of JinYu’s shop. And at this time, the situation in the shop had the corner Boss Jin’s lips twitching.

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