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Chapter 84: Red, Flame-like Pupils

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


It was a pair of red, flame-like pupils.

It was fierce as fire, and it made people halt in their footsteps. However, if these eyes belonged to a human, JinYu could then understand. In reality, humanity’s thoughts were quite complicated so a human’s eyes are the windows to their soul.

However, next to this pair of eyes were feathers ablaze like they were flames. They confirmed that these eyes belonged to a beast. And this kind of beast was an ancient king. Even though the fire-like beast had a broken wing, its own ferocity and power still made JinYu feel numb and shiver in front of the beast.

“Fire…phoenix!” JinYu said softly and turned around to look at Qi Qinglin. JinYu’s eyes were full of anxiety and confusion. All of these emotions were conveyed in an instant.

And when Qi Qinglin saw JinYu’s gaze he shook his head slightly.

“No. It isn’t. Or rather, it still needs to transform. There are at least a thousand years before its time.” Qi Qinglin knew very well that JinYu saw the ferocity in the fire phoenix and because this fire phoenix’s was quite powerful, he thought that they were the same.

Even though there were people who could transform into beasts from each of the top ten families, rashly doing so was very rare. The beast in front of them was a fire phoenix, not an ice phoenix. So, it had nothing to do with the Phoenix Clan. The reason its strength could shock people so much was because it might have a hint of phoenix king blood. 

Even though Qi Qinglin confirmed this beast’s species and identity, but he still had to confirm its strength. If he were to go by the beasts ranking, then this fire phoenix would be well above an A+ level beast. It would be an S level beast. Usually, if a beast was an S-level beast, that meant that it had already reached a new plane of existence from continuous training and practice, and could transform into a human.

What was most apparent was that this fire phoenix belonged in the category of beasts that could turn into humans.

“I…it can’t be? Last time Xiao xiao and I came here we didn’t see a fire phoenix! If we saw it last time, then I would have been with Xiao Xiao, Xiaolu, and Big-Tailed Wolf tearing this place apart!”

Cheng Liang suddenly squatted next to JinYu and examined the fire phoenix. He couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat. This was serious trouble! A super beast, fucker, there were only ten other beasts on this whole planet more powerful than this one! How could they have run into one here? Was someone playing a joke, leading people directly to this place?!

With this way of thinking, Cheng Liang turned around towards JinYu and Jin Qiang. However, the picture he saw only made him feel desperate. JinYu’s beast refused to say a word, his eyes were shining with a gold light. Jin Qian, the unscrupulous doctor, seemed to be staring at the eyes and reading words and memorizing data?! If it’s true that these two had a professional relationship, then what how could the cowardly Shan Bailu and the most uninterested Li Xiao see the beasts?

So the only uninterested one was the boss but was the boss ignoring him? He must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed so it’s a bad day!!

“Ah ah ah! I want to bring this idiot back home! The wind is too strong! Those feathers are like fire, how can they be so long?! Handsome too! Xiao Xue! Xiao Xue! Hurry up! In any case it’s okay to try and seduce it! If you guys are able to do so I’ll send you red envelopes!” JinYu quickly summoned Xiao Xue but when Xiao Xue heard JinYu it almost crashed into the tree. It’s two ice blue eyes stared at JinYu full of frustration and sadness.

Pah! Don’t talk about how this fire phoenix had some innate danger, it’s almost been pushed to the point where it can’t move anymore. Phoenixes and eagles were originally not part of the same species in the first place, you’re a fucking fire type and it’s a snow time, weren’t these complete opposite, predestined enemies?! And you still wanted it to seduce the fire phoenix? Boss, aren’t you just sending me to my death?! I won’t tolerate this kind of person who tires of his old beasts so quickly and only appreciates the new ones!! It’s not even that much more powerful than me and better looking than me!! I think my snow-white feathers are the pinnacle of beauty!!

Even though Xiao Xue’s anger was extremely evident, but what was more evident was that one could not control the ambitions of a demonic boss. Seeing how excited JinYu was, he grabbed Xiao Xue to bring it towards the phoenix. However, the phoenix suddenly turned it’s head and in the next moment it’s entire body burst into flames and a long roar was heard.


Hearing this, JinYu’s expression changed. What he saw before him was unbelievable.

