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Chapter 67: Kiss

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Are people guilty of tampering with history?

When Melson said this, Wen Jin’s mind remained on another matter. Then Dewitt called to him and repeated the question to him. Wen Jin recovered.

“No.” Faced with this question, Wen Jin answered without thinking about it.


“Those standing at the top have the ability to tamper with history and the rules formulated by the strong and the weak are never the same.” Wen Jin squinted. “People with such abilities are not restricted by ordinary rules. They can even create new rules. Who judges them guilty?”

Dewitt was stunned. This was the first time he had discussed such a question with Wen Jin. The answer of the little fox was somewhat unexpected.

Wen Jin was not interested in it. He did not want to go deep after answering. Instead, he pressed a paw on Dewitt’s chest and asked somewhat unhappily, “Have you seen him?”

“Hmm?” Dewitt’s thoughts remained on Wen Jin’s reply, but he never recovered.

“The Uttar Prince. The one who wants to marry you.” Wen Jin said, wrinkling his nose and looking unhappy.

The little fox gave Dewitt a special look. After a while, he felt something else in the fox’s eyes and smiled. “It’s a problem between countries. It doesn’t matter whether he sees me or not.”

Dewitt had been threatened to marry Uttar for nearly twenty years, which would bring great benefits to the Uttar people. Since the Uttar people had gone deep into Assyria, they must have heard a little about the contradiction between Dewitt and the House of Representatives some time ago. It was not difficult to guess the intention at this time. And Melson certainly understood the implication and conveyed it in advance, which was quite obvious.

“Really?” The little fox crooked his ears.

“Really.” Dewitt straightened his face and looked very honest. But immediately after that, the debauchee instinct did not change and he went in to kiss the fox’s little face.

But when Wen Jin saw his thin lips nearing, he suddenly remembered something. He could not help but retreat back and flee the scene.

The little fox, who escaped from the scene, was still a little annoyed. He felt that his little tail might be brewing some bad idea to toss him around. He couldn’t help turning his head and looking at it for fear that he had to be vigilant or he might do something behind him.

It was in that moment that he captured the scene of Dewitt pausing for a moment, reaching out his tongue and licking his lips.

Wen Jin looked at him with a slightly stunned eyes and a buzzing sound in his mind, as if some new door had been pushed open. The scene in the interrogation room became clearer and clearer from that day, which had already flashed through his brain and the feeling of heat coarsed through Wen Jin’s body. The tip of the fox’s tail couldn’t help falling straight. Feeling a warmth in his lower abdomen, the four paws immediately stiffened and he made a face like an enemy was there.

“Is there any way you would have let me leave with that Uttar from before?” Dewitt turned the subject around as if he hadn’t noticed Wen Jin’s mistake. If the eyes had swept beneath Wen Jin’s wagging tail, the corners of his lips would have hooked.

Wen Jin’s heart fluttered, forcing himself not to think, paws repeatedly stepped on the bed, hesitated for a long time, the voice was very low, “…No, but you go to bed first.”

He felt that Dewitt had a bad aura all over him at this moment, if he was holding him now… Wen Jin didn’t think it was a good signal.

In fact, according to Professor Lin, he suggested that Dewitt had better make plans since he still needed to be slightly monitored, but since Wen Jin said so, of course Dewitt chose to move closer to the institute.

“Sleep? Now?” Before going to bed, Marshal wanted to struggle a little for himself. He approached Wen Jin and surrounded the little fox in his arms.

“Yes, sleep, now.” Wen Jin nervously stepped back two steps in an instant and did not look up to Dewitt. He felt that his body was not right. Once he looked at his small tail, his fur might be  caressed by the other person. As Wen Jin thought this, he couldn’t help stepping back two more steps.

Dewitt looked at his condition, suddenly took back his offense, touched the fox twice more, leaned on the mattress and slowly closed his eyes.


In the past, when Dewitt slept, Wen Jin would sleep with him, but today, Dewitt closed his eyes for a long time and Wen Jin still couldn’t fall asleep. He still couldn’t hold back. He opened his eyes and looked in the direction of Dewitt. He had some conjectures in his heart. Should the other party be asleep?

Wen Jin thought, wagging his tail and staring at Dewitt’s thin lips with small black eyes. The scenes in his head had begun to become intense.  

This was Wen Jin’s first intimate contact with a person. At first, of course, he resisted it. But the deeper Dewitt kissed, the more he could not breathe. His hands with their hot temperature were kneading his back, as if they could burn Wen Jin whole.

At that time… Wen Jin found that he didn’t seem to hate it very much. Even when Dewitt’s body was close to him, he subconsciously embraced the other side. Then, just after he embraced the other side, things began to go wrong.

He didn’t know if Dewitt’s reiki was too strong at that time and what kind of influence he might have had. In short, when Wen Jin was kissed, a warm current suddenly appeared in his body, flowing straight into his veins, as if to wrap up his whole human form with that warm current. The heat was comfortable and let him relax and even let Wen Jin sink deeply, arousing a reaction that was not quite right.

Wen Jin was frightened by this involuntary reaction and then he pushed Dewitt away. After that, the air-conditioning around Wen Jin almost slowed him down. Wen Jin thought that if he had no sense at that time, he might have to plunge back into the embrace of his little tail.

… At that time, however, it did not seem to have much use for reason.

Wen Jin’s black eyes stared at Dewitt. His nose sniffed Dewitt’s face and his eyes were full of stupidity. He wanted to kiss his little tail again and confirm that he really liked the feeling without the influence of that strong reiki.

His little tail was very kind to him and said that he would go back with him in the future. He really liked that feeling… Wen Jin thought he might consider it.

Wen Jin moved himself closer and still Dewitt did not open his eyes. Wen Jin secretly made up his mind. The next second, the whole bed fell a little.

A black-haired, black-eyed, robed teenager showed half of his cheek from Dewitt’s side, a typical oriental face, a pair of bright peach-blossom eyes, stared at the other’s thin lips for a long time, then he lowered himself warmly and lightly placed his lips on the others.

At that moment, Wen Jin’s body was so close to Dewitt that his heart was beating wildly.

Just when the temperature on Wen Jin’s face could not help rising and his hands were somewhat helpless in trying to find a better angle to hold, one of his wrists was slowly held by the person under him.

Wen Jin was stunned.

Then he saw the eyes under him that should have been closed were open. There were two deep blue irises filled with gentleness and indulgence that seemed to swallow all warmth into it.


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Kyaaaa!!! 😍😍😍

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Awwww…. I am so touched by this chapter. Dewitt; you got your wish. Wen Jin finally acknowledged his love for small tail.

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Manon Dutrisac
Manon Dutrisac
October 25, 2020 7:55 am

Dewitt you are smart and know your little fox very well.. Finaly you see him in his human form . Wen Jin, please stop thinkiing too much, you are discovering a wonderful world, don’t be affraid, it is the world of love.
Thank you for the translation

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