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Chapter 83

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

First thing in the morning the next day, the doors to Anjie’s Cute Beast Shop #138 opened. Then, to the excitement of the few dozen people who came attracted by the famous shop, four people and seven beasts walked out from inside. 

Of those four people, one was wearing black pajamas and was currently sound asleep in the arms of another. Then there was another person who you could tell from just one glance was a little bro type who came out carried two round bun-like objects. Two jackal dogs and a mountain wolf followed after, also carrying three buns. They looked just like refugees fleeing from disaster.

This scene made the admirers outside feel completely at a loss. Just when someone was about to go up and ask, the man wearing a black windbreaker tossed them a look, instantly causing the person to shiver from head to toe, not daring to speak. They could only stare, eyes wide, as the man walked away carrying Big Boss Jin, who was still fast asleep.

Fuck ahhhh! That man was definitely the legendary shop #138’s puppet weapon right right right! Just a glance was enough to almost make Laozi pee himself, Laozi is a damn level seven hunter who still can’t compare to this man ah!!

This made the man curse immensely inside. At that exact moment, a certain half-baked doctor finally kindheartedly circled back, or perhaps out of delight in other people’s suffering? He smiled as he said to those people waiting at the door, “When you’re waiting later, get a number and then wait for news… en, the shop owner and his family, en, because there are too many customers, it affected his mental state, so they’re getting ready to go out and relax a bit. Of course, they’re gonna bring a few new beasts along the way, so in other words, you all were both very lucky and unlucky today. Unlucky because you have to come again, lucky because you will be the first to see the new beasts next time, hehe~ until next time~”

If it wasn’t because all the people who found beasts found such quality beasts, then why the fuck would anyone deign to come so far to this rotten place, fuck! Their sworn enemy was here too, okay! As someone who didn’t manage to grab a house on Anjie back then, it’s just so unfair! Who originally was never going to come back to this hurtful place again, ended up fucking being hurt again the second time!!

But no matter what kind of injury these admirers and bigshots received, Big Boss Jin, his mate, inseparable companions, little bro, and beasts were already on the luxurious carriage that third young master Shan Bailu provided out of friendliness.

Originally, the third master wanted to drive over his magnetic levitation sports car, but he was forcefully rejected by the antiquated His Lordship Li Xiao, who said that he would never ride such an unstable object. He would rather ride Xiao Lu, since in any case that fellow was a winged tiger and had wings. Though it was a bit fat now, and it couldn’t fly very high.

The carriage was being pulled by flying feathers. They were the best at assisting beasts, so of course they were both fast and steady. Big boss was very pleased when he saw it, and he hugged a certain JinYu who was still fast asleep and went on board. Basically, that was the reason why everyone ended up on the carriage in the end. What made Shan Bailu both ache and feel great was that the flying feathers pulling the enormous carriage were his assistant beasts, but that high level, luxurious, stable carriage… was his second bro’s.

Even though it felt quite good to use the item that his own brother, who had almost screwed him over, cherished deeply, but the third master felt that as soon as his extremely treacherous second bro found out about this, the consequences would definitely be even worse, if that half-baked doctor didn’t help him out.

“Hey! You said that you would help me settle things with my second bro later, you can’t go back on your word!” Shan Bailu muttered into the half-baked doctor’s ear.

Jin Qian curved his eyes and smiled. First he looked the third master up and down, until his hair stood up on end all over his body. Then Jin Qian said slowly, “I’ll help you ah, why would I lie to you? Even if I’ve tricked my own big sister before, I’d hate to trick you~”

That made goosebumps erupt immediately all over Shan Bailu’s skin, and he nearly tumbled to the floor of the carriage. Shan Bailu instantly shrank back into the corner. “You you you!! I I I, I said it many times already! Don’t say such disgusting things! Laozi, this young master, that – I’ll hit you!!”

Jin Qian’s mouth curved as he looked at that little wolf-like, frightened tsundere Shan Bailu. He chuckled softly before he continued to tease him. “If you can, then hit me. However, don’t hit that place, that’ll affect your later happiness.”

The third master’s face immediately grew red. He grabbed the little wolf and rubbed it furiously in his lap, grinding his teeth and refusing to look back up at that half-baked, rascal of a doctor. Fucking hell, happiness your sister! I’ll make my own happiness!! Hurry up and go die!!

