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Chapter 79

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Logically speaking, in a typical beast shop, the beasts would be waiting obediently for people to come see them. Whichever beast the human thought was better, that they would get along with more, was the one they would choose to leave with.

But there was already very little left of the thing called logic at Anjie, especially at the cute beast shop #138 – right now, the beasts were all lined up, looking at the ten people who came to pick them. Whoever they thought was nicer to look at, they would walk over to that person and act spoiled and cute.

But very unfortunately for the ten people and JinYu, there were ten people who came in to select beasts, but only five beasts chose to be by four people’s sides. The rest of the ninety plus beasts, after touring the circuit, all left yawning or waving their tails with disdain.

Looking at the beasts’ meticulous attitudes, JinYu could only sigh and sigh. These fellows must have been completely spoiled by him, completely spoiled! If they hadn’t been picked up by him… en, they would probably either attack a human on sight or run away. Thinking of that, JinYu shook his head and didn’t say anything else. After all, these beasts weren’t those newborn cubs or fledgling beasts who had no idea what the world was like; they were beasts who had already experienced the battlefield or had been harmed by humans before.

If he wanted to find a new master for these beasts, it would be very difficult, unless they were those destined by fate. Otherwise, he would have to raise these fellows for a lifetime.

After 99% of the beasts rejected the new masters, there were some who were also a bit uneasy. Over there, quite a few beast representatives of all types and levels were convening and discussing that exact problem with XiaoBai a little worriedly.

Chirp chirp… 【If we refuse to find new masters, will we create trouble for the boss? The boss is already going through a lot taking care of us.

Aooo, aooo. 【But none of those people give off the same close connection and utter sincerity that the boss gives off ah… up to now, the boss has been the kindest to us, I don’t want to leave ah. Even if there isn’t a contract, as long as the boss doesn’t drive me away, then I want to stay here. If worst – worst comes to worst, I can do some more tasks. I have a D-level mission with the golden-furred mouse tomorrow still, we aren’t freeloading, so the boss shouldn’t drive us away, right?

Squeak squeak squeak squeak. 【That’s right, that’s right, this place is very good… the boss doesn’t mistreat us or make us go to doctors for regular checkups. My owner before made me search for mineral resources for him almost every day, I was almost dead from overwork, and he would still beat me viciously saying I was freeloading. The boss is very good, I don’t want to leave either.

Meooowwoww woof woof aooo…

XiaoBai and BaoZi listened to each and every one of their concerns. As they listened, they shared a look, and they couldn’t help but both grin. There was both happiness and helplessness in their eyes; they had actually anticipated this kind of outcome long ago. Even though occasionally that fish JinYu would randomly draw up some training mission or think up some unreasonable task for his own pleasure, he still treated all beasts fairly well and was trustworthy. What happened as a result of this was that the beasts would collectively become dependent on him and wouldn’t want to leave. Although perhaps someone who treated beasts like JinYu could still be found elsewhere, but this star was so big, and there were so many humans. They had no idea when they would find someone like JinYu again.

What’s more, just treating beasts well was also no use. After all, as a hidden protector, even if all the beasts listened to your commands, if the human wasn’t intelligent or powerful enough, it wouldn’t be of use for very long. Everything he did would be stolen away those people who came to take advantage of him. In the end, they still wouldn’t be able to escape their devastating fate.

So, to exaggerate a bit, for the beasts, JinYu’s existence was one that they could only meet by chance.

As a result, XiaoBai and BaoZi, who were extremely troubled by the surrounding beast representatives, could only accept their fates and walk over to their boss, preparing to convey the beasts’ thoughts and situations. But before XiaoBai could leap up onto JinYu’s shoulder and take the lead by acting cute, JinYu had already gripped it by the nape of its neck and tossed it away, his mouth twitching.

“Enough, enough, you guys don’t have to say it, and don’t act pitiful either. I’m the one who didn’t think through this thoroughly enough, I won’t blame you.” JinYu rubbed his forehead as he looked at the several dozen beasts sitting across from him, attempting to get on his good side. “However, you all still have to finish dealing with those people today. Don’t force yourselves. Tomorrow, I’ll stick a notice on the shop saying we can only receive ten people every day. When the time comes, I’ll make those fellows properly pick their owners. As for you older ones… it’s not like I can’t take care of you.”

After JinYu said that, all the beasts in the room started to crow with excitement, which made the ten people in the room look shocked. They had never seen beasts or an owner of a beast shop like this, as if there was something very, very deep tying them together. Nobody else could understand or step between them. In addition, have you ever fucking seen a shop owner that doesn’t want money!! Or beasts that don’t want to pick an owner! Was the food here too good?! Was the boss someone rich and powerful?! Taking care of all these beasts for nothing, no matter how you looked at it, it was a waste of money!

But what JinYu said next quickly dispelled the misgivings these people were having. Before the beasts could finish cheering, Qi Qinglin, who was standing next to JinYu, suddenly raised his hand. Instantly, the room grew so quiet that you could even hear the drop of a pin. Big Boss Jin, who was suspected of having money, crossed his arms in an imposing posture, “However, even though I can take care of you all, if you don’t want to eat steamed buns and no meat every single day, then go take on some missions! I don’t take care of lazy beasts! Do you understand?”

