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Chapter 82
Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

With a darkened expression, JinYu watched as XiaoLu and the Big-Tailed Wolf clang onto the the door shamelessly. In his heart, he pondered over the option of having ErHei bite them, but before he could give the order, from that 15cm opening came two people. Both wearing a weird smile.

“Li Dage, I told you before, people get contaminated by those they hang around with! So as to preserve your IQ and not have it go to the negatives, I suggest you stop hanging out with that Mega-orange!”

JinYu looked at Li Xiao and sighed. Do you realize how proper he looked before, as if he had just came out of a period drama! See that Kungfu clothing, that long straight hair, that expressionless face…even if his tastes were horrible, at least when he was standing there, he was super eye catching! But someone like that, had to hang out with someone who could only be described as speechless. That thing was covered in a blinding orange from head to toe and that savage but stupid personality, it’s just…!

“Hey! JinZi! Don’t say that! What’s wrong with being myself? I’m super handsome, with high IQ, power levels off the charts and gentlemanly! I even got a reward for the best youngster in Anjie! If you call me a mega-orange one more time I’m going to unleash my beasts against you!!!”

Chen Lang’s disapproved of being looked down upon by JinYu showed on his face. He was a young man with beats, with a house, a car, and a handsome face! If he walked out of Anjie, he was forced to be reckoned with! But not only was this kid talking shit about him, he wanted XiaoXiao to stay away from him?! He clenched his teeth in his heart, don’t you know that interrupting someone else’s love was going to get you kicked in the head by a donkey?! Just because your love life was going smoothly doesn’t mean everyone else’s was! I haven’t even held their hand yet!!

What JinYu said made Li Xiao a bit awkward but everyone was already familiar with each other, so it was fine. Taking a glance over at mega-orange who was grinding his teeth, his lips started curling upwards. Then, he walked over and sat down beside the sofa. With a serious face, he went straight to the point, “JinZi, I have something to discuss with you. You tell me if you can accept it.”

Li Xiao’s seriousness caught JinYu off guard but he quickly started rubbing his hands together and squinted his eyes, “Dage, tell me who you want to get killed, I’ll support you all the way!”

Li Xiao just ‘ah’ed in confusion. As for Qi QingLin, who sat beside JinYu, he just rolled his eyes.
Couldn’t this guy be normal for once?

“What are you ahhhing about! Dage! For how serious you look, clearly it’s a tough problem and thus it must be a hunter above level eight! Don’t worry, if me and my house of beasts can’t deal with it, we still have our BOSS. He can definitely one shot it!!”

“Umm, about that…”

“Don’t worry, Dage. Just tell us who it is, even if it’s the president I wouldn’t back down. Um, but I don’t kill good guys…” Just as JinYu stopped talking, another voice sounded.

The voice sounded frivolous but the content was anything but, “Why bother Mr. Qi, I’ll give you a slow activating poison. I guarantee you they will die without anyone noticing~“ JinQian said while leaning at the door with a smile. Beside him was Shan BaiLu, who bore an excited expression.

“Boss, boss! Are we going to assassinate the president?! I found him annoying since way back! When are we heading out?!”

At this point, the conversation was wholly off topic. Rather, Li Xiao couldn’t understand how the conversation got here in the first place…

“Pfffff——-! Hey JinZi, hahahahaha, you were saying my IQ was in the negatives? Then your listening comprehension is negative infinity! hahhaa, god your kill me. Killing the president? Hey, that guy there is your underling? Just as stupid!”Chen Liang finally found a way to avenge himself so he went all out laughing. By the looks of things, he was about to invent a new way of death by laughing. His super ‘asking for a beating’ face made JinYu’s mouth twitch violently so he looked over to the BOSS.

“Ahahhahaha, ah?! AHHH! Cough, cough…cough!!”

“Ahahahhaha! Laugh! Come on laugh! Don’t stop laughing!! I didn’t have you choking to death is mercy for being my neighbor. The next time you laugh at me in my own territory, I’m going to get the BOSS to throw some aphrodisiacs into your mouth! Look who’s laughing now!” JinYu laughed mercilessly at the mega-orange who turned green and was dry-vomiting out the door. The BOSS truly knew him well~ But, what did he throw, he didn’t get a clear look at it.

“What did you throw?” JinYu turned around to ask Qi QingLin. At the same time, every other being turned too look as well.

With a hint of disdain, Qi QingLin said, “The taste lore beast’s failed attempt at the ultimate stinky tofu…he asked me to destroy it since it was too stinky to throw in the garbage.”


Thus, what came afterwards was a barfing sound ten times louder than before. Every beast looked at Cheng Ling pitifully, while XiaoBao covered his eyes with his claws and roared painfully, [That ultimate stinky tofu…I didn’t think the taste lore beast could make it so stinky! Even though it was a popular snack historically!]

