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Chapter 91

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After finding the uncommon energy crystal mine, it seemed like even the scorching desert wasn’t as unbearable anymore. Besides Big Boss Qi, everyone else was delightfully circling around that mine, trying to map out how big it was using manpower.

But clearly, that was futile. Three hours later, when JinYu’s transportation energy could be used again, even with DaBai and the other beasts’ help they still hadn’t found out how many mines were hidden beneath the desert.

Fortunately, everyone was very excited because of various reasons, but not to the point of frenzy. When everyone was so tired they couldn’t speak three hours later, a certain fish almost dying of thirst decided that they couldn’t keep going like this. In any case, they would have plenty of time. Furthermore, he alone couldn’t excavate such a huge mine, nor refine it all into finished products. JinYu then thought of Long Changxiao’s words when he came previously to the beast academy to recruit new students. Because he didn’t have rare resources, he had no way of competing with that scum Young Master Long, nor could he act rashly. Then didn’t that mean the most optimal partner had already appeared before him?

JinYu laughed evilly. That was a win-win, a win-win. Of course, he really wouldn’t screw over his own people – he would give Long Changxiao, that big money-bag, a thirty-percent discount. Long Changxiao would definitely be extremely happy after hearing that!

The people standing near JinYu couldn’t help but feel their faces twitch after they saw the smile on JinYu’s face. They knew just by looking that he was definitely thinking of a way to screw someone over, and then following the direction of his gaze… everyone more or less knew what he was thinking.

 Suddenly, Qi Qinglin suddenly spoke to JinYu, who was still smiling sinisterly, “If it was me, how much discount would you give?”

JinYu was startled before he blurted out, “Why would I give you a discount?”

Qi Qinglin’s face darkened. Was he not even as good as that Long clan’s money-bag? Just when he was about to flip out, he heard JinYu follow up with something else, “What’s yours is mine, what’s the point of giving discounts to family?”

Needless to say, even though Big Boss Jin’s earlier sentence made people feel extremely speechless upon hearing it, his justification immediately pleased the other big boss. As a result, not only did the big boss not flip out, he even resolved that when that Long clan guy sent people over, he would also tell Yi Wen to send people over. That way, that Long clan fellow would completely understand what ‘family is different’ meant, and his evil intentions would die even quicker.

After that, Jin Qian, Li Xiao and the rest excavated some of the natural mineral ore from underneath the desert to serve as souvenirs. They then gathered underneath the little tree in the oasis so JinYu could teleport them out once again. This time, using prudence and caution, everyone selected a subtropical forest. When everyone saw the emerald green signs of life in front of them, they all couldn’t help but sigh in relief. Finally, they came to the right place!

However, the tropical climate was very much Xiao Bao’s style. One moment you might get an adorable smile blinding you; the next moment it might hide in some dark corner suddenly, giving you the cold shoulder. As a result, they hadn’t walked through the rainforest for very long before an enormous rumble of thunder sounded in the distance. ErHei started barking frantically when it heard that. Its dream was to draw out a strike of heavenly lightning that could strike WangWang to death, but now that the time had arrived, it could only scorch off that guy’s fur at the most…

JinYu’s mouth twitched as he plucked off a big banana leaf and used it as a temporary umbrella. Then he looked at all the other people plucking leaves behind him, wearing extremely serious and grave expressions. “I always believed that even if I didn’t have the best luck, I still shouldn’t have the worst. That was clear from many things that had happened up to this point, which I won’t elaborate on. But today’s journey made me feel as if an unlucky spirit is secretly possessing me. Everywhere I go, nothing goes right… admit it, who is it! Fucking who has been unlucky for their whole life?!”

JinYu’s face was very dark, but his accusation had already reached a frightening degree. Never mind how even under typical circumstances nobody would dare admit that they were extremely unlucky – now that they had already been screwed over by that unluckiness numerous times, if they admitted that they were a bad luck god at this point, they wouldn’t be able to bear the consequences!

So, everyone refused to admit it with earnest and solemn expressions.

JinYu couldn’t help but twitch his mouth when he saw that. He turned. Fine, he knew very well that nobody would actually admit it. But he kept feeling as if he was being screwed over by someone. Tsk, screwed over…


JinYu abruptly stopped and turned to look up at that downpour. He viciously thrusted his middle finger up at the sky.

In the next instant, a bolt of lightning unhesitatingly sliced downwards straight towards a certain person. Of course, Qi Qinglin blocked it.

“Fuck me! Boss! Why did you suddenly go stick up your middle finger at the Heavens?! My ma told me that I couldn’t be disrespectful to God no matter what, or else I would be struck by lightning! Look, look, it’s true!”