The beasts’ response was all sorts of howls, as well as chest thumping and rolling around on the floor. They were all skill or strength type beasts, they would definitely work!

JinYu laughed in spite of himself. He shook his head. “Really a group of fools, enough, enough. But you all still have to remember, accept missions based on you and your companions’ strengths. Don’t do what you can’t do. If you get hurt, it’s fine even if you have to abandon the task. Don’t worry about the penalty fee. En, the elderly and the young don’t need to be bothered, just stay at home looking after the house and training, I’ll take care of you.”

As a result, the beasts all started to move briskly and left. Three of the five original beasts who had some goodwill towards a few people were instantly gone. Before, they thought that they weren’t very strong, nor did they have any particular unique strengths, so they were scared of increasing their burden on JinYu if they stayed. However, since the boss didn’t care, and all they had to do was work in order to stay, then even if they didn’t eat as well every day, they could still stay!

So, ten people came in, but there was only a beast each remaining by the sides of the qipao-wearing beauty and the fully-bearded big man.



JinYu locked eyes with the other ten people. Then he coughed awkwardly and said, “Um, I think I should explain. My shop’s beasts are all those that were abandoned or mistreated by humans in the past. So, they’re a little cautious when looking for new owners.”

Most of the ten nodded understandingly, except two or three who weren’t very happy. Then, a teenager about thirteen or fourteen years old suddenly walked forward. “I know that they’re very on guard, but I quite like a B-rank jumping kangaroo I saw just then. It still hasn’t matured yet. Can I come in from time to time and see if I can gain its favor?”

JinYu lifted an eyebrow. This brat was quite dedicated, huh?

“Since I haven’t been able to find a beast that can affect my ability for the last ten years, my father and mother have used countless connections to try and find me one. I’ve even gone to the military beast base, but I just didn’t respond. But when that jumping kangaroo came, I responded to it. And also, it definitely responded to me as well. Except it was just too wary.”

“What’s your name?” JinYu casually picked up the fruit wine on the table. The little brat was quite something.

“Zhao Yun.”

(t/n: 云, same name as a famous military general from the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history, he shows up a lot in historical dramas and stuff)

Pffff! Cough, cough. “… good, good name! Just wait a moment for me! TiaoTiao? TiaoTiao?! Get over here, I have something to ask!”

JinYu picked up XiaoBai and used its fur to wipe at his mouth and the water on his body, almost upsetting XiaoBai to the point that it clawed him. After he finished wiping, the jumping kangaroo called TiaoTiao instantly hopped over to JinYu from the yard, while also smashing two holes into the ground.


“Didn’t I tell you many times? Don’t use so much force to slam on the floorboards!” JinYu’s face was extremely dark.

TiaoTiao couldn’t help but lower its head, covering its eyes with its claws, before it gave a small cry.【Boss, you called for me, I got too excited!】


JinYu weakly put his chin on Qi Qinglin’s shoulder. “Fine. I have a question for you. What’s your opinion on that brat?”


JinYu pointed at Zhao Yun.

Anh.【Don’t really have one, just a little damn brat.

“Get lost! You’re not an adult yet either!” JinYu flung his hand over. He looked at the look in that brat Zhao Yun’s eyes and his attitude, before he looked again at TiaoTiao’s half-dumb appearance. Finally, he put a hand on his forehead. He felt like Zhao Yun could definitely get this idiot in the end.

“Okay, okay, you can go.” JinYu waved his hand before he said to Zhao Yun, “You can come see it, but you can’t force it. If it’s willing to leave with you, we can sign the agreement then. En, TiaoTiao said you’re a little damn brat, you can settle things with it.”

As a result, there was a determined, ambitious expression on Zhao Yun’s face. He grinned and rushed straight out of the room, rushing towards TiaoTiao.

You’re saying I’m a little damn brat?! I’m definitely going to get you in the end!!

After young master Zhao Yun and his servants all went to the yard to discuss who exactly was a little damn brat with TiaoTiao, the remaining nine people had much better expressions on their faces. Some even looked cheerful.

“Hehe, Boss Jin, I’m a crude person, so I won’t say anything else. I believe in the power of your shop just by seeing that Zhao family’s young master find his beast here despite not finding one for ten years! Actually, I could never find a beast before either, but that’s because all the beasts who came to find me were D-rank or below. I wasn’t willing to accept it, so I gave up. Now it seems like my ability really is just so-so. This little fella has been standing next to my side since the start. Even though its an E-rank, I can admit it now. I’m going to go back and keep running my cake shop!”


JinYu expressionlessly grabbed Qi Qinglin’s clothes and rubbed his mouth. He thought this guy was a butcher, okay.

He glanced at that sugar beast and chuckled. “You’re going to go with him?”

The little fella nodded its head before it fished out a little dazzling candy. It climbed onto JinYu’s shoulders and handed it to him. When that golden candy appeared, the other nine people in the room all revealed extremely shocked expressions!!

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