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Chapter 81
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Bai Sha did not have to answer JinYu’s question as the expression on her face had explained everything. However, the feeling of a secret that she had kept for so many years being blurted out by others instantly was really hard to stomach. Therefore, Bai Sha could only give JinYu a smile that was uglier than weeping.

She only nodded after staring at JinYu for a long time, “Brother Jin is right. That’s how I am. This happened at the beginning when my powers manifested. Even the Black Turtle Beast that had the highest defense among the beasts suddenly died after making a contract with me… That was the last time I decided to sign a contract with a beast. At that time, I thought about never getting another beast if I failed again today as I couldn’t watch them die because of me even if I had enough money to buy a new beast.”

Bai Sha paused and gave a small sigh as she spoke of this, “But Elder Sister forced me to come after she saw the advertisement you made at the college. Although I wanted to give up, I can’t deny that I still had a little expectation in my heart even up till now…. After speaking so much, I think you won’t sell that beast to me again, right?” No one would want their own beast to die for nothing, let alone JinYu who even cared so much about ordinary support beasts.

But JinYu’s expression on his face was very strange after listening to Bai Sha’s words. He looked back and forth between Xiao HeiTuan and Bai Sha several times and then said earnestly, “Sha Sha…”

Bai Sha froze. Just as she was prepared to hear her request being denied, the words she heard made her eyes widen directly in the next moment.

“Sha Sha, you have to consider carefully. Although TuanZi won’t die suddenly or injure you if he follows you, but the combination of your two constitutions together is like a giant killing machine that’s in defiance of the natural order. How big is the land in your house?”

Bai Sha showed an incredulous expression on her face upon hearing this. She had only heard the portion ‘won’t suddenly die or injure you’ from what JinYu had just said. The other sentences were completely ignored by her. How was it possible that there were beasts that were not in discord with her own constitution?!

“It-it will not die? I won’t get hurt, either?”

“En, it won’t, but that’s not the point -”

“I’ll raise it! I will take good care of it every day, and treat it as my most trusted companion and brother!! Boss Jin! No matter what, you must agree that to let me raise it! I, I can use the White Tiger Talisman to exchange for it!!”

Bai Sha was almost in a state of madness. JinYu looked at her and frowned. He knew that this woman would turn a deaf ear no matter what he said now. What made JinYu feel more of a headache was that TuanZi slowly straightened up and hopped to Bai Sha after hearing her words. Finally, it wrapped its tail around Bai Sha’s leg and slowly climbed bit by bit until it reached Bai Sha’s shoulder. Then it stared at JinYu with its big purple eyes.

“… TuanZi, I didn’t know you liked the mature and sexy office lady type!” JinYu rubbed his head as he felt a headache coming on. Forget it. Since these two parties involved did not mind it, why was he even doing a thankless task and acting as a bad person? Anyway, the one being tormented was not in his house, and he could let his friends die, but not die himself. The other people could just restrain their grief.

JinYu was no longer at a loss as he thought this. He directly told Bai Sha, “I can allow you to take HeiTuan away, but we have to draw up a three-point covenant.”

Bai Sha was extremely glad to hear that JinYu was willing to let her buy HeiTuan. Then an unwavering aura emanated from all over her body, “Brother Jin, don’t worry. I, Bai Sha, will definitely follow whatever you say. There are no untrustworthy cowards and vile characters in our White Tiger Clan!”

JinYu’s mouth twitched upon hearing this and he silently cursed in his heart. Yes, there are no cowards in your clan. Fuck, even the younger sister that should have gentle had become a mature and sexy office lady. He just heard this mature and sexy office lady say that she had an older sister. Che, this big tigress could force this little tigress here, maybe she was a queen type/a dominatrix! It’s so scary ah, so scary.

“First of all, Let me explain about TuanZi’s genus. TuanZi is a variation of the Fortune Genesis Beast.You’ve heard of it, right?”

“… Brother Jin, please don’t joke.” When Bai Sha heard Jin Yu’s words, her face paled. A Fortune Genesis Beast? That was an auspicious beast, all right? It could raise one’s luck and it’s attributes were Level B+. It was practically as incompatible with her constitution as South was from North. How could they attract each other and be able to live in harmony?

Jin Yu shrugged and stated seriously, “I would not joke at this time. Although I didn’t believe it at first too, it’s a Fortune Genesis Beast. Didn’t I just say that it’s a variation of a Fortune Genesis Beast? It has an intense wrathful and obsessive nature because of its variation. So this little fellow’s luck and blessing bonus directly became negative, and then it’s misfortune and curse attributes were maxed out after it mutated. Therefore, this fella is a Beast of Calamity in both name and reality.”

Bai Sha’s eyes brightened, “That is to say?”

“That is to say, its constitution is basically the same as yours. The difference is that yours is natural, and its constitution is an acquired variation and it can’t be changed back. That’s why your aura matches. Of course, there are a lot of Disaster Beasts like this little fellow here, but they don’t live for long. You should know the reason better than me, right? So, the first of the three points if you want to adopt TuanZi, you must treat it well no matter what.” JinYu’s expression at this time carried a touch of indifference and even menace.

