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Chapter 85
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Big Boss Qi was very furious now, extremely furious.

Although there was an extremely beautiful scene in front of him where there was not a single companion missing and all the beasts that were ready to launch a rescue, he was still in an extremely bad mood.

The condition of his favorite and beloved partner that he cared about the most was rather bad now. His face was pale, his whole body trembling and he was bafflingly speaking nonsense. Although there was a faint blue light surrounding him, one could clearly see what a sorry figure he cut.

This sorry figure was all because of these beasts, who were so stupid that they could cripple themselves, and this Earth that they did not know how and why it appeared. Therefore, Big Boss Qi had the impulse to kill all the beasts and destroy the planet.

No one could make the whale that he was raising feel uncomfortable! Whoever made JinYu uncomfortable was also making him uncomfortable! And when he was uncomfortable, no one could ever feel comfortable!!

Qi QingLin looked at JinYu, who was still struggling slightly in mid-air, and a killing intent that made one deeply alarmed gradually gathered around him. This killing intent was too heavy. Even when it was just spreading out, it made the dazed Jin Qian, Li Xiao and the rest, suddenly awaken and instinctively take up a defensive position.

It was not until they saw that it was the aura Qi QingLin released that Jin Qian and the rest breathed a sigh of relief. But in the next moment, they were all breathless with fear.

“Holy crap! What is this boss doing?! Why is the k-kill-killing intent around him getting more and more heavy?! Does he want to self-detonate himself or others?!” Cheng Liang felt the killing intent wafting off Qi QingLin and so frightened that his calves and stomach were trembling. Fuck, this aura was even more tyrannical and frightening than the combination of the Black Phoenix and Fire Phoenix, okay?!

Although he knew that the strength of this guy who suddenly appeared next to JinYu and considered himself as JinYu’s partner was quite terrifying, now when he really felt it, it left him a shivering wreck that made him unable to speak.

“… Tch, Jin-zi is such in a bad state now. He’s probably angry.” As a doctor, Jin Qian was the first to immediately realize that there was something wrong with JinYu, and also understood why Qi QingLin was looking so murderous. If he was the one seeing his partner in critical condition, he probably, en, he definitely would not be like this. It was too stupid.

Jin Qian glanced at Shan BaiLu who was looking at Qi QingLin with a foolish expression on his face. Once again, he was sure that he would never become as stupid as Qi QingLin for the sake of such a fool. His self-control was definitely many times better than that Boss.

However, despite Jin Qian feeling that Qi QingLin was being rather stupid, he could not watch Boss flip out. Everything was all right no matter who flipped out because Boss could contain them. But if Boss flipped out himself, only one fish could contain him. But now that fish could not even fend for itself. So the consequences of Boss flipping out was very serious, so serious that they could not bear it.

Jin Qian pulled Shan BaiLu’s sleeve in passing and the unprincipled doctor gave an extremely unprincipled suggestion, “Boss is flipping out because your family’s leader is in a critical condition. If you can think of a way to heal your leader, Boss will also become better. Otherwise, we all have to die here and may not even be left with a whole corpse.”

After hearing Jin Qian’s words, Shan BaiLu felt that it was extremely reasonable. Moreover, when the leader was in trouble, the younger brother would naturally block it. Now that Boss was just focused on flipping out, he could now save the leader who was in deep distress! So the human who was reputed to be as stupid as ErHei in Store 138, the first little brother of Big Boss Jin, hot-bloodedly rushed to JinYu without even thinking about it after being duped by Jin Qian. Then, as Jin Qian was feeling so astonished that he was speechless, Shan BaiLu smashed into the faint blue light beside JinYu and was rebounded like a bullet tens of meters away.
Jin Qian stared at the fool in the distance who could not help coughing up a mouthful of blood. He felt the corner of his eyes jumping wildly and his mood was extremely irascible. Could this fellow be even more of a fool?! Would he just do what others say?!!

He could not help but stride quickly to Shan BaiLu’s side. Jin Qian gnashed his teeth as he pulled this person up. Without saying anything, he threw a Nourishing Pill into Shan BaiLu’s mouth and then quickly checked whether this person had any other internal injuries.

“Cough, cough, cough! I, I can’t go through that blue light… ”

Shan BaiLu coughed while speaking and looked somewhat aggrieved. Jin Qian saw this and the blue veins in his forehead protruded. Then he slapped that person to the ground and ground his teeth, “You can just continue looking for death!”

“But leader… I’ll smash into it once more, er, what are you doing?!”

Hearing this, Jin Qian turned around and growled with a constipated look on his face, “I’m being stupid!! Don’t provoke Lao Zi, or I’ll do you to death!”

Shan BaiLu was shocked by Jin Qian’s imposing manner and did not dare to take reckless actions. Looking up, he could see that Jin Qian had walked to Qi Qinglin, who was almost unable to recognize his closest relatives. He went against Boss’s immense pressure and roared, “You fucker, you have nothing to do, what are you releasing that shit domineering aura for?! If you have that strength, go hug my brother and give him some strength! He’s obviously under mental pressure, just holding him and staying by his side a great support to his mental energy even if you can’t do anything. Stop flipping out at the drop of a hat! If these beasts and we are all dead, the first thing when JinYu will do when he wakes up would be to fight you to the death!”

