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Chapter 80

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


“This can’t be! How could this guy have gold candy? It’s just an E level!” A middle-aged richy woman shouted, unable to tolerate the fact that a man was suddenly rich.

And when other people heard this they also looked at the sweet beast on JinYu’s shoulders, their eyes full of thoughts of plunder.

“Pah, Who told you guys that Little Honey was only E level? Don’t you know that all the beasts in my store can’t be ranked by normal methods?” JinYu looked at the golden candy in his hand, sighing and rubbing the small fellow. “You guys think you dumbasses could just take Jin Tang back to your master and all would be good? Didn’t he supply your ancestors? You guys think you can trick and cheat me in front of so many people?”

The sweet beast barked twice after hearing these words. It then used its tail to cover its body, looking very coquettish. JinYu couldn’t help but smirk and laugh.

“Fine, fine, you can get this piece of candy. Next time, if there’s candy, you have to give it to your new owner. Look, your eyesight isn’t bad. You gave such an important thing to me and they can see it honestly and for real. It’s so shiny, just like this I can give away half my heart. Alright, go on now, if you get bullied you have to remember us. Your boss here has more power and strength than that family anyway.”

Saying this JinYu patted the small beast’s head and then let it go to the bearded man. At the same time, Xiao Xue’s younger brother, a snow white spirit bird, had a beast hanging in its mouth. It put the beast down on the table.

“Hey, the old bearded guy signed the contract. Our Little Honey really…seems to like the rough type like you.”

The big bearded man laughed at this and walked away in a silly fashion. After he signed the contract and wrote down his address, he suddenly lifted his head to look at JinYu, “Boss Jin don’t you worry. I’ll make sure to take good care of this thing. Even if it can’t produce a gold candy later, I’ll still raise this fellow.”

Hearing this, JinYu let out a small chuckle, lips twitching. “Little Honey is a female.”

“….I’ll raise it as a girl.”

“En, this is good. It likes to eat sweets and mochi. Remember to take care of it well. Also, it’s a-” 

In that moment the old bearded man laughed loudly. “Don’t worry! Tomorrow I’ll send you guys a car. Alright, now that I’ve found my beast I’ll leave. I’ll make sure to let Honey come back and see you guys.” 

JinYu smile, “Thank you for your patronage.”

When the old bearded man turned around to leave, the remaining eight people went up to ask him Puzi’s name and position. One used the golden candy shop and it’s value was enough for average-powered families to fight over.

You had to know that this ‘golden candy’ was one of the many beast’s one hundred spirit foods. It could increase the user’s powers even to the point of bringing abnormal power growth. Although it was its ninety-sixth one, it could still reserve the fat of those with little power. 

Seeing the old bearded man encircled by several people, JinYu thought about how explosive this man’s business would be. However, an explosive business was still great wasn’t it? Boss Jin had a gloomy smile. It, it wouldn’t happen. After his business boomed, old bearded man, you will have to be careful not to overwork to death and get stepped all over. You can see just from his current shop!

After the bearded man left feeling quite satisfied with himself, there was still the beautiful lady in the qipao and a beast at her foot. Seeing this small fellow, JinYu’s expression changed ever so slightly. He clearly remembered that this fellow and Da Bai were abandoned together. They must have been abandoned at birth…and not only was it a small black beast that looked like it could barely live but because of its species and was really quite pitiful.

“Hei Tuan, how come you want to curse this beautiful lady’s family?” JinYu said without a second thought.

Hearing JinYu’s words, the people in the shop were a bit bewildered. However, when they saw that small black beast, they began to guess what kind of beast it was. It was just before they finished thinking about it that Boss Jin went to the table with a large smile.

“Since the rest of you guys have found suitable beasts please go back. When there are new beasts in our store it’ll be okay for you guys to try again.”

Even though the remaining seven people were not satisfied with this kind of order to leave, they were all dignified people. However, after seeing the situation of the young master and bearded man in front of them, their original feelings of attaching great importance to the store became a top priority. Once an expert makes a move, it was absolutely feasible.

Even though the beasts here were difficult to communicate with but as long as persevere, they can also bring back some rare beasts.

So these people laughed and nodded after hearing JinYu’s words. Looking at the longing gazes, JinYu naturally knew their pain. Turning around he only gave them a smile.