“If it is hurt again, it will use the most extreme method to seek revenge. In addition, the Fortune Genesis Beasts use their life force to cast a curse. It is absolutely impossible to ward off even if you are the daughter of the White Tiger Family and will even bring misfortune to your entire family.”

Bai Sha’s expression tightened. Then she reached out to stroke the soft little ball on her shoulder and nodded, “Brother Jin, rest assured that I will treat it well. Although I don’t love beasts as much as Brother Jin, I won’t abuse or abandon them.” From the moment she entered the house, she could already feel how different the beasts here were. Although they tried their best to conceal it, each one of them carried some chilliness in the depths of their eyes. Ordinary beasts would never have such a look and she only saw such eyes on the guards at home when they were betrayed.

It was precisely because of this that she admired JinYu’s courage and capability even more. Not everyone could do this kind of thing.

“The second point of the third-point covenant is for sister to properly restrain your anger and your words as that type of constitution will be magnified to the peak with you are with TuanZi. You must never wantonly use any ultimate killing skills or the consequences will be extremely disastrous. You should know that although you would be able to destroy an aircraft carrier together, TuanZi will be put to death once you are discovered and you will also have to go a military prison. Moreover, the both of you will be much weaker after invoking the curses and misfortunes, so you have to be extremely cautious in your speech and conduct.”

“Don’t worry about this. I’m not so bored as to inflict misfortune onto others. I’d rather use the time to cultivate feelings with TuanZi. Don’t worry, I will have little chance to use TuanZi’s ability with the power of our family. Of course, the necessary training is still required.” Bai Sha replied with a slight smile on her face. The smile carried a confidence and charm that made JinYu smile too. Well, only Boss did not smile.

“The next point is the last one. Please bring TuanZi here every six months for a psychological examination to prevent the tendency of autism, and thereby harming society. In addition, I hope that sister has enough buildings and training grounds in your home. I also hope the members in your family don’t love money dearly.”

Bai Sha easily understood JinYu’s former sentence and nodded in response, but the latter one left her a little confused. However, she did not have the mood to think so much now. After Bai Sha was extremely happy to take HeiTuan away signing the adoption agreement while laughing foolishly and paying the highest price for adopting a beast in record.

It wasn’t until three days later that she brought HeiTuan along and destroyed all the training grounds and small buildings in her family home. Under the gazes of her family members who were at a loss and on the verge of collapsing, she finally understood the two sentences of Boss Jin as well as the previous hints such as ‘be psychologically prepared’… Fuck, wasn’t this too much of a scam?! If she didn’t know the truth, she would have thought that some extremely daring fellow had ran over to the White Tiger Clan to assert their dominance!!

So for in moment, everyone single person in the White Tiger Clan regarded Tuanzi as their number one enemy and JinYu as their number two enemy. What a cheat! He even sold a Calamity Beast! Does he even have the slightest regard for public welfare?!

Well, for Big Boss Jin, this sort of resentment was totally not a hardship.

JinYu was watching the first batch of people walk away at this moment. After thinking about it, he decided to let DaBai and WangWang open the door to the courtyard and let the people outside choose one by one. The people who had beasts by their side stayed behind while those that did not directly left. In the end, he did not have to waste his efforts as there would definitely be just a few left.

The final result was the same as what JinYu had expected, and it had even surpassed his expectations. About three hundred and seventy eight people flooded in and walked around the courtyard. In the end, there were only five people who had beasts staying by their foot when all the people exited. Obviously the quality of the latter group of people was not as good as the first ten when the beasts were picking their owners.

There were only two combat beasts at the feet of those five people and they were just Level D beasts. Although the two who had combat beasts knew that the beasts at their feet were the most suitable for them, they were still unwilling to accept them as they wanted high level beats. So they gave an apology and left. The remaining three were support beasts. Two of the three people chosen were rather reluctant, so JinYu gave a sarcastic smile and saw them off. Finally, there was only one person left. After thinking for a while, he decided to take the Level E Dodomon. However, when he was hesitating, the Dodomon that was originally at his feet directly turned around and ran away. The man was stunned as he saw this.

“Tch tch, I’m sorry. My beasts are somewhat sensitive. A lost opportunity never returns. Dear customer, you’d better go to another shop to have a look~”

You’re hesitating over whether to buy it so Lao Zi doesn’t want to sell it! Do you really think you have so many choices? In Lao Zi’s place, all the beasts from small to big are treasures! It’s already pretty good that you’re able to see them~

Today’s flood of customers had finally ended. Big Boss Jin rubbed his shoulders and felt that he was miserable to death. He was just going to depend on his family’s Boss to give him a massage when four heads, two which were human and two which were beasts, appeared at the door.

“…Close the door and release ErHei!”


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So the lady wasn’t cursed but had constitution that invited misfortune and now she received the beast that could cause even more misfortune. Explosive combination. And those people that were chosen by the beasts but chose to leave… I hope they won’t every find suitable beast again. Otherwise they just won’t learn.

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