Jin Qian’s words made Qi Qinglin put all the pressure and killing intent on him in an instant. The golden pupils looked at Jin Qian as if they were saying that if you continue speaking, I will kill you. Just when Jin Qian was stared at till his confidence drained to zero and he wanted to scamper off double-quick, some emotionally dense idiot Boss who had never been in love and didn’t know what ’emotional strength’ was suddenly nodded, and gave an ‘oh’.

“So you can do this too… Say it earlier next time. ” With that, Qi QingLin drifted into the air under Jin Qian’s dull gaze and reached out to hold his beloved fish in his arms. The moment JinYu leaned on Qi QingLin’s chest, the tension on his face strangely relaxed.

“You really should have said it earlier.” Cheng Liang’s deliberately deepened voice rang beside him.

Hearing this, Jin Qian gave a sinister and gloomy smile and clenched his teeth, “How would I know that guy is an emotionally dense idiot?!” What’s more, Lao Zi didn’t know that Lao Zi would be squabbling with the Boss because of a fool!!

When all was said and done, they were low EQ fools!!

“What do are you looking at? God?” Jin Qian sneered. He was obviously unhappy with Cheng Liang’s Schadenfreude gaze. The latter quickly retreated three steps with a tense expression till he reached Li Xiao, who was still observing the surrounding scenery, and tried to look for a conversational topic, “XiaoXiao, look, the scenery here. It’s absolutely amazing. Isn’t it like the scenery of the ancient Earth that we have seen in a book?”

Before Li Xiao could reply Cheng Liang’s question, there was a familiar and sinister voice echoing, “It’s not just like. This is the Earth you’re talking about. And I’m that God. Come and worship me.”

Cheng Liang almost jumped up as he erupted in goosebumps after hearing this voice. Turning around, he saw that JinYu, who had been floating in mid-air and pretending to be a fake medium, was awake. Although his face was still pale, he was leaning in Qi QingLin’s embrace and giving an unscrupulous smile and a devious gaze. If one had to use an expression to describe it, it was like a cat who had gotten a bargain and was showing off it’s cleverness!

Cheng Liang’s mouth twitched. Just as he was about to retort, he saw that the more than five hundred beasts who were watching JinYu actually trembled simultaneously in the next moment. Then, one by one, they stretched out their claws, wings, and forearms. Rumbles and coos came from their mouths as they solemnly prostrated themselves in admiration in JinYu’s direction. This completely looked like they were ‘worshiping’. Fuck, worshiping what god!!

Such a scene insta-killed all the human beings, including Jin Qian and Li Xiao, and also made the beasts, XiaoBai, DaBai, WangWang and BaoZi give an 囧 expression as they did not know what to do to disperse the crowd. Thus, all the people and all beasts lifted their heads to look at a certain fellow who said he was God, yet they saw that fellow’s face was also like a -0-, as the corner of his mouth kept twitching.

In an instant, a thought flashed through the hearts of the people, DaBai, BaoZi and the rest, ‘Fuck! Can this group of beasts not be so naturally foolish and easy to con?!! If they’re like this, they’ll definitely be sold off and happily help their owner count the money!!’

“En, cough cough! Okay, okay, you don’t have to worship me anymore. Er, I was joking just now. I’m just an ordinary human, not a God.” JinYu dryly coughed as he told the beasts, but what he got was a more revered look in their eyes.

Howl—! [You must have been sent by the Sacred Beast God to save us! You’ve even brought us to the holy star! You are our God. Please allow us to follow you with our feeble bodies!] An old wolf whose fur had turned white growled out, and then it lay on the ground. Behind it, all big and small beasts that numbered more than five hundred, lay on the ground too. JinYu could not help rolling his eyes as he face palmed. He really did not want to be a fake medium. This profession was just being too much of a poser!

But even if JinYu was really speechless about this misunderstanding, he could not cleanly resolve this misunderstanding in a short time. Besides, he had many things to find out since he just came to the Earth, and the red and black phoenix that were nearby also asked him for help. So this misunderstanding would have to wait until later to be resolved. Anyway, at the least, being a fake medium was the most effective method to stabilize and soothe these disabled beasts and it was all good as long as it did not add to his troubles.

“Forget it… That, just find a comfortable and safe place to rest around here and bring out the dying fellows around you. I’ll let the doctor see if he can save their lives. Besides, you all should not be randomly moving around now. I’ll arrange something for you guys later.”

After hearing JinYu’s words, the more than five hundred disabled beasts obediently found a place around them to rest. Their eyes were full of heartfelt joy. The experience of being snatched from the jaws of death made them cherish their hard won safety even more. That cautious and solemn appearance made JinYu, Shan BaiLu and others feel endlessly sad. Only badly frightened beasts would be so cautious and uneasy that they could not even relax when they were resting. Moreover, it had even become a compulsive instinct.

“… Those inhuman bastards.” JinYu cursed in a low voice. Then he clenched his teeth and patted the arm of his family’s boss. The latter raised his eyebrows and flashed to the side of the Black Phoenix and the Fire Phoenix in the next moment.

JinYu’s eyes once again met that pupil that was like a raging inferno.

Chirp! [Lao Zi has never believed in God.]

In an instant, JinYu’s mouth curved up in laughter. Lao Zi must let XiaoXue get on your branch even if Lao Zi has to drug it! Lao Zi will definitely get you!


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Jinyu: I’m good
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Thank you for the chapter!

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Intense anger, possibly coupled with the prospect of imminent death, seems to be what triggers the jump to earth. Now if he can just hone that ability…
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