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Chapter 68: Change clothes.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Dewitt’s breathing became lighter when he felt the bed pressing down, even though he had received so much rigorous and complicated training before and even in any situation, he would hold on to his basic qualities as a soldier.

Wen Jin really fantasized about adulthood, which was not thought of by Dewitt. He had only gambled before. It wasn’t the little fox that had turned into an adult that gambled, but the little fox really liked him.

At the moment when he really felt the breath and the weight around him getting heavier, many thoughts lingered in his mind. For example, if he opened his eyes, he could see the little fox. If he opened his eyes like this, would Wen Jin be angry because he was shy and unhappy when he was seen?

In a mood where he desperately wanted to open his eyes and see Wen Jin, it was quite good for Dewitt to have such a few concerns flashed through his mind and just as he was struggling with his instincts to persevere in the end, the tender lips were pressed down on his own.

At that moment, Dewitt could not help it. He clasped Wen Jin’s wrist with one hand and pulled him straight to himself. Without hesitation, he deepened the kiss. In doing all this, Dewitt was amazed and pious.

He sucked his opponent’s lip gently, carefully trying to penetrate with the tip of his tongue, grabbing his opponent’s wrist but he could not help lightening it. Because compared with Dewitt’s own skin, Wen Jin’s body appeared to be somewhat soft and the skin was not as hard as ordinary ability users, as if he would cause severe bruises to appear with just a touch.

However, that kind of feeling was really unparalleled. Wen Jin’s skin was not as soft as it was when he was a fox, but Dewitt could unexpectedly feel several shaped muscles along his arm, although it was not as hard as his, it could still stand the toughness of his hand…

Before Dewitt had time to touch more, he was pushed aside fiercely by Wen Jin.

Dewitt grabbed the back of Wen Jin’s neck, opened his eyes and looked at the little shy eyes belonging to his fox. He saw the figure from his dream that his soul longed for. The one he had seen several times, but only vaguely glimpsing the figure, but this time he saw the other’s face clearly.

A translucent cord was connecting the lips of the two men and Dewitt pinched Wen Jin’s neck and crooned, almost infatuated, “Baby, baby…”

As he muttered, he leaned forward and kissed Wen Jin gently on his lips. This time, when Wen Jin reached out again to push him away, Dewitt took the initiative to withdraw and opened the gap between the two men. After breathing deeply, his eyes seemed to turn red.

Wen Jin had a classical Oriental face. Dewitt felt a sudden suffocation in his heart at the moment he really saw it. On his beautiful cheeks, whether angry or embarrassed, those peach blossom eyes seemed filled with a little laughter, his nose was straight and behind him, long silky black hair flowed behind him. This little beauty evoked feelings of tenderness.  

Dewitt squeezed his fist slightly when he felt that his reaction was a little bigger.

Wen Jin, who had been caught stealing tofu, looked at Dewitt awkwardly. He wanted to step back and become a fox, but he felt confident that he had done nothing wrong. Why did he need to hide?

Moreover, this was the first time that the little tail had seen his human figure… Wen Jin had a little expectation of this. So after thinking for a long time, Wen Jin reached out and pushed Dewitt. His black eyes were shining. “Do I look good?”

Dewitt was stunned. It seemed unexpected that the other person’s mouth would be such a problem. He could not help but raise a smile on his lips and reached out to touch Wen Jin’s hand. “You look good.”

Wen Jin was very satisfied with the answer but after noticing the other party’s movements, he frowned again. “When I’m hairless, don’t touch me.”

He was not very fond of becoming a man before. It was reasonable to say that what a demon or beast looked like was fixed from the very beginning. This had something to do with each race, such as his fox race. Beasts would very rarely be born upright, except for those of mixed race.

Wen Jin was a little different from those foxes who liked to make themselves fancy with items- he liked his fur. After Wen Jin became a man for the first time, he was not satisfied with what he looked like. He always felt that everything was slippery. At last, he became fat by tens of kilograms and was covered with fur, which satisfied him.

Later, however, that shape was beaten by his Master since it was ugly and he gradually stopped using it. After reusing his human form, Wen Jin also found the benefits of his original human form, which was more than twice as convenient to eat and drink, so he reluctantly gave up the hairy shape.

But even so, Wen Jin still liked to feel his fur which made him feel safe. Now, even with clothes covering his skin, Wen Jin still felt that he was naked and he did not like it.

Dewitt licked his lips, feeling that he had eaten enough tofu in the past two days. For the first time, the little fox appeared in front of him. If he was frightened at this moment, he might not change into the form again until way later.

With that in mind, Dewitt did not insist. He nodded. “Okay.” With that, his eyes fell on Wen Jin’s hair.

Wen Jin’s hair was really long. Dewitt had never seen such a long hair that was so black and straight. The clothes on his body were strange and seemed that they were from his hometown.

“Weren’t you sleeping?” Wen Jin glared at him.

Nevertheless, it was unexpected that after he stared at him, Dewitt was stunned and laughed.

Wen Jin, “What are you laughing at?”

“Are you upset?” Dewitt recalled Wen Jin’s appearance and suddenly thought that he had seen it several times on the little fox, but now he could see it on his human form. It was a totally different atmosphere and felt more like he was being a little more coquettish.

“Otherwise?” Wen Jin was a little angry. He changed his sitting position. His long hair fell over his shoulder. Wen Jin frowned and felt it was a little troublesome. He reached out and took out a hairband and put his hair up into a high ponytail.  