With that said, everyone knew who the culprit was and that the culprit, realizing everyone was staring at him, tucked his head in his belly and pretended to be dead. He didn’t say anything, he really didn’t.

“Eh, okay, JinZi, let’s get back on topic.” Li Xiao said, rubbing his brows. This time, he continued without leaving room for JinYu to interrupt, “Me and ChengZi took on an A level quest to explore an ancient ruin. That ruin was in a remote place surrounded by dangerous environmental hazards, so it was a high difficulty quest. But me, ChengZi, XiaoLu and Big-Tail Wolf were quite strong, so even though it was a lot of effort, we eventually got there.”

“You found monsters in the ruin?” That’s where JinYu’s mind went.

Li Xiao nodded by then couldn’t help but shook them again. With a wry smile he said, ‘Not monster but wounded beasts.”


In an instant, JinYu’s expression changed to be serious. Not only him, everyone in the room was shocked.

“Wounded beasts? They actually turned the ruins into their nest? Although the thought’s good, if the ruin gets discovered, wouldn’t they all be sent to a lab or get euthanized?” In shock, Shan BaiLu said the first thing on his mind and of course got a menacing look from JinYu. That look made him reflexively want to run, but he got caught by the collar by the immoral doc.

“So sir what you want is for my brother to take in those beasts?” Jin Qian said smiling, “Don’t worry, he’ll agree.”

Li Xiao was confused by the fact that Jin Qian called JinYu brother but after a careful look at their faces, he suddenly clapped his hands together and said, “Aren’t you the next head of the Jin family?! The youngest specialist class beast doctor? Ah! You also have the surname Jin, JinZi, you’re actually part of the Jin family? I was wondering why you dared to come alone to Anjie and save these wounded beasts…”

It was obvious from Li Xiao’s statement that he believed Jin Yu to have come from the Jin family as he had the same surname as Jin Qian. But before Jin Yu could explain with his darkened expression, he said something that made both him and Jin Qian speechless.

“No wonder neither of you look innocent.”

Thus, JinYu, through clenched teeth, squeezed out word by word, “I have nothing to do with this immoral doc! Just because you’re surname is Li, are you the son of Li ShiMin?!” (Qin Emperor’s name)

Hearing that, Li Xiao made a 囧 face. On the side, Shan BaiLu did some explanation. “They just share the same surname but old man Jin have mentioned the want to take boss as an adopted grandson.” This was internal gossip he heard after many hours in the hospital.

Li Xiao nodded in understanding, “Yep, JinZi-bro is very strong, so it’s not surprising that old man Jin would have that thought.”

“Okay, okay, stop straying from the topic. You said there was a group of beasts in the ruins, how many exactly? Currently I don’t have a good place to keep them, but if it’s no more than fifty, they can come over here directly.” JinYu said looking at Li Xiao, then his expression turned weird, “But why do I have a feeling it’s more than that?”

Now, Cheng Liang finally came back from vomiting his heart out and he continued to laugh fearlessly, “You’re intuition is correct, there’s at least five hundred or so wounded beast. Not only that, we saw two level A beasts and three level B beasts. If we actually to engage in combat, we probably won’t take the upper-hand so we came to find you.”

Hearing that large number from Cheng Liang’s mouth, JinYu’s expression finally stopped being calm and collected. Five hundred wounded beasts, that’s the largest number he met since arriving here. Not only that, the fact that these beasts all hid within a ruin meant there was probably a leader amongst them. One that excelled in both leadership and strength. For such a group, even he might have a tough time approaching them.

But regardless of what he thought about the beasts hiding the ruins, the moment he knew of their existence, he had to take them somewhere safer. Regardless if he had the space, he’ll figure something out once he got them out. If possible, he wanted to find a path to Earth before he sees those beasts.

While the beautiful planet wasn’t what he knew of and maybe unimaginable catastrophes had befallen it, maybe it has gone through drastic change, but no matter what, his love for mother Earth would never disappear.

“Then let’s rest for today and tomorrow, we will head out for the ruins…no matter what, we need to move them to somewhere safer.” JinYu took a deep breath in and made up his mind.

Upon hearing that, Li Xiao let out a smile of relief and patted JinYu on the shoulder, “I knew you won’t be heartless! Haha, okay tomorrow me and ChengZi will lead the way. There’s a lot of beasts there, so you should bring everyone along, just in case.”

JinYu nodded in agreement then turned towards the immoral doc beside him, “What about you?”

“Do you think there’s a Lost Butterfly Beast amongst them? I went to three abandoned Stars but still haven’t found one~”

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Thank you for the chapter!

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I still remember the moment when JinYu saw the wounded beasts for the very first time after his ‘arrival’ in this realm, his aura was so astonishing and amazing. I wonder what he will feel when he see this hundreds of wounded beasts.

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