The beasts in his store were really different from those at other beast bases. Compared with them, JinYu had a lot of variation and rich in experience. However, it was even harder to get these kinds of beasts to open their hearts. After all, they must have once been treasured but were then greatly injured, they were abandoned and had no affection shown towards them.

Shaking his head, JinYu turned around to continue to look at Hei Tuan who still lay at the beautiful woman’s feet. He laughed bitterly and said, “You still don’t know this beautiful woman’s reputation?” He was eager to know who this beauty was and wanted Hei Tuan to choose to follow him. He had to know before then. He always thought that Hei Tuan would always choose to remain in this shop.

After seeing JinYu’s face, the qipao beauty’s eyes moved slightly. Her identity was completely secret and she would not talk with the others. However, she and the Zhao family’s small child were alike. She had difficulty finding a suitable beast and her family tried their best to find several for her but the final result was that she either got injured or the beasts died. If the beast died, she would never find the beast herself because she didn’t want to have any connection with it and rather the beast die a sudden, guiltless death.

“This little missus’ identity really is quite a mystery. If there’s anything you want to say please tell me directly.” In that moment a middle-aged uncle came in from the door. He appeared to be a senior hunter.

“Pah, it’s just a tigress, what kind of secret is there?” Qi Qinglin’s expression turned cold. His partner could not be slighted by anyone. Even more, if the number four white tiger clan could put on airs in front of him, then wouldn’t the second ranked qilin family lose face?!

The moment Qi Qinglin spoke, the qipao beauty and the middle-aged uncle’s expressions both changed. The latter was about to scold him but he was pulled back by the beauty. His face changed slightly and he took a few steps back in surprise.

“I am Bai Sha of the White Tiger Clan, could you be  the young master of the Qilin family?”

Qi Qinglin stared at Bai Sha. “Doesn’t the qilin clan only have a second son?”

Bai Sha laughed, nodding her head in understanding. “Hehe, it’s Bai Sha’s fault. Now I need to ask this mister to refrain from explaining.”

Even though the conversation between the three was no more than a few exchanges but as long as one wasn’t a dumbass they could clearly understand the meaning. The middle-aged uncle also knelt on his knees in shock and saluted towards Qi Qinglin. “I’m Li Hu. Please don’t take offense, sir.”

When Qi Qinglin heard these words, he shifted his gaze. Li Hu didn’t know what to do. Suddenly, he felt a cold, killing aura. The next moment he saw a young man with a cold and dark face appear in front of the gate. The young man said softly, “If you don’t respect the boss and master next time, then I’ll kill you and make you into a dish.”

Consequently the entire room’s beasts all trembled. Baozi and Dabai and the other A-level beasts looked at this guy, not knowing where he came from. They squinted and estimated that they needed two or three of them to kill this dangerous guy. If they fought alone, they wouldn’t be on equal footing.

However, before Baozi’s evaluation, all the beasts saw the young man with the baby face suddenly had a smile on his face. He took out a huge codfish bun for them, “Everyone, we’ll be colleagues in the future. Let’s all have a slice?”


The atmosphere froze.

JinYu looked at the sudden appearance of the black-clothed youth. His lips twitched as he glanced at Qi Qinglin. The former coughed. “He’s Wu.”

JinYu began to laugh genuinely. He ground his teeth, even if you raise these beasts well you still can’t escape getting your dick cut off!!

“That, that one? Are you guys going to just completely disregard people?!”

“Ah! Sorry Sister Shasha! I was too excited. Come over here and sit down. I’ll tell you just what kind of species Hei Tuan is.”

Bai Sha heard this and smiled and nodded. Afterwards she sat down. “What is it? I’ve seen many beasts before but it’s my first time seeing one like this. It seems like it’s a bit down.”

JinYu’s lips twitched. “You should be glad that this guy is glum. If he were fully energized, my store wouldn’t be able to open.”

There was a little bit of doubt in Bai Sha’s eyes and some kind of expectation she wasn’t even aware of. “What does Brother Jin mean? Is he troublesome?”

“Troublesome…not even that, disaster more like.” JinYu grinned, “Sister Shasha, whenever you find a beast does it die? Otherwise you’ll be seriously injured yourself?”

Bai Sha’s face turned deathly pale in an instant.


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