After a few long seconds, a black phoenix suddenly appeared in front of the fire phoenix. When the black phoenix appeared, all of the wounded beasts’ fright dissipated. The fire phoenix let out a long reply, its entire body charging towards the black phoenix. 

“This…what is this?” Shan Bailu saw the how the black phoenix hid half the sky. “How, how can this be? Black phoenix, why does it want to kill the other one?!”

No one answered him as everyone was unusually serious. JinYu’s face had an extremely dark expression full of hatred. The fire phoenix was fighting for its life but the black phoenix was emotionless. JinYu almost punctured his hands from how tightly they were curled into fists.

[Father! We returned together!!]

This is what JinYu heard in the fire phoenix’s long cry.

The moment he heard it, he couldn’t believe his ears. There were too many differences between the black phoenix and fire phoenix. And, even if it was a beast, a father would not kill its son.

However when he saw the black phoenix with his own two eyes, in that second, he could understand the whole story.

In that moment, WangWang felt quite disturbed. Xiao Bao hesitantly used its paws to steady WangWang’s head and Er Hei couldn’t help but rub against WangWang’s neck.

Jin Qian saw WangWang and then glanced at the phoenixes currently fighting. His golden pupils dawned with realization but also hid his actual thoughts. “That black phoenix is the finished product developed by the research institute.” 

“What?!” Shan Bailu couldn’t help but ask in surprise. “So is that why it’s fighting another beast? Then if the black phoenix is here, is it observing everyone here right now?! How come it came to kill this injured beast?”

“It’s not trying to kill it. It’s trying to bring it back for research.” Li Xiao’s voice carried over the darkness. He sounded quite angry. “Seriously, how calculating!!”

Li Xiao’s words struck deep into Cheng Liang and Jin Qian’s heart. Right now everyone was thinking about how to rush up and do something. However, JinYu’s words all glued them to their spots.

“The black phoenix…is the fire phoenix’s father.” Gritting his teeth with anger, JinYu’s desolation towards the fire phoenix’s situation shown through. Looking at the emotionless black phoenix, he was suddenly filled with even more rage! Those fiery pupils and trembling body made Qi Qinglin worry. In the next moment, mechanized voices sounded from the forest.

The black phoenix violently murdered the fire phoenix. It was time to start capturing beasts.

Pah! It was in this moment the blasting fuse was opened. As the fire phoenix started descending, a light green light was emanating next to JinYu. In the next second, Qi Qinglin, Jin Qian, Da Bai, Xiao Bai, and everyone was enveloped in a comforting blue light and their surroundings disappeared. 

And those who followed the order to go out to capture the beasts suddenly saw that the whole monument was filled with a blue water before they could capture the beasts. Their original goal was to get the injured beasts, however, with the blue water, the beasts disappeared one by one. In the end, even the fire phoenix and black phoenix disappeared without a trace! In this moment, the people’s faces were agape with horror.


“The god beast’s miracle!! A punishment!! We’re going to get punished!!”

“Run, hurry up and run, ah—-!!”

When the armed men and people with special abilities were about to panic due to this situation, a sudden shout started from behind the special power users. At this time, a rhythmic step sounded. In front of everyone, a young man in a military uniform and with a perfect figure appeared in front of everyone.

In this moment, the corners of his mouth were slightly raised. There seemed to be a smile on his handsome face but it was like it was chiseled on. However, his smile was extremely cold to those before him. It contrasted directly with the background of corpses behind him. There was a hint of sarcasm in those dark voices and his deep voice sounded, “Are you guys the elite of the military and the government? ….If so what a joke.”

“It’s just a space ability. Is it worth making such a fuss about it?” The boy’s lips twitched, “Death should not be regretted.”

“I want to know of all the suspicious traces within a kilometer from the past thirty minutes. If you can’t get me this, then you accompany him.”


“Yes!” When the group heard this their entire bodies trembled. They were ready for their lives. After all of them left, the man reached down and pulled off his hat, saying to himself,

“Miracle? Miracle hah…… Do you think we’ll be able to get the upper hand?”

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Ooh. Someone needs to be kicked down a few pegs, more like a few dozen staircases.

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Another big boss villain or someone that needs to be captured,to be part of JinYu’s collection of fanatical worshipers..?:)

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Is that the other Qilin young master?

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