“… hey, have some control, for better or worse that’s still my little bro.”

Just when the third master was pitifully about the choke himself to death or rub the little wolf to death, JinYu finally woke from his slumber in Big Boss Qi’s arms and returned to reality.

“How long until we get there? Will we make it in time to eat lunch?” JinYu looked at swordsman Li Xiao, who was sitting properly upright to the side. 

Li Xiao thought about it seriously. “If we move a bit faster tomorrow, we’ll make it in time for lunch the day after. Even if the flying feathers are extremely fast, the place is still quite out of the way and very hidden, so it’ll still take some time.”

JinYu let out an ah at that, before he looked speechlessly at Li Xiao and Jin Qian. Suddenly a voice spoke from the side, “Let’s play mahjong? In any case, it’s not like we’re doing anything~”

JinYu’s mouth twitched as he looked at a certain national treasure who was slumped next to XiaoBai. He lowered his head and said, “You generation gap inheritor… what the hell was the gap, what did you inherit…” It knew about stinky tofu and mahjong, but not about rockets or atomic bombs – were his ancestors all zookeepers who ate stinky tofu while playing mahjong?! That’s too weird, too much!

Even though everyone had varying levels of speechlessness to the little treasure’s suggestion, since they were ultimately extremely bored, Cheng Liang really did fish out a wooden mahjong set from his backpack. When he did that, everyone’s expressions were like this: -0-, but his was like: ≧▽≦.

Fucking hell, mahjong addicts were something else, bringing a mahjong set in their backpack – patriot, you win!

Just as JinYu was silently thinking that, he also cheerfully participated in the grand activity that brought boundless joy.

Noon, two days later.

Under His Lordship Li Xiao’s guidance, the carriage finally managed to wind its way to an empty space about five hundred meters away still. The carriage stopped gently, and then everyone filed out from inside. There was a trace of regret in JinYu’s calm expression. Jin Qian glared at Xiao Bao with narrowed eyes like he wanted to dissect him with his gaze, while Cheng Liang and Shan Bailu both had completely stunned looks on their faces. Cheng Liang’s normally hedgehog-like head was even a bit dispirited.

 “… boss! Boss boss boss!! Next time can I bring Xiao Bao to the casino?! Just once just one time ahhh! I can definitely win all the money from those scoundrels!! It’s like the rebirth of the gambling god! Fucking ten natural wins, twenty unnatural wins, countless four of a kinds and extra draws… thankfully I suggested betting with silver coins at the start, or else I wouldn’t even have the money to eat now…”

Shan Bailu, after being stunned for a while, started to howl as he ran over to JinYu’s side. Unfortunately, Big Boss Jin completely ignored his pleas. Take Xiao Bao to the casino? Hehe, never mind winning money or not, just this fellow’s outer appearance is enough to cause a commotion, okay? Don’t go looking for trouble, I’m annoyed from losing money just then!

Unlike Shan Bailu, Cheng Liang didn’t say a single word after recovering. But when he looked at Xiao Bao again, his eyes were already so fiery that a certain national treasure wanted to play dead. Xiao Bao, who was lying on WangWang’s head, gnawed on his claws and regretted. It shouldn’t have won so much money all at once, really! It should have let them win a little!

No matter what Xiao Bao and Cheng Liang were thinking now, Li Xiao had already gone into business mode. He stood next to a light purple tree emitting mist before he reached out and pointed. “Look, that ash grey building is the historical site we’re looking for. According to the research materials we got, the original model for that historical site should be a temple or a small-scale palace. Even though a small portion of it has already collapsed, while a bigger part has been buried underground, the part remaining is still big enough that it can contain five hundred injured beasts of differing sizes… from what I can see, its existence – perhaps – is more like a merciful temple. It’s the last concern a god provides for beasts.”

JinYu stood next to Li Xiao and peered through the light purple mist to see the building. Even though only the top was visible, it still appeared dignified and serene. He was slightly moved, and just when he was about to speak, two red eyes – almost as if they were burning with flames – suddenly appeared in his vision.

In a split second, both his body and mind were extremely shocked.

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