The movement was flowing and Dewitt was stunned. His hair was tied up to reveal the edges and corners of the side of his face. It was different from the softness completely scattered behind him, with a touch of refreshing grace.

Dewitt squinted.


Wen Jin felt that since he had become human, he might as well go out and walk in this form. He felt like becoming human when he was Hinghuang before and he had chatted with the younger sisters of Qinglou. But instead he was nestled in a leather bag and went in the form of a fox. The result was totally different.

And looking up at people and looking down at you, the whole world will become different.

Wen Jin was eager to see this world. Wen Jin was usually in a good mood when he was eager to try, so when Dewitt offered to change his clothes, Wen Jin agreed without thinking.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. He didn’t like to be hairless. In order to eat, drink and play, did he need to become a person?

But what kind of clothes was a problem.

“You don’t have a lot of clothes?” 

When Dewitt was confronted with this problem, Wen Jin’s beautiful eyebrows frowned in an instant. “You can’t fool me into saying you don’t have money again. There’s a row in your cabinet.” Although they all look the same.  

“Baby, the size is different.” Dewitt looked at Wen Jin’s body and his clothes, which were not the ones from his own apartment. It was really difficult to find a suit temporarily.

If he borrowed any of them, Wen Jin would not be the same size. After all, Wen Jin looked thin, but he was very tall. But how could Dewitt let him wear other people’s clothes?

“Size?” Wen Jin was stunned. His clothes were all made by his master. For many years, he had several sets. Later, he would occasionally go to the sects on the mountainside to collect some protection fees, in the form of food. So he had no idea about this. He always thought that the clothes of the people were almost the same.

“Let me try.” Wen Jin frowned and looked sideways. Dewitt was only half a head taller than he was. How could the clothes gap be that big?

As Wen Jin thought this, he put Dewitt’s suit on the bed in front of him. He took off his robes, looked at the shape of the clothes, standing even without underwear. Then he picked up Dewitt’s shirt in one hand and compared it to his own body.

By the time Dewitt responded, Wen Jin had peeled himself clean and his whole upper body was in front of Dewitt. Unlike the soft flesh of the fox, Wen Jin’s human body was an unexpected powerful type and he did not know where he practiced. Although his muscles were not as obvious as Dewitt’s, the lines were quite distinct, sweeping down and it was a body with a bit of handsome youthful aura.

Thinking about softer places…

Dewitt could not help looking down.

At this time, Wen Jin remembered that there seemed to be someone beside him, but when he remembered, Dewitt had consciously turned his back.

Wen Jin hesitated and finally laughed. He felt that his little tail was seldom conscious of him. But these clothes were all for the sake of going home and wearing as the Romans do. If Wen Jin did not like to be in the cave with human figures, then there might be a naked man hanging around on the hill where he lived, because Wen Jin did not feel comfortable. What’s special about a body?

Nevertheless, Dewitt, who turned his head, did not think so at all. His forehead was sweating, his lower abdomen was too hot and the tent at the lower part of his body was beginning to move up at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Dewitt’s adams apple slid up and down for a while, but he couldn’t resist it. He went straight to the bathroom in three steps.

Wen Jin looked strangely in that direction. With some curiosity in his eyes, he wondered why his little tai was so anxious that he ran away.

Just staring for a while, Wen Jin’s thoughts were quickly pulled back by Dewitt’s clothes.

It was really not very easy to wear as his waist was too small.

Wen Jin thought about it for a long time and tried for a long time. He almost didn’t try to sweat himself. Finally, with some distress, he pulled out a little inspiration and tried to make clothing similar to this one. But when it came to his hand, Wen Jin was reluctant. After all, the robes he wore before were not made by magic, but the objects he had stuffed in space before. Wen Jin was reluctant to make clothes out of reiki here.

Thinking of this, Wen Jin’s eyes turned and used Dewitt’s clothes with his usual coat, to make them smaller. It might be labor-intensive, but somehow he could wear it.

However, after wearing it, Wen Jin faced another problem.

That… the lower half of the body seemed a little weird?

Wen Jin thought this as he pulled open his pants and looked down at the smooth bottom. He couldn’t help frowning. He thought that the clothes here were really hard to wear. A man’s life here was so bitter. He had felt Dewitt’s big tent before and he didn’t know how he could stand these pants for so many years.

Wen Jin thought, tied on his trousers forcibly, then went to the bathroom and knocked on the door.

“Are you ready?”

“… What?” Dewitt, who had not yet been able to turn the big tent into a small one, was a little hoarse when he answered.

“I asked if you’re ready?” Wen Jin repeated.

“What’s going on?” Dewitt still didn’t understand.

Wen Jin frowned impatiently. “Aren’t you coming? What are you hiding in there for?”

Wen Jin’s patience was that little and when he was bored, he began to whistle. After that, the door of the bathroom was pushed open by him.

At the moment of the door opening, Wen Jin had only one word in his heart, that is, refreshing.

When he was a little boy, he hated the tall open door screen very much and doubted whether the people had a tendency to discriminate against dwarfs. And now that he finally became human, he could open the door whenever he wanted to. 

Wen Jin opened the unlocked door and broke into it.

Just as Wen Jin entered, he saw the evident bulge in Dewitt’s pants who was leaning against the wall. He did not know whether he had taken the wrong step on his left foot or buried his right foot. Suddenly, a sharp tingling sensation came from the lower half of his body, as if it had been pulled by something.

Wen Jin’s face turned white immediately.


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