JinYu completely ignored Shan Bailu’s naïve, stupid words. Wasn’t he just saying how he felt like he was being toyed with! Fucking traitor God! This old planet definitely had gone awry because it had been idle for too long. It was way too excited because a living being had finally come; what’s more, he was someone who could sense its existence, as well as communicate with it using his spiritual consciousness, so! Of – course – he was being played like a toy by that old planet, a toy!!

Big Boss Jin felt very depressed. He even thought it was because of someone else, but it turned out it was all because of himself… fuck! What was the most depressing was that even if he figured out the reason, he still couldn’t fucking find a way to retaliate! No matter how defiant he was against the natural order of things, he couldn’t just blow up an entire planet, right?!

So what, did he have to use Ah Q Mentality* to piss all over the earth or spit on it?! Who knew if he would be fucked over by a sudden earthquake and buried underneath!! At that moment, a certain prehistoric whale suddenly realized that a certain millennia-aged old fellow seemed to be scheming against him. Even though he was technically ‘voluntarily’ there, and had also benefited greatly, but it just seemed like – he, this fish – had already been trapped in this ocean.

(*Ah Q mentality: a term of mockery to describe someone who chooses not to face up to reality and deceives himself into believing he is successful)

“… traitor god.” JinYu gritted his teeth.

What he got was everyone’s disdain.

So then JinYu got angry, and he immediately smiled darkly. He said quietly, “I say, how about I show you all a magic trick? I guarantee it’ll delight you all to death.”

Li Xiao and Jin Qian instantly retreated backwards. Although Cheng Liang and Shan Bailu also shuddered briefly, they didn’t retreat and leave.

“Eh, you have other abilities besides teleportation?” Cheng Liang fearlessly asked.

“Of course. I’ll give the order, everyone else just has to do it, right? Such as, everyone strip in a second?”


The next moment, a strange wind whirled past. Besides JinYu and Qi Qinglin, two of the other four ended up naked. Jin Qian and Li Xiao grabbed at the last pair of underpants on their bodies with dark faces, and they, along with Shan Bailu and Cheng Liang, looked at a certain no-good whale as if they were looking at a social-class enemy.

“You can control the weather! Fuck! Jinzi, you’re doing this on purpose!”

JinYu shook his head very calmly in the face of Cheng Liang’s accusation. “It’s really not me. I just know that, looking at your pitiful appearances, a certain old planet is very happy, that’s all. And then once it’s pleased, the rain should stop.”

As if it heard JinYu’s words, the pouring rain instantly stopped. The plump, adorable sun rolled out from behind the dark clouds again, illuminating everything.

However, even if those people were bathed in sunlight, they still felt a little cold… fucking hell, why did they feel as if they were being closely monitored by someone?!

“Hehehe~ scared, right? Aiya, how could you guys believe that? Are you all idiots? Do you not know that the climate in rainforests is just that: lots of rain and quick changes? That was just a coincidence, a coincidence~” JinYu grinned as he turned to look at Shan Bailu and the rest. But at that moment, if they really believed him, then they would truly be idiots.

Qi Qinglin couldn’t help but smile gently as he looked at JinYu, who was clearly enjoying himself. He felt like his mate’s appearance when bullying others was very cute. Tsk tsk, actually he could help too, but this wasn’t his territory, en, so he could just leave it to this old fellow.

Once one was as powerful as Qi Qinglin, he could already sense the deep and generous life-filled aura of that existence. To be a little clearer, every celestial body had its own life aura. It just wouldn’t awaken until it was the point of life or death for that celestial body. That meant that the current earth truly needed the existence of life, so that’s why it woke up from deep slumber and tried to change its ending of death.

“Ahhh!” Just when Qi Qinglin was thinking that, JinYu suddenly howled very excitedly from beside him. He pointed in a direction, looking just like a Baozi who hadn’t eaten in a whole year… similarly starved. “I see a baobab tree and a mango tree and also coconut jackfruits ahhhh! Judging from my expert vision, they’re all edible!!”

In that instant, everyone, beasts and Big Boss Qi included, all felt their eyes light up! Never mind DaBai and BaoZi, those two purely carnivorous beasts, and never mind that WangWang, ErHei, XiaoBai, XiaoXue also primarily ate meat! After being starved for an entire day, they finally found something edible, even if it was raw they could still force it down ah!!

Thinking of that, everyone came to a decision in their minds, including JinYu. Next time, no matter what they were doing, they had to bring enough dry rations! That way, they could avoid being sent to a place that didn’t even have birds, so they wouldn’t be completely famished. It had to be said that being hungry in this era, where not even a beggar could die of starvation, it was really just too fucking unfair!!

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Thank you for the chapter!

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Jin Yu can be quite ungrateful at times; he doesn’t like to be bullied, so why bully others, especially those he’s now close with; it’s not done in jest. He already taught them lessons, so it’s time to stop.
Thank you